Terrorists benefit from US wiretaps?

Top US computer security experts believe terrorists can derive huge benefits from the Bush administration’s domestic wiretapping program.

The six experts warned that the US domestic spying program houses vital information in data centers which can be penetrated, putting national security at risk.

By diverting the flow of so much domestic data into a few massive pools, the administration may have “[built] for its opponents something that would be too expensive for them to build for themselves,” said the IT gurus.

“A system that lets them see the US’ intelligence interests…[and] that might be turned to exploit conversations and information useful for plotting an attack on the United States,” they explained.

The top security experts say although the top secret data is buried in ‘secure’ rooms within the US National Security Agency’s highly classified facilities, Washington’s past security breaches indicate that this system could also be penetrated.

They also add that the FBI’s poorly-designed surveillance technology relies on a ‘primitive’ system which creates a ‘real risk’ of an insider attack.

Months after the September 11 attacks, President George W. Bush secretly authorized warrantless eavesdropping by the National Security Agency; Washington claimed it to be a ‘vital weapon against terrorism’.