America is Rapidly Being Transformed into a “Controlled” State


While many Americans don’t seem to comprehend what’s happening all around them, the U.S government is implementing more methods of surveillance over this society and many of its agencies are acquiring more powerful weaponry. And now we are also seeing state and local law enforcement agencies following this government’s initiative of establishing greater and greater control over the American people. And that most certainly does not bode well for those who still value their privacy and rights under the Constitution.

It seems as if the U.S. government is waging two Wars on Terror; one in foreign lands against Al-Qaeda and one here within this country and society. So with that in mind let’s examine some of the distinct similarities that are present in the U.S. government’s foreign surveillance and methods of hunting down suspected terrorists around the world and those same strategies and tactics that it and various other law enforcement agencies are using here in America.

First let’s talk about surveillance. It’s no secret that, for many decades, the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies have been conducting comprehensive surveillance operations on various foreign governments and specific individuals in those countries. That’s been going on for so long that few Americans even give it a second thought.

Now this comprehensive system of foreign surveillance, no doubt a result of the great trauma generated by the 9/11 tragedy, is being used to monitor all forms of communication within this country; when you use your cell phone, send an email, text, tweet or use some other electronic device, the NSA (National Security Agency) is using a huge electronic net to capture all these private communications and is resisting any and all efforts to scale back the process.

Next let’s talk about surveillance from the air, such as the use of Predator and Reaper drones that the military uses to track down suspected terrorists in various countries. President Obama will go down in history as the president who introduced drone surveillance and eventual drone warfare to the world, not exactly a legacy of which to be proud; and while he has been heavily criticized for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people in foreign lands he shows no concern whatsoever.

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  • Michael L Bollman

    and jews are behind all of it

    • Peanut Capp

      Brock Obama is A peanut head. His head looks like A peanut on A stick.

  • trig400

    Sorry, we may be headed into a “monitored” state, but not a controlled one.
    As long as there are over 100 million citizens with guns, many of which are mil pattern and very effective, there can only be monitoring of us, but not controlling us.
    It’s tantamount to a few zoo keepers watching thousands of lions and all they have are cameras w/zoom lenses and a 6 shot .22 revolver to try to get us in control.
    Lots of luck with that!
    How about we keep it that way and NEVER relinquish these tools of liberty to “the chosen” tribe who so fervently want them?

    • Apple Capp

      I think A few of those swat cop dudes are very sexy. If they come into my house I will have sex with them.

    • Bad Santa

      Even with 100 million citizens with guns doesn’t make any difference. After they chip all of you, you will be controlled and dependent on the push of a button. And that is the end.

  • Bobby

    The U.S. is already a totalitarian type “thought and speech” control state. People walk around, terrified in daily life and at their places of work, that saying the “wrong” thing could result in losing their livilhoods, so they obey and follow the speech rules and keep their jobs but lose their integrity. The far left and the left that supports them, is responsible for this stte of affairs and will one day be held accountable. It’s inevitable, because most people you come across are boiling. Peace.

  • It’s all designed for social engineering by social workers, judges, public school teachers, the MSM, the USG and all law enforcement agencies to ‘control’ us.

    What upsets me is these people are trying to control our lives when they can’t even run their own life.