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Nazification of Israel


Norman Pollack RINF Alternative News Note: not, the Nazification of Judaism, my religion, that of my parents, ancestors, from the shtetlach of Russia, a religion I revere for its secular associations with struggle for the underdog, devotion to working people ...

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Israeli Ruthlessness 101


Stephen Lendman  RINF Alternative News Israel has more crimes on its rap sheet than mere mortals can count. Going back well before its so-called War of Independence. Continuing multiple times daily. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year. ...

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The Leak That Almost Stopped the Iraq War


SAM HUSSEINI “I felt it was explosive, it really made me angry when I read it. … I genuinely hoped that the information would strengthen the people’s voice. … It could derail the entire process for war.” So said Katharine ...

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Punishing a Professor’s Criticism of Israel

Professor Steven Salaita.
(image by Consortium News)

Dennis Bernstein As bombs rained down on the people of Gaza this past summer, Palestinian-American professor Steven Salaita shared his outrage and horror about the Israeli assault via Twitter. Then, as he prepared to move his family and start his ...

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Hillary the Warmonger


Paul Craig Roberts  RINF Alternative News Glenn Greenwald has revealed that Hillary Clinton is the presidential candidate of the banksters and warmongers.    Pam and Russ Martens note that Elizabeth Warren is the populist alternative.    I doubt that a politician who ...

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