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Yahoo wants settlement to make privacy abuse claim vanish


Yahoo has agreed to modify its privacy policy as part of a settlement of a class-action lawsuit, which alleges that it scans the emails of non-users for data to be used for advertising purposes. The plaintiffs will not get a ...

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NASA finds supermassive black hole that ‘burps’ gas


A supermassive black hole in a nearby galaxy has been spotted “burping” gas and star-forming dust, NASA says. Scientists now think black holes could be “star factories” — not just star-eaters. In making this new discovery, NASA looked into the ...

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Who do I send the ticket to? Cops pull over Google self-driving car


A Google self-driving car was pulled over near the company’s Mountain View, California headquarters because it was driving too slowly, police said. According to the Mountain View Police Department (MVPD), they observed traffic backing up behind the peculiar-looking prototype vehicle, ...

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US & UK hold joint drills to test response to cyber attacks


Washington and London have conducted joint exercises to test how governments, the biggest banks and multinational companies would respond to potential cyber attacks. The test comes in the wake of the TalkTalk scandal. The simulation called Operation Resilient Shield focused ...

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‘Brave new world’ of hacking: Feds charge 3 men for stealing data from 100 million


Federal prosecutors called it “the largest theft of financial-related data in history” when they unsealed an indictment against three men at the center of a sprawling hacking criminal enterprise. The men face decades in jail, and one is still at-large. ...

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‘Free market failing cyber security industry,’ warns GCHQ chief


Britain’s electronic spy chief has called on the government to intervene in the cyber security industry after admitting the free market is failing to meet the needs of businesses at risk of attack. GCHQ Director Robert Hannigan told an audience ...

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Prescription Drugs Are Far More Dangerous

The DEA released new drug overdose data yesterday. According to the DEA press release: DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg today announced results from the 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment (NDTA), which found that drug overdose deaths are the leading cause ...

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Apple warns UK against approving internet bill


Chief executive of tech giant Apple warns about “the very dire consequences” of the UK government’s Investigatory Powers Bill. Tim Cook said the new obligation for companies to help security services bypass encryption would hurt “the good people,” rather than stopping ...

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’60 Minutes’ Pushes National Security Propaganda To Cast Snowden, Manning As Traitors


The television program, “60 Minutes,” aired a segment on Sunday in which it assassinated the character of Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, and even went so far as to question their loyalty to America. The two whistleblowers were compared to ...

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Health hazards remain obstacle to human travel to Mars – NASA report


Major health risks must be addressed before humans can successfully travel to Mars, according to an new audit conducted by NASA. The US space agency says it is optimistic about resolving those issues by the 2030s. NASA must focus on ...

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Company that hiked AIDS drug price by 5,000% now targeted by antitrust probe


Turing Pharmaceuticals, the company that increased the price of a drug used by AIDS and cancer patients by more than fifty times, is now facing an antitrust probe by the New York state attorney general. Upon acquiring Daraprim, a 62-year-old ...

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16yo teen invents world’s fastest Ebola test, grabs Google science prize


A 16-year old teenager from Connecticut has invented an express test to detect the deadly Ebola virus in just 30 minutes at a cost of $25. Olivia Hallisey’s breakthrough grabbed the top prize at the Google Science Fair. Hallisey, a ...

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Drug Price Gouging Enters Spotlight as Candidates Take on Big Pharma


Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton among those calling for reforms to pharmaceutical marketplace by Nadia Prupis Amid a growing scandal over two pharmaceutical companies’ price hikes on two vital medications, voices from the political sphere are promising renewed action to tackle ...

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New Monsanto Spray Kills Bugs by Messing With Their Genes


In a fascinating long piece in MIT Technology Review, Antonio Regalado examines the genetically modified seed industry’s latest blockbuster app in development–one that has nothing to do with seeds. Instead, it involves the industry’s other bread-and-butter product: pesticide sprays. But ...

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Hackers target Manchester police, airport websites


Eastern European hackers have targeted the Greater Manchester police website making it inaccessible for users on Wednesday night. The hacking has been described as a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS), which involves many computers accessing the police website in order ...

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Scientists call for urgent debate on ‘designer babies’ as GM technology advances


Scientific research bodies in the UK are calling for an urgent debate on the ethical implications of genetically modifying human embryos to cure diseases and create “designer babies.” Britain’s leading research funders have declared their support for research into a ...

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Robots will cut 25% of US jobs in 4 years, transform workforce — report


The encroachment of self-help kiosks and grocery store scanners has led doomsayers to suggest automation threatens the workforce of the future. A new report argues it will create new business sectors and new jobs as well. By studying large companies ...

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Sites saving deleted tweets of politicians from 30 countries blocked by Twitter


In a blow to government transparency, Twitter, the social media network, has shut down websites which tracked politicians from 30 countries by preserving their deleted tweets. Government watchdog groups said the move erases the public record. Twitter said it banned ...

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NASA: Giant asteroid will not destroy Earth next month


The world can breath easy. A giant asteroid is not hurtling towards Earth about to wipe out much of the Americas, NASA has felt compelled to explain following a swirl of online rumors. Blogs and off-beat news sites have claimed ...

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The Puritanical Glee Over the Ashley Madison Hack


High school students have long read The Scarlet Letter, the 1850 novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne set in a Puritanical Massachusetts town in the mid-17th Century. It chronicles the life of a woman who is found to have committed adultery (on her ...

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Google ponders creating GM mosquitoes to fight tropical disease


Tech giant Google, soon to be Alphabet, is considering entering the burgeoning research area of genetic modification, beginning with the mosquito genome. Online portal The Information reports a top executive has met with leading experts in the field. Linus Upson, ...

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Giant security flaw makes 950 million Android phones vulnerable to texting hack


Android is by far the most dominant smartphone operating system in the world, and it has just been found to be vulnerable to a serious smartphone security flaw which allows devices to be hacked by simply sending them a text ...

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Virtual reality is next mass trend — Facebook’s Zuckerberg


After Facebook’s video strategy turned out to be a success, the social network giant’s CEO is now eager to completely revolutionize the way we communicate by mastering virtual reality technologies. Discussing his company’s 2015 financial performance on Wednesday, among other ...

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Data breach affected 21.5 million in US


Personal information of 21.5 million Americans has been stolen allegedly by Chinese hackers, says the Office of Personnel Management. Following its long-awaited damage assessment, the office said on Thursday that hackers, who breached US government databases, stole information of those ...

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Big Tech Does Not Speak for the Internet


Too often, media and policymakers take seriously the claim of government officials that secret trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) promote and protect “Internet freedom,” even though the traditional guardians of Internet freedom–users and innovators who rely on it–have ...

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Google searches give own services priority, ‘yield inferior results’ — new study


A hard-hitting new study claims that Google’s search results not only favor its own internal websites over competing destinations, but also degrade social welfare and freeze out potential rivals in doing so. The claim itself isn’t a new one, but ...

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Mega-merger: Monsanto still seeks takeover of Syngenta, world’s largest crop chemical company


Transnational agrochemical and seed giant Monsanto has reiterated its desire to merge with fellow chemical-producing behemoth Syngenta, a company that has already rebuffed three previous purchase attempts by Monsanto. Announcing unexpectedly positive third quarter earnings late last week, Monsanto said ...

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Truth or Deception: New Report Exposes How Industry Front Groups are Spending Millions to Shape the Story of Food


WASHINGTON – Organic and non-GMO food sales are skyrocketing as more and more people are choosing healthier, more sustainable food produced without synthetic pesticides, GMOs or the routine use of antibiotics and added hormones. Rather than respond to changing market ...

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GCHQ unit involved in manipulating citizens’ behavior via internet – report


(RT) – When not busy with counterterrorism operations, a secretive unit of the UK’s GCHQ spy agency reportedly helps traditional law enforcement and is engaged in manipulating public opinion via the internet, new documents reveal. Documents published by the Intercept demonstrate ...

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Stupidity and Intelligence: Science, GMOs and Our Food


Vandana Shiva (Common Dreams) – “Science” is derived from the scire — “to know”. Each of us should know what we are eating, how it was produced, what impact it has on our health. “Agroecology, not the mechanistic and blind paradigm ...

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Google’s self-driving cars hit public streets for 1st time


Google’s new self-driving vehicles have been tested on public roads for the first time in the US state of California, where the search giant is based. Google announced on Thursday that the cars “are ready for the road and a ...

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Monsanto’s Covert War on European Food Security


Working quietly on the back of political turmoil driven by Western special interests (including itself) Monsanto has begun literally planting the seeds of genetically modified organisms’ spread throughout Europe, starting in Ukraine and working westward toward the European Union thanks ...

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US data hack is an excuse for new regulations on internet: Analyst


The US is trying to make an excuse to impose new regulations upon the internet in the wake of new revelations that the personal data of millions of government employees were affected by a cyber breach, says former CIA contractor Steven ...

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What Information Does Google Hold on Me?

google-privacy (1)

Have you ever wondered how much personal information Google holds on you? The search giant has made it easier than ever before to keep tabs on what you’re sharing with it by using its services — from your Google and ...

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Israeli minister’s wife tweets racist joke about President Obama


A racist message on Tweeter about US President Barack Obama by the wife of Israel’s Interior Minister Silvan Shalom has caused uproar on social media. “Do u know what Obama Coffee is? Black and weak,” Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes tweeted on Sunday. ...

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The Secret Attack on Net Neutrality the Media Won’t Tell You About

FCC Riles Oliver Stone to Jello Biafra on Web Fast-Lane Vote

WASHINGTON – On Wednesday, Rep. Ander Crenshaw (R-Fla.) introduced riders to an appropriations bill that would prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from using its budget to implement the Open Internet rules and protect Net Neutrality. The riders in the House ...

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Monstanto vs the world – How we will win the food war


By conventional wisdom it is excellent news. Researchers from Iowa have shown that organic farming methods can yield almost as highly as pesticide-intensive methods. Other researchers, from Berkeley, California, have reached a similar conclusion. Indeed, both findings met with a very enthusiastic ...

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China responsible for data breach: US Homeland Security chairman


The chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security has accused China of engaging in a data breach that targeted four million US federal employees. “All the threat indicators point to the fact that it is China, perhaps nation-state sponsored, ...

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China dismisses US hacking accusations as irresponsible


China has denounced US hacking accusations as “groundless and irresponsible” after Washington blamed Beijing for stealing personnel data of millions of Americans. On Thursday, US officials said hackers from China had broke into the computer system of the Office of ...

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WikiLeaks Strikes Again: Leaked TISA Docs Expose Corporate Plan For Reshaping Global Economy


(Common Dreams) – An enormous corporate-friendly treaty that many people haven’t heard of was thrust into the public limelight Wednesday when famed publisher of government and corporate secrets, WikiLeaks, released 17 documents from closed-door negotiations between countries that together comprise two-thirds ...

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Cyber-attack leaves millions of British students without access to online resources


Millions of staff and students at over 150 centers of further education were left without access to their online resources following a cyber-attack on the University of London Computer Centre. As well as blocking users from accessing Moodle, which the ULCC ...

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GMOs: The Fight For Our Future


Jeffrey Smith a leading anti-GMO activist talks about how we are winning the war against Monsanto. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MU7uT8GJIY

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Scientists find way to deliver drugs straight into people’s brains


A team of Canadian scientists has found a way to break the barrier of the human body that keeps the nervous and circulatory systems apart, and inject the drugs directly into the brain using “carrier” antibodies. That system known as ...

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Surveilling and censoring the internet in Pakistan


A new bill before parliament could severely limit internet freedom and raises concerns the state is legalising censorship and mass digital surveillance, rights activists say. The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) 2015 has been passed by a National Assembly standing ...

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WikiLeaks Relaunch Anonymous Whistleblower Submissions


(RINF) – After a five year hiatus, anonymous submissions have returned to WikiLeaks. The group have launched a new system that uses the Tor network to encrypt and protect sensitive information. The WikiLeaks website states: WikiLeaks publishes documents of political or historical importance ...

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Dozens of US government online whistleblower sites not secured

Whistleblowers beware: At least 29 US government agencies’ websites that allow the online reporting of abuse, waste, and fraud are not encrypted with HTTPS, according to a survey by the American Civil Liberties Union unveiled Thursday. “When individuals use these ...

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Who Supports Comcast-Time Warner Merger? Follow the Money


And who opposes it? Customers. Jon Queally With cable giant Comcast still hoping to receive a federal blessing for its bid to acquire Time Warner Cable, currently its largest rival, the lobbying blitz is in full swing to sway lawmakers ...

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Google Pays $8.5 Million in Illegal Data Sharing Suit


Google will pay $8.5 million, most of it to nonprofit organizations, to settle a class action that claimed that it illegally divulged users’ search information to third parties, a federal judge ruled. U.S. District Judge Edward Davila granted final approval ...

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Google fails to dismiss privacy lawsuit over Google Wallet


In a decision on Wednesday night, U.S. District Judge Beth Labson Freeman in San Jose, California said Google must face claims it breached users’ contracts; breached an obligation to deal with users fairly and in good faith; and violated a ...

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Censorship Order That Threatened Websites and Message Boards Overturned


KAREN GULLO Our right to express opinions online–for instance, to criticize copyright trolls and their demands for money in hopes of scaring them away–are protected by the First Amendment. The Georgia Supreme Court correctly underscored these protections in a ruling ...

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New Report Debunks ‘Myth’ That GMOs are Key to Feeding the World


Study upholds value of traditional methods ‘shown to actually increase food supplies and reduce the environmental impact of production’ by Lauren McCauley The biotechnology industry “myth” that feeding billions of people necessitates genetically engineered agriculture has been debunked by a ...

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Meet the man who can stop the TPP’s Internet censorship plan

Reuters / Jorge Silva

Meghan Sali A huge leak just revealed that the TPP would establish a secretive, shadowy international court that could be used by Big Media giants to kick Internet users around the world offline. To make this nightmare a reality, anti-Internet lobbyists ...

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US government takes $67 million from Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom (Reuters / Nigel Marple)

Megaupload streaming service mogul Kim Dotcom has just been slapped with a civil penalty from the US government. The lawsuit will cost him $67 million worth of assets, including cars, property and luxury goods. The victory by the US court ...

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World’s top tech companies ask Congress to relax NSA spying laws


Global technology giants like Google and Microsoft have teamed up with civil liberties groups to get Congress to change the country’s spying laws. Tech companies say they’re potentially losing billions in sales following Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations. More than 40 ...

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Facebook Is Being Sued for Gender and Racial Discrimination. Here’s Why.


In a lawsuit filed against Facebook on Monday, former employee Chia Hong accused the company of gender discrimination, racial discrimination, and sex harassment.*She is represented by Lawless & Lawless, the same law firm representing Ellen Pao in the high-profile gender ...

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French Government Starts Blocking Websites With Views The Gov’t Doesn’t Like


We had been noting, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France, how the country that then held a giant “free speech” rally appeared to be, instead, focusing on cracking down on free speech at every opportunity. And ...

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Secret of ‘chameleon color change’ surprises scientists

Rather than use pigments to switch colour, nanocrystals in the chameleons' skin are tuned to alter the reflection of light, they found (AFP Photo/Paul J. Richards)

Humans have long been fascinated by chameleons changing colour to dazzle mates, scare rivals and confuse predators. On Tuesday, scientists said they uncovered the mechanism of the feat, and that the results of their investigation astounded them. Rather than use ...

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How DNA Is Turning Us Into a Nation of Suspects


Reprinted with permission of Washington’s Blog By John Whitehead, constitutional and human rights attorney, and founder of the Rutherford Institute. “The year is 2025. The population is 325 million, and the FBI has the DNA profiles of all of them. ...

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The outrageous persecution of Internet freedom figure Kim Dotcom


Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is not entitled to contest the forfeiture of an estimated $67 million in frozen assets because he’s a fugitive facing extradition, a federal judge ruled. The ruling by U.S. District Judge Liam O’Grady comes even as ...

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LSD cures depression? Scientists plead for cash to fund ‘exciting’ drug study

Reuters / Jacky Naegelen

British scientists are asking the public for financial backing to push forward an “exciting” study exploring the positive impacts of psychedelic drugs like LSD on the brain. The study, carried out as part of a psychedelic research project by neuroscientists ...

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Oklahoma knew fracking caused earthquakes but stayed quiet to appease energy industry


Oklahoma has suspected for years that fracking caused earthquakes, but they stayed quiet about the connection under pressure from the oil industry. The Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS) finally admitted a possible link in more than a year ago between oil ...

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American contractor faces cyber slander charges in UAE over Facebook post


An American helicopter mechanic, who criticized his employer in the United Arab Emirates and made disparaging comments about “filthy Arabs” in a Facebook post, was arrested in the UAE, and now faces charges for cyber slander against his employer. Floridian ...

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FCC Inches Closer to an Internet Takeover


Youtube Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler is refusing to appear before Congress as the FCC prepares a regulatory Internet takeover.

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Paid By Monsanto: Universities Taking Money From The Biotech Bully


I want food that Grandma ate. How hard is that to understand? I don’t want it chemically lobotomized and coated with poison. I don’t want it genetically spliced to become something between a salamander and a tomato. I don’t want ...

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U.S. Government Demands Social Media Censorship


Congress and the White House are leaning on Twitter to censor Islamic State posts on its network. Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, the chair of a House foreign affairs subcommittee on terrorism, has singled out Twitter for allowing supposed IS operatives ...

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Obama responds to hacks and Silicon Valley with ’emerging cyber threat’ plan


President Barack Obama will set out new cybersecurity rules at a Silicon Valley summit on Friday as the White House reacts to the Sony hacking scandal and attempts to mend increasingly ruptured relations with the technology industry. The White House announced ...

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Facebook Caves to Turkish Government Censorship


EVA GALPERIN Turkey has been a bastion of Internet censorship for so long that EFF could write a regular feature called This Week in Turkish Internet Censorship and never run out of content. Last year’s highlights included the Turkish government ...

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Obama calls for more cybersecurity information sharing

U.S. President Barack Obama (Reuters/Joshua Roberts)

President Barack Obama followed up Monday’s speech about data breach notification with another speech Tuesday encouraging companies to share information about cyberattacks. In an address to the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) he proposed legislation that offers liability ...

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‘Junk DNA’ from million-year-old viruses actually plays vital role in human intelligence


A study released today by researchers at Lund University in Sweden indicates that inherited viruses may be responsible for creating the complex neural networks that make up the human brain. For many years, the endogenous retroviruses that comprise about 5 percent ...

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Silk Road trial set to expose ‘deep web’ marketplace


When Ross Ulbricht was arrested at a San Francisco-area library in October of 2013, online underground marketplace Silk Road went offline. On Tuesday, Mr Ulbricht – who the US government alleges is the criminal mastermind behind Silk Road – will ...

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Police: Bill Gates’ estate staff member traded child porn by Gmail

The Medina home of Bill and Melinda Gates, where police first contacted Rick Jones about child pornography allegations. Jones, described as an engineer at the property, has been charged with child pornography offenses.  Photo: P-I File

A Seattle man employed as an engineer at Bill and Melinda Gates’ home is now accused of amassing a 6,000-image child pornography collection and trading child rape photos by Gmail. King County prosecutors say Rick Allen Jones admitted he’d been collecting ...

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Secret WTO Trade Deal Threatens Internet Freedom, New Leak Reveals

"Given the raging domestic debate over net neutrality, the growing demands for more data privacy and the constantly changing technology, a pact negotiated in secret that is not subject to changes absent consensus of all signatories seems like a very bad place to be setting U.S. Internet governance policies," said Lori Wallach of Public Citizen.(Photo: Joseph Gruber/flickr/cc)

Global governments are secretly negotiating a little-known mega trade deal that poses a threat to internet freedoms and boon to corporate interests, analysts warned Wednesday, citing a just-leaked U.S. proposal. The Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), under discussion between a ...

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Another blogger arrested for “abusing democratic freedoms”


Reporters Without Borders condemns the Vietnamese public security ministry’s arrest of Hong Le Tho, a Vietnamese blogger of Japanese origin, in Ho Chi Minh City for posting “bad content and incorrect information that reduce trust in state agencies.” Hong Le ...

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Microsoft, Yahoo start ‘forgetting’ EU search results, in Google’s footsteps


Search giants Bing and Yahoo have begun to address European customers’ requests regarding the “right to be forgotten” policy on the removal of search results, taking their cue from Google. The Right to be Forgotten stands for people’s ability to ...

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Food Fascists: GMO and Pesticide Manufacturers Down and Dirty


Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD Progressive Radio Network After decades of rearing hogs, Danish farmer IbBorup Pedersen was alarmed at the growing incidence of malformations and biological defects among his newborn piglets. Deformities included gaps in piglets’ skulls, deformed bones, missing ...

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Net Neutrality Shows People Power Can Make the Politically Impossible, the Politically Inevitable


This week has been a turning point in a seven month campaign to Save the Internet. The campaign began when FCC Chair, Tom Wheeler, told the media in May that he was considering creating a tiered Internet where wealthy corporations ...

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Big Pharma Sells Ineffective, Potentially Deadly Anti-cancer Drugs


Vladimir Platov Medical experts are saying that the biggest flaw of Big Pharma today is a high percentage of ineffective products being sold without previous clinical trials. This is particularly true when anti-cancer medications are concerned.The sad fact is that Big ...

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Monsanto sues Hawaii county over GMO ban

Reuters/Mark Blinc

Two biotechnology behemoths have followed through with vows to sue Hawaii’s Maui County for passing a law last week that bans the cultivation of genetically modified organisms. Monsanto Co. and a Dow Chemical Co. unit filed the lawsuit in federal ...

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Monsanto to pay $2.4mn to farmers over 2013 GMO-wheat scare

Reuters/Bogdan Cristel

GMO giant Monsanto will have to fork out $2.4 million to settle a lawsuit with US wheat farmers after its genetically engineered strain, supposedly banned and scrapped a decade ago, was found alive and well in Oregon in 2013. $2.15 ...

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Regulating the Internet threatens entrepreneurial freedom


Ted Cruz Never before has it been so easy to turn an idea into a business. With a simple Internet connection, some ingenuity and a lot of hard work, anyone today can create a new service or app or start selling products ...

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POLL: Monsanto Third Most Hated Company in the World


Back in 2011, we declared Monsanto to be the worst company of the year for threatening both human health and the environment at large. Mike Barrett Our decision was met with massive support, even amid the still growing climate of understanding ...

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$25 Million GMO and Pesticide Safety Study Launched in London


The $25 million ‘Factor GMO’ study will investigate the health effects of a genetically modified (GMO) crop that has been in our food and animal feed supplies for many years. It will answer the question: Is this GMO food and ...

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Don’t Replace Facebook, Disrupt It


Tony Cartalucci  RINF Alternative News Facebook is a problem. It is undoubtedly being used by special interests to manipulate and monitor entire populations both within the United States and well beyond. It represents a tool that in no way serves ...

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Maui v. Monsanto: Hawaii County Voters Defy Agriculture Giant’s Spending to OK Landmark Ban on GMO Crops


Ballot initiatives to require labeling of foods with genetically modified ingredients, or GMOs, failed to pass Tuesday in Colorado and Oregon, after agribusiness giants Monsanto, PepsiCo and Kraft spent millions to help defeat the measures. But in a victory for ...

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Facebook says it was asked to provide details of thousands of users to government


According to information released by the company, details of 2,619 Facebook accounts were requested between January and June – a 15 per cent rise on the second half of last year. Facebook said it provided information in more than 70 ...

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New quantum mechanics theory says parallel universes exist, interact


To the average person, quantum mechanics is the convoluted, science fiction-y branch of physics. A radical new theory plays into that, proposing that parallel universes exist and interact with each other ‒ and that scientists may be able to test ...

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Last of Pirate Bay founders arrested

One of the co-founders of the file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay, Fredrik Neij. (AFP Photo/Jonathan Nackstrand)

After four years on the run, Hans Fredrik Lennart Neij, one of the founders of the Swedish file-sharing giant, has been arrested and is awaiting extradition to Sweden. The 36-year-old Swede, known in hacking communities as TiAMO, was traveling to ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Give the Police Your Cell Phone Password…

Thumbnail for 78944

A 23-year-old California woman claims she was arrested for suspected drunk driving and taken to jail in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Martinez. She allowed a California Highway Patrolman to access her iPhone, so he could retrieve the ...

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FBI Quietly Seeks Broader Hacking Powers


The FBI is seeking to expand its hacking and surveillance powers through “an apparently backdoor route,” the Guardian reported Wednesday, a move that civil liberties groups say could infringe upon constitutional rights. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has proposed (pdf) ...

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The End of Free Speech: FEC Democrats Move to Kill Political Dissent


Democrats on the Federal Election Commission (FEC) are planning to introduce new regulations regarding political content on the internet, in order to kill free speech and political dissent. The decision of intent, which was announced late Friday, came about after ...

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Revealed: Google’s links to US govt


One of the world’s largest internet companies, Google ‘should be a serious concern’ internationally, WikiLeaks co-founder and Editor-in-chief Julian Assange says, revealing its connections and donations to the White House. “Google is steadily becoming the Internet for many people. Its ...

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GMO backlash: Syngenta faces mounting lawsuits over genetically-modified seeds

RIA Novosti / Katerina Sovdagari

Agribusiness giant Syngenta AG now faces lawsuits from farmers in 11 US states claiming the seed-and-chemical company’s sale of a genetically-engineered variant of corn yet to receive approval in China depressed market prices for the grain. At issue is Syngenta’s ...

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New trolling laws ‘threaten freedom of speech’

Reuters / Elijah Nouvelage

Laws to deal with internet “trolling” already exist in the UK and newly-proposed legislation makes many worried about democracy and freedom of expression Gavin Macfadyen, director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism, told RT. RT: How will the law define ...

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How The Federal Reserve Is Purposely Attacking Savers

Federal Reserve Building

There’s something we ‘regular’ citizens wrestle with that the elites never seem to: a sense of moral duty. For example, following the collapse of the housing bubble, many people struggled with mortgages they could no longer afford to pay, fearing ...

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New Seeds, Old Pesticides


JIM GOODMAN I doubt very many people have ever heard or seen a “tank mix.” Simply put, it is a mix of several crop chemicals used together to control a variety of weeds. I have not looked into a swirling ...

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Internet Morality and Policing Harassment: Punishing the Trolls

Reuters / Jorge Silva

It has been in the works for some time, but the British government is showing keenness to enact laws that will punish those guilty of Internet “trolling”. According to Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, “This is a law to combat cruelty ...

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Monsanto Spends Millions in Bid to Defeat Local GMO Labeling Initiative

A sign at a 2013 rally in Connecticut. (photo: CT Senate Democrats/flickr /cc)

This is not the first time the biotech giant has funneled millions into efforts to defeat labeling laws Sarah Lazare Monsanto, the largest genetically-modified seed corporation in the world, has so far spent over $4 million in a bid to ...

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Ebola epidemic might trigger major food crisis – UN

Reuters/Mike Hutchings

The United Nations and non-governmental organizations believe an Ebola crisis that continues to strengthen in the coming months will cause food shortages that could devastate regions in West Africa hit hardest by the virus. The UN World Food Program (WFP) ...

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Don’t bother telling people if you lose their data, say Euro bods


Businesses should not need to notify consumers that their personal data has been lost or stolen if the data has been encrypted, EU ministers have said. Ministers in the Justice and Home Affairs Committee of the EU’s Council of Ministers ...

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Monsanto Records $156 Million Loss For Fourth Quarter


Monsanto Co. reported that the company recorded a loss of $156 million in the latest quarter, a loss that was considerably higher than expected. The loss amounted to about 31 cents per share. Analysts expected a loss of around 24 ...

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