5 Reasons Why A Call Is Better Than An Email

by Matt Smith

There are many reasons why telephone calls are a better and more effective communication channel than emails for businesses. From time management, and project management, to relationship building and networking. The top 5 reasons why a call is better than an email are:

1. Issues dealt with faster
One of the main reasons why picking up the phone and calling someone is better than sending an email, is the fact that any issues can be dealt with faster and more efficiently. Emails can often land in an inbox and remain unopened or not-actioned until after the date that any action needed to be taken has passed. On a call, all information can be relayed, and answers or conclusions can be made and actioned there and then, without having to wait for replies.

2. Less room for misunderstanding
Another key reason why a phone call is better than an email is that key information and content can remain in context, whereas misunderstandings can often occur in emails. If the subject matter of a conversation is of a complicated, technical, or particularly sensitive nature, an email can often lead to unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding, leading to long and drawn out email exchanges. Simply picking up the telephone and dialling those that need to be involved can eliminate any room for misunderstanding.

3. All participants involved
Phone calls have another advantage over emails when it comes to multiple participants or recipients in a conversation. If the subject matter involves numerous people and needs input from different parties, then the benefits of a conference call far outweigh those of an email exchange. In emails, crossed wires, time delays, and diary clashes can prevent all participants being involved in the conversation in a timely manner. However, conference calls allow all those people to hear the same information at the same time, and participate in the conversation on an even keel.

4. No need for lengthy email strings
Following on from the above, a further reason why a call is better than an email is because of the format in which the conversation takes place. If the subject requires a long conversation, involving questions and answers, back and forth between two or parties, an email exchange soon takes up valuable time, space, and effort, whereas the equivalent conversation over the phone will take less time, effort, and be more convenient and efficient in business terms.

5. Builds relationships / networks / communication skills
Finally, phoning colleagues, partners, suppliers, customers, and contacts can prove much more effective in terms of relationship building, networking, and maintaining quality communication streams between all parties. Email can prove incredibly impersonal and picking up the phone can add an extra element to an otherwise faceless, soulless exchange. Telephone calls offer you the opportunity to build stronger relationships and remain in closer contact with your business contacts.

Matt Smith – Freelance business, conference calling and technology blogger.