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Is PageRank Still A Valuable Metric?

by Modi Mac
Google PageRank is a notion which very often gets misunderstood by the online community. Unlike to what some web site owners think, PageRank is not a metric of SEO success. It’s really odd that many non-technical people tend to give so much value to a notion which...

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The Page Rank & Public Relations in SEO

by Warner Carter
To have a good PR is to have good public relations. Your PR is your badge to those who judge your site, sending them the message that you’re in the position to talk about your niche. That’s where public relation comes in. What kills a content-loaded blog is the absence of link building in its SEO promotional strategy. Even if you’re the...

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Could Your Web Page Speed And Hosting Be Holding You Back?

by Kara Taylor
In early 2010, Google started using page load speeds as one of the factors in how they determine a website's ranking, making fast, reliable hosting more important than ever. It used to be that the time it took for your website to load only affected one thing: whether potential customers stayed, or left.

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