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Twitter Evolving Into News Organisation

"There isn't a right or a wrong way" for public sector leaders to use new technology like Twitter.

It looks like Twitter is planning to move into news and journalism. A new job posting has appeared seeking applicants for a new 'head of news' position with the company.

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Google Glasses Hack Reveals Disturbing Level Of Privacy Intrusions


A software developer has reportedly hacked Google Glasses, revealing a number of disturbing security flaws. Through a simple modification to the Google Glasses software, practically anyone can secretly record video and audio from the wearable device.

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Google Fined (Again) Over Privacy


Google has been fined by German authorities over claims it illegally collected personal data during its Street View project.

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Anonymous Reveals Disturbing Truth About Bank of America


Activist group Anonymous has released 14GB of data it obtained about corrupt and unethical corporations including the Bank of America, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, ClearForest and TEKSystems, an intelligence firm.

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Are We Enslaved By Technology? The Impact On Psychology


Most of us don’t even realise this, even though the quality of our life isn’t necessarily changed for the better. In fact, the technology that we consider liberating may just enslave us.

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68% of Brits Worried About Google Privacy

google-privacy (1)

A new survey conducted by pro-privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch has found that an alarming 68% of British people are "very concerned" about Google's practices which frequently threaten our privacy. The survey interviewed 2,050 British adults via the web.

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Google in More Trouble with Privacy Watchdogs


European data watchdogs said they plan to take action against Google by this summer for its privacy policy, which pools user data from across all its services.

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US State Mulls Ban on ‘Peeping Tom’ Drones

The register reports that anyone in Oregon owning a drone fitted with a camera could be jailed for six months, or a year if it's caught flying, if a new state law is passed. The rules were proposed to tackle, among other things, peeping toms gazing into bedroom windows.

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Asteroid ‘Close Shave’ with Earth


A 150 foot wide asteroid is due to fly past the Earth today and is the largest one that's been ever detected this close to the planet. Asteroid 2012 DA14 is travelling at 5 miles per second and will be visible from parts of Europe and Africa, at around 19:24 GMT.

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Google Wallet Intentionally Shares Private Information


An Australian software developer has raised concerns over Google's app store, after being sent the full names, email and some postal code information of everyone who bought his mobile app.

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