NHS refuses to reveal details of doctors’ salaries

THE NHS in Devon has refused to divulge details of GPs’ pay.

In a formal request made using the Freedom of Information Act, The Express & Echo asked the county’s primary care trust for a breakdown of GPs’ pay, with the doctors retaining their anonymity.

NHS Devon said it had the information available but could not divulge it because of the Data Protection Act.

The organisation said that even if it did not provide the names of the doctors with their salaries, or the names of the surgeries in which they practised, it would still be possible to establish who some of them were by location.

“Where disclosure of information would breach the Data Protection Act then the information is exempt from disclosure under Section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000,” a spokesman said.

“NHS Devon is of the opinion that it would still be possible to attribute paid amounts to the individual GPs, even if the information were to be anonymised and supplied only by location.

“GPs are widely distributed throughout Devon, with only a few GPs in certain rural locations, and to disclose this information by location would enable payments to be attributed particularly to those GPs.”

Nationally there has been widespread criticism of the high salaries paid to some GPs, with one earning more than £380,000, according to figures released last year.

The Echo intends to revise and resubmit its request.

Via This Is Devon