The Obama Administration Expands Kill List

Mick Meaney


The Obama administration is preparing to expand the military and CIA’s controversial use of drone “kill lists” into northern Africa.

The U.S. government first introduced secret kill lists following the 9/11 attacks and have focused on Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia, resulting in the mass killing of innocent civilians, many of whom are children.

Last year, calculations revealed that the percentage of innocent people killed in drone strikes in Pakistan is as high as 80%.

The US is now planning to launch attacks in Algeria and other countries in northwest Africa.

Wall Street Journal reports that the current target is Mokhtar Belmokhtar, an Algerian who organised the seizure of a natural gas facility in Amenas, Algeria in January. A military raid on the compound lead to the death of 69 people.

The WSJ report states:

“Some US officials are pressing for a more direct involvement in the hunt for Mr. Belmokhtar, whether with drones, other aircraft or American forces. Such an effort could rely on the military’s special-operations units, with help from the Central Intelligence Agency, officials said.”

Last week it was reported that Obama believes he has the right to order the killing of anyone without any evidence.

What we’re seeing is the expansion of a global terror network of unnamed drones that have the capability to kill anyone, anywhere, for any reason.