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All EU Data Retention Laws May be Dodgy


Back in April last year, I reported on a hugely important judgment handed down from Europe’s highest court, the Court of Justice of the European Union, which declared the entire Data Retention Direction invalid. That was because the court found ...

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The NYPD Refuses to Release Its Drone Documents


​In the last two years, two New York City police commissioners have frankly discussed the department’s research into unmanned vehicles, confirming that the NYPD is indeed interested in the use of drones in law enforcement. But the department’s transparency office ...

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America Truly Is Becoming A “1984 Society”


Michael Snyder RINF Alternative News If only George Orwell could see us today.  When he wrote “1984” back in 1948, he probably never imagined that the “totalitarian, bureaucratic world” that he imagined would ever actually become a reality.  But that is ...

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Plumbing the Depths of NSA’s Spying


Lars Schall William Binney, who spent 36 years in the National Security Agency rising to become the NSA’s technical director for intelligence, has emerged as one of the most knowledgeable critics of excesses in the NSA’s spying programs, some of ...

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Mass Surveillance Destroys Freedom


It’s longstanding. It’s institutionalized. It’s lawless. It has nothing to do with domestic or foreign threats. Or anything related to national security. America’s only enemies are ones it invents. It spies globally. It watches everyone. It monitors allies. It’s for ...

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Your email isn’t as private as you think


Employers must respect the privacy of employees’ communications, but there are exceptions. You may think that private emails from private accounts, and private messages from private social media accounts, are just that – private. You may also think that your employer ...

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