4 “Weird” Tactics to Nail Guest Posting Opportunities

Most webmasters associate backlink building with unflattering words like “boring”, “laborious” and “time-sucking”. Nothing epitomizes this yawn-inducing quest more than guest posting. But as you’ll see, there are a handful of little-know tactics that streamline the guest posting process.

The Old Way of Guest Posting

Most people think that you need to suffer through the following steps to get a guest post accepted:

  1. Comb the web for guest posting opportunities
  2. Get involved in their blog’s community
  3. Study their blog’s existing content
  4. Contact them with a personal message
  5. Write and edit a killer guest post
  6. Hope and pray they have the kindness to accept

Fortunately, if done the right way, you can sidestep many of these tasks and your guest post distributed to authority sites in a flash.

The Lazy Way to Guest Post Backlinks and Traffic

From personally writing and submitting over 50 guest posts I’ve picked up 4 shortcuts that cut out a lot of the grunt work and get guest posts accepted in record time.

  1. Submit a System, Not a Set of Tips

Seasoned bloggers know that posts that provide a complete, step-by-step solution to a problem get significantly more traction than a tired set of tips. If you’ve found a way to solve a common problem in your niche, turning it into a set of easy to follow steps will significantly increase the chance your post will get accepted.

  1. Use an Infographic

Authority blogs get inundated with dozens guest post requests everyday. Stand out from the masses by submitting a smart and professional infographic to accompany your post. You can DIY your infographic at the user-friendly visual.ly. But if were a “D” student in high school art class, feel free to hire someone on Elance, ODesk or another freelance site.

  1. Reverse Engineer

The most tedious and time consuming part of guest posting is finding blogs that will accept your content. A killer shortcut I use is to find blogs that list where they’ve already posted their guest posts, like this one:

This helps you get a direct line to blogs that readily accept guest posts.

Here are some search strings to help find these little goldmines:

“your niche”+ “my guest posts”

“your niche”+ “my content has appeared on”

  1. Head to the Watering Hole

There are three types of sites to submit your guest post to. The first are authority sites that aren’t looking for guest posts. Next, you have those that openly accept guest posts and have a page with guidelines. Finally, you have bloggers that are so starving for fresh content that they actively seek out writers.

You obviously want to submit your posts to the third group in order to maximize the chances that your post gets accepted.

Where can you find these desperate webmasters? There are three places that these site owners tend to congregate and seek out guest posts: MyBlogGuest.com (the most popular), BlogSynergy.com and BloggerLinkUp.com. With MyBlogGuest.com you can even upload your guest post and wait for a blogger to pick it up and post it on their site.

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