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Is Bush Losing Control Of The Military?

U.S. Navy report undermines Bush’s drive to isolate Iran TEHRAN: The U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet has released a statement saying it cannot say with any certainty that threats to blow up its vessels actually came from Iranian Navy speedboats in ...

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Military Recruiting Vans Draw Fire

Pat Elder A ninth grader in a suburban Washington DC classroom is delighted to be excused from Algebra class to spend a half hour shooting a life-like 9 MM pistol and lobbing explosive ordinance from an M1A2 Abrams tank simulator. ...

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Congress approves military, domestic funds

By Richard Cowan WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Democratic-led Congress, trying to make up for its tardiness in passing essential bills to fund the government, approved more than $1 trillion on Thursday for the military, veterans’ health care and popular domestic ...

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20% of US Troops Suffer Brain Injury

MoD begins study amid fears that up to 20,000 soldiers may be affected Matthew Taylor and Esther Addley The Guardian The Ministry of Defence is conducting a major study into brain injury in troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan amid ...

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US Navy To Redesign ‘Swastika’ Base

The U.S. Navy will redesign a base that resembles a swastika from the air. The Anti-Defamation League, which had complained about the suggestive shape formed by the four L-shaped buildings that make up the San Diego naval installation, said this ...

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Pentagon seeks billions more for Iraq war

By Susan Cornwell U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates on Wednesday asked Congress to approve nearly $190 billion (94.3 billion pounds) more in spending for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In prepared testimony to a Senate committee, Gates said the ...

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