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May 23rd, 20150713 I sometimes read that drone strikes are counterproductive to western security interests because each person killed by a drone results in more new ‘terrorists’. See,...

May 25th, 20151377 The British government has announced that citizens from most EU countries will not be allowed to vote in a planned EU referendum vote. Prime Minister David...

May 20th, 20150264 A health commissioner’s report has detailed systematic failings in end-of-life care provisions that have resulted in dying patients being severely let down and...

May 20th, 20150160 The islands of Hawai‘i are like a magnet attracting insects from all over the world. Bugs catch a ride on every ship headed to the islands, and state...

May 14th, 20150893 Jeffrey Smith a leading anti-GMO activist talks about how we are winning the war against Monsanto. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MU7uT8GJIY...



Banks and Punishments

(Common Dreams) - And watten penance will ye drie for that, Edward, Edward? A... May 24th, 2015



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