5 Quick, Easy Steps to Marketing Your Music Online

by Diane Ferraro

Taking advantage of the Internet as a marketing medium is one of its most powerful uses. Here then, are 5 steps you can start quickly and easily to promote your music.

If you’ve never researched or performed any type of online marketing, don’t worry. It’s really not rocket science. The reality of using the Internet to promote your music (or any product/service) is that you simply have to learn the steps required. Then you have to perform those steps. Over. And Over again. Until finally, you find success.

Depending upon who you speak with, there are myriad approaches to how you can get started marketing online. But you want the basics. Simple, tried and proven tasks that if performed diligently should either produce successful results or at least point out that which you should not be doing.

Following, then, are five of our favorite, easy to do, and relatively fast steps that should have you marking your way up the ladder of success.

Here are five steps to successfully promote your music online:

Determine Exactly Who Your Target Audience Is:
It’s often easy to think that our audience is made up of individuals who are merely reflections of ourselves. In the rarest of occasions this might be true, however, most realities indicate that your audience may be nothing like you. Don’t carry your preconceived notions into your session on determining who you should be targeting your music products towards.

Where Does Your Audience Hang Out? Again, where you hang out and your most desired target audience does are likely to be different places. As you research who you’re hoping to get to listen and buy your music, you’ll naturally come up with a list of the sites they visit, the forums they communicate in and the social media they are taking advantage of. These are the precise places you’ll want to spread your message.

Create an Advertising Budget:
Though it might seem counterintuitive to wait this long to develop a budget, consider all that you know at this point in your game planning. You know who your target audience is, and where they hang out. While you may not be able to afford to place ads in every place they frequent, if you’ve done an adequate job listing out your options, you should easily learn the various rates to spread your message at these destinations. From this point you can get creative with how much you’ll spend in order to get the best ROI.

Develop Interesting & Creative Ads:
Just as important as knowing who your audience is, will be the development of engaging advertisements which have the opportunity to exhibit viral marketing tendencies. Putting the time and effort to make water cooler worthy ads is exactly what is required for success. At the end of the day, if the ads are in the best places possible but are lack luster, you’ve lost momentum and the chance to really connect with your buyers.

Track Your Ad Results:
This might be the most challenging task on the list, but to make it a simple no brainer, just understand you’ll want to know how well your ad placements are doing. Most of the services and websites you contract with should be able to tell you how many times your ad was displayed and the number of clicks it received. If you’re not getting this minimum amount of information, find another place to spend your advertising money. They exist.

Diane Ferraro is a marketing expert, specifically in the music industry. She is now a writer for a cell phone ringtones company. When she is not writing or blogging, she loves to spend time with her twin daughters.