Baltimore Fox Affiliate Faked Video of Activist Chanting “Kill a Cop”


Activist and community leader Tawanda Jones responds to FOX 45 Baltimore airing a heavily edited clip making it seem she was chanting “kill a cop” at a protest.

  • Greg Burton

    There is a false flag going on in this country to deflect the focus away from the real criminals who’ve stolen us blind. I suspect those behind the persistent attempt to pit races against each other are the same cabal of characters who stole our freedoms in the first place through the 9/11 false flag attacks, impoverished us with the unprosecuted banking fraud, spending everything US citizens had to fight the bogus never ending war on terror that will end up destroying us. There is an ongoing deliberate plot to destroy the USA.

  • Hp B

    Ranks right up there with NBC faking(doctoring) Zimmerman’s phone to frame him

  • JMG

    The reality is that a long time ago the corporate media news chose ‘big money’ over the viewer. They are nothing but propaganda fronts. It’s just more obvious with the advent of the internet. Their job is to create a complete fantasy world for the general public so the government can control us and the ‘big money’ men can continue to bleed us dry without the majority of people even knowing the real reason why they are either being abused by the police or being dirt poor. These goons are also responsible for counting the votes during election time. How accurate is a vote count from a propaganda front?

  • Eye Spy

    Why are Black people in amerikkka still on the streets fighting not to be lynched by the system, the cops, the media and the KKK in the 21st century. Something is deeply wrong and it needs to be fixed.

    Wherever white culture is dominant whites and blacks have this problem. However wherever black is the dominant culture whites do not have this problem.

    So the empirical evidence suggests that black is not the problem, white is the problem.

    This needs to be discussed rationally, without the shouting.

    What is the problem with white people?

    We know what problems exist for poor vs rich, Now lets discuss white vs black.

    • Hp B

      “However wherever black is the dominant culture whites do not have this problem.”

      Hahahahaha! You’re joking, right?

      Any white person takes a wrong turn into “the hood” and he’s had it. Tourists who stupidly don’t know better, too.

      C’mon man! You’re not world famous for no reason.

      • Eye Spy

        That is Amerikkka for you. White people destroyed the social structure of African Americans, doing their best to produce just what you have today. You have treatises written on how to keep the black man down and turned into a beast (of burden) and white supremacy alive and kicking. Affirmative action was a just response to the social structures of Amerikkka realizing that that the world was listening. Today the world is watching your dirty secret being written in blood on your inner city street. How the heck can you blame the victim. You got a uncle tom in the white whorehouse who is scared to speak as a black man. .Then you have justifications for killing 12 year old black children in a playground playing with a toy gun

        We are watching.

        • Hp B

          The #1 cause of death for black males age 14-35 is other black homicide..
          The #1 cause of death for black females age 14-35 is black homicide.

      • Eye Spy

        And by the way what do you think the white man is famous for

        Native Amerindians
        smashing up the middle east
        smashing the garden of Eden (Afrika)
        First Country to use Atom bomb
        spreading virus such as MAN MADE AIDS AND EBOLA
        jim crow
        criminalising and incarceration of people of color on a spectacular scale

        blaming the victims in all of the above examples

        and it is not funny

        • Hp B

          The majority of slaves in history have been white.
          You do know where the word slave originated, don’t you?
          (look it up)