Militarism: New Iraq Crisis Proves Failure Of War Policy


David Cameron was on D-day form in Parliament on Wednesday. Freshly back from visiting veterans on the Normandy beaches who heroically defeated fascism, he tried to turn this into a justification for interventionist military activity elsewhere.

Perhaps he ought to reflect for a moment that since 2001, 13 years ago, Britain has been heavily involved in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, and also supported military action in Mali.

Successive prime ministers including Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have presided over an enormous expansion of Nato into a global force and through the Lisbon Treaty have linked Nato and EU membership as far as possible making them one and the same thing.

But if Cameron, Barack Obama and French President Hollande looked briefly around the world they would see the consequences of Western intervention.

While no-one was complacent about the human rights record of Saddam Hussein, Iraq was not threatening anyone else in 2003 and most certainly was not a centre of al-Qaida operations.

After 10 years, at least $1 trillion dollars of military spending and the loss of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives, there is now a major insurgency which has swept the Iraqi army before it in Mosul and Tikrit, causing hundreds of thousands to flee.

How much longer before the Iraqi government asks for the re-engagement of Western forces to protect Baghdad and the country’s oil wells?

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  • hvaiallverden

    This so called crisis isnt a acsident at all, how naive to even belive this senario, this chaos is the intended effect the uSSa wants.

    Look what is on the “runnway”, airial bombing of northeastern Iraq, and also bombing in Syria, and how f… convinient itsnt that in the present moment, this escalation is intende and as far I could judge, going acodingly.

    The premises for further escalation is also becomed clearer, and this is the runnup to a war against Iran, since the ISIS is an american controlled terrorforce, they have cleared the ground for an Israeli attac thure their area of controll.
    And this sudden conserns is smoke and mirror and nothing more, and if the air bombing starts the escalation will come.
    All is going acording to the plands people like ex-general W. Clark was warning Us about, and so far, all is acordingly and followes the scapp bokk, 100%.

    Wake up


  • Billy Davis

    All wars are Failures!!!!!!!
    That’s why it is written they will learn war no more!

    Come see

    Billy D.613