Feeder Sites: The World In Your Hands

by Terence Raines

There are millions of ways to make money on the internet, but finding the right strategy that works for you is the real challenge. Whether you are blogging for fun or trying to get a small business off the ground, deciding on a sound online marketing strategy is key to achieving success via the World Wide Web. Feeder sites offer an effective and easy way to get the traffic you desire as well as help increase the rankings of your main sight.

First things first, understanding what a feeder site is and how it can be used within a larger link building strategy is needed to fully realize the benefits of a feeder site. Generally speaking, a feeder site or microsite is any site that has multiple keyword-rich pages which are designed to send relevant traffic and quality back links to a main site. In this case, the main site would be the primary business site or blog you wish to promote. It is important to note that feeder sites are not the same thing affiliate sites or landing pages. While the main goal of customer acquisition is shared by all three, they are used in different ways.

Feeder sites are meant to support your main site and are used within a greater link building strategy. Unlike affiliate sites and landing pages, there is not an overt call-to-action stated on the feeder site. For example, an interactive marketing agency that uses feeder sites will be more concerned with a search engine’s ability to crawl the site than a consumer’s ability to view the site. However, within the online marketing community there is much debate surrounding the true value of a feeder site and its effectiveness in regards to customer acquisition. The verdict is still out, but here are some surefire ways to get the biggest bang for your buck if you chose to implement a feeder site into your link building strategy.

First you must set an objective or what you wish to achieve with your feeder site. This is important because it sets a starting point that will allow you to measure the success or effectiveness of your feeder site. Next, you need to add some type of analytics and then jot down the current rankings of the keywords you are targeting. This will allow you to see the incoming traffic levels, gauge the relevance of the traffic and track search engine rankings. After installing analytics, you want to pick an appropriate theme that represents the personality and image you wish to represent. Selecting an appropriate theme is crucial to the success of your feeder site. People are looking for sites that offer genuine and insightful information. A good theme will strike an emotional accord with viewers and give the information you provide greater authority.

Deciding on whether to invest time and resources into creating emotional appeal versus search engine crawl ability ultimately determines the capability of feeder sites to transcend static target audiences and reach new consumers.

Feeder sites offer you the opportunity to pre-sell your product or service to relevant viewers which increases awareness and leads to higher conversion rates. If customer acquisition is your primary objective, utilizing feeder sites will establish credibility and build a relationship with consumers before they reach your main site. This relationship leads to customer loyalty and a willingness to share your site with their peers.

Feeder sites may not be the cure-all everyone is hoping for, but they certainly provide a direct path to consumers. The benefits from implementing feeder sites are twofold. In terms of SEO, feeder sites help generate targeted traffic and back links. In regards to customer acquisition, feeder sites help establish authority and lasting relationships with viewers. It is imperative that as a blogger or small business you realize that the internet is becoming more consumer-driven by the day. New software, programs and technological advancements are shaping a personalized and interactive future. Online marketers must develop innovative and engaging strategies to remain competitive, profitable and relevant. Look at a feeder site as your gateway to the world. Now that you have everyone’s attention, what are you going to say?

Terence Raines is a SEO Associate with Response Mine Interactive, a leading digital interactive marketing agency. He currently enjoys blogging on SEO topics that pertain to customer acquisition and effective lead generation strategies.