ID cards won’t solve society’s biggest problem

As the current spate of murders and knife-related attacks reaches a new high with another four violent deaths, we should maybe get things in a proper context. Millions of pounds are being committed to the prevention of terrorism, not least of which is the proliferation of CCTV cameras and the government’s determination to force ID cards on us all. To my knowledge, few if any of these recent stabbings have been prevented or solved by these draconian measures, and to date there has been no mention of a terrorist involvement.

In order to achieve its own ends (public control), this government has, in the wider population, systematically created a fear of faceless terrorist threat – but so many murders among the indigenous young is of far greater concern.

We don’t need more consultations, cameras or cards. We need more policemen making a connection with the young and their parents, and we need to rid ourselves of this miasma of fear and uncertainty and get on with our lives.

Douglas Cardow