As Baltimore Demands Justice, Solidarity Movements Grow

 As an uneasy calm settled over Baltimore on Tuesday, hours after the National Guard descended on activists calling for justice over the death of Freddie Gray and countless other unarmed black men and women killed by police, demonstrations against police violence continued throughout the city.

And around the country, solidarity movements also began to build, with protests and marches taking place or being planned in Chicago, St. Louis, and New York City, among other cities. Activists on social media are organizing under the banner #BaltimoreUprising.

“The uprising in Baltimore tonight has delivered an unmistakable and powerful message that the time is over when people will just take the unending and outrageous murder and brutality carried out by police,” said Carl Dix, co-founder of the St. Louis-based Stop Mass Incarceration Network (SMIN), in a statement Monday.

“From North Charleston, South Carolina to Ferguson, Missouri from Pasco, Washington to New York City and beyond–THIS MUST STOP!” St. Louis activists are expected to gather at the Joshua House Ministries Church on Wednesday at 7pm.