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America’s Own Political Prisoners

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“Oscar Lopez-River has been accused of seditious conspiracy, conspiracy to free his people from the shackles of injustice. Now is the time for his immediate and unconditional release.” Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu Nelson Mandela’s death has elicited a ...

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Man Handcuffed At Walmart for Price Matching

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Low prices, high tyranny Adan Salazar As if you needed another reason not to shop at Walmart… An Arizona man was recently handcuffed and banned for life from the Chinese slave labor retail outlet known as Walmart for doing something ...

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Nuclear War Could Mean 'Extinction of the Human Race'

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A war using even a small percentage of the world’s nuclear weapons threatens the lives of two billion people, a new report warns. “A nuclear war using only a fraction of existing arsenals would produce massive casualties on a global ...

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'It's Intimidating. And It's Free': Iraq War Surplus Militarizing US Police

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Weapons of occupation are coming to cities and towns across the United States after the Department of Defense handed 165 military fighting vehicles formerly used in Iraq to local law enforcement as part of a military surplus program. This transfer ...

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Judge refuses to drop charge of aiding the enemy against Manning


Army Private first class Bradley Manning will continue to be tried for aiding the enemy, a military judge ruled Thursday morning, leaving open the possibility of life in prison for the admitted source of a major intelligence leak.

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WW3 Brews As Nation Distracted By Trayvon Martin Case

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As the world reacts to the Trayvon Martin case, including prominent rappers calling out the media over its race baiting, reports detail around 160,000 Russian troops were called to ‘combat readiness’ following an Israeli strike on Russian-made missiles in Syria.

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The Privatisation of War: “Private Security Companies” on Contract with UN “Humanitarian” and “Peace Keeping” Operations


In order to discuss the use of armed private military and security companies to protect UN personnel and UN premises in the field as well as the use of such companies in United Nations peace and humanitarian operations, the UN is convening an Expert Panel Event in its New York Headquarters, on 31 July 2013.

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Did UK face mil. coups in 1960’s-70’s?

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Coups d'état are generally headline grabbers and considered peculiarities of the less developed nations in the west, including in Britain, yet western media and governments do not refer to some of them as coups and choose complete silence about others.

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Unauthorized War on Syria Would Be Impeachable Offense, Rep. Warns

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President Obama will be guilty of an impeachable offense if he intervenes militarily in Syria's civil war without authorization from Congress, according to a resolution introduced in Congress by Rep. Walter B. Jones, Jr.

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Exposed: The Harrowing Impact of America's Deadly Drone War in Pakistan


President Barack Obama’s big speech on U.S. counter-terror policy last month promised that drone strikes were “legal,” “heavily constrained” and only carried out if there is “near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.”

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