Watch: Cops Violently Drag Naked Grandmother Out of Her Apartment


Denise Stewart, a 48-year-old Brooklyn woman was dragged by NYPD from her apartment and arrested in the late hours of July 13,  New York Daily News reported. The grandmother had just taken a shower and was only wearing a towel and pair of underpants when NYPD pounded on her door.

The NYPD officers were responding to a domestic violence 911-call made from the Brownsville apartment building. However, according to the Daily News, they did not know the apartment number. After hearing shouts from Stewart’s apartment they banged on the door at 11:45 PM. According to the Daily News, Stewart told the police they had the wrong apartment and attempted to close the door. Denise Stewart was then dragged by the NYPD cops into the hallway.

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  • dujaa74

    #OATH not a #NDAA #PoliceState – People still think America has a real and honorable justice system? ….. Actually we’re under the “Law of War” ….. Google the #NDAA 2012

    • Sooriamoorthy

      There never was anything honourable with America, except from some of its artists and mavericks.
      America was built on stolen land and was developed thanks to genocide, slavery, segregation, exploitation, colonialism, imperialism and fascism.
      The Evil that the US stands for and which was initially aimed at other countries and against the minorities, the poor and the marginals, is now targetting (almost) everybody in the US.