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Greenwald Reveals 'Crux' of NSA Spying: The 'Elimination of Individual Privacy Worldwide'

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Appearing via live feed before an EU Commission committee on mass surveillance Wednesday, independent journalist Glenn Greenwald revealed what he believed to be the “crux” of the reporting on the NSA so far. “The reason I know this is what ...

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New NSA Revelations Another Limited Hangout Whitewash

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Mainstream media still refuses to acknowledge Echelon has listened in on all communications since 1990′s Paul Joseph Watson In unveiling new Edward Snowden revelations about NSA spying, the Washington Post has once again whitewashed the fact that the content of ...

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Australian Spy Agency Goes 'Orwellian' with Nation's Privacy Laws

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Australia‘s spy agency offered to share the collected private data of its citizens with the so-called members of the “Five Eyes” surveillance alliance which, in addition to itself, includes the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, and Canada. “Obtaining details of personal ...

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Diluted by US and Allies, Anti-Spying Bill Advances in UN

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The human rights committee of the United Nations General Assembly advanced a resolution on Tuesday initially aimed at reigning in unlawful spying. Yet the language that passed was significantly weakened at the behest of the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, ...

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NSA: Not Only Snooping But Infecting Computer Networks Worldwide

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Kurt Nimmo Not only does the NSA snoop your personal communications, the agency also excels at infecting computer networks with malicious software. Recently discovered Snowden information reveals the NSA infected more than 50,000 computer networks worldwide with malware, the Dutch ...

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Despite US Opposition, UN Pushes Forward Surveillance Bill of Rights

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That is the message being sent by the majority of nations to the world’s most powerful and aggressive surveillance states. An effort to move forward on the United Nation’s draft agreement on the right to privacy in the digital age ...

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Microsoft Denies New Xbox One Can See Your Genitals

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NSA-friendly company dubiously claims image shows “fold in the denim” Paul Joseph Watson Microsoft has denied that the Kinect camera attached to the new Xbox One can see a user’s genitals, dubiously claiming that video footage which appears to show ...

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Court Order That Allowed NSA Surveillance is Revealed for First Time

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A secret court order that authorised a massive trawl by the National Security Agency of Americans’ email and internet data was published for the first time on Monday night, among a trove of documents that also revealed a judge’s concern ...

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Britain ‘snooped’ on Icelandic officials’ emails to recover cash from broken banks

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RT November 10, 2013 An Icelandic MP says Britain spied on Iceland while wrestling to rescue its citizens’ cash from collapsed Icelandic banks after the financial crisis. Birgitta Jónsdóttir claims she received a tip-off from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Jónsdóttir, ...

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Surveillance Society: Retail Giant Introduces ‘Minority Report’ Style Face Scanners

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Company behind the invasive technology admits “Yes it’s like something out of Minority Report”   The technology which is being installed in all 450 of  Tesco’s petrol stations across the UK is managed by Lord Alan Sugar’s company, Amscreen, and is ...

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