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Body chemistry is an endlessly complex process, and since bloggers tend to live on caffeine and will power, our bodies rebel in blog-ending ways, shutting off the brain and letting listlessness take over. It’s not that the topic stinks or that you’ve lost the inspiration for blogging. Instead, your body is signaling that it needs nutrition to get you back in shape mentally and ready to churn out post after post.

Nutrition for blogger’s block doesn’t necessarily mean wholesome organics. Instead, you want to reach out and chow down on the foods that are going to kick your brain in gear as fast as possible.

1. Sugar to Fuel Your Mind

That’s right – sugar is actually your personal savior when it comes to hitting your deadlines. It turns out that the brain runs on sugar – and exclusively sugar. The Franklin Institute notes that glucose is the only fuel accepted by your brain cells, and they depend on your blood to deliver it up. If you’re feeling sluggish mentally, remember that mental activities like blogging require a lot of energy and your brain could be sugar starved.

To power up, you have to balance the horrible irony that overloading on sugar cuts off the brain’s supply with your need to get functional fast. Avoid slamming sodas (too much, too fast) in favor of having a single piece of hard candy, a small candy bar, or some naturally occurring sugar in the form of fruit.

2. Potassium for Brain Signals

Potassium is responsible for conducting the body’s electrical currents, and the George Mateljan Foundation notes that confusion, fatigue, and irritability are all signs that you have blogger’s block . . . er, a need for potassium. Aside from brain power issues, potassium can also help fight the muscle fatigue and the leg twitching that keeps you from staying in your chair and finishing that blog post.

To get more potassium, bananas are usually recommended. However, if you dig into the nutritional charts, you will find that soybeans, lentils, avocado, spinach, Swiss chard, yams, and squash are also good sources of potassium. Have a salad, heat up some edamame, or munch on chips and guacamole to refuel your brain. Expect results in 30 minutes to one hour.

3. B Vitamins for Mood

Along with fueling brain function and electrical impulses, bloggers also need to fuel neurotransmitters to boost their energy levels and avoid negative mood states. That listless, apathetic feeling toward your topic could actually be a sign of a shortage of B Vitamins. Vitamins B1 and B2 boost memory levels, B6 helps move amino acids to the brain power centers, and B12 fights off dementia and depression.

Foods high in B Vitamins include whole grains, sweet potatoes, and egg yolk as well as Brazil nuts, almonds and whey. A quick sandwich with a handful of nuts could be just the boost you need, with results apparent within the hour.

Blogging is a demanding art, and your body and brain need the right mix of fuel to perform. Stack the odds in your favor by stacking your plate with the right foods. Then sit back and get ready for the words to start flowing from that finely tuned instrument you call your mind.

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  • I'm finding that it helps in every activity to be healthy. The mind and body are so interlinked that keeping your body healthy will help in blogging. Not just focusing on diet, it's important to take a break and exercise every once in a while as well. They say that exercising will regenerate brain cells which will make you a better blogger.
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  • Tim

    An anatomy and physiology professor I once had claimed that eating a banana(potassium) before a big test was beneficial to get the brain fired up and thinking, as well as dredge up fact out of memory. It may have only been a placebo effect, but needless to say I always ate one before her tests!

    I never thought of it as a 'blogging power drink" but maybe this would be up the alley of this article?
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  • I noticed that when you put good in you get good out….So eating things like fruit and vegetables not only give you the energy you need to finish your blog but also keeps you feeling well and healthy . So make healthy choices!

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