Why Our Education System is Insufficient for Teaching us Necessary Skills

The SEO world has opened the door for hustlers to make a living without having to sit through class all day long. College is such a huge investment these days – and if you aren’t going to the right college, or if you aren’t going into the right field – then you can forget coming out of college with the right pedigree to getting a job that will turn into a very successful career.

As one of my friends described to me in a recent discussion about whether or not college should be something for everybody these days (Obama thinks everyone should have at least a two year degree i.e. community college), he explained that for many people these days, all a degree really is, is a ticket to an Interview. I thought that this was the perfect description to what college actually is these days.

What college actually really is these days, for a lot of people but not everybody, besides the excuse to drink non-stop for 4-(in some cases)8 more years, is a complete, and disgusting rip off. The costs of college tuition are ridiculously expensive, and the ROI isn’t an absolute sure and complete thing. And if the tuition costs do not scare you away then take a look at the average non-tuition costs of college.

How Not Only College, But High school Misses the Boat

While you are busy getting your underwater basket weaving degree and then coming out wondering how on Earth you are going to pay off your student debt with the “experience” that you gained in college. Realize these two things:

  • First off you probably gained no experience because experience doesn’t come from theorizing or taking someone’s word from it because you read it in a book
  • Secondly you should know that college, and even more so high school, does not require you to learn some of the most necessary and needed skills of today’s world: Internet Skills
  • That is right, Instead of learning the absolute basics of how our world functions as a whole today, the education systems of today’s world are busy trying to make a buck off of you buy requiring you to take classes that will in return teach you nothing or provide you with any further skills.

    For instance: What does the average person know about SEO? What does the average person know about web development – about HTML and CSS – and about search engine and Internet marketing? The average person does not know the basics of how the information that they are searching for a retrieving get to the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages). Knowing the agendas of SEO’s and why sometimes they are not seeing what it is best for them to see at the top is knowledge that every person on the planet should have.

    Now coding and SEO isn’t for everybody, but the Internet is becoming such a huge part of our lives that the very simple basics should be a necessity

    This Opens the Door for the “Hustlers” of the World

    For many people, college is just not the best way to go. However, since society tells us that this is a must, sometimes we have to be burned by the red hot iron and go to college anyways.

    If people knew that they could make money – and a lot of it – from sitting at their computer providing SEO services like link building services to companies all over the world – and work with people from all over the word at an early age – how many of them do you think would still be going to college?

    This opens the door for people that just cannot bear the thought of sitting through pointless classes – and spending so much money on them and the books that you must buy to attend them. Perhaps one of the reasons that high schools and colleges don’t require these types of skills is because no one really knows how long this phase will last. That being said, college and high school have to start becoming more like the Internet – more instant, more real time, and more relevant. This is especially true in today’s world.

    This article was written by Philip Russell. Philip has a two year degree, and dropped out of college when he started making money in the SEO field. He belies that college still holds a great purpose but we as a whole we are adopting a “one size fits all” type approach to education. By day he helps provide link building services over at www.inetzeal where you can get a free SEO quote at any time.