Is the mis-use of IT destroying our civil liberties?

This is a question that we all must think hard about because many Governments and private companies around the world are building up vast databases of personal data, biometrics and more.

The UK Government has already begun the roll out of biometric technology in passports, fingerprinting of school children and is well underway with the the UK National ID card and National Identity Register which will allow private companies and public sector to verify UK citizens using a single card and record all this activity. The UK ID card will also make use of iris scans, DNA and fingerprints. The UK Govt. also embarked on the NHS NPfIT (National Health Service National Programme for IT) in which all patient records will be centralised and can be accessed from anywhere.

Former PM Tony Blair and his successor have already shown their support for a national DNA database holding DNA for every UK citizen and the Home Office IPS (Identity & Passport Service) are also looking at RFID implants.

The UK Govt. like others has a terrible record when it comes to delivering IT projects and recent cases where NHS staff where viewing the records of a celebrity being treated at a different hospital, CSA (Child Support Agency) failing to deliver anything, NHS staff swapping swipe cards and leaving passwords at computer terminals and a report from the US about a company forcing RFID implants upon it’s staff are all signs of what is to come.

Should we be embarking on these projects to use this IT technology to monitor, track, document and watch citizens 24/7?

HM Government and UK citizens have no formal relationship documented in the form of a constitution and this therefore allows this UK Government and future ones the right to use these systems as they like.

What implications for the future?
Do you want the police and Government to know your entire private life?
Is it the job of Govt. to award citizens identity or is it just the job of Govt. to serve the people?,1000000782,39289511-39001037c-20087441o,00.htm