Improving Conversions for Ecommerce Sites

by Kim S

When you’re treating yourself to a new pair of shoes or you need to replace your vacuum cleaner you can pop down the high street and have a good look around. You know where all your favourite shops are and you know which ones to avoid if you don’t want your new purchase to fall apart in six months. You can also try shoes or clothes on, you can pick up the vacuum cleaner to make sure it’s not too heavy and get a feel for the product.

You can’t do this when you’re shopping online, you can’t try your clothes on, you can’t see what they look like on you and you can’t have a play. In most cases your stockists are also going to be supplying to other sites too, your competitors are going to have almost identical stock to you at pretty similar prices. Internet users are getting smarter, they know to check eBay or Amazon to get a good idea of what prices they should be looked at, they know where they can get free delivery and they know to look for someone who’s going to ship from their own country not half way round the world.

So how do you convince your site visitors to spend their cash on your site?

Shout about your USP

You need to start by making your USP obvious, if you don’t have one you might as well give up now (or come up with one pretty quickly). If you offer free delivery don’t just hide it away on your terms and conditions page, shout about it from your header bar. If you can offer same day or next day delivery make this obvious too. Anything your site traffic is going to be looking for, consciously or subconsciously, needs to be there waiting for them. You might find your click through rate in your organic listings improve if you include this USP in your meta description too.

Give your brand a personality

In the olden days people used to be scared of using their credit card online, they were sure the internet monster would come along and steal their identity. Most people know it’s safer these days but they’ve always got that voice at the back of their mind telling them it’s just a website and they don’t know if they can trust it. Make your website interactive and let you traffic see there’s someone there how can help them. If you site is more technical have a 9-5 instant message service, ‘ask Bob’ so if people are unsure about anything they can get some technical help without having to go to the bother of drafting an email and they don’t get the pressure they’d get from a phone call.

Online video

This one follows on from giving your site an identity, video adds another dimension to your site and is also more likely to encourage conversions. This post is just for conversion advice so I’m not going to go on about how good video is for SEO but there are millions of stats out there to highlight how popular online video is at the moment. People want to see it and adding it to your site makes your visitors happy and gives you a chance to show off how good your products really are. Remember they can’t pick your stock up and they can’t try things on so you need to show them.

Kim works for Quality Furniture 4 U who sell exquisite living room furniture and display cabinets