Hillary Clinton Threatens War with Iran if Trump Wins

Hillary Clinton defined her hawkish foreign policy in a speech Thursday in San Diego in which she tore into Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Clinton threatened that the United States could disarm Iran by military action and warned that “They’ll be celebrating in the Kremlin” if Trump wins. Clinton said that it is imperative not to allow Russian leader Vladimir Putin, an ally of Iran, to celebrate. Clinton also said that a U.S. “vacuum” overseas would allow other countries to dictate policy around the globe. Clinton also took credit for the Iran deal that allows that Islamic country to continue its nuclear program—which keeps Clinton’s hypothetical war with Iran on the table.

Trump has presented himself as a candidate who will “not seek war or aggression,” according to the Republican’s “America First” speech at Washington’s Mayflower Hotel. Trump has also pledged to “get along” with Russia and allow the Russians to collaborate in global efforts to stop ISIS.

Here are some of Clinton’s foreign policy remarks Thursday, which take a consistently aggressive line toward Russia and Iran, in stark contrast to Trump’s “America First” messaging.

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