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‘Limited’ military communication with Russia still in place — UK Defence Secretary


UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has acknowledged that “limited military-to-military engagement” with Russia is still in place — not with regards to Syria operations, but in order to ensure the safety of Britain’s own airspace. “In the interest of air ...

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US losing military edge to China, experts warn Senate


The Pentagon needs an overhaul of its arms buying system before completely losing military edge to countries like China, experts have warned the US Senate. Last week, President Barack Obama signed the 2016 “defense policy bill” which is laden with reform ...

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Met police arrest 4 over terrorism offences


UK police have arrested four men on suspicion of terrorism offences. The men all in their 30s are from Luton. They were arrested on suspicion of being involved in preparation of act of terrorism. The men are now held at ...

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US telling ‘outright lies’ about Syria: Analyst


The Pentagon statement about sending Special Operations Forces to Syria to fight Daesh (ISIL) is an “outright lie” because Washington had these commandos on the ground since it started war against Syria, an American writer and political analyst says. “The ...

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As Cameron Bangs War Drum, Voices for Peace Rally Around Corbyn


‘Another destructive bombing campaign is no solution whatsoever,’ anti-war campaigners warn. ‘It risks intensifying and widening what is already a catastrophic war.’ by Lauren McCauley As British Prime Minister David Cameron declared from Paris on Monday his desire to escalate the ...

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US using 9/11 trauma to terrorize people: Analyst


The recent Daesh videos that seemingly threaten bomb attacks on major US cities are part of a psychological warfare American politicians are waging against their own people to advance their post-9/11 agenda, says a US Army veteran. “Any claim to lead an attack against ...

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Britain to boost counter-terror spending by 30%


Britain is to increase its counter-terrorism funding by 30 percent in the wake of the Paris attacks, finance minister George Osborne said Sunday. The chancellor of the exchequer would not rule out cuts to frontline police numbers but said he ...

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47 Democrats Join with House GOP to Refuse Suffering Refugees


“Not much is bipartisan these days, but apparently bigotry is something both sides of the aisle can come together on.” by Jon Queally Forty-seven House Democrats joined with a majority of Republicans to approve a bill that would effectively stop the ...

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Warmongering Israel launch strike near Syrian airport without concern for civilian lives


Israeli warplanes have struck targets near the international airport in the Syrian capital, Damascus, Syrian media says. The reports said the attack happened Wednesday morning. There were no immediate comments from the Syrian government on the issue. In October, the Israeli ...

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Over half of US military assistance goes to Israel: US government report


The US government provided $5.9 billion in foreign military assistance last year from American taxpayers’ money, according to a new report by the US State Department. Israel with $3.1 billion, and Egypt with $1.3 billion, received about 75 percent of ...

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Don’t Thank Me Anymore… Just Care for Veterans Who Return and Work To End All War


Michael McPhearson This past Saturday morning in Saint Louis, MO I was walking home when I saw a people gathering and portions of the street being blocked. I live downtown, so it could have been another run, walk or festival. ...

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US Congress passes bill that bans transfer of Guantanamo detainees


The US Congress has overwhelmingly passed a $607 billion “defense policy bill” that prohibits the transfer of detainees from the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba to US detention facilities. The Senate voted 91-3 in favor of the 2016 National ...

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War Criminals Obama, Netanyahu visit in White House as protesters gather outside


US President Barack Obama has met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after 13 months. At the meeting on Monday, Obama said it was “no secret” that he has a “strong disagreement” with Bibi in regard to the nuclear accord ...

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‘Moderate’ Syrian rebels being absorbed by Nusra Front — US State Dept


The US State Department has admitted that some of the so-called moderate rebels in Syria have been successfully recruited by the al-Nusra Front, an Al-Qaeda affiliate, which is being targeted by Russia’s air campaign in Syria. The information came from ...

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US conducts ‘complex test’ of layered missile defense system


The US military has conducted a comprehensive test of its layered missile defense system in the Pacific Ocean. Although one of the missiles ended up missing the target, the military has praised the exercise, which cost some $230mn, as a ...

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War Criminal Blair memo provides ammo for critics


Less than a day after a revelation that Tony Blair had plotted the invasion of Iraq a year before it actually happened speculations are rising in Britain over how this could provide more ammunition to criticisms against the former prime ...

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Bush administration didn’t just let 9/11 happen, they made it happen: Scholar


An American philosopher and researcher says former US President George W. Bush deserves full blame for the September 11, 2001 attacks, which were orchestrated to implement the Project for the New American Century. James Henry Fetzer, who is also a journalist ...

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Leaked: ‘New Snowden’ releases Obama’s drone program papers


A cache of classified documents has revealed the inner workings of US drone operations in Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan, including the mechanism of targeting suspects slated for assassination. The documents, slides, visuals and analysis have been posted by The Intercept ...

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Britons furious over continued detention of Aamer in Guantanamo Bay


Several British lawmakers and celebrities have called for immediate release of the last British national held at the notorious US military prison in Guantanamo Bay. The US must honor its commitment to release Shaker Aamer within 10 days or face ...

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US polices against Syria ‘total failure’: Scholar


The Obama administration’s plan to end a Pentagon program to train militants in Syria is a formal acknowledgment of the total failure of US polices against the Syrian government, an American scholar says. The failed US policies in Syria include ...

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Clinton appealing to US war hawks: Analyst


US Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton’s support for a no-fly zone over Syria is an attempt to “gain relevance” and appeal to American war hawks, says a counter-terrorism analyst. “Hillary Clinton is in a dire predicament in her presidential ambitions, ...

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Muslim schoolboy quizzed about ISIS after raising ‘eco-terrorism’ in French class


A Muslim schoolboy was questioned by staff about Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) after he used the term ‘eco-terrorist’ in a classroom discussion about the environment. The 14-year-old, who wishes not to be named, said the experience of being taken ...

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Leader of US war effort against Islamic State stepping down


The retired Marine general chosen by President Barack Obama to head military efforts against Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL) is leaving the position, according to a new report. John R. Allen, the Special Presidential Envoy for the Global ...

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Israeli forces attack Palestinians in WB


Israeli forces have once again attacked Palestinians demonstrators protesting against Tel Aviv’s recent restrictions on access to their revered religious sites. The clashes took place on Monday when Israeli forces attacked demonstrators near Aida refugee camp close to the Palestinian city ...

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Tories’ solution to Syrian refugee crisis–murder by remote control


Simon Basketter The Tories’ solution to the Syrian crisis is assassination. On Monday of this week David Cameron announced the killing in August of Reyaad Khan from Cardiff and Ruhul Amin from Aberdeen. They were killed by a remote control ...

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Is dropping more bombs on Syria the way to solve the refugee crisis?


FROM THE Greek island of Mytiliene to Munich we are seeing something of the power of ordinary people and a collective counterweight to racist exclusion, poverty and war. In Britain, it has forced notoriously anti-migrant and anti-refugee papers, such as ...

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Dozens of Civilians Reportedly Killed as US-Backed Saudi Coalition Pounds Yemen


Reports of hospitals, school being hit as Washington finalizes $1 billion weapons deal to Saudi Arabia by Andrea Germanos Dozens of civilians were reportedly killed and hospitals and embassies were damaged this weekend as the U.S.-backed Saudi coalition continued to pound ...

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Nuclear War Theme Parks: Mass Destruction for the Whole Family


John LaForge Plutonium was named after Pluto, “god of the underworld,” Hades, or hell. It was created inside faulty reactors, concentrated, and machined by US scientists into the most devastating and horrifying of all weapons. Photos of what the Manhattan ...

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‘RAF warplanes to stay in Iraq over Daesh’


The British defense secretary has reportedly said the UK will extend its RAF Tornado mission against Daesh (ISIL) terrorists in Iraq by another year. Michael Fallon said the fighter jets, which were to be decommissioned last March, will remain in ...

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US invasion of Iraq was genecidal war: Peace activist


The US invasion of Iraq was a “genocidal war” and a”crime against humanity” perpetrated by the administration of George W. Bush to expand US imperialism, an anti-war activist in California says. Former US vice president Dick Cheney‘s recent remarks that ...

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Attacking Zionists that back Iran accord ‘offends’ Obama


US President Barack Obama says he is offended by attacks against American Jews who have voiced support for a nuclear agreement between Iran and the global powers. In a Friday interview with the Jewish newspaper The Forward released Monday, Obama ...

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Guantanamo inmates must remain locked up indefinitely: Pentagon chief


US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has said about half the detainees at the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba need to be imprisoned “indefinitely” and cannot be released to other nations. “Some of the people who are there at ...

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Cheney, his cohorts seek war scenario for Iran: Analyst


Former US Vice President Dick Cheney and other neoconservatives in America have been trying to prepare a scenario for an attack on Iran similar to the one used prior to the Iraq invasion in 2003, says an analyst. Keith Preston ...

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‘Uninhabitable’: UN Report says Total Destruction of Gaza Nearly Complete


Under constant threat of war and a devastating economic blockade, occupied territory is being ‘de-developed’ — a process by which development is not merely hindered but reversed by Jon Queally Citing a series of vicious military attacks in recent years coupled ...

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Cruelty is Not a Human Right


César Chelala It is the beginning of their nightmares. Many Palestinians go to bed every night without knowing if their homes will be bulldozed during the night by the Israeli police. According to Jeff Halper, founder of the Israeli Committee ...

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Americans are sick and tired of US wars for Israel: Analyst


Americans are supporting the international movement of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel because they are sick and tired of Washington’s support for Tel Aviv, says a political commentator in Los Angeles. In an interview with Press TV on ...

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Cheney blames Obama’s Iraq troop withdrawal for rise of ISIS


Former Vice President Dick Cheney is accusing President Barack Obama of being responsible for the rise of Islamic State in Iraq. He also denied that the Iraq War, which he supported, played a critical part in the origins of the ...

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Chilcot to apportion Iraq blame far beyond war criminal Tony Blair’s inner circle


Blame for the Iraq War will extend far beyond Tony Blair’s inner circle to include senior intelligence and defense officials and top ministers at the time, reports suggest. Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq Inquiry report had been expected to focus on ...

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Demands for Gitmo Closure Grows


Closing Guantanamo is not something that we should leave for the next president, but Obama is running out of time, said Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. The Pentagon’s process of moving the camp to inside US borders is proving to be ...

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The War Criminal Who Won The Nobel Peace Prize: Barack Obama

A Christie's employee looks at a portrait of Barack Obama by artist Joe Black called 'Shoot to Kill' made from thousands of plastic toy soldiers, during a press preview at Christie's auction rooms in London, Monday, Aug. 3, 2015. The portrait estimated at 15,000-20,000 pounds ($21,000-$28,000) will be auctioned in the "Out of the Ordinary" sale on Sept. 10 in London. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

As the United States renews a bombing campaign against ISIS forces in Syria, it seems like America’s penchant for waging war knows no bounds. During the first seven years of Barack Obama’s presidency, the U.S. bombed seven countries while supporting ...

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USA killer drone rampage to increase by 50%


The US military will increase the number of drone flights from the current 61 a day to as many as 90 by 2019 while expanding lethal strike capabilities. The expanded drone program, operated mostly by the US Air Force, will ...

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Jeb Bush wants to implement war-like policies: Analyst


Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush would follow his father and brother in implementing war-like policies around the world, says a former US Senate candidate. Jeb Bush is proposing policies “like King George Herbert Walker Bush (president of the United States ...

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‘British Special Forces cloaked as ISIL fight Syria militants’


A fresh report claims members of the UK Special Air Service (SAS), an elite British army unit, are involved in hit-and-run raids against ISIL militants in Syria while dressed as insurgents themselves. More than 120 members belonging to the elite ...

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Afghan War Is Not Over, Says Judge, So Indefinite Detention Can Continue


Though President Obama has publicaly championed end of combat operations in Afghanistan, that doesn’t mean prisoners of war can be released by Jon Queally A federal judge on Thursday rejected the petition of a Guantanamo detainee who had requested to be ...

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These rabbis prove criticism of Israel’s campaign of terror is NOT anti-semitic


A group of 30 rabbis has criticized the “unjust” demolition of Palestinian homes in the West Bank in a letter to Israel’s outgoing ambassador to the UK. The British Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights spoke out against the impending ...

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Ukraine Is Ripe for the Shock Doctrine


Like many states in crisis before it, Ukraine serves as a perfect opportunity for neoliberal transformation. by Sean Guillory While a crisis of faith, of sorts, has resounded in western discourse on the economic effectiveness of austerity, this scepticism, rather ironically, ...

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Regional War Escalates as Turkey Openly Bombs Targets Inside Syria

Airstrikes on Friday comes as Turkish government also gives US military and other allies permission to stage further operations from its facilities along the Syrian border by Jon Queally Proving that a larger regional war remains among the most significant threats ...

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US, Israel can’t tolerate Iran’s independence: Analyst


Israel and the Zionist lobby in the United States are working with Congress to attack Iran’s nuclear program as a pretext to undermine Tehran for its independence from American hegemony, an author and analyst in Chicago says. “There is an ...

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New Probe Exposes Horrific Child Abuse by Israeli Forces


Palestinian children face chokeholds, stun grenades, and forced confessions at the hands of Israeli forces, Human Rights Watch report reveals by Sarah Lazare Israeli forces are choking, beating, and abusing Palestinian children as young as 11, arresting and coercing them into ...

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Seeking War to the End of the World


If the neoconservatives have their way again, U.S. ground troops will reoccupy Iraq, the U.S. military will take out Syria’s secular government (likely helping Al Qaeda and the Islamic State take over), and the U.S. Congress will not only kill ...

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9/11 victims could lose financial aid: NY lawmakers


Victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US may lose financial support in October 2016 unless Congress reauthorizes the compensation fund, say three New York lawmakers. The lawmakers have issued warnings as the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund will ...

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Just a ‘Mistake,’ As US Airstrikes Kill Allied Soldiers in Afghanistan


Helicopters attack outpost in broad daylight in what could be worst such incident in nearly 14 years of war by Jon Queally In what may be the worst “friendly fire” incident of the U.S. war in Afghanistan since it began in ...

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‘UK’s RAF training foreign states to counter militant missiles’


A new report says staff from the UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF) are training foreign governments to prevent airliners being shot down by militant missiles. According to the Sunday Times, a team of British experts, including RAF troops, has been ...

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British pilots take part in anti-ISIL bombing campaign in Syria


A number of British pilots have secretly taken part in anti-ISIL bombing campaign in Syria despite a 2013 parliamentary vote against any military action in the war-hit Arab nation. Human rights group, Reprieve, reveals that service personnel acted under auspices ...

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Israel losing strategic value to US imperialism: Activist


The successful conclusion of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 countries has threatened Israel’s strategic value to the United States, an American political activist in Chicago says. “Israel opposes this peace deal with Iran, because it does represent an ...

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UK PM wants more killer drones, forces against ISIL


British Prime Minister David Cameron has told defense chiefs that the country should be spending more money on the Special Air Services (SAS) and drones to better combat the threat of ISIL. While last week’s emergency budget saw public services ...

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Deranged war hawk claims peace activist makes the World ‘incredibly dangerous’


Presidential hopeful Sen. Lindsey Graham follows Medea Benjamin’s comments on blowback by saying she’s ‘radical Islam’s best hope’ by Andrea Germanos Presidential hopeful Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Wednesday told peace activist Medea Benjamin that people like her “make the world ...

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Gaza Waits for Justice: One Year Later, Calls for Remembrance and Action

Many from within Gaza took to social media on Wednesday to call on the world to acknowledge the humanity of the people impacted by the war. (Photo: @WeAreNotNumbers/flickr)

Since Israel’s 51-day military assault, rebuilding has barely begun and the ongoing siege pushes the Strip closer to humanitarian crisis by Sarah Lazare (Common Dreams) – One year after Israel launched a military assault on Gaza that killed more than 2,200 Palestinians ...

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Such a patriot – George W. Bush charged $100,000 for veterans charity speech


Former US president George W. Bush charged $100,000 to speak at a charity fundraising event in 2012 for US military veterans severely injured during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush was also provided with a private jet to travel ...

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#BlockTheFactory: One Year After Gaza War, Protesters Shut Down Drone Plants


Four Israeli arms factories in UK and Australia shut down in Palestine solidarity action by Nadia Prupis (Common Dreams) – Marking the one-year anniversary of the 2014 attack on Gaza, protesters in the United Kingdom and Australia on Monday shut down four ...

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Iraqis do not trust US for military recruitment: Analyst


Former US congressional staffer Rodney Martin says the reason that the United States is having problems with “recruiting” forces to fight the ISIL terrorist group is that Iraqis do not trust Washington. “The United States is having problems, missing its ...

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Somalia is home to two secret US drone bases — report


Up to 120 US military personnel are operating out of two secret drone bases in Somalia, carrying out attacks on Al-Shabab militants and working with African Union peacekeepers, a new report has revealed. Somali officials have confirmed a secretive US ...

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Israel Continues to Cripple Gaza with its Sea Blockade


Governments should support brave humanitarian voyagers and back their play in future. Welcome to the latest chapter in a long tale of unspeakable cruelty. Israel’s military are once more raiding mercy ships on the high seas in an effort to ...

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​Thatcher govt didn’t oppose Saddam’s chemical weapons program, declassified papers show


As Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was building up its chemical weapons arsenal with the help of a British firm, Margaret Thatcher’s government decided not to oppose it, fearing that otherwise it would be subjected to criticism. In the 1980s Iraq, ...

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UK approved £4-million arms sales to Israel after Gaza war


The British government approved £4 million in weapons sales to the Israeli regime in the immediate aftermath of Israel’s massive military offensive against the Gaza Strip last summer, a new study has found. The research study, titled “Arming Apartheid: UK Complicity ...

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Talks extension good sign; Israel afraid of Iran’s influence: Fetzer


An American scholar says an extension of nuclear talks between Iran and the global powers is a “good sign”. As it had been voiced by negotiators earlier, the two sides missed the self-imposed June-end deadline with the US State Department saying ...

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US church votes to boycott Israel over occupation of Palestine


One of the largest Christian Protestant denominations in the United States has overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling for divestment from companies that profit from Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories. The United Church of Christ voted Tuesday to boycott products from Israeli ...

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US complicit in Saudi crimes against Yemen: Human Rights Watch


Human Rights Watch has accused the United States of complicity in the Saudi Arabia’s war of aggression against Yemen. Human Rights Watch announced on Tuesday that Washington is potentially liable in the unlawful strikes as the US is involved in refueling warplanes flying over ...

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Rejecting Israeli Narrative, Freedom Flotilla Campaigners Say Tasers Were Part of Violent Assault on Ship


Directly contradicting initial reports from the Israeli Navy that the boarding of a Swedish vessel traveling to break the blockade of Gaza was an “uneventful” incident, campaigners reported Tuesday that several people on board, in fact, were violently treated and ...

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Israel’s creation ‘direct rebellion’ against God: US rabbi


The creation of Israel by Zionist Jews in 1948 was a “direct rebellion” against God and contrary to the teachings of the Torah, an American orthodox rabbi says. “The concept of making this whole ‘state’ that was created over 60 ...

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‘Hi, I’m Uncle Sam and I’m a War-oholic’

'NSA surveillance proliferates in a context that goes well beyond spying.' (Image: Public domain)

It was the summer of 2002. The Bush administration’s top officials knew that they were going into Iraq in a big way. They were then in planning mode, but waiting until fall to launch their full-throttle campaign to persuade Congress ...

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​Army Reserve recruiting targets ‘unachievable’ — watchdog


(RT) – Army reservist recruiting targets, which had been upped to account for cuts to the regular military, are ‘unachievable’ despite an expensive recruiting drive by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), according to the Major Projects Authority (MPA). In its latest ...

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Going Nuclear on Russia


We all remember how, in early June, President Putin announced that Russia would deploy more than 40 new ICBMs “able to overcome even the most technically advanced anti-missile defense systems.” Oh dear; the Pentagon and their European minions have been ...

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The Children of Gaza’s Harrowing Cry for Help

The Palestinian flag and the Hamas flag (Reuters)

A year after Israel’s attack on Gaza, children there are still trying to recover from the consequences of the brutal assault on the Strip. The Israeli attack, which started on 8 July 2014, resulted in between 2,142 and 2,310 Gazans ...

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Ex-CIA chief criticism over Iran nuclear talks doing ’disservice’ to Obama


A recent criticism by former CIA head Michael Hayden over nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries is doing “disservice” to the Obama administration as well as Iran, says a political commentator. “These comments are doing disservice ...

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Ex-Bush officials to teach course on decision-making in Iraq invasion


Two key players and advocates of the US war on Iraq will teach a course on decision-making during the invasion of the country under former president George W. Bush, a report says. Paul Wolfowitz and Scooter Libby, who played important ...

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US driving war policy towards Russia and China: Analyst


The United States and its allies are making unprecedented efforts to wage war against Russia and China in order to prevent them from creating a new political and economic order in the world, an activist and journalist in Washington says. ...

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Gitmo Prisoner, Hunger-Striking for Nine Years, Cleared for Release


(Common Dreams) – A U.S. government review board said Friday that Abdul Rahman Shalabi, a prisoner who has been on a nine-year hunger strike at the U.S. base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, has been cleared to return to his native Saudi ...

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USA accused of manufacturing terror threats to benefit Israel


The US government is spreading a false sense of fear from ‘Islamic terrorists’ as part of a foreign policy that seeks global domination and to launch military strikes against countries that oppose Israel, an American scholar and journalist in Wisconsin ...

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New ‘Kill List’ Documents Point Finger at UK and Australia in US Drone War


(Common Dreams) – The UK and Australian governments may be complicit in the U.S.’s covert drone campaign in countries outside of recognized war zones, a new analysis of British intelligence documents published Wednesday reveals. Previously undisclosed files from the UK’s Government ...

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Pentagon Anti-Russia Propaganda Intensifies


A senior Pentagon official says Russia is “playing with fire” by threatening to expand its nuclear weapons arsenal in response to a rising military presence by the United States and its NATO allies in Eastern Europe. “Anyone who thinks they can ...

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US Drone Program to Remain in Shadows as Obama Abandons Key Reform Promise


Blueprint for a new transition plan involves a dual command structure–giving the Defense Department and the CIA joint control of drone strikes (Common Dreams) – U.S. President Barack Obama has made a sharp U-turn on his two-year-old promise to move the ...

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NATO announces expansion of military force targeting Russia


Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. By Niles Williamson NATO defense ministers meeting in Brussels Wednesday and Thursday agreed to the enlargement of the organization’s Response Force to 40,000 troops from the ...

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Israel lobby pushing US to thwart nuclear deal with Iran: Anlayst


The powerful Israel lobby in the United States is seeking to forestall a nuclear agreement with Iran and ignite another war in the Middle East, a political commentator in Los Angeles says. “The problem that we have right now in ...

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: ‘I am guilty and I am sorry’


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was sentenced to death for his alleged role in the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, has given his first public statement since the deadly attack. Tsarnaev told a federal court in Boston on Wednesday that he was ...

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Torture Is Already Illegal – So Why "Ban" It?


The US Senate voted by a high margin to ban the use of torture on June 16. The bill is an amendment to the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, an annual defense policy measure. It passed 78-21 but the entire ...

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Pentagon chief says ‘not confident’ about Guantanamo closure


US President Barack Obama would probably not able to keep his 2008 campaign promise to shut down the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison by the end of his presidency next year. In an interview with CBS News on Tuesday, US Secretary ...

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Legalising war crimes: USA has gone too far


The US Department of Defense has released a book of instructions on the rules of war, detailing acceptable ways of killing the enemy and says that journalists also can be terrorists. The “Department of Defense Law of War Manual” explains ...

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ISIL was created, fueled and strengthened by US behavior: Analyst


US military interventions in the Middle East along with Washington’s foreign policy in the region paved the way for the creation and expansion of the ISIL terrorist group, an American activist, blogger and author says. “The problem with ISIS is that ...

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For Obama, Any War Is Better Than No War

US President Barack Obama.(AFP Photo / Jewel Samad)

The White House recently announced that Obama has approved a plan to send 450 new troops into Iraq to fight ISIS. These “troops” aren’t ground troops, but instead are going in an adviser role to assist the Iraqi military. Now, ...

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US ‘created ISIL for sake of Israel’: Ex-CIA contractor


The United States is seeking to have a “never-ending war” in the Middle East which would make the countries there unable to stand up to Israel, says former CIA contractor Steven Kelley. “The purpose of creating this group [ISIL] is ...

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Washington in Wonderland: Down the Iraqi Rabbit Hole (Again)


There is a peculiar form of insanity in which a veneer of rationality distracts attention from the madness lurking just beneath the surface. When Alice dove down her rabbit hole to enter a place where smirking cats offered directions, ill-mannered ...

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Surprise, surprise, US and NATO falsifying ‘threat from Russia’


The United States and its NATO allies are exaggerating the so-called threat from Russia to justify surrounding and destabilizing the country as well as increasing US arms exports to the region, an anti-war activist and journalist in Maine says. “There ...

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How the Bush Administration Created the Iran "Nuclear Confession" Scam


Secretary of State John Kerry gave further legitimacy to a long-running official scam over the demand for a confession from Iran last week, even as he argued that getting details of Iran’s alleged past work on nuclear weapons wasn’t necessary ...

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UN Suggests Top Officials Sanctioned Israel’s War Crimes Against Gaza


(Common Dreams) – A widely-anticipated United Nations inquiry into the 2014 attack on Gaza released Monday suggests that the Israeli government may have deliberately targeted Palestinian civilians during the assault, while the report concludes that both Israel and Hamas may be ...

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Pentagon chief lauds US bid to store heavy weapons in Eastern Europe


US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has lauded Washington’s decision to station heavy weaponry in Eastern Europe, and vowed the United States will defend its allies against Russia. “The concept is to have sets of equipment principally to support training so ...

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Military chiefs secretly lobby Osborne to protest defense cuts


(RT) – At a secret meeting Friday, defense chiefs are said to have lobbied Chancellor George Osborne to leave their offensive capacity intact rather than implementing deep spending cuts to military budgets, according to reports. The Chief of the Defence Staff ...

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US, Israel are world’s two leading terrorist organizations: Analyst


An American political commentator believes that the United States and Israel are undoubtedly the world’s “two leading terrorist organizations.” “There really can be no serious doubt that the United States and Israel are the two leading terrorist organizations in the ...

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War veterans oppose recruitment of minors


British war veterans launch a campaign against enlisting 16-year-olds into the military.  While Britain is current the only state in Europe or NATO that enlists minors, a policy criticized by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the ...

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MoD confirms Britain is arming Saudi Arabia in Yemen conflict


(RT) – Britain’s Ministry of Defence has confirmed it is providing technical support and arming Saudi Arabia in its ongoing war against Yemen, RT has learned. An MoD spokesperson said the UK’s assistance to Saudi Arabia includes providing “precision guided weapons,” but added ...

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