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Who Will Protect Our Wrecked Democracy from the American Oligarchy?

Photo by Joe Schueller | CC BY 2.0 There’s been an interesting debate over the years about the relation between capitalism and democracy, for example,...

In #CallForPeace Address, Sanders Takes on Endless War and Global Oligarchy

In a wide-ranging speech viewed by more than 11,000 people from over 30 countries, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday commemorated the 15th anniversary...

Because ‘Corporate Media Ignores Rise of Oligarchy,’ Sanders Says Rest of Us Must Fill...

How often does the corporate media cover skyrocketing inequality, crippling poverty, and the pernicious influence of corporate cash on the American political system? "We need...

As Wealthiest Amass Another $1 Trillion in 2017, Calls for a ‘Strike Back’ Against...

As the gap between the world's richest and poorest people has widened to an extreme not seen since the Gilded Age, the 500 wealthiest...

Video: Trump and The War Within the American Oligarchy

TRNN senior editor Paul Jay discusses how the Real News covers the Trump administration as well as the struggle between those who want to...

For NYT, Making the Democrats Safe for the Oligarchy Is Literally Job One

by Jim Naureckas Reviewing The Family, a history of the owners of the New York Times, veteran Times reporter John L. Hess (Extra!, 1–2/00) summarized...

Our Protected, Predatory Oligarchy

Jimmy Carter brands US ‘oligarchy’ & urges Trump to sign N. Korea peace treaty

Published time: 13 Sep, 2017 10:45 Former US President Jimmy Carter said the US works more...

Video: Bilderberg New World Order, secret oligarchy of the Western world? Inayet Wadee Salaamedia

Inayet Wadee Speaks to Tony Gosling on Salaamedia exposing the Bilderberg group and cloud of secrecy surrounding the worlds elite and the agenda behind...

Come Together and Fight the Oligarchy, Declares Sanders in Stirring Commencement

Sen. Bernie Sanders delivered the commencement address at Brooklyn College on Tuesday and told graduating students that entering an "oligarchic" society, like one the...

Corbyn standing up to pro-Israel oligarchy: Analyst

Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to recognize Palestine’s statehood is a step forward in the fight against the internationalist oligarchy that controls the UK, says an...

Oligarchy in America

Photo by Joe Schueller | CC BY 2.0   Naming the System In democracies, the demos, the people, rule; not social or economic elites.  This was the...

To Build an Autocracy, First Build an Oligarchy

David Frum’s “How to Build an Autocracy” leaves out the first step in the recipe. In “How to Build an Autocracy” (Atlantic, 3/17), George W....

Situation with Russia proves America is an oligarchy

Eric Zuesse (RINF) - The U.S. government’s plan to conquer Russia is based upon a belief in, and the fundamental plan to establish, “Nuclear Primacy”...

US headed for ‘economic & political oligarchy’ if people don’t act – Sanders

America is rapidly headed for an “economic and political oligarchy” if people don’t stage a “political...

Tools of the Oligarchy

Who are the anti-Trump protesters besmirching the name of progressives by pretending to be progressives and by refusing to accept the outcome of the...

The Ruling American Oligarchy

I am now convinced that the Oligarchy that rules America intends to steal the presidential election. In the past, the oligarchs have not cared...

Video: Clinton vs Trump Debate: Is One Section of the Oligarchy More Dangerous?

Glen Ford and Jeff Cohen agree that excluding third parties left the "non-partisan" debate with candidates with "very little light between them", but disagree...

We Have All Won an Oligarchy and Lost a Democracy

Activists display a lit sign in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, on March 20, 2014. (Photo: Joe Brusky) Here's a thought experiment for you. Ask yourself, "When was...

Video: Nina Turner: The Oligarchy Must Be Challenged by Everyday People

At the People's Summit, former Ohio Senator Nina Turner tells Paul Jay that the Sanders campaign fought for policies that have mass support, but...

An Oligarchy Has Broken Our Democracy. It Must Be Dislodged.

Each new election year promises change. We will choose a new president and new representatives in Congress; fresh faces will make their appearances in...

Democracy Beats Oligarchy

“From coast to coast, conservatives score huge victories,” announced a Washington Post headline after last week’s elections. “Liberals Got Smoked Across the Country Last...

Jimmy Carter on US ‘Oligarchy’ and Corrupting Power of Money on Politics

Former president said he'd not be "inclined" or "capable" of raising the massive funds needed to get elected today by Lauren McCauley Commenting on the political landscape,...

How To Respond to the Oligarchy

The longer I live, the more fascinated I am by two things. One is how much control I have over so many issues and...

France’s President Rejects U.S. President’s Demand for Global Oligarchy

Eric Zuesse The Government of French President Francois Hollande has said no to the demand by the Government of American President Barack Obama that panels...

Princeton makes it official – USA Has Become Oligarchy

American media is fond of speaking about “Russian Oligarchs” as if Russia were the only nation that allowed accumulation of such unprecedented wealth. The...

Soccer Is Democratic. The World Cup Is Oligarchy

Thousands of poor Brazilians were evicted from their homes to build multimillion-dollar World Cup stadiums that may never be used again. Now Brazilians are...

The Economic-Corporate Oligarchy of the World

Today’s world is ruled by a myriad of multinational corporations and financial institutions that belong to a network of private round table organisations that...

Oligarchy: As American as Poisoned Apple Pie

Rivera Sun Oligarchs are as American as poisoned apple pie. Their wealth and power look mouth-wateringly good, but with every bite, democracy dies. " . ....

The Free-Trade Regime: Oligarchy in Action

Free trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership undermine democracy and sovereignty. Moritz Laurer RINF Alternative News The United States is not really a democracy. That’s the (simplified)...

Chris Hedges: We’re Losing the Last Shreds of Legal Rights to Protect Ourselves from...

Chris Hedges RINF Alternative News The U.S. Supreme Court decision to refuse to hear our case concerning Section 1021(b)(2) of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA),...

That “Iron Law” Of Oligarchy Is Back To Haunt Us

Danny Schechter  RINF Alternative News The word Oligarchy has finally come home. For years, it was a term only used in connection with those big bad and sleazy Mafioso-type...

America’s Surge Toward Oligarchy

JP Sottile RINF Alternative News Is America an oligarchy? Thanks to a new study from Martin Gilens of Princeton University and Benjamin I. Page of Northwestern...

America’s Mad Dash to Oligarchy

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship RINF Alternative News The evidence of income inequality just keeps mounting. According to “Working for the Few,” a recent briefing paper from...

Scientific Study: USA Is Not A Democracy But An Oligarchy

Eric Zuesse  RINF Alternative News A study, to appear in the Fall 2014 issue of the academic journal Perspectives on Politics, finds that the U.S. is no democracy,...

The Oligarchy Doesn’t Care About Democracy, Just Rigged Markets

Through thorough research and incisive writing, Nomi Prins has revealed how tightly Wall Street and White House policy have been aligned for more than...

Democracy vs. Oligarchy

Bernie Sanders RINF Alternative News In his 1943 painting "Freedom of Speech," Norman Rockwell illustrated American democracy in action by depicting a man speaking up at...

What The Dulles Brothers Did To America; Or How We Learned To Live In...

I don't often recommend others' books, seeing as how I am trying to sell my own right now. But I have to make an exception for Stephen Kinzer's excellent work, "The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, And Their Secret World War." It is a must-read for all who are interested in genuine American history, not the crap we are taught in American classrooms. Kinzer has laid out in great detail how America, post- WWII, transitioned from a democracy (the one that elected FDR, rose out the Depression and squashed fascism) to a country ruled by a select few (the Dulles brothers and their corporate cronies) in secret. It is shameful that only now is the full truth being exposed, but if you were able to interpret the last 50 years through a discerning lens you probably already suspected that life in America was being controlled by a cabal comprised of its wealthiest and most powerful. Wars, assassinations, attacks, coups, economic calamity, and election fraud have all been arranged for their benefit. This cabal consolidated its power under Dwight Eisenhower in the early '50s when Allen Dulles took over as CIA Director and John Foster Dulles as Secretary of State. Almost immediately leftist foreign governments met their demise and capitalist enterprises reaped windfall profits.

Having seen firsthand the devastation of a global war, Ike was happy to fight another kind of war in the 1950s. A virtually bloodless war staged by spies manipulating events in covert ways. In essence he turned the country over to the Dulles brothers; in return all they had to do was promise that there would be no six million dead in concentration camps, no American GIs committed to foreign soil, no atom bombs dropped here or overseas. Allen and Foster obliged, and they ascended to the throne. With their power they staged coups in Iran, Guatemala, the Congo, and anywhere their clients’ interests were at stake. Who were their clients? The 1% who owned everything–-Dow, the Rockefellers, United Fruit, the duPonts–-and who relied on their legal advisors (Sullivan & Cromwell) and their bankers (Brown Brothers Harriman) to handle their money here and abroad. As shareholders, the Dulles brothers got their cut, of course, and the rest is the history no one knows. For the Dulles brothers were interested only in that part of America that benefitted them, not the rest of us. The rest of us wanted democracy; the Dulleses were invested in oligarchy. The system survives today; their legacy lives on. One percent of Americans feast at the table and the rest of us fight for the crumbs they spill. They’ve owned presidents, politicians, defense contractors, and judges. They’ve rigged the game to their own ends. They’ve starved us, lied to us, and killed us. And used the power of the CIA (Corporations Invisible Army) to do it. All for profit. That’s the Dulles brothers’ America. One president, and only one, challenged them. And see what happened to him in Dallas.

Unite and Conquer: Fighting Back Against the Oligarchy

by James Corbett February 18, 2014 In recent weeks, the Eyeopener has been examining the politics of division. In our first report, we looked at how the left/right political spectrum is used as a wedge to divide the people against ...

Bernie Sanders: To Defeat Oligarchy, I Would Run for President

Senator Bernie Sanders says he doesn't wake up dreaming to be president, but if the current ranges crises facing the nation and the planet...

The Oligarchy vs. Planet Earth

The biological structure called “humankind” has gone haywire. Keep reading. Humankind faces several large problems or catastrophes of human origin. Most dreadful is CLIMATE CHANGE,...

In Russia, Testicle Protest Takes on Oligarchy, State Repression

Russian performance artist and political activist Pyotr Pavlensky put his balls where his convictions are on Sunday when he literally nailed his scrotum to...

Mitch McConnell Wants America to Be an Oligarchy

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, the single most important campaign finance case since the Citizens...

Russian Communists brace themselves for fighting international oligarchy

At a congress in Moscow over a thousand Communist deputies from the federal and regional level have been trying to develop a strategy that...

Do U.S. Oligarchs Exist? Not in Mainstream Media – Consortiumnews

 We hear incessantly about Russian oligarchs. But do they also exist in the United States? You wouldn’t know it by...

Why America’s major news-media must change their thinking

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at America’s ‘news’-media possess the mentality that characterizes a dictatorship, not a democracy. This will be documented in the linked-to...

Watching Labor History in Real Time

I love West Virginia.I love the people, the mountains, and the history of a people not dependent on the corporate state. Yes, Virginia—there is...

Sanders to Host Town Hall on Inequality with Elizabeth Warren, Michael Moore

WASHINGTON - Following the success of the Medicare for All Town Hall in January which drew 1.6 million live viewers, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)...

The Useful Idiocy of Donald Trump | By Chris Hedges

The problem with Donald Trump is not that he is imbecilic and inept—it is that he has surrendered total power to the oligarchic and...

DNC Chair Tom Perez, the Democratic Party’s Grim Metaphor

Photo by Maryland GovPics | CC BY 2.0 Sometimes a party’s leader seems to symbolize an enduring malaise. For Democrats in 2018, that institutional leader...

Tom Perez, the Democratic Party’s Grim Metaphor – Consortiumnews

Tom Perez’s lackluster first year as head of the Democratic National Committee provides a metaphoric glimpse into the waning influence...

How One Coal Baron Set an Entire Administration’s Energy Agenda

It’s common knowledge that our political system is awash with money. And that money, despite some flimsy legal barriers, comes with strings attached. One coal...

When Economic Growth Indicates Failure | By David Korten

Nothing can be duller than listening to an economist or other policy expert pontificate endlessly on such metrics as gross domestic product, stock market...

The European Union and the Venezuelan “Opposition”

If anyone is in any doubt about the direction the European Union has been moving in the last say 30 years (or say 500...

From Erica Garner to Ahed Tamimi

Still from the video “Erica” produced by the Bernie Sanders campaign. In many respects, 2017 was a miserable year for just about everyone but the...

Against Identitarian and Generational Divide and Rule

Photo by Timothy Krause | CC BY 2.0 The Occupy Wall Street movement that spread across the country six-plus years ago lacked proper organization and...

Socialism and the problem of the super-rich


Polls Increasingly Confirming that America Is a Dictatorship

Eric Zuesse Gallup headlined on December 18th, “Americans View Government as Nation's Top Problem in 2017”. Their report made clear that though this finding was...

Americans Are Only Now Beginning to Learn that We Live in a Dictatorship

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at The first time when it became clear to me that I live in a dictatorship was in 2014 when...

The United States of Inequality


Confederacy of Dunces: Neoliberals Jump the Shark in The New York Times | By...

Last Monday, the New York Times carried what has to be one of the most ludicrous, Orwellian pieces of propaganda in recent memory. The...

Why Did the News-Media Hide This Important Fact?

Eric Zuesse On December 13th, the following news-story was distributed for publication to virtually all U.S.-and-allied major (and many minor) newsmedia, but it was published...

Video: Premiere of the Nina Turner Show with Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner discuss the building of a movement to fight the oligarchy and the achievements of the People's Summit Visit ... Via...

POLL: By 2-to-1, Americans Oppose Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at A reliable scientific poll of 2,000 Americans, taken during 1-6 November 2017 — just a month before U.S. President...

How Corporate Power Killed Democracy

Photo by Beverly & Pack | CC BY 2.0 Corporate Power is the Fusion of the Corporation and the State The rise of Corporate Power was...

America’s Electoral Choices: Liberal Fascism versus Conservative Fascism

Eric Zuesse In U.S. elections between the two political Parties for federal offices — Congress, and the Presidency — the choice that’s offered to the...

Video: Greek Oligarch Evangelos Marinakis Faces Criminal Charges After Expanding his Media Empire (2/2)

Professor Michael Spourladakis of the University of Athens discusses Syriza's unfulfilled promise to 'crack down' on Greece's oligarchy Visit ... Via Youtube

Video: Keiser Report: Business of #Russiagate (E1150)

Check Keiser Report website for more: In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss 'the international oligarchy' ... Via Youtube

Reviving the Spirit of Existential Rebellion in a World of Propaganda, Lies, and Self...

Search for nothing anymore, nothing except truth.Be very still and try to get at the truth.And the first question to ask yourself is:How great...

Will Mueller Get the Goods to Take Out Trump?

Donald Trump's possible connections to the Russian government and billionaire oligarchy came roaring back into the headlines last week with the announcement that the...

Trump’s Hate-Iran Campaign

Eric Zuesse On October 19th, the far-right Foundation for Defense of Democracy (FDD) held a “National Security Summit” which featured as speakers both Donald Trump’s...

Should Mike Pence Become the President?

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at On August 26th, Morning Consult headlined “More Voters Want Pence as President Than Trump, Poll Shows” and reported that...

Mario Vargas Llosa Is the Perfect Poster Boy for Spanish Unionism

Last Sunday in Barcelona, the forces opposed to allowing any change in Catalonia’s political status within Spain staged a rally in Barcelona. Given the...

Cataluña Libre?

Yesterday’s historic vote – the Referendum decided by the Government of Cataluña, called illegal by the neoliberal Rajoy Government of Madrid – turned into...

Death Cult Spiral

Photograph Nathaniel St. Clair It’s intriguing to hear people calling capitalists in Russia “oligarchs” when according to scholars the whole United States is considered an...

U.S. Near Bottom in Public Trust of Newsmedia

Eric Zuesse According to the most extensive study ever done of the public’s usages of, and trust in, the newsmedia in their country — a...

Is it really true that America’s richest 1% are ‘overwhelmingly Jewish’?

Eric Zuesse, originally published at The Saker (where the author’s responses to reader-comments challenging this report, can also be seen) On September 8th, an article...

Typical Deception by the New York Times

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Here’s a common example of authentically fake-news journalism, the type that’s pervasive in the U.S. — not something like...

Should Mike Pence Become America’s President?

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at On August 26th, Morning Consult headlined “More Voters Want Pence as President Than Trump, Poll Shows” and reported that...

Deep State Banishes Bannon and Company

My take on Steve Bannon’s recent firing is at odds with the celebratory tone I detect from others, especially those claiming it’s a victory...

U.S. Government and Press Lie Constantly, with Total Impunity

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at The U.S. press don’t report this fact, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. The following will document its...

The Great Leap Backwards: Trump's Blueprint To Make America Not Great

The Trump administration is doubling down on oil, gas, and coal at a time when the rest of the world is committing to getting...

Bernie Sanders Denounces Trumpcare as 'The Most Anti-Working Class Legislation Ever'

Bernie Sanders spoke in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday where he issued a rallying cry for "a vibrant American democracy," and took aim at...

Russia Trumps Ecocide at the Petroleum Broadcasting System

Photo by Kristoffer Trolle | CC BY 2.0 There’s something really wrong with “Public” Broadcasting System “NewsHour” host and Council on Foreign Relations member Judy...

Why Can’t the U.S. Left Get Venezuela Right?

As Venezuela’s fascist-minded oligarchy conspires with U.S. imperialism to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicolas Maduro, few in the U.S. seem to care. Instead...

Misinforming the Majority: A Deliberate Strategy of Right-Wing Libertarians

Milton Friedman was a kindred spirit to James McGill Buchanan in terms of a philosophy of deconstruction of the government. (Photo: Wikipedia) When and how...

As Republicans Hide From Voters, Sanders Rallies Trumpcare Resistance

As the congressional recess—usually a time for lawmakers to interact with their constituents—is set to end on Monday, many Republicans are working extremely hard...

Royal Saud Family Seek Trump’s Support Against Qatar’s Royal Thani Family

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at It’s now war between the fundamentalist Sunni Sauds who own the world’s most oil-rich nation Saudi Arabia, versus the...

Whom Do You Trust?

The answer will tell your politics. Eric Zuesse, originally posted at On June 27th, Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept, headlined "Latest Example of Media Recklessness...

What the Democratic Party Should Know

Photo by David | CC BY 2.0 It has turned out that the Democratic Party is the party that would fall apart after Trump’s election,...

Searching for the Soul of the Democratic Party

Writing in Politico, Bruce Bartlett complains the Republican Party has lost its way because it has ceased to champion ideas; he says the GOP...

Elections: Absenteeism, Boycotts, and the Class Struggle

The most striking feature of recent elections is not ‘who won or who lost’, nor is it the personalities, parties and programs. ...

Health care and the fight for socialism


Putin: U.S. Routinely Meddles in Russian and Other Nations’ Elections

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at In a Showtime interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin by American film-maker Oliver Stone, which started airing on June...

Twelve Blasphemous Thoughts: Some Summer Sacrilege

Summer’s here and the time is right for sacrilege in the streets.  Here are twelve blasphemous thoughts for the current Russo-phobic season, likely to...

The Coup, Then and Now

The Anglo-American oligarchy began a coup against President Donald Trump after his surprise 2016 election. They were in a panic to block his announced...

Oligarchs Succeed! Only the People Suffer!

On a scale not seen since the ‘great’ world depression of the 1930’s, the US political system is experiencing sharp political attacks, divisions and...

Beyond Neoliberal Identity Politics

Last year,  Daniel Denvir insightfully described Hilary Clinton’s political strategy as “peak neoliberalism, where a distorted version of identity politics is used to defend an oligarchy and a...

Why Americans Distrust the Press More Than They Distrust Trump

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at A Morning Consult poll published on April 28th showed that “roughly half (51 percent) of Americans said the national...

Berta Is Dead, but the Movement She Started Lives

The Convergence of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH) has defied all efforts over the past year, by the Honduran government and the...

Is The New Cold War Just Beginning Or Ending?

Eric Zuesse U.S. President Donald Trump made unequivocally clear, on February 14th, that the new Cold War between the U.S. and Russia will continue until...

Netanyahu Proves Israel Is Corrupt To Its Rotten Core

(RINF) - Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in danger of being brought down, possibly soon, over what initially appears to be little more...

The U.S. Politician Who Could Become Second Abraham Lincoln

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at There are several reasons why the progressive Tulsi Gabbard stands an extraordinarily good likelihood of repeating the extraordinary achievement...

Al Qaeda Funded by Royal Sauds, U.S. Gov’t. Documents

Eric Zuesse, supplemented from original post at The chief source of funds to Al Qaeda and other jihadist groups is Saudi Arabia’s royal family. Documentation...

The Empire Has No Clothes

Photo by Nicolas Raymond | CC BY 2.0 Harsh realities have long mocked United States “elites’” ritual description of their nation state as a benevolent...

Trump launches war against immigrant workers


From Selma to the CIA


Trump Team Targets Iran

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Saudi Arabia dominates above all other nations as a supplier of suicide bombers, and its royal family dominates as...

Cut the Neocon Deep State Off at the Knees

The Neocon-Neoliberals must be fired and put out to pasture before they do any more harm. I have long held that America’s Deep State–the unelected...

The class struggle in the US in 2017


2016: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

“What’s past is prologue.” ― William Shakespeare, The Tempest What a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year this has been. Endless wars. Toxic politics. Violence. Hunger....

Crony Capitalism Made Rick Perry Our Energy Secretary

Rick Perry has taken quite a tumble since being governor of Texas. He was a twice-failed GOP presidential wannabe and then ended up being...

Trump and Netanyahu: Prodigal Sons of Capitalism

A love affair has been brewing in the corridors of power in Washington and Jerusalem, soon to be consummated. Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu and Donald...

Trump and Goldman’s Revolving Door

Photo by Ninian Reid | CC BY 2.0 Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were two of the most unpopular presidential candidates in recent history because...

Orwellian Economics

SHARMINI PERIES: Come January 20th Donald Trump is placed to take power in Washington D.C., and there’s one thing that everyone is wondering about is what...

Time is finally running out for the oligarchs

(RINF) - The ruling oligarchy and their presstitute media have become desperate now that they are losing control over explanations and Americans’ minds. Thus,...

U.S. ‘News’ Media & Intel Agencies Blame Moscow for Trump’s Election

Eric Zuesse On November 30th, Buzzfeed bannered "Intel Officials Believe Russia Spreads Fake News”. Their ‘reporter’ (that is, stenographer of U.S. government propaganda) opened: “US intelligence officials...

Jill Stein’s Vote-Recounts Aim for a Hillary Clinton Victory

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Prior to the U.S. election, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and the Obama White House, were saying that Russia’s President Vladimir...

The Lying Washington Post Gets Exposed, And All Major U.S. ‘News’ Media Refuse to...

Eric Zuesse The most important news-story since the U.S. Presidential election has been the blockbuster by Glenn Greenwald and Ben Norton at The Intercept, headlining...

German Economist & Politician: “Stop Copying America’s Decline! Leave NATO!”

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Sahra Wagenknecht, Vice President of the German parliament’s Leftist Party, said in Parliament on Wednesday November 23rd, that Germany’s...

Trump the Great

Liberals, progressives, and the left-wing (to the extent that one still exists) are aligning with the corrupt oligarchy against president-elect Trump and the American...

Lebanon: Another President in the Country’s Never-ending Crisis?

After a political deadlock that has lasted for over two years, the recent election of Michel Aoun as the new president of Lebanon on...

The Noose that Obama Had Wanted to Hand to President Hillary to Hang...

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at INTRODUCTION This will be a summary, update, and extension from, a 25,000-word masterpiece of historical writing: the obscure, little-noticed, but...

Rand Paul Heroically Warns Trump Against Hiring Neocons

Eric Zuesse U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky), who voted against Obama’s TPP and virtually every other Obama sell-out to the international corporations which control the...

Stay Alert

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”—Philosopher George Santayana Stay alert, America. This is not the time to drop our guards,...

Have We Just Witnessed The Birth Of A Revolution?

(RINF) - Dear Readers: The article below has come to me. I am unable to ascertain if it is a published statement or one of...

Democrats Caused President Trump; They Caused His Victory

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Here’s a video where Carey Wedler explains in her own thoroughly truthful way in just four minutes, how and...

Trump’s Win Wasn’t Ideological. It Was Brilliant.

Eric Zuesse CNN explained well "5 surprising lessons from Trump's astonishing win”, and the historic crushing failure of traditional Presidential-year American politics, but it really boils down...

The FBI Can’t Actually Investigate a Candidate Such as Hillary Clinton.

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at The power above the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the U.S. Attorney General, and, above that person,...

This Is No ‘Cold War’; It’s Far Worse Than That.

World War III — the first (and final) nuclear war — has never been so likely as it is now. Eric Zuesse, originally posted at...

Forget the Trump-Clinton Charade: It’s Time to Wake Up America!

Colin Todhunter (RINF) - Who will be the winners and the losers in the coming U.S. presidential election? Trump or Clinton, Clinton or Trump? The...

Domestic U.S. Politics of War with Russia

Eric Zuesse First, the context in which the issue of war against Russia is being raised: Syria’s government is allied with Russia’s government, and ‘The West’...

Royal Bank of Scotland accused of corrupt practices with small business investors

Jean Shaoul A cache of emails leaked by a whistleblower confirms previous allegations that the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) deliberately destroyed the livelihoods of...

The Power Elite’s War

“A populace deprived of the ability to separate lies from truth, is no longer capable of sustaining a free society.” Journalist Chris Hedges As the ruling...

Official U.S. Gov’t. Documentation that Saudi Gov’t. Funds Al Qaeda

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at As Liz Goodwin and Michael Isikoff noted on 11 October 2016 regarding a recent wikileak:  The Clinton email states: "We need to use our diplomatic...

Why Are Billionaires Backing Hillary And Icing Trump?

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at No U.S. Presidential candidate since William McKinley in 1896 has received as nearly-unanimous financial backing from America’s wealthiest 0.01%...

The Colombian Conundrum

The narrow rejection of the Colombian referendum that was supposed to have approved a peace accord between the government and...

Why Both Clinton & Trump Are Corrupt

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at In order to overcome the partisanship on both sides of this U.S. Presidential contest, the corruption of both of...

U.S. Diplomacy: A Dangerous Proposal

Samantha Power (courtesy of US Embassy Kyiv via Flickr) While the mainstream media focuses on losers and winners in the race between Hillary Clinton and...

I’m a Bernie Sanders Voter: Here’s Why I’ll Vote Trump

By Eric Zuesse Sometimes, things in politics are the opposite of the way they seem. The Presidential contest between the ‘liberal’ Hillary Clinton’ and the...

Plutocracy of Maximums, Democracy of Minimums

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take the stage for their first presidential debate, at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, on September...

Why Does U.S. Gov’t. Donate $38B to an Enemy Nation?

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at On September 13th, the AP headlined "Israel to get $38 billion in US military aid over 10 years”, and they called...

Americanism and not globalism will be our credo

Now I lay me down to sleep Citibank1 for my soul to keep Forgive us our debts as we forgive those we bombed after their accounts we froze.2 The globe on his desk on...

U.S. Public Don’t Care if Politicians Lie

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Everybody knows that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are inveterate liars; but, do Americans really care? The vast...

FBI’s Fake ‘Investigation’ of Hillary’s Emails

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at On September 17th, U.S. President Barack Obama, the boss of the U.S. Government’s Executive Branch — including of federal...

What’s Behind the Latest Government Scam

“The fact is that the government, like a highwayman, says to a man: Your money, or your life. And many, if not most, taxes...

Video: Brazil’s Defiant Rousseff Takes the Stand, But Will Democracy Survive?

The Brazilian oligarchy is on the cusp of achieving its major objectives through the parliamentary coup says James Green, Professor of Brazilian History and...

Whether Sauds, in Effect, Own the U.S. Government

Eric Zuesse A bill is expected to come up for a vote in the U.S. Senate on Friday September 9th that could enable Saudis to...

The Bloody Evil of George Soros

Excerpt from Contagion:The Betrayal of Liberty; Russia and the United States in the Post-Cold War Era adapted for ……..Spooked out of Russia after the...

America’s Aristocracy Facing Resistance from American Public Regarding Russia

Eric Zuesse, updated from The subterranean reality of U.S. foreign policy is that it serves the U.S. aristocracy, the owners of controlling blocs of...

Sorry Hillary, Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils is Textbook Blame-Shifting

Of all the redundant and generally loathesome reasons for continuing to support the two-party duopoly that constitutes the electoral oligarchy upon which the global...

America’s Oligarchs Support Clinton Almost Unanimously

Eric Zuesse The results are already in, even before the official campaign-finance final figures will become available after the election. Though a large percentage of the...

Post-Farage UKIP: Talk of a coup as frontrunner Woolfe excluded from leadership race

Three UKIP members have stood down following a decision to exclude Steven Woolfe from the leadership race to succeed Nigel Farage, claiming a coup...

America’s Recent Achievements in the Middle East

America’s Recent Achievements in the Middle East Eric Zuesse Here are before-and-after pictures, at, of what the U.S. government has achieved, in the Middle East: What’s especially interesting...

Why Hillary Clinton Squashed Sanders-Supporter Nina Turner

Eric Zuesse On Tuesday night July 26th, when Nina Turner was supposed to be onstage delivering the nominating speech for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s people...

The Kochs Want Hillary Clinton to Become President

Eric Zuesse The signs are now clear and unmistakable: On July 25th, CNN headlined "Mike Pence to skip Koch brothers event” and reported that, "GOP vice presidential nominee Mike...

American Samizdat — Publication Forbidden in U.S.

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at PART ONE Here’s an example: Ron Unz has called this article that he published in his magazine, The American Conservative, in...

The Real Story Behind the Coup

September 1961. Geneva, Switzerland. A Turkish classmate of mine named Turgut burst into my room, crying, ‘those bastards just hanged my father!’ The ‘bastards’ in...

Why Hillary Clinton’s Email Case Is Still Not Closed

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Normally, when the head of the FBI under one President says something like “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a...

Brexit: A Workers’ Response to Oligarchs, Bankers, Flunkies, and Scabs

The European Union is controlled by an oligarchy, which dictates socio-economic and political decisions according to the interests of bankers and multi-national business. ...

In Clinton Case, Obama Administration Nullifies 6 Criminal Laws

Eric Zuesse When the Obama Administration, on July 5th, ruled that in regard to Hillary Clinton’s privatized email system while she was Secretary of State,...

America’s One-Party Government

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at INTRODUCTION Today’s United States is a more realistic version of the type of society that George Orwell fictionally described in...

The Brexit Rejection of Neoliberal Tyranny

With the Brexit repudiation of the E.U. — in defiance of Establishment scare tactics — British voters stood up for common people...

A Blow for Peace and Democracy: Why the British Said No to Europe

The majority vote by Britons to leave the European Union was an act of raw democracy. Millions of ordinary people refused to be bullied,...

How NRA Dark Money Impedes Gun Control Reform

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, May 17, 2016. McConnell has brought...

Markos Moulitsas Is a Fake, His DailyKos a Fraud

Eric Zuesse Markos Moulitsas is a CIA asset whose service to the organization, certainly after he started his popular Democratic-Party propaganda-site “Daily Kos” in 2002, has been to...

Campaign 2016’s Brave New World

As the U.S. election shapes up as a battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the prospect for the public...

How Corrupt America Is

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at The best reporting on the depth of America’s dictatorship is probably that being done by Atlanta Georgia’s NBC-affiliated, Gannett-owned,...

A Debasing Spectacle: Behind and Beyond the Latest Quadrennial Carnival

I spoke last April at San Diego State University about what two clever Left political scientists there rightly called “the debasing spectacle” of the...

Anti-Politics and the Plague of Disorientation: Welcome to the Age of Trump

"Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have." -- James Baldwin The Greek chorus has finally been heard in that both the...

The Gathering Storm

“The next Fourth Turning is due to begin shortly after the new millennium, midway through the Oh-Oh decade. Around the year 2005, a sudden...

America’s & NATO’s Outrageous Behavior, Greatest Threat that Exists

Eric Zuesse On May 18th, two top people at NATO, one being its current Secretary General — the very top person — laid out in preliminary...

Crooked Hillary and the Rape of Honduras

Tens of thousands of Central Americans, many of them unaccompanied children and teenagers, have flooded into the US illegally in...

Who Is the More Vicious Liar: Trump, or Obama?

Eric Zuesse There was a drastic refocus by U.S. President Barack Obama away from being anti-jihadist and toward being anti-Russian, after his first Presidential term...

Vox’s CIA-Backed ‘Democracy’ Standard Is OK With Slavery and Women Not Voting

Defining democracy is a notoriously difficult thing, but much is revealed by how media outlets choose to do so. One popular metric is called “Polity...

The Pernicious Myth of Perpetual Economic Growth

Nothing grows forever. The myth the economy can is destroying the biosphere. The present human condition is predicated on one of the biggest lies ever...

Gallup: Americans Want Socialized Healthcare

Eric Zuesse Most Americans want Obamacare to be replaced by what Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders proposes and what both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump oppose:...

Colonel Sanders: Bernie heads to Kentucky after anti-fracking speech in ND

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will rally with thousands of voters in Bowling Green, Kentucky Saturday...

Canadian capitalism and the Fort McMurray wildfire

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. Roger Jordan Millions of people across Canada and around the world have...

Saudi Crisis Deepens (Part 1)

Saudi oil resources are not inexhaustible. Pictured: King Salman. (Photo: AWD News) Perceptions can be very deceiving when it comes to Saudi Arabia, especially since...

Arianna Huffington as Agent for the Democratic Party

Eric Zuesse At Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington is the top person, and her site is so blatantly hostile to the Republican Party as to have...

Electoral Politics and the Illusion of Control

We have all been told a lie. The lie that says democracy can be maintained only through voting, through purely representative, parliamentarian means. When...

Video: Sanders Tells TRNN he Supports a New Deal Federal Jobs Program

In an exclusive interview with TRNN, Bernie Sanders says if Clinton wins she will have to challenge the oligarchy to win over his supporters;...

The American Dictatorship

Eric Zuesse Even for the post of U.S. President, the preferences of the American people have only a marginal, if any, impact upon the selection...

Panama Papers destabilise Cameron government in UK

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. The angry response in the UK to the “Panama Papers” revelations...

UK prime minister defends super-rich in statement on Panama Papers revelations

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. Julie Hyland Britain’s prime minister, David Cameron, used his statement to parliament...

Democracy: The Continuing Fight Against Factions

Demonstrators display a lit sign in front of the Milwaukee Courthouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on July 10, 2014. (Photo: Joe Brusky) On Sunday,...

Why Hillary Clinton’s Paid Speeches Are Relevant

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at On the fake-‘progressive’ (actually conservative-Democratic-Party) website that’s run by a longtime CIA asset Markos Moulitsas, “Daily Kos,” there was...

Why Do Virtually All ‘News’ Media Hide an Exposé of CNN’s Lies?

Eric Zuesse  On April 3rd, a news report was submitted to virtually all news-media, concerning the falsehood of a certain CNN story that allegedly explained...

Imperialism, political corruption and the real face of capitalism

The “Panama Papers” claimed its first casualty Tuesday, when Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson was forced to resign following protests by thousands of...

Unlimited Propagandistic Lying from CNN

Eric Zuesse On Saturday April 2nd, CNN headlined, “U.S. F-15s Deployed to Iceland,” and Zachary Cohen opened:  Demonstrating its commitment to a ‘free' and ‘secure' Europe, the...

Donald Trump: Foreign Policy’s Useful Idiot?

Donald Trump may be a bigot and a bully, but it’s hard not to applaud when he pisses off the stuff shirts at the...

Corbyn’s first six months as genuine opposition to warmongers

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. After half a year in office, nothing remains of the platform...

Is it Government or Oligarchs?

I think what you have to understand is our structure of government being a “republic” rather than a democracy, invites oligarchy. There has never...

Beyond the Bern: How Progressive Movements Leap Ahead of Electoral Politics

An audience member raises their hand at a presidential campaign event for Bernie Sanders on September 27, 2015, in Des Moines, Iowa....

Another Way ‘Democracy’ Is Rigged in America

Eric Zuesse Did you know that if a given political party already has an incumbent in a particular political post, it’s standard practice in the...

The Trump campaign: A new stage in the collapse of American democracy

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. With the eruption of physical conflict inside and outside rallies of...

The International Socialist Organization agitates for war with Russia over Syria

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. Alex Lantier Major crises of the global capitalist order unmask the character...

The arrest of former President Lula and the crisis of rule in Brazil

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. Last week’s detention and questioning of former president and Workers Party...

Attempt to form PSOE-Citizens government coalition in Spain collapses

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. Paul Mitchell The attempt by Socialist Party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sánchez to...

‘Her Life Hung by a Thread Because of This Work’

Janine Jackson interviewed Beverly Bell about Honduran indigenous environmental activist Berta Cáceres for the May 1, 2015, CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript....

Hillary Clinton’s Dark Drug War Legacy in Mexico

(Image: SOA Watch / Flickr) Mexico, John M. Ackerman wrote recently for Foreign Policy, “is not a functional democracy.” Instead, it’s a “repressive and corrupt”...

Clinton-Bush Hardliner Attacks Congress for Blocking Invasion of Syria

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at In a Huffington Post interview on February 23rd, the Clinton-Bush former head of the NSA and CIA, and defender of their...

Donald Trump and the KKK

Eric Zuesse Donald Trump’s statement about the KKK and David Duke on 14 February 2000: "Mr. Trump painted a fairly dark picture of the Reform Party in his statement, noting the role...

Hillary v. Bernie: Their Two Opposite Views of the Presidency

Eric Zuesse Whereas Bernie Sanders claims to represent the bottom 99%, Hillary Clinton claims to represent a coalition of groups who are victimized by bigots...

Why Terrorists Aren’t Hitting the U.S. Now

Eric Zuesse On 30 December 2009, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent a cable (subsequently released to the public by wikileaks) to America’s Ambassadors in...

President Obama Fights for Global Warming Even While Talking Against It

Eric Zuesse In some small ways, U.S. President Barack Obama has tried to act against climate-change, such as his Administration’s regulatory action — snubbed recently...

Deconstructing America’s ‘Deep State’

Americans perceive what has happened to their democratic Republic only dimly, tricked by rightists who call all collective government actions bad and by neoliberals who make...

The Failed Record of the Establishment: Why Talk Is Cheap in 2016

Peter Bloom The 2016 election is defying traditional political expectations. On the Democratic side the once inevitable frontrunner Hillary Clinton is fighting off a surging...

The Original Sin That Stained Putin

Few remember the Russian apartment bombings of 1999. (Photo: / Wikimedia Commons) In September 1999, apartment buildings in Moscow, as well as Buynaksk, and...

Syrian war negotiations collapse after two days

Thomas Gaist A United Nations arbitrator suspended international negotiations over the war in Syria on Wednesday. New talks have been scheduled to begin in three...

Wall Street celebrates mounting signs of US slump

Andre Damon On Friday, the Commerce Department released the latest in a series of economic reports pointing to a dramatic slowdown in the US economy,...

As Detroit teachers head to court, politicians plot further attacks

”Democracy is being taken away in Michigan” By Nancy Hanover On Monday morning, 23 Detroit Public School (DPS) teachers will appear at the Michigan Court of Claims...

Secretary of State Clinton Disobeyed President Obama

Eric Zuesse At a crucial juncture after the 28 June 2009 coup by Honduras’s oligarchs overthrowing Manuel Zelaya, the popular progressive democratically elected President of...

A Balanced View of the Obama Presidency

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Barack Obama’s Presidency turns out to have been what neither his supporters nor his opponents expected. A balanced historical...

How America’s Corrupt Press Are Destroying the Country

Eric Zuesse Even the best of America’s major mainstream and alternative-news media understate enormously the degree to which America’s government is corrupt; and, as a...

America Is Being Destroyed By Problems That Are Unaddressed – Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts (RINF) - One hundred years ago European civilization, as it had been...

Why Isn’t the Media Feeling the Bern?

Let’s go to the scoreboard to see who’s winning the exciting presidential election media coverage game. The Tyndall Report, a non-partisan media monitoring firm that...

Two Mainstream U.S. ‘Journalists’ Provide Stenographic ‘News’ Report – U.S. Anti-Russia Propaganda

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at This is the story of an ordinary article by two well-known American ‘journalists’ who market the aristocracy’s lies as...

Gallup: Ukrainians Loathe the Government that Obama Imposed

Eric Zuesse On December 23rd, Gallup headlines “Ukrainians Disillusioned With Leadership,” and reports that "nearly nine in 10 Ukrainians (88%) say corruption is widespread in their government,...

Historic New Harpers Article Exposes Who Controls America

Eric Zuesse There can be little doubt now: America’s decades-long catastrophic failures to make significant progress in eliminating even a single one of the numerous...

Inequality in America, the Fish that Rots from the Head

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Inequality of wealth is inequality of power. A study just released finds that "America’s 20 wealthiest people – a group that...

Parasitism and the slump in US manufacturing

In the latest sign of a downturn in the global economy, US manufacturing activity last month hit its lowest level since June 2009, when...

Understanding the Power-Contest Between Aristocracies

Eric Zuesse At the core of global power stands the conflict between the Sauds and their Sunni clergy, versus the Iranians and their Shiite clergy. One...

Masked Oligarchies

Mexico is an oligarchy. Look at photos of every President who was not a military dictator. He looks like a European by ancestry. That’s...

The Uprising Against Assad Was Engineered in Washington

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at A terrific news report by Jonathan Marshall at Consortium News provides the first-ever presentation in the West of the...

No Matter How Well Russian Media Expose Western Lies …

Eric Zuesse * Western ‘news’ media simply refuse to report the lying that’s done by Western ‘news’ media and their governments. Western media didn’t even report...

TPP Ignores Global Warming & Allows Murder of Labor Union Organizers

Eric Zuesse U.S. President Barack Obama’s capstone to his Presidency, his proposed megalithic international ‘trade’ treaties, are finally coming into their home-stretch, with the Pacific...

EU and NATO Set to Destabilize Russia by Anti-Putin Propaganda Operation

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at German Economic News  |  Published:10/31/15 01:23Clock | (Translated here by – and then with closing commentary from – Eric Zuesse) EU, US and NATO are...

Twice in One Day, Ban Ki-Moon Condemned Obama’s Actions on Syria

Eric Zuesse I earlier reported that in an interview with Spanish newspapers published October 31st, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon condemned U.S. President Barack Obama’s...

Deciphering Ideological Labels

Eric Zuesse On October 29th, France24 bannered “Sarkozy to meet Putin as French right looks to Russia,” and promulgated, as is often done, a widespread...

No Shame for U.S./UK Invasion of Iraq? The Meaning of This.

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Germany was ashamed of having invaded Poland under a false pretext, etc.; but the U.S. is not ashamed of...

TTIP: The Aristocracy Aren’t Satisfied; They Demand More

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at A new analysis of the Obama-proposed TTIP ‘trade’ treaty, which the U.S. would have with Europe, finds that it...

Sanders Goes After Media’s Most Sacred Cow

Bernie Sanders with Hillary Clinton at the Democratic debate: “Let me say something about the media….” One of the biggest audience responses during the October...

Democrats Depend on Affluent Voters? That’s Rich

The New York Times‘ Thomas Byrne Edsall (image: PBS) “How Did the Democrats Become Favorites of the Rich?” asks a column by the New York...

Obama v. Putin: Their Debate on Crimea

The Source of the ‘New Cold War’: The Basic Disagreement Between Obama and Putin Eric Zuesse, originally posted at INTRODUCTION The basic disagreement between U.S. President...

The Decline of Democracy and Capitalism in Britain Advances

Britain is not a democracy any more. The Government is now bowing down to a few extremely powerful organisations that funds their very existence. Extremism...

Gallup: 60% of Americans Want a New Political Party. But, Why?

Eric Zuesse A Gallup poll issued on September 25th is headlined “Majority in U.S. Maintain Need for Third Major Party,” and it opens: "A majority of Americans,...

Serving UK general threatens mutiny against a future Corbyn government

By Chris Marsden A senior serving British general has threatened “direct action” by the armed forces against a future Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour government. Speaking to the Sunday...

Democracy Has Departed The West

Paul Craig Roberts (RINF) - Before the West spreads democracy abroad maybe it could get some for itself. The US is an oligarchy in which...

America’s News Is Heavily Censored

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at On 7 September 2002, U.S. President George W. Bush blatantly lied to concoct a “new report” by the IAEA...

Privatization Is at the Core of Fascism

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Privatizations are increasingly fashionable, such as in Greece, Ukraine, the U.S., and UK – and privatizations are a central...

Do the Rich Rule the United States?

Chuck Collins Is America's political system controlled by a small financial elite? One former president thinks so. Almost 40 years after he was elected, former President...

Sanding Down the Rough Edges of Capitalism Is Not Enough

The question now is whether we can peacefully change the system that has been rigged in favor of those who handsomely benefit from it....

U.S. Propaganda: It’s Not Just False, but Absurd.

By Eric Zuesse, as originally published at It’s so ridiculous, no intelligent and informed person would give it any serious consideration whatsoever. It insults the...

Urging Bernie Sanders to “Speak Out” on Foreign Policy, Petition Gathers More Than 8,000...

WASHINGTON - A petition to Sen. Bernie Sanders – urging him to tackle foreign policy issues in his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination...

Jimmy Carter Is Correct that the U.S. Is No Longer a Democracy

Eric Zuesse On July 28th, Thom Hartmann interviewed former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and, at the very end of his show (as if this massive question...

Hillary Clinton and secret Swiss bank accounts

By Patrick Martin A lengthy report in the Wall Street Journal Thursday details Hillary Clinton’s actions while US secretary of state,on behalf of the Swiss banking...

How Aristocrats Have Gotten Away with Even Mass-Murder

By Eric Zuesse, originally posted at On 8 July 2015, in a pervasively ignored but historically very important news event (briefly mentioned by the BBC),...

Mining job cuts: The destructive anarchy of the capitalist market

Nick Beams Friday’s announcement by two major global mining companies that they plan to slash tens of thousands of jobs points to the gathering crisis...

Scott Walker’s Big Lie

Eric Zuesse I have written lots of articles about Barack Obama’s lying. To expose lies by Republicans is not at all a partisan matter for me; it’s...

OPINION: Concentrated Wealth + Widespread Stupidity = End of Democracy

Eric Zuesse Today’s America is not a democracy: “Dark Money Groups Are Funded By Dark Money Groups That Fund Dark Money Groups That Fund…" That terrific investigative news report...

Agency to Enslave Greeks Is Established

Eric Zuesse Late on Thursday, July 16th, German Economic News headlined “Greece: Debt Restructuring Through the Back Door,” and reported that, “The majority of Greece’s...

How Fascist Capitalism Functions: The Case of Greece

Eric Zuesse There is democratic capitalism, and there is fascist capitalism. What we have today is fascist capitalism; and the following will explain how it...

Jeb Bush: “People Need to Work Longer Hours.” Media Soften It.

Reuters & CNBC, Etc.: "Bush says Americans should have chance to work longer hours in improved economy.” Eric Zuesse Jeb Bush, on July 8th: “My aspiration for the...

U.S. Wealth-Concentration: The Most-Accurate Current Estimates

Eric Zuesse CURRENT REALITIES: Wealthiest Tenth (10%) of Americans Own 75% of America; They Draw 40% of All U.S. Income. Wealthiest Hundredth (1%) of Americans Own 43% of America; They Draw...

Top bankers’ pay rose 17 percent in 2014

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. By Andre Damon CEO pay at 15 of the world’s major banks shot...

CNN: Obama White House Lied ‘We Didn’t Know About Hillary’s Private Email’

Eric Zuesse On July 1st, CNN reported that "President Barack Obama's top aides, including David Axelrod, communicated with Hillary Clinton at her private email address while she was secretary of state,” and...

Percentage of Health-Uninsureds in U.S. Rises by 1.7%

Since Obama First Promised to Lower It by 100% Eric Zuesse On 23 June 2015, Bloomberg news bannered "Uninsured Rate Falls to Lowest Since Obamacare Implementation” and reported...

European Central Bank extends credit on fears of Greek bank collapse

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. By Robert Stevens The European Central Bank (ECB) intervened again Friday to prop...

Stopping Obama’s “Legacy” ‘Trade’ Deals: Did Reid Finally Do It?

Eric Zuesse President Obama has many times made clear to congressional Democrats that the most important thing in the “legacy” that he hopes to leave...

The Money Junkies And The Cause of Social Inequality

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. Last week the New York Times released the results of an...

Don’t Expect Clinton, GOP Candidates to Work for Social Justice

(Common Dreams) - My car's bumper sticker reads "I'm ready for Oligarchy: the choice is clear. There is none." It's a truism that under our...

The Top 1% of America’s Top 1%

The 15 Peak Years for Top-End Income-Shares in U.S., 1913-2013  Eric Zuesse DATA-SOURCE: Top 0.01% income share including capital gains, United States, the 15 peak years 1915: 4.36% 1916:...

German Banker: Obama Is Destroying Europe

Eric Zuesse (translation and added comments) Interviewed on June 6th by German Economic News, the chief economist at Bremer Landesbank, Folker Hellmeyer, says that because of...

Washington’s death squads

  (WSWS) - In a lengthy article published Sunday, the New York Times provided a glimpse into the criminal and grisly methods employed by Seal Team...

Obama, Merkel present united front for more austerity in Greece

  By Robert Stevens (WSWS) - On Sunday, in a bilateral meeting ahead of Group of Seven (G7) talks, US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel...

An Obama Statement Packed with Lies

Eric Zuesse Here was Obama’s rhetoric, in Tallinn Estonia, on 3 September 2014 (click on the linked parts to see the actual reality regarding each given allegation): –– We’re...

Former Israeli Premier Olmert sentenced to jail

By Jean Shaoul (WSWS) - Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert has received an eight-month jail sentence for fraud and breach of trust for actions taken...

Parasitism and the economic crisis

(WSWS) - The US Commerce Department released figures Friday showing that the US economy contracted sharply, shrinking at an annualized rate of 0.7 percent in...

Will Bernie Sanders Take on Hillary?

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is off and running after his formal announcement for the presidency this past Tuesday before 5,000 cheering supporters in Burlington,...

How Democratic & Republican Party Chiefs Work to Deceive the U.S. Public

Eric Zuesse An organization that typically promotes the Republican propaganda agenda received information from the Democratic Obama Administration, and they publicized information from it that...

Why aren’t the banksters in prison?

Andre Damon (WSWS) - On Wednesday, five major international banks, including JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, America’s largest and third-largest financial institutions, pleaded guilty to felony charges...

Sidney Blumenthal, Clinton, Inc. and the rape of Libya

  By Bill Van Auken (WSWS) - “We came, we saw, he died,” then-US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton boasted to CBS News in October 2011 after...

The growing danger of a US war against China

(WSWS) -   The growing danger of a US war against China ...

Britain’s anti-terror law and the global assault on democratic rights

(WSWS) - In the year marking 800 years since England’s Magna Carta, which asserted that kings could not simply impose their will without oversight and...

The Amtrak disaster and America’s crumbling infrastructure

Andre Damon (WSWS) - Tuesday’s derailment of an Amtrak train on America’s busiest rail route has exposed before the whole world the crumbling state of infrastructure...

World’s Richest 80 People Own Same as World’s Bottom 50%

Eric Zuesse Oxfam’s recent report, "WEALTH: HAVING IT ALL AND WANTING MORE” contains shocking figures that the press haven’t sufficiently publicized; so, the findings and the reliability...

What America’s Media Get Very Wrong About ‘Socialism’ — And About Senator Sanders

Eric Zuesse (RINF) - On April 30th, Jonathan Cohn at Huffington Post provided a perfect example of what America's media get wrong about the meaning...

Economic growth? Obama shoots himself in the foot

Mike Whitney (RINF) - The world’s biggest economy ground to a standstill in the first quarter of 2015 wracked by massive job losses in the...

Obama Fights to Spread GMO Foods Throughout Europe

Eric Zuesse (RINF) - One of the major barriers blocking U.S. President Barack Obama’s campaign for his mammoth international trade deals – the TTIP with...

Are Leading Economists Corrupt, or Just Mind-Blowingly Ignorant?

Eric Zuesse Conservative economists favor Republican candidates because it’s the way for them to rise in power themselves, but what about ‘progressive’ economists: are they...

How America’s Aristocracy Extends Its Global Control

Eric Zuesse As has been well documented even by the BBC, in their 1992 classic documentary about the CIA’s (still-ongoing) Gladio Operation, America’s CIA basically took...

How Trustworthy Are U.S. & Western ‘News’ Media?

Eric Zuesse During the days of the Soviet Union, and in all dictatorial countries, the ‘news’ media were and are actually propaganda-media, which filter out...

U.S. to Start Training Nazi Troops in Ukraine, on April 20th, Hitler’s Birthday

Eric Zuesse It has just been announced that, on April 20th (Hitler’s birthday), U.S. troops will start training troops of Ukraine’s nazi Azov Battalion.  The Azov Battalion was founded and...

Why the House of Representatives Doesn’t Represent the US Public

One of the really weird ironies of politics these days is the huge divergence between what the US people actually want and what the...

U.S.-v.-Russia: Even Stephen Cohen Is Starting to Speak the Truth

Eric Zuesse An alarming development is that Stephen F. Cohen, the internationally prominent scholar of Russia, is acknowledging that (1:35 on the video) “for the first time...

America’s Global Dominance (Since WW II) Has Just Ended

Eric Zuesse On March 22nd, I headlined “Why the Western Alliance Is Ending,” and I listed the recent events which indicate that the Western Alliance doesn’t have...

How the U.S. Is Allied with ISIS & Al Qaeda

Eric Zuesse The United States is allied with Sunni Moslem aristocracies (and therefore with Sunni-headed nations), against Shia Moslem aristocracies (and therefore also against Shia-headed...

The American Government’s Biggest Lie Now Is About Ukraine

Eric Zuesse The American Government’s biggest lie in 2002-2003 was about Saddam Hussein and Iraq. We’ve already seen what that lie produced. It cost the...

How the Public Are Deceived by the ‘News’

Top ‘News’ Executives Suppress Key Facts; The Public Sees a Chaotic, Disjointed, Picture. Here Is How that Is Done, in Personal Detail. Eric Zuesse If the public is...

The Illusion of Democracy

From people's rule to a broken social contract It is ironic, considering democracy's pitiful state worldwide that, in accordance to its etymology, it literally means...

US economy in deflation and slump

Andre Damon This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. The US Commerce Department said Friday that gross domestic product, the broadest...

Despite Corporations Trying to Silence Our Voices, A New Wave of Democracy

Andrew Kimbrell President's Day is an appropriate time to reflect on the state of our U.S. democracy. And there is some very good news across...

Greece at the Crossroads: the Oligarchs Blew It

Reprinted with permission of Washingtons Blog Once one oligarchy falls, it will threaten to topple a long line of oligarch dominoes. A great many narratives invoking...

Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News Portrays Ukraine’s ‘Far Right’ as ‘Heroes’

Eric Zuesse On January 22nd, Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News (Murdoch founded it, his son James headed it for a while, and their 21st Century Fox...

This Financial System Operates Absurdly

Werner De Gruijter  RINF Alternative News About the crisis of leadership in the West and the collapse of the monetary system Against the backdrop of a global...

U.S. Gov’t. Seeks Excuse to Nuclear-Attack Russia

Never Was a March on Washington More Needed Eric Zuesse The world is more nervous about the drift toward nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia...

Rising Global Inequality and the Reign of Corporate Empire

Steven MacMillan Today’s world is increasingly becoming dominated by private special interests and multinational corporations who usurp political systems around the world, creating vast wealth...

Why Are U.S. ‘News’-Media Ignoring Important News?

Eric Zuesse On December 5th, it was “U.S. House Votes 98% to Donate U.S. Weapons to Ukraine; U.S. Public Is 67% Against. Is this Democracy?” On...

Straight Talk and Reflections

Stephen Lendman  RINF Alternative News I generally restrict personal comments to one-on-one emails. Or discussions with friends, family and others. This article an exception. Why not at...

Britain’s Vice News Reports Ukraine’s Firebombing of Southeast

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How to Shrink Inequality

Some inequality of income and wealth is inevitable, if not necessary. If an economy is to function well, people need incentives to work hard and innovate.

The pertinent question is not whether income and wealth inequality is good or bad. It is at what point do these inequalities become so great as to pose a serious threat to our economy, our ideal of equal opportunity and our democracy.

We are near or have already reached that tipping point. As French economist Thomas Piketty shows beyond doubt in his “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” we are heading back to levels of inequality not seen since the Gilded Age of the late 19th century. The dysfunctions of our economy and politics are not self-correcting when it comes to inequality.

But a return to the Gilded Age is not inevitable. It is incumbent on us to dedicate ourselves to reversing this diabolical trend. But in order to reform the system, we need a political movement for shared prosperity.

Herewith a short summary of what has happened, how it threatens the foundations of our society, why it has happened, and what we must do to reverse it.

What has Happened

The data on widening inequality are remarkably and disturbingly clear. The Congressional Budget Office has found that between 1979 and 2007, the onset of the Great Recession, the gap in income—after federal taxes and transfer payments—more than tripled between the top 1 percent of the population and everyone else. The after-tax, after-transfer income of the top 1 percent increased by 275 percent, while it increased less than 40 percent for the middle three quintiles of the population and only 18 percent for the bottom quintile.

The gap has continued to widen in the recovery. According to the Census Bureau, median family and median household incomes have been falling, adjusted for inflation; while according to the data gathered by my colleague Emmanuel Saez, the income of the wealthiest 1 percent has soared by 31 percent. In fact, Saez has calculated that 95 percent of all economic gains since the recovery began have gone to the top 1 percent.

Wealth has become even more concentrated than income. An April 2013 Pew Research Center report found that from 2009 to 2011, “the mean net worth of households in the upper 7 percent of wealth distribution rose by an estimated 28 percent, while the mean net worth of households in the lower 93 percent dropped by 4 percent.”

Why It Threatens Our Society

This trend is now threatening the three foundation stones of our society: our economy, our ideal of equal opportunity and our democracy.

The economy. In the United States, consumer spending accounts for approximately 70 percent of economic activity. If consumers don’t have adequate purchasing power, businesses have no incentive to expand or hire additional workers. Because the rich spend a smaller proportion of their incomes than the middle class and the poor, it stands to reason that as a larger and larger share of the nation’s total income goes to the top, consumer demand is dampened. If the middle class is forced to borrow in order to maintain its standard of living, that dampening may come suddenly—when debt bubbles burst.

Consider that the two peak years of inequality over the past century—when the top 1 percent garnered more than 23 percent of total income—were 1928 and 2007. Each of these periods was preceded by substantial increases in borrowing, which ended notoriously in the Great Crash of 1929 and the near-meltdown of 2008.

The anemic recovery we are now experiencing is directly related to the decline in median household incomes after 2009, coupled with the inability or unwillingness of consumers to take on additional debt and of banks to finance that debt—wisely, given the damage wrought by the bursting debt bubble. We cannot have a growing economy without a growing and buoyant middle class. We cannot have a growing middle class if almost all of the economic gains go to the top 1 percent.

Equal opportunity. Widening inequality also challenges the nation’s core ideal of equal opportunity, because it hampers upward mobility. High inequality correlates with low upward mobility. Studies are not conclusive because the speed of upward mobility is difficult to measure.

But even under the unrealistic assumption that its velocity is no different today than it was thirty years ago—that someone born into a poor or lower-middle-class family today can move upward at the same rate as three decades ago—widening inequality still hampers upward mobility. That’s simply because the ladder is far longer now. The distance between its bottom and top rungs, and between every rung along the way, is far greater. Anyone ascending it at the same speed as before will necessarily make less progress upward.

In addition, when the middle class is in decline and median household incomes are dropping, there are fewer possibilities for upward mobility. A stressed middle class is also less willing to share the ladder of opportunity with those below it. For this reason, the issue of widening inequality cannot be separated from the problems of poverty and diminishing opportunities for those near the bottom. They are one and the same.

Democracy. The connection between widening inequality and the undermining of democracy has long been understood. As former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis is famously alleged to have said in the early years of the last century, an era when robber barons dumped sacks of money on legislators’ desks, “We may have a democracy, or we may have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we cannot have both.”

As income and wealth flow upward, political power follows. Money flowing to political campaigns, lobbyists, think tanks, “expert” witnesses and media campaigns buys disproportionate influence. With all that money, no legislative bulwark can be high enough or strong enough to protect the democratic process.

The threat to our democracy also comes from the polarization that accompanies high levels of inequality. Partisanship—measured by some political scientists as the distance between median Republican and Democratic roll-call votes on key economic issues—almost directly tracks with the level of inequality. It reached high levels in the first decades of the twentieth century when inequality soared, and has reached similar levels in recent years.

When large numbers of Americans are working harder than ever but getting nowhere, and see most of the economic gains going to a small group at the top, they suspect the game is rigged. Some of these people can be persuaded that the culprit is big government; others, that the blame falls on the wealthy and big corporations. The result is fierce partisanship, fueled by anti-establishment populism on both the right and the left of the political spectrum.

Why It Has Happened

Between the end of World War II and the early 1970s, the median wage grew in tandem with productivity. Both roughly doubled in those years, adjusted for inflation. But after the 1970s, productivity continued to rise at roughly the same pace as before, while wages began to flatten. In part, this was due to the twin forces of globalization and labor-replacing technologies that began to hit the American workforce like strong winds—accelerating into massive storms in the 1980s and ’90s, and hurricanes since then.

Containers, satellite communication technologies, and cargo ships and planes radically reduced the cost of producing goods anywhere around the globe, thereby eliminating many manufacturing jobs or putting downward pressure on other wages. Automation, followed by computers, software, robotics, computer-controlled machine tools and widespread digitization, further eroded jobs and wages. These forces simultaneously undermined organized labor. Unionized companies faced increasing competitive pressures to outsource, automate or move to nonunion states.

These forces didn’t erode all incomes, however. In fact, they added to the value of complex work done by those who were well educated, well connected and fortunate enough to have chosen the right professions. Those lucky few who were perceived to be the most valuable saw their pay skyrocket.

But that’s only part of the story. Instead of responding to these gale-force winds with policies designed to upgrade the skills of Americans, modernize our infrastructure, strengthen our safety net and adapt the workforce—and pay for much of this with higher taxes on the wealthy—we did the reverse. We began disinvesting in education, job training and infrastructure. We began shredding our safety net. We made it harder for many Americans to join unions. (The decline in unionization directly correlates with the decline of the portion of income going to the middle class.) And we reduced taxes on the wealthy.

We also deregulated. Financial deregulation in particular made finance the most lucrative industry in America, as it had been in the 1920s. Here again, the parallels between the 1920s and recent years are striking, reflecting the same pattern of inequality.

Other advanced economies have faced the same gale-force winds but have not suffered the same inequalities as we have because they have helped their workforces adapt to the new economic realities—leaving the United States the most unequal of all advanced nations by far.

What We Must Do

There is no single solution for reversing widening inequality. Thomas Piketty’s monumental book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” paints a troubling picture of societies dominated by a comparative few, whose cumulative wealth and unearned income overshadow the majority who rely on jobs and earned income. But our future is not set in stone, and Piketty’s description of past and current trends need not determine our path in the future. Here are ten initiatives that could reverse the trends described above:

1) Make work pay. The fastest-growing categories of work are retail, restaurant (including fast food), hospital (especially orderlies and staff), hotel, childcare and eldercare. But these jobs tend to pay very little. A first step toward making work pay is to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, pegging it to inflation; abolish the tipped minimum wage; and expand the Earned Income Tax Credit. No American who works full time should be in poverty.

2) Unionize low-wage workers. The rise and fall of the American middle class correlates almost exactly with the rise and fall of private-sector unions, because unions gave the middle class the bargaining power it needed to secure a fair share of the gains from economic growth. We need to reinvigorate unions, beginning with low-wage service occupations that are sheltered from global competition and from labor-replacing technologies. Lower-wage Americans deserve more bargaining power.

3) Invest in education. This investment should extend from early childhood through world-class primary and secondary schools, affordable public higher education, good technical education and lifelong learning. Education should not be thought of as a private investment; it is a public good that helps both individuals and the economy. Yet for too many Americans, high-quality education is unaffordable and unattainable. Every American should have an equal opportunity to make the most of herself or himself. High-quality education should be freely available to all, starting at the age of 3 and extending through four years of university or technical education.

4) Invest in infrastructure. Many working Americans—especially those on the lower rungs of the income ladder—are hobbled by an obsolete infrastructure that generates long commutes to work, excessively high home and rental prices, inadequate Internet access, insufficient power and water sources, and unnecessary environmental degradation. Every American should have access to an infrastructure suitable to the richest nation in the world.

5) Pay for these investments with higher taxes on the wealthy. Between the end of World War II and 1981 (when the wealthiest were getting paid a far lower share of total national income), the highest marginal federal income tax rate never fell below 70 percent, and the effective rate (including tax deductions and credits) hovered around 50 percent. But with Ronald Reagan’s tax cut of 1981, followed by George W. Bush’s tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, the taxes on top incomes were slashed, and tax loopholes favoring the wealthy were widened. The implicit promise—sometimes made explicit—was that the benefits from such cuts would trickle down to the broad middle class and even to the poor. As I’ve shown, however, nothing trickled down. At a time in American history when the after-tax incomes of the wealthy continue to soar, while median household incomes are falling, and when we must invest far more in education and infrastructure, it seems appropriate to raise the top marginal tax rate and close tax loopholes that disproportionately favor the wealthy.

6) Make the payroll tax progressive. Payroll taxes account for 40 percent of government revenues, yet they are not nearly as progressive as income taxes. One way to make the payroll tax more progressive would be to exempt the first $15,000 of wages and make up the difference by removing the cap on the portion of income subject to Social Security payroll taxes.

7) Raise the estate tax and eliminate the “stepped-up basis” for determining capital gains at death. As Piketty warns, the United States, like other rich nations, could be moving toward an oligarchy of inherited wealth and away from a meritocracy based on labor income. The most direct way to reduce the dominance of inherited wealth is to raise the estate tax by triggering it at $1 million of wealth per person rather than its current $5.34 million (and thereafter peg those levels to inflation). We should also eliminate the “stepped-up basis” rule that lets heirs avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciation of assets that occurred before the death of their benefactors.

8) Constrain Wall Street. The financial sector has added to the burdens of the middle class and the poor through excesses that were the proximate cause of an economic crisis in 2008, similar to the crisis of 1929. Even though capital requirements have been tightened and oversight strengthened, the biggest banks are still too big to fail, jail or curtail—and therefore capable of generating another crisis. The Glass-Steagall Act, which separated commercial- and investment-banking functions, should be resurrected in full, and the size of the nation’s biggest banks should be capped.

9) Give all Americans a share in future economic gains. The richest 10 percent of Americans own roughly 80 percent of the value of the nation’s capital stock; the richest 1 percent own about 35 percent. As the returns to capital continue to outpace the returns to labor, this allocation of ownership further aggravates inequality. Ownership should be broadened through a plan that would give every newborn American an “opportunity share” worth, say, $5,000 in a diversified index of stocks and bonds—which, compounded over time, would be worth considerably more. The share could be cashed in gradually starting at the age of 18.

10) Get big money out of politics. Last, but certainly not least, we must limit the political influence of the great accumulations of wealth that are threatening our democracy and drowning out the voices of average Americans. The Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision must be reversed—either by the Court itself, or by constitutional amendment. In the meantime, we must move toward the public financing of elections—for example, with the federal government giving presidential candidates, as well as House and Senate candidates in general elections, $2 for every $1 raised from small donors.

Building a Movement

It’s doubtful that these and other measures designed to reverse widening inequality will be enacted anytime soon. Having served in Washington, I know how difficult it is to get anything done unless the broad public understands what’s at stake and actively pushes for reform.

That’s why we need a movement for shared prosperity—a movement on a scale similar to the Progressive movement at the turn of the last century, which fueled the first progressive income tax and antitrust laws; the suffrage movement, which won women the vote; the labor movement, which helped animate the New Deal and fueled the great prosperity of the first three decades after World War II; the civil rights movement, which achieved the landmark Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts; and the environmental movement, which spawned the National Environmental Policy Act and other critical legislation.

Time and again, when the situation demands it, America has saved capitalism from its own excesses. We put ideology aside and do what’s necessary. No other nation is as fundamentally pragmatic. We will reverse the trend toward widening inequality eventually. We have no choice. But we must organize and mobilize in order that it be done.

[This essay appears in the current edition of “The Nation.”]

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Petras pulled no punches saying "(i)n an electoral system, run by and for a corporate oligarchy, deception and demagoguery are essential elements - entertaining the people while working for the wealthy."

Every US president does it. All congressional leaders. It's "de rigueur" to pretend to be "everyman." It persists while committing "war crimes worthy of prosecution."

It's play-acting. It's duplicity. Obama is the "master of deceit." He lacks an honest bone in his body.

He condemns torture while practicing it. He denounces Wall Street excess while supporting it. He wages one war after another while promising peace.

He backs Palestinian rights while trashing them. He supports the worst of Zionist militancy. He ignores institutionalized Israeli racism.

His word isn't his bond. He broke every major promise made. He's "hands down" the "greatest con-man president in American history," Petras explains.

His predecessors pale by comparison. "(T)he enormous gap between style and substance, promise and performance, peace and war, capital and labor, has never been greater," he added.

He continually promises one thing and does another. He's a scoundrel in the worst sense of the term.

He betrayed loyal constituents who supported him. He did so without a second thought. He's more racist than most white Americans.

He reflects the worst of demagogic duplicity. He defends the indefensible. He's a weapon of mass destruction. It bears repeating. He made America unfit to live in.

The Two Faces of a Police State: Sheltering Tax Evaders, Financial Swindlers and Money Launderers While Policing the Citizens

Petras cuts to the chase saying "(n)ever in the history of the United States have we witnessed crimes committed on the scale and scope of the present day by both private and state elites."

Never has so much harm been done to so many to benefit an elite few.

Never was extreme wealth been accumulated more easily at the expense of countless millions harmed.

Never have so-called civilized societies so egregiously trashed longstanding cherished values.

Never was grand theft more institutionalized. Never were amounts involved as great as now.

Never did pillage more greatly become the national pastime. Never did so-called democratic governance more swindle its own people.

Never before did so many mega-crooks go unpunished. Never was high-crime more common practice.

Never was government in bed with business for stakes this great. Never were more people harmed in the process.

Guiding US doctrine endorses "too rich for jail, too big to fail," said Petras. Ordinary people alone suffer.

Steal a billion, two or three and stay free. Steal a loaf of bread for hungry children and face prison time. Doing it three times perhaps means for life.

Law and order don't exist. Judicial unfairness is official policy. Ordinary people haven't a chance. Monied interests control things.

The Power of Israel in the United States

Israel Buys the US Congress: Sabotaging the US-Iran Peace Negotiations.

War or peace hangs in the balance. Thirty-five years of anti-Iranian hostility persists. Zionist power wants the Islamic Republic destroyed.

It wants all Israeli regional powers removed. It wants unchallenged military dominance.

It wants Israel given the right to steal Palestinian land freely. It wants it permitted to wage aggressive wars with impunity.

Attacking Iran risks regional or global war. Since WW II, "Israel has bombed, invaded and occupied more countries in the Middle East and Africa than any previous colonial power, except the US," says Petras.

Its victims include "Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan and Yemen." Its terror attacks and targeted assassinations include numerous other countries.

Israel operates lawlessly with impunity. America partners in its crimes. It provides billion of dollars in annual support.

Red lines, timelines, deadlines, sanctions, sabotage, subversion, cyber attacks, assassinations, saber rattling, warmongering, spurious accusations, manipulated to fail P5+1 talks, and inflammatory headlines up the stakes for war.

Pretexts are easy to invent. False flags precipitate them. Zionist power in America buys political support. It owns Congress. It gets most everything it wants.

Media scoundrels march in lockstep. Truth is systematically buried. Unflinching Israeli backing substitutes. Fifty-two major US Zionist organizations exert enormous influence. Political Washington bows to their will.

Obama with Israel Against the World

America is a dictatorship, says Petras. Constitutional law is null and void. It's "presidential toilet paper!" 

"Legal hacks and whores scratch their backsides and regurgitate the previous illegal executive orders in order to 'legitimize' new arbitrary powers to declare war" and destroy fundamental freedoms.

Abuse of power demands impeachment. It's a national imperative. America's Declaration of Independence states:

"(W)hen a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, (it's the right of the people, it's) their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Straightaway as president, Obama violated his sacred trust. He betrayed his constituents. He trashed rule of law principles.

He's guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. He spurns fundamental civil and human rights. He mocks democratic values. 

He threatens humanity. He's heading America for WW III. Removing him is top priority. The alternative is potentially grim.

Fifteen Minutes An American President

Obama's 2009 inaugural address promised "a new approach with a new emphasis on respect and a new willingness to talk."

Ravaging one country after another followed. So did overthrowing democratically elected leaders. Numerous other high crimes define his tenure.

He's a wolf in wolf's clothing. Neocons infest his administration. Peace is a four-letter word. Rule of law principles don't matter.

Diktat power runs things. Humanity is more than ever threatened. It may not survive on his watch. America is the real evil empire. No nation ever matched its ruthlessness. Perhaps none ever will.

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"When a country, like the United States, is in decline, it is not because of external competition: declining competitiveness is only a symptom," says Petras. 

"It is because of internal rot. Decline results when a nation is betrayed by craven leaders, who crawl and humiliate themselves before a minority of thuggish mediocrities pledged to a foreign state without scruples or moral integrity."

AIPAC is the most prominent face of US Zionist power. It fronts for Israel. It's an unregistered foreign agent. It calls itself "America's Pro-Israel Lobby."

Virtually no one in Congress confronts it. Doing so is a career-ender. 

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It's a weapon of mass destruction. It supports Israel's worst crimes. Its annual meetings are "the most outrageous public display of Zionist-Jewish power as it shapes US foreign policy," says Petras. 

"The sole purpose of AIPAC is to ensure Israel's unchallenged military and political power over a huge region from North Africa to the Persian Gulf."

Presidents, top administration officials, and congressional leaders pay homage to its power. 

They march to the same drummer. They collaborate in high crimes. They support what demands condemnation. 

They disgrace themselves in the process. They betray their constituents at the same time.

Fifty-two Major American Zionist Organizations control them. They serve a foreign government. 

They do so against the interests of ordinary Americans. They do it "without scruples or moral integrity," says Petras.

The Great Transformation of Jewish American Charities

Charity no longer defines them. Over time, they shifted disgracefully. They did so, Petras said, from: 

  • "social aid for working Jews, poor immigrants and elderly Holocaust victims to political influence peddling at the service of the highly militarized state of Israel; 

  • from engaging in social welfare for American Jews to political lobbying for military transfers to Israel; 

  • from grassroots leaders sharing life styles and struggles with their rank and file donors to millionaire CEOs entertaining Zionist billionaires and banging tables for Israel at the White House while paying off the Congressional influential; and 

  • from reaching out and aligning with Americans working for peace with justice in the Middle East to embracing every tin horn monarch and dictator who signs off on Israeli annexation of Palestinian land."

In the process, they lost their popular mass base. Members resigned in protest. Others were forced out. 

They're no longer Jewish community representatives. They front for lawless Israeli power. They do so without ethics or integrity.

Imperial and Zionist Wars and Terror in the Middle East: Palestine, Iran, Syria and Yemen

Israeli Terror: The "Final Solution" to the Palestine Question (page 130/31)

Longstanding ethnic cleansing reflects official Israeli policy. Palestinians are systematically dispossessed. 

For decades, Israel "confiscat(ed) their lands, destroy(ed) (their) homes, bulldoz(ed) (their) orchards and (established) 'Jews-only' colonial settlements serviced by highways, electrical systems and water works for the exclusive use of the settlers and occupying soldiers," said Petras.

Israel is the only nation without declared borders. Its Greater Israel objective explains why. It wants them expanded.

In 1982, Oded Yinon prepared "The Zionist Plan for the Middle East." The Association of Arab-American University Graduates called it "the most explicit, detailed and unambiguous statement to date of the Zionist strategy in the Middle East."

"Its importance...lies not in its historical value but in the nightmare which it represents."

It states for Israel to survive, it must dominate the region. It must become a world power.

Doing so requires balkanizing Arab nations along ethnic and sectarian lines. It involves making them Israeli satellites.

Israel wants all historical Palestinian land, said Petras. It wants non-Jews "expel(led)." It wants Jews alone granted rights. It denies Palestinians entirely.

It commits high crimes too grave to ignore. It does so daily. It literally gets away with murder with impunity. So-called peace talks mock legitimate ones.

Palestinians are largely on their own to survive. Besieged Gazans suffer most of all. Israel keeps them isolated illegally.

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas is a longtime Israeli collaborator. So are other PA officials. They're Israeli enforcers. 

They betray their own people for generous benefits derived. They're complicit in causing enormous human suffering.

Obama at the General Assembly: Sacrificing Palestine for Zionist Campaign Funds

Petras discussed his September 21, 2011 address. He "overt(ly) pander(ed) to Israel," he said. He's done it at AIPAC conferences.

He supports lawless Israeli policy. He spurns fundamental Palestinian rights. He's indifferent to their vital needs.

"From the angle of satisfying the US Zionist power configuration (ZPC) and securing a massive flow of re-election financing, Obama's (2011) UN speech was a smashing success," Petras explained.

He grovels before Zionist interests. He supports hugely destructive ones. He turns a blind eye to Israel's settlement project. 

He finances its wars of aggression. He vetoes all justifiable anti-Israeli Security Council resolutions

He supports wrong over right. He's a war criminal multiple times over. He disgraces the office he holds.

Israeli Bombers: Al Qaeda's Air Force

Israeli history reflects multiple crimes of war, against humanity and slow-motion genocide.

Generations of leaders deplored peace. They thrive on war. "Its foreign policy depends on perpetual regional wars and political instability," said Petras.

Fifty-two Major American Zionist Organizations endorse its lawlessness. Israel is partnered with Obama's war on Syria. 

It wants another regional rival removed. Iran's turn awaits. In 2014, Israel budgeted nearly $3 billion dollars for war on the Islamic Republic.

Waging it would be madness. It remains to be seen what follows. It doesn't matter what Israel does most often.

"The entire Zionist power configuration in Washington has lined up to support the Jewish state," said Petras. 

"When Israel commits an act of war against its neighbor, no matter how unjust and brutal the act, Zionists from the most religious to the most secular, the 'peacenik' and neo-cons, all form a united chorus in praise of the righteous and moral 'Jewish Bombs' even as they fall on the besieged people of Syria today and Iran tomorrow."

Peace remains elusive. It's nowhere in sight so far nor benefits accrued if it arrives.

The Bloody Road to Damascus: The Triple Alliance's War on a Sovereign State

Syria is Obama's war. Proxy death squad invaders are used. So far they lack an air force. Obama likely plans Libya 2.0.

Plans to initiate it last summer were postponed. They weren't cancelled. Full-scale war on Assad may be one major false flag incident away.

It remains to be seen what Obama plans. He wants another imperial trophy. Plans to oust Assad are firm.

The road to Tehran runs through Damascus. It's "paved with lies," Petras explains. It bears repeating. Iran's turn awaits. Perhaps regional war will follow.

Saudi Arabia: A Retrograde Rentier Dictatorship and Global Terrorism

Saudi Arabian governance mocks legitimacy. It "has all the vices and none of the virtues of an oil rich state like Venezuela," said Petras. 

It's "governed by a family dictatorship which tolerates no opposition and severely punishes human rights advocates and political dissidents."

It "finances the most fanatical, retrograde, misogynist version of Islam, the 'Wahhabi' sect of Sunni Islam."

It's a valued US ally. America supports some of the world's most ruthless despots. It targets independent governments for regime change.

It want subservient pro-Western puppet leadership replacing them. It spurns democracy at home and abroad.

It's waging terror wars on humanity. It's spending trillions of dollars doing so. It lets vital homeland needs go begging. It wants unchallenged global dominance.

Iran-US Interim Agreement: Historic Breakthrough of Historic Sellout?

American agreements aren't worth the paper they're written on. US history reflects it. Native Americans suffered through centuries of heroic lost struggles. From 1492 to today, they experienced promises made and broken.

Winning the West involved betraying them. One US treaty after another was violated. Imperialism works this way. Things haven't changed. Today they're worse than ever.

Earlier US policy makers sought sea to shinning sea dominance. Today they want it globally. They want it unchallenged. They'll stop at nothing to get it.

Obama is America's latest rogue leader. He's a moral coward. He's a serial liar. His word isn't his bond. Petras asked if the so-called "historic (Geneva) breakthrough" was real or a mirage.

Does it end 34 years of Iran bashing? Or is it the latest US betrayal dressed up in diplomatic mumbo jumbo?

The Big Lie about an Iranian nuclear threat persists. It's fake. It's a red herring. US intelligence reports say so. 

It's common knowledge in Washington. It doesn't matter. Congressional Iran bashing continues. So do punitive administration actions. 

Petras said Geneva ostensibly "is directed toward undermining Iran's potential 'capacity' to have a nuclear program: there are no weapons to destroy, no weapons plans exist, no war plans exist and there are no strategic offensive military operations on the Iranian 'drawing board.' "

"We know this because repeated US intelligence reports" say so.

"So the entire current negotiations are over weakening Iran's ongoing peaceful, legal nuclear program..."

They aim to "undermin(e) any future advance in nuclear technology that might protect Iran from an Israeli or US attack..."

Longstanding US/Israeli policy prioritizes destroying Iranian independence. It's replacing it with pro-Western puppet governance. 

It's advancing US/Israeli imperialism. It's eliminating all rival states. It's establishing unchallenged control. It's going all out by whatever means necessary.

Iran sought normalized relations with Washington and other Western countries for decades. It offered major concessions.

Its sincere efforts were spurned. Is this time different? Has Washington turned a page? Obama has all the proving to do. If past is prologue, don't expect it.

The Assassination of Anwar Al-Awlaki by Fiat

Obama ordered death by drone missile. He murdered a US citizen abroad. He did so without justification. 

He committed cold-blooded murder. For sure not for the first time. Or the last. He governs by diktat authority. He ignores fundamental rule of law principles.

Bill of Rights protections are gone. International law doesn't matter. Washington rules alone apply. Hegemons operate that way. 

So do rogue leaders like Obama. It bears repeating. He exceeds the worst of his predecessors.

Oligarchs, Demagogues and Mass Revolts…Against Democracy

US democracy exists in name only. Most other European ones operate the same way. Monied interests alone matter. Ordinary people have no say.

So-called "color-coded 'mass revolts' in Eastern Europe (including former Soviet republics) featured (duplicitous) popular leaders who exhorted the masses in the name of 'independence and democracy…," said Petras.

They were "pro-NATO, pro(Western) (imperial stooges) liked to neoliberal elites."

Modern-day "oligarchs privatized and sold off the most lucrative sectors of the economy, throwing millions out of work." 

"They dismantled the welfare state and handed over their military bases to NATO for the stationing of foreign troops and the placement of missiles aimed at Russia."

They betrayed their own people in the process. Things are worse now than ever.

Washington's history reflects backing governments spurning the needs of their own people. Western monied interests alone matter.

Hard times inflict enormous punishment. Wars compound the worst of conditions. Things continue going from bad to worse. A race to the bottom harms countless millions.

Petras concludes saying "understanding imperial politics requires: 

  • analyzing its changing structure and operational code; 

  • identifying its ideology and technological innovations;

  • analyzing the domestic foundations of empire and the interplay between overseas expansion and internal decay; and 

  • locating idiosyncratic domestic political configurations which influence and direct the particular policies and strategies of empire builders."

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.

McCutcheon, and the Vicious Cycle of Concentrated Wealth and Political Power

If wealth and income weren’t already so concentrated in the hands of a few, the shameful “McCutcheon” decision by the five Republican appointees to the Supreme Court wouldn’t be as dangerous. But by taking “Citizen’s United” one step further and effectively eviscerating campaign finance laws, the Court has issued an invitation to oligarchy.

Almost limitless political donations coupled with America’s dramatically widening inequality create a vicious cycle in which the wealthy buy votes that lower their taxes, give them bailouts and subsidies, and deregulate their businesses – thereby making them even wealthier and capable of buying even more votes. Corruption breeds more corruption.

That the richest four hundred Americans now have more wealth than the poorest 150 million Americans put together, the wealthiest 1 percent own over 35 percent of the nation’s private assets, and 95 percent of all the economic gains since the start of the recovery in 2009 have gone to the top 1 percent — all of this is cause for worry, and not just because it means the middle class lacks the purchasing power necessary to get the economy out of first gear.

It is also worrisome because such great concentrations of wealth so readily compound themselves through politics, rigging the game in their favor and against everyone else. “McCutcheon” merely accelerates this vicious cycle. 

As Thomas Piketty shows in his monumental “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” this was the pattern in advanced economies through much of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. And it is coming to be the pattern once again.

Picketty is pessimistic that much can be done to reverse it (his sweeping economic data suggest that slow growth will almost automatically concentrate great wealth in a relatively few hands). But he disregards the political upheavals and reforms that such wealth concentrations often inspire — such as America’s populist revolts of the 1890s followed by the progressive era, or the German socialist movement in the 1870s followed by Otto von Bismarck’s creation of the first welfare state.

In America of the late nineteenth century, the lackeys of robber barons literally deposited sacks of money on the desks of pliant legislators, prompting the great jurist Louis Brandeis to note that the nation had a choice: “We can have a democracy or we can have great wealth in the hands of a few,” he said. “But we cannot have both.”

Soon thereafter America made the choice. Public outrage gave birth to the nation’s first campaign finance laws, along with the first progressive income tax. The trusts were broken up and regulations imposed to bar impure food and drugs. Several states enacted America’s first labor protections, including the 40-hour workweek.

The question is when do we reach another tipping point, and what happens then?

Ukraine: Unraveling the Planned Chaos

William F. Jasper “In a perverse way, the more aggressive the posturing by Russia, the more likely it is that the West will stump up...

Billionaires Are Warping Our Political System

Robert B. Reich  RINF Alternative News Charles and David Koch should not be blamed for having more wealth than the bottom 40 percent of Americans put...

The New Billionaire Political Bosses

Charles and David Koch should not be blamed for having more wealth than the bottom 40 percent of Americans put together. Nor should they be condemned for their petrochemical empire. As far as I know, they’ve played by the rules and obeyed the laws.

They’re also entitled to their own right-wing political views. It’s a free country.  

But in using their vast wealth to change those rules and laws in order to fit their political views, the Koch brothers are undermining our democracy. That’s a betrayal of the most precious thing Americans share.

The Kochs exemplify a new reality that strikes at the heart of America. The vast wealth that has accumulated at the top of the American economy is not itself the problem. The problem is that political power tends to rise to where the money is. And this combination of great wealth with political power leads to greater and greater accumulations and concentrations of both — tilting the playing field in favor of the Kochs and their ilk, and against the rest of us.

America is not yet an oligarchy, but that’s where the Koch’s and a few other billionaires are taking us.   

American democracy used to depend on political parties that more or less represented most of us. Political scientists of the 1950s and 1960s marveled at American “pluralism,” by which they meant the capacities of parties and other membership groups to reflect the preferences of the vast majority of citizens.

Then around a quarter century ago, as income and wealth began concentrating at the top, the Republican and Democratic Parties started to morph into mechanisms for extracting money, mostly from wealthy people.

Finally, after the Supreme Court’s “Citizen’s United” decision in 2010, billionaires began creating their own political mechanisms, separate from the political parties. They started providing big money directly to political candidates of their choice, and creating their own media campaigns to sway public opinion toward their own views.

So far in the 2014 election cycle, “Americans for Prosperity,” the Koch brother’s political front group, has aired more than 17,000 broadcast TV commercials, compared with only 2,100 aired by Republican Party groups.

"Americans for Prosperity" has also been outspending top Democratic super PACs in nearly all of the Senate races Republicans are targeting this year. In seven of the nine races the difference in total spending is at least two-to-one and Democratic super PACs have had virtually no air presence in five of the nine states.

The Kochs have spawned several imitators. Through the end of February, four of the top five contributors to 2014 super-PACs are now giving money to political operations they themselves created, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

For example, billionaire TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts and his son, Todd, co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, have their own $25 million political operation called “Ending Spending.” The group is now investing heavily in TV ads against Republican Representative Walter Jones in a North Carolina primary (they blame Jones for too often voting with Obama).

Their ad attacking Democratic New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen for supporting Obama’s health-care law has become a template for similar ads funded by the Koch’s “Americans for Prosperity” in Senate races across the country.

When billionaires supplant political parties, candidates are beholden directly to the billionaires. And if and when those candidates win election, the billionaires will be completely in charge. 

At this very moment, Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson (worth an estimated $37.9 billion) is busy interviewing potential Republican candidates whom he might fund, in what’s being called the “Sheldon Primary.”

“Certainly the ‘Sheldon Primary’ is an important primary for any Republican running for president,” says Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary under President George W. Bush. “It goes without saying that anybody running for the Republican nomination would want to have Sheldon at his side.”

The new billionaire political bosses aren’t limited to Republicans. Democratic-leaning billionaires Tom Steyer, a former hedge-fund manager, and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have also created their own political groups. But even if the two sides were equal, billionaires squaring off against each other isn’t remotely a democracy.

In his much-talked-about new book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” economist Thomas Piketty explains why the rich have become steadily richer while the share of national income going to wages continues to drop. He shows that when wealth is concentrated in relatively few hands, and the income generated by that wealth grows more rapidly than the overall economy – as has been the case in the United States and many other advanced economies for years – the richest receive almost all the income growth.

Logically, this leads to greater and greater concentrations of income and wealth in the future – dynastic fortunes that are handed down from generation to generation, as they were prior to the twentieth century in much of the world.  

The trend was reversed temporarily in the twentieth century by the Great Depression, two terrible wars, the development of the modern welfare state, and strong labor unions. But Piketty is justifiably concerned about the future.

A new gilded age is starting to look a lot like the old one. The only way to stop this is through concerted political action. Yet the only large-scale political action we’re witnessing is that of Charles and David Koch, and their billionaire imitators.

Killing The World By Feeding the World: The Onslaught Of Pro-GM Propaganda By Officialdom...

Global Research 28/3/2014

The British government appears hell bent on ramming the GM biotech sector’s poison done the throats of the British people. Food and Farming Secretary Owen Paterson has been called a puppet of the sector and is either ignorant of or is wholly misrepresenting the efficacy and health impacts of GMOs (1), while Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Advisor of the European Commission, has been accused of presenting lies as facts over the GM issue (2).

Now the British government’s Chief Scientist, Mark Walport, has insisted that EU rules banning the commercial cultivation of GM crops have to be changed to feed the world:

“We take it for granted that because shelves in supermarkets are heaving with food there is no problem. But we have limited agricultural land around the world and in the UK.
Climate disruption and population growth are increasing the pressures on food supply. The challenge is to get more from existing land in a sustainable way, or people will go unfed.”

In a recent letter to PM David Cameron, he said:

“We should have confidence in the scientific evidence which concludes that, when properly controlled, GM products are as safe as their conventional counterparts.”

Genetic scientist Jonathan Jones has weighed in by claiming:

“How anyone could think this is a bad thing boggles the mind. We need to better explain that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the GM method.”

Perhaps Paterson, Glover, Walport and Jones would like to turn their minds to a vast body of scientific evidence that serves to make their claims look ridiculous. If Walport places so much faith in scientific evidence, here is some for him to chew on.

GMOs and glyphosate, which is used in conjunction with many GM crops and in increasing quantities as more GM crops are planted (3,4), are associated with birth defects and infertility (5), autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s (6), celiac disease and gluten intolerance (7), Morgollons disease (8) and a wide range of other diseases (9,10).

In terms of solving hunger, his argument is flawed too: more traditional methods of producing food produce lead to greater results and are genuinely sustainable, unlike chemical-industrial agriculture and GMOs which are clearly not (11,12,13,14,15).

Predictably, however, much of the mounting evidence about the negative impacts of GMOs is dismissed by the GM sector as ‘bad science’ appearing in bogus (yet peer reviewed) publications, whereas the ‘independent’ studies that the sector’s mouthpieces choose to quote are carried out, funded or somehow supported by from the industry itself.

GMOs and the imperialist mindset

If Paterson et al really want to address hunger, they need look no further than the type of corporate-driven economic plunder being pursued under the guise of neo-liberalism (16) and the associated nature of the global system of food production and distribution (17), which by creating indebtedness and destroying food sovereignty is skewed to benefit rich nations and creates and sustains hunger and food poverty and unnecessary ‘population pressures’ in parts of the world.

Paterson et al may like to take a hard look at the imperialist policies being pursued by rich nations under the banner of ‘globalisation’ or ‘spreading democracy’ via militarism or ‘free’ trade if they or the corporations they are backing are keen to talk about feeding the world and a world of plenty for all. Those policies, whether applied to Ukraine(18), India(19) or imposed on ordinary people in the EU (20) or elsewhere are aimed at concentrating wealth and power in the hands of a corporate global oligarchy. The type of solution they propose for food poverty is the type of solution that springs from an engrained imperialist mindset, however unwitting that mindset may be. We already live in a world of plenty – appropriated from those who are denied it.

As if to underline that fact, many people in Britainare going hungry, one of the richest nations on the planet, not because of a lack of food, but because they are being impoverished as a result of the very policies outlined above (21). It’s a microcosm of what’s happening throughout the world.  

Such people (Walport, Paterson, etc) could spend their time more usefully by lobbying against such policies as opposed to lobbying for the corporations and the US state that fuel this system and which seek to profit from using tampered with food as a weapon to control food producers, food consumers and nation states.

New pro-GM ‘independent’ report

Walport and Jones’s statements came on the back of a report from a government advisory body released last week. It was presented as an ‘independent’ report in a bid to speed up the use of GM food in the UK, regardless of the fact that British people do not want it (22). However, according to the Mail Online (23), all five authors of the report have a vested interest in promoting GM crops. Little surprise then that they call for GM crops to be fast-tracked into Britain.

The academics who authored the report were selected by the Council for Science and Technology, the body that advises the British Prime Minister on science policy issues. According to Sean Poulter and Ben Spencer of the Mail Online, no information was given during the press conference about the report regarding the five scientists, beyond their names and the institutions they work for.

One is a consultant for Syngenta, which gives his academic department research funding. Syngenta is behind a GA21 GM maize or corn, which could go into farms as early as next spring, making it Britain’s first commercially grown GM crop. Another author works for the Sainsbury Laboratory, which is at the centre of Britain’s GM research. It is part-funded by Lord Sainsbury, who is one of the country’s biggest supporters of the technology. And another author was a founder member of CropGen, which describes its mission as "to make the case for GM crops and foods."

The study suggested GM crops could save the hungry in the developing world from starvation and create new plants resistant to disease and pests - similar to the usual PR that the GM sector spews out in its glossy brochures. The authors argued that current EU regulation should be re-drawn to allow the UKto go it alone and plant the crops, even if the rest of Europeobjects.

Claire Robinson of GM Watch has said:

"By no stretch of the imagination can these people be described as independent scientists. Their views should be treated with the same scepticism we would apply to any sales pitch."

Critics say the timing of the release of the study and a supporting letter from Mark Walport, are highly suspicious. The details were sent to PM David Cameron in November, but Walport and ministers delayed going public until now. Walport claimed that the regulations, which have so far kept commercial GM cultivation out of Britain, are not fit for purpose and need urgent changes.

Owen Paterson, who is little more than a mouthpiece for the GM sector, is trying to convince the EU to allow Britain to plant GM crops even if other states want a ban. The Mail Online says the publication of the supposedly independent study calling for exactly this policy is expected to prove useful in those negotiations.

Director of GM Freeze, Liz O’Neill, asserts:

"A group of scientists with financial interests in the success of GM wrote a letter to the Prime Minister in November, but waited four months to tell the press about it: just in time for EU discussions about regulation. Something certainly smells a bit fishy."

Dr Brian John, of the group GM Free Wales, said:

"This extraordinary report, published very conveniently to coincide with Owen Paterson’s attempts within the EU to dismantle GM regulations and to repatriate powers to the UK, is in turns naive, biased, disingenuous, cynical, and downright dangerous. We find it incredible that five senior scientists can have been so dismissive of the work of  scores of independent scientists who have discovered that GM organisms are directly and indirectly harmful to mammals and to  the environment. In the world of science there should be respect for those whose findings are 'inconvenient."

The Science Media Centre, which released the report, insisted the authors were independent. A spokesman said:

"They are not employed by government or industry, and each works for different publicly funded universities and research institutes. For better or worse, it’s not unusual any more for universities and institutions to get bits and pieces of funding from government, charities and industry – indeed many can only access public money on condition that they raise a proportion of their funds from commercial or private sources. This does not automatically undermine their independence."

One of the authors of the report by the, which advises the government, argued that the debate had been skewed by an anti-GM ‘neurosis’ which has slowed progress.

Soil Association chief executive Helen Browning argued:

"It’s really just not good enough for a group of scientists who have a strong interest, it seems, through their funding sources, in persuading a reluctant public to accept the growing of GM crops in the UK, to be the ones who attempt to write the rule book on how that should happen."

Does Britainor for that matter the world want to hand over its entire food sovereignty to USagribusiness, which wants to control the entire system of food production and distribution (24)? Recent events in Indiaindicate how GM sector puppets in high political office are narrowing our choice (25). People are already dying as a result of the chemicals being inserted into and sprayed onto their food. GMOs offer more of the same and also provide the opportunity for the USto hold virtually every country on the planet to ransom once its corporations own all food, from lab to seed to table.  


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Concerning the Facts and Consequences of the Tragic Death of President John F. Kennedy

By Fidel Castro

The following is the text of a commentary and analysis delivered by Fidel Castro on Cuban radio and TV, Saturday evening, November 23, 1963, one day after the assassination of President Kennedy.

The address gives the reader insight into the immediate analysis of the assassination which a political expert such as Castro was able to make.

This English translation of the speech was released by the Cuban delegation to the United Nations in 1963. It is here reproduced with minor editing of grammar and punctuation.

The address was edited by Robert Morrow in 2012 and previously appeared at The Education Forum.

Always, when something very important has happened,
national or international, we have thought it desirable to speak
to the people, to express our opinions. And in every such case to
express the orientation of the Government, the orientation of our
Party, so that each one of us all know the attitude we should
adopt in each one of these situations.

It is true that we are somewhat accustomed to various types
of unexpected events, important, serious events, because since the
victory of the Revolution our country has had to face a series of
problems, a series of situations that have prepared the people to
carry forward their victorious revolution.

Therefore, because of the events of yesterday in the United
States in which the President was murdered, because of the
repercussion these events can have, because of the role that the
United States plays in the problems of international policy,
because of this, we believe that we should make a specially
objective and calm analysis of these events and of their possible

The government of the United States, the former
administration of Eisenhower and the Kennedy administration,
did not practice precisely a policy of friendship toward us. The
policy of both administrations was characterized by its aggressive,
hostile, and implacable spirit toward our country.

Our country was the victim of economic aggressions intended
to cause the ruin of our economy and the starvation of our
people; it was the victim of all kinds of attacks that caused
bloodshed; hundreds of our compatriots have lost their lives,
defending themselves from attacks of U.S. imperialism, and not
only this. The hostility and the aggressiveness of U.S. imperialism
toward our country took us to the brink of war which was
fortunately avoided, took the world to the brink of thermonuclear

And even when we were not facing a situation like the crisis
of October, and the time of the invasion of Giron [Bay of Pigs],
we were all perfectly aware that if the plots they were planning
against our country had been carried through, that is to say, if
imperialism had been able to establish a beachhead on our shores,
that struggle would have cost our people tens of thousands, and
perhaps even hundreds of thousands of lives.

We have been victims of the constant hostility of the United
States. And among the rulers and the leading men of the United
States, there falls on Kennedy an important responsibility in these

Nevertheless, the news of the murder of the President of the
United States is serious news and bad news. We should analyze
it thoroughly in order to understand it; above all, analyze it
serenely and dispassionately, as revolutionaries should analyze
these things.

I say it is bad news, leaving aside the human question, in that
the sensitivity of man, any man, is affected by an act of this
nature, by a crime, by a murder. I say that leaving these
questions aside, I always react and I am sure that this is the
reaction of the immense majority of human beings – we always
react with repulsion toward murder and toward crime.

We cannot consider this to be a correct weapon of struggle -
no, we cannot consider that. Above all under the conditions in
which it happened, because – like all these things – it is always
necessary to consider the atmosphere, the things, the

In other settings, under other circumstances, whatever they
may be in a normal situation, in a peaceful situation, a deed of
this nature is never justifiable. Especially in the middle of a
crowd, in the presence of women, all these things, which above
all – I say – are the circumstances that lead us to take a
condemnatory attitude toward something, even though some
deeds of a political nature, some crimes of a political nature, may
or may not be justified.

In the circumstances that surrounded the assassination of
President Kennedy, we believe it has no justification.

But analyzing the question from the political, objective point
of view, I also said it was serious news, bad news.

And some will ask why? Why precisely the Cubans, who
have received so many aggressions on the part of the United
States, from the Kennedy Administration itself, why can they say
that it is bad news, why can they take an attitude of this kind in
the face of this news? But in the first place we Cubans must react
as revolutionaries. In the second place, we Cubans, as conscious
revolutionaries, should not confuse men with systems. And we
have to begin by considering that we do not hate men, we hate

We hate the imperialist system, we hate the capitalist system,
but this does not mean that we hate men as such, as individuals,
part of a machine, a more or less important part of a system.

So we should not confuse hatred of a system with the
sentiment we should harbor toward men, which is a different
sentiment; it is not a sentiment of hatred, and much less a
sentiment of hatred which in a case like this would be despicable.

As Marxist-Leninists, we know that the role of man is a
relative role in each historical epoch, in each society, at each
given moment, and we should know the role that man plays in
each society. And above all it is a question of elemental principle:
we do not hate men, we hate systems.

We would be happy at the death of a system; the
disappearance of a system would always make us happy. The
victory of a revolution always makes us happy.

The death of a man, even though this man may be our
enemy, does not make us happy. In the first place, this should be
our attitude as a matter of principle.

And further it is very characteristic of us Cubans, of Latins,
of Spanish-Americans- who are a mixture of races with certain
characteristics – that death always ends our animosity. We
always bow with respect in the face of death, even though it may
be the death of an enemy.

But then, I said that the deed itself could have very negative
repercussions on the interests of our country. But it is not the
interests of our country in this case but the interests of the whole
world that are involved. We must know how to place the
interests of mankind above the interests of our country. I
consider it a negative event for the interests of mankind. And I
am going to explain why.

Because in certain international political situations, at a given
moment, there can be bad situations or worse situations. The
death of President Kennedy has all the perspectives involved in
going from a bad situation to a worse situation: the possibility
exists that from a determined situation, another situation could
unfold and develop that could be highly damaging to the interests
of peace, to the interests of mankind.

Why? Do we perhaps think that the United States holds a
defensible political position in the international field? No, the
international policy of the United States cannot be defended. Its
policy of aggression, policy of violating the rights of other
nations, of interference in the internal affairs of other countries,
of domination, of repression, of bloodshed, of alliance with the
most reactionary sectors of the world, of participation in bloody
wars against the people who struggle for their liberation – as in
the case of South Vietnam – its attitude towards the people of
Latin America, its attitude towards us, and finally its
international position, is in no way defensible from the moral
point of view.

However, within American society and within the policy of
the United States, there are supporters of a much more
reactionary policy, of a policy much more aggressive, much more

And the whole condition of the internal policy of the United
States, the internal struggle for power in the United States, the
currents that struggle within the United States, the assassination
of President Kennedy, tend to convert the present policy of the
United States into a worse policy and to aggravate the evils of
U.S. policy.

That is to say that there are elements in the United States
who defend a more reactionary policy in every field, in
international and internal policy, and these are the sole elements
who can benefit from the events that occurred yesterday in the
United States.

Why? Because in the United States a number of forces, a
number of very powerful bodies within U.S. society, very much
influenced by big interests in the United States, have been
developing, and there is no doubt that a U.S. President possessing
the highest authority implies a situation less serious than a
President without the highest authority, in such a situation.

A President is a political man, who should take into account
many factors, advice, opinions, and influences, who is eminently
political, who without doubt, behaves differently in general than
those who we might say are not professional politicians, who
have other professions, other interests, and those political
reactions are always the worst reactions.

In the United States there are a number of powerful forces:
economic, political, military. Many of these forces have a fixed
policy and more than once we have spoken of this problem.
Take the clash, for instance, between the political currents of the
State Department and the military currents of the Pentagon. We
have often seen the manifestations of this struggle in Latin
America, how there are currents in the United States, above all
military currents that support the policy of military coups, and
there are political currents that defend another type of policy -
not that it is a good policy, but clothed in a civilian government,
even pseudo-liberal.

Unquestionably when [there] is a recognized, accepted, strong
authority in the United States, the dangers that arise from the
struggle of a whole series of reactionary currents within the
powerful organizations of the United States are much less than
when this authority does not exist. And without any shadow of
doubt, Kennedy had this authority in the United States.

Now, suddenly a new situation is created, where a President
who, because of circumstances in which he holds power, that in
being Vice President, and then because of an unexpected
circumstance becoming President of the Republic, independent of
what his character may be, because here it is not a question of
the character of the person or his personality, but [because] of the
circumstances, does not come to power with the same personal
authority as President Kennedy had. And therefore a question
begins to arise in respect to the influence within all those forces,
of the new authority who assumes power, of the new President
who takes over the reins of Government.

In the United States there are very reactionary currents, racist
currents, that is to say opposed to the demand for the civil and
social rights of the Negro population, Klu Klux Klan people,
who lynch, who kill and use dogs, who bitterly hate all Negro
citizens in the United States, who nurture a brutal hatred. Those
naturally are the ultra-reactionary.

In the United States there are economic forces, powerful
economic interests, just as ultra-reactionary, who have a
completely reactionary position on all international problems. In
the United States there are forces that support an increased
intervention by the United States [in] international questions, a
greater use of the U.S. military in international questions. There
are, for example, currents in the United States that are
intransigent supporters of the direct invasion of our country.
In the United States there are partisans of the application of
drastic measures against any government that adopts the smallest
measure of a nationalist character, of an economic character that
benefits its country.

And finally, there are a number of groups that can all be
included in one concept: the ultra-right in the United States, the
ultra-reaction in the United States, and this ultra-reaction in each
and every one of the internal and external problems of the
United States is an advocate of the worst procedure, of the most
aggressive and most dangerous and most reckless policy against

In the United States there are also liberal currents, some more
liberal, some more advanced, other less advanced. There are some
men on the right who are more radical, and other more
moderate. There are certain intellectual sectors that are not
constantly thinking in terms of force, but are thinking along lines
of diplomacy, instead of force, who have a less aggressive policy
- a more moderate policy.

That is to say, in the United States there is a whole range of
political thinking that runs from men of the extreme right to
men of the extreme left, men who are more to the left in their
political thinking.

And in this situation there is a variety of opinion, of more or
less moderate attitudes. There are liberals, intellectual sectors of
the United States who understand the errors in the policy of the
United States, who are not in agreement with many of the things
that the United States has done in international policy.

And what happened yesterday can only benefit those ultrarightist
and ultra-reactionary sectors, among which President
Kennedy or some of the men who worked with him cannot be
included. They could not be placed in the extreme reaction- in
the extreme right.

And even within the situation in the United States, within
the policy of the United States, which as a whole is indefensible,
Kennedy was strongly attacked by the most reactionary, most
aggressive, and most war-like circles.

You will recall that on the eve of the October crisis of last
year, there was a whole campaign, with great pressure, including
laws and resolutions in Congress, pushing Kennedy [and] the
Administration towards war, trying to create a situation of
imperative action.

Everybody will recall that on other occasions, we have stated
that one of the political errors of Kennedy in respect to Cuba
was to have played the game of his enemies. For example, to
have continued the invasion plans against Cuba that the
Republican administration had organized.

And out of all this arose the possibility in the United States
for a policy of blackmail on the part of the Republicans. That is,
Kennedy presented the Republicans with the weapon of Cuba.
How? He continued the aggressive policy of the Republicans, and
they used it as a political weapon against him.

But at times very strong campaigns, powerful movements
within the United States Congress pressed the Administration for
a more aggressive policy against us. All those factors and all these
forces on the extreme right in the United States fought Kennedy
very hard precisely on those points in which he did not agree
with the extreme aggressive policy called for by these sectors.

There are a number of issues that gave rise to constant
criticism by these ultra-right sectors. For instance, the Cuban
problem, the agreement reached at the time of the October Crisis
not to invade Cuba, one of the points in Kennedy’s policy most
consistently attacked by the ultra-reactionary sectors. The
agreement on the ending of nuclear tests was another point very
much debated within the United States, and it had the most
resolute and fierce opposition of the most ultra-reactionary.

Elements in the United States were against agreements of this

Everyone knows what our position was on this problem.
Everyone also knows the reason for our position, regardless of
the fact that we consider that this was a step forward that could
mark the beginning of a policy of lasting peace, in favor of true
disarmament, but a policy that was never applied in our case.
Because while the nuclear test ban treaty was being signed, the
policy of aggression against Cuba was accentuated.

But we are not now analyzing the problem in relation to
what happened in our case, but in relation to what was
happening in the world, and above all in relation to what some
were doing and others thinking in the United States.
That is to say, there were many sectors in the United States,
many ultra-reactionary elements that carried out a fierce
campaign against the nuclear test ban treaty.

There are other elements in the United States that violently
opposed the legislation of civil rights proposed by Kennedy
regarding the Negro problem in the United States.

We are not dealing with the case of a revolutionary law or of
a great effort, because this great effort in favor of equality and
civil rights, especially in favor of the rights of the U.S. Negroes,
has not been made in the United States. But be that as it may it
was legislation that contained a series of measures that, from a
legal point of view, tended to protect the rights of the Negro
population. This legislation was blocked and held back by the
strong opposition of the most reactionary sectors in the United
States, of those sectors in favor of racial discrimination.

And thus, on a whole series of issues of international policy,
there are in the United States elements that support a preventive
nuclear war, who are in favor of launching a surprise nuclear
war, because they stubbornly think that this should be the policy
of the United States. Reactionary and neo-fascist elements
without any consideration whatsoever for the most elementary
rights of nations or the interests of mankind.

And it is a strictly objective fact that there are such types of
capitalists, such types of reactionaries. And there is no doubt that
the worst type of capitalism is nazism; the worst type of
imperialism was nazism. And the most criminal mentality was
the mentality of imperialism in its nazi form. And so there is a
whole series of degrees in these questions.

So analyzing the question objectively, whenever a strong
accepted personal authority is lacking in the situation, ways and
conditions in which U.S. policy is carried out, all these
reactionary forces find a magnificent opportunity, and in fact are
finding a magnificent opportunity, to unleash their unbridled and
ultra-reactionary policy.

And these are the sectors, the currents, the only ones that
could benefit by an event such as the one that occurred yesterday
in the United States.

This is analyzing the automatic result of this event. Independent
of another aspect of the question: What is behind the
assassination of Kennedy? What were the real motives for the
assassination of Kennedy? What forces, factors, circumstances
were at work behind this sudden and unexpected event that
occurred yesterday?

News that took everyone by surprise, something that possibly
no one had even imagined.

Even up to this moment, the events that led to the murder of
the President of the United States continue to be confused,
obscure, and unclear.

And there are some things which are clear symptoms of what
I have been saying: that the most reactionary forces in the United
States are at large.

For instance, the worst symptom is the advantage they are
taking of the event to unleash within the United States a state of
anti-Soviet hysteria and of anti-Cuban hysteria; this, in the first
place. It means that the new administration that is taking over
may find itself facing a situation of hysteria, unleashed in the
United States, precisely by the most reactionary sector of the
country, by the most reactionary press, with the great resources
that powerful political currents have within the United States.

That is to say that already they are combining to create a
frame of mind in the U.S. public opinion, and its worst
characteristic is that they are waging a campaign in the worst
McCarthyite spirit, in the worst anti-communist spirit.

At the time of President Kennedy’s murder, it ran through
the minds of most people . . . and surely it ran through the
minds of the large majority of U.S. citizens, and this was only
logical- that President Kennedy’s assassination was the work of
some elements who disagreed with his international policy; that
is to say, with his nuclear treaty, with his policy with respect to
Cuba – which they did not consider aggressive enough, and
which they considered weak – with his policy with respect to
internal civil problems of the United States. Not many days ago,
the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Adlai Stevenson was attacked
in the same city of Dallas by ultra-conservative elements of the
John Birch Society and counter-revolutionary elements in league
with them. This event drew the attention of us all.

I even thought, what degree of reaction will those people
reach, when they consider that Stevenson deserves attack for his
international policy?

In spite of how reactionary U.S. international policy has
been, there are elements who physically assault Stevenson,
because they consider that U.S. policy is a weak policy, a bad
policy, that it is not a sufficiently reactionary policy.

This ran through everybody’s mind. Did it run through the
mind of anyone that it might be a leftist? No, that did not occur
to anyone. Why? Because the controversy within the United
States today, the fierce controversy was taking place between the
most ultra-reactionary elements, the ultra-right elements, and the
more moderate elements of U.S. politics.

The internal controversy was not characterized by a struggle
of the communists of the United States with the Government of
the United States; it was not characterized by a struggle of leftist
elements or liberal elements. This does not mean that the leftist
elements supported Kennedy’s policy; but the struggle, the battle
waged without quarter was taking place within the United States
between the extreme right, the extreme reaction, and the more
moderate elements, in Congress, in the press, on the streets,

International tension had even diminished considerably in recent
months. These months were not months like the October crisis, not
like the months following the October crisis …. The United States
was not living through one of those stages of McCarthyism
characterized by unbridled persecution of the most progressive
elements of the United States. No, there have been other stages in
which the struggle is between reaction and the progressives. The
main task of reaction was to persecute the progressive elements, and
in such circumstances one might think that a progressive, persecuted
by blood and fierce, a fanatic haunted by his ideas, might be capable
of reacting in such a way. No, the United States was not living
through such a period. It was not living through a period of
unbridled McCarthyism. It was living through a period of fierce
controversy between the more moderate sectors – among which
can be found many of Kennedy’s collaborators – and the ultrareactionary
sector of American society.

Therefore, it was neither logical, nor reasonable, that anyone
could think that it could be a leftist fanatic; in any case it would
be a rightist fanatic, if it was a fanatic at all.

But naturally it was very difficult in the face of an event of
this nature for such unscrupulous people – like many U.S.
politicians- such immoral people, such dishonest and shameless
people as are many of those elements who represent the
reactionary cynical sectors of the United States, warmongers,
irreconcilable enemies of Cuba, supporters of an invasion of
Cuba – although this might be at the cost of thermonuclear war
- it was very difficult for them not to try to take advantage of
this circumstance to turn all their hatred, all their propaganda
and all their campaign against Cuba.

This did not surprise us. I have already said that we were
somewhat used to these things. The struggle, life, have made our
people into a people with iron nerves, a serene people. We have
just lived through the hurricane, and we faced the test with
dignity and honor, we have faced many tests with dignity and
honor. We foresaw that from these incidents there could be a
new trap, an ambush, a Machiavellian plot against our country;
that on the very blood of their assassinated President there might
be unscrupulous people who would begin to work out
immediately an aggressive policy against Cuba, if the aggressive
policy had not been linked beforehand to the assassination, if it
was not linked, because it might or might not have been. But
there is no doubt that this policy is being built on the still warm
blood and the unburied body of their own tragically assassinated

They are people who do not have an iota of morality; they
are people who do not have an iota of scruples; they are people
who do not have an iota of shame; who perhaps may believe that
in the shadow of the tragedy they can take us off guard,
demoralized, weak, the kind of beliefs into which the imperialists
always so mistakenly fall. And sure enough, yesterday at 2 P.M.
the first cable: November 22, UPI … because we should note
this; that of the news agencies, one has been more moderate,
more objective – the AP – and there is another that has been
excessively and unrestrainedly untruthful, a shameless promoter
of a policy and a campaign of slander against Cuba, that is UPI.
But that is not all, because there is a previous series of very
interesting UPI reports, and even a series of UPI campaigns
against President Kennedy himself, which links the news agency
with the ultra-right groups, which are interested in taking
advantage of the situation for their adventurous and warlike
policy, or because these circles are connected with the
assassination of President Kennedy.

And we can see this clearly through the cables: “Dallas,
November 22, UPI- today the police arrested Lee H. Oswald,
identified as the chairman of the Fair Play for Cuba Committees,
as the main suspect in the assassination of President John F.
Kennedy.” Right away Cuba and right away the Soviet Union.
And so they dedicated themselves to carrying out a fierce antiSoviet
and anti-Cuban campaign.

Cable: “The U.S. Embassy today confirmed that Lee H.
Oswald was in the Soviet Union. An Embassy official stated that
Oswald visited the Embassy in November of 1959 and according
to available information he left the Soviet Union in 1962. He
added that it was not known when the man suspected of killing
President John F. Kennedy had traveled to the Soviet Union,
what the purpose of his trip had been and how long he had
stayed in the Soviet Union. There were unconfirmed reports that
Oswald asked for Soviet citizenship and that he could not get it.”

Thus, from the very first cables there is an attempt to suggest
the responsibility of the Soviet Union and the responsibility of
Cuba, as if anyone could believe – anyone who is not a half-wit
- and has a little common sense – that any Government, the
Soviet government or the Cuban Government .. . and if they
don’t want to believe us, they don’t have to believe us; that is
unimportant. Perhaps they will think that we are hot-headed;
perhaps they feel that they have carried out too many aggressions
against us, but to suggest that the Soviet Union could have any
responsibility in this incident . . . can anyone believe that to
suggest that we could have had any responsibility … can anyone
believe that? Anyone who is not a half-wit, who has a little
common sense, who knows when men are working for a cause
and who know which roads lead a cause to victory?

Yet, nevertheless, this was the first thing they tried to suggest.
Listen to this cable “that they did not know the purpose of his
trip and how long he stayed in the Soviet Union.” That was the
first insinuation. And that was what made all this seem
suspicious, because it so happened that the most unexpected thing
- as unexpected as the assassination itself – was that
immediately a suspect appeared who – by a coincidence – had
been in Russia, and-what a coincidence -he is related to a
Fair Play for Cuba Committee. That is what they began to say.
And so, immediately a guilty person appeared: a suspect who had
been in the Soviet Union and who sympathized with Cuba.

Of course, although it is extraordinarily difficult to
manufacture a frame-up of this nature, it is possible that at this
moment they are not pursuing such an objective. They are
pursuing another objective, because they cannot invent just any
kind of responsibility.

They are trying to organize a campaign of hysteria, to excite
the minds of the people and unleash hysteria within the United
States; an anti-communist, anti-progressive, anti-liberal, anti-Soviet,
anti-Cuban warmongering hysteria within the United
States. If they had the slightest sense of responsibility, of
seriousness, or of good faith, they would not unleash a campaign
of this nature, as they have done, as can be seen in all the cables.

Let us read this one: “November 22, UPI- The assassin of
President Kennedy is an admitted Marxist who spent three years
in Russia trying to renounce his U.S. citizenship, but later
changed his mind and got a return trip to the United States paid
for by the United States Government.” That is already a
suggestion of blame to the Soviet Union. He was identified as Lee
H. Oswald, 24 years old, ex-U.S. marine and chairman of the
Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

So, right after that, the insinuation against Cuba. And this is
how they have begun all cables, all UPI cables, all reports,
Through the reports they have twenty times repeated the same
idea and the same thing, using a well-known technique at which
they are masters- to insinuate what they want to insinuate, to
sow the suspicion that they want to sow over this affair, to
slander the Cuban Revolution, to slander the Soviet Union, to
create hysteria against our countries.

It says: “Oswald was captured after a shooting fray when he
hid in a movie house ” … Thousands of reports came in on this,
many of them contradictory.

” . . . The police say that Oswald worked in a school
textbook warehouse in Texas … after the crime the police found
a Mauser rifle in the building,” etc . . .. It says where he was
born, it says that on October the 30th he turned up at the U.S.
Embassy in Moscow, on October 30th of 1959, and told the
officials that he wanted to give up his American citizenship.

“According to reports, he told the Embassy officials: ‘I am a
Marxist.’ The Federal Bureau of Investigations confirmed that
Oswald went to Russia and requested Soviet citizenship.

“Oswald told the Embassy officials that he intended to
disclose to the Soviet authorities everything he knew from the
three years he had been in the Marine Corps.”

Listen to that: “Oswald told the Embassy officials that he
intended to disclose to the Soviet authorities everything he knew
from three years he had been in the U.S. Marine Corps. The
Embassy officials said that Russia never granted Oswald the
citizenship he requested.”

Already they have in their hands a guilty person- true or
false? They have already produced someone who is guilty. They
have him. And now look: you will see the whole course followed
by this campaign.

” … He told the officials that he intended to disclose all the
secrets he knew.” Well, later I will refer to that again.

In February, 1962 Oswald apparently changed his mind and
returned to the United States. He had in the meantime married
a Russian, Marina, had a child. This man, who is charged with
something more than desertion, with being a spy, with confessing
that he is going to disclose military secrets, simply returned
peacefully to the United States- according to them.

It says: “The Embassy officials went over the case and since
he had not been granted Soviet citizenship, they decided to give
him a passport for the United States … “

Can anyone who has said that he will disclose military secrets
return to the United Sates without being arrested, tried, without
being sent to jail?

It says: “Government records show that he left Moscow with
485 dollars for expenses, which the United States Government
gave to him.

“This year Oswald requested another passport. He told the State
Department that he wanted to visit England, France, ,Germany, the
Netherlands, Finland, Italy, and the Soviet Union; he said he
planned to make a trip in October or December 1963,o r in January
of 1964. The passport was issued in New Orleans on June 25th;
however, it is not known whether Oswald returned the money that
was loaned to him for the first return trip to the United States.

“If he did not pay, the new passport should not have been
issued,” they say. We will use their own reports:

“Dallas, November 22 -another cable -the President of
the United States, John F. Kennedy, was shot to death today.
The police arrested, as the main suspect of the murder, a proCastro
American” . . .

Now we find that the man who murdered Kennedy is proCastro.
We know there are very few pro-Castros-what they
call “pro-Castros” in the United States.

They call them “pro-Castro.” They label as “pro-Castro”
anyone it suits them to according to their propaganda and the
business at issue.

Now we find that the man who was yesterday in the Fair
Play Committee-in the first cable-was then a “pro-Castro”
American who had once tried to become a Soviet citizen. That
is how all the cables go, you will see.

Another cable, “Dallas, November 22, UPI-Police arrested
Lee H. Oswald today, a Marxist supporter of the Cuban Prime
Minister Fidel Castro.”

There is not a single cable in which they do not connect the
action, the name of the individual whom they assure is guilty,
with the Cuban Revolution, with the Soviet Union, with Fidel
Castro, pro-Castro, supporter of the Prime Minister, admirer of
the Cuban Prime Minister.

It says: “A supporter of the Cuban Prime Minister, Fidel
Castro, who tried to obtain citizenship in the Soviet Union,
where he lived for several years, denied any knowledge of the
criminal action. Oswald killed a policeman. . ..” etc.

And later on, in the same cable: ” … although Oswald, who
heads the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, a pro-Castro entity in
this city, admitted ownership of the gun with which the
policeman …” They keep repeating this all the time.

This one comes later. The most noticeable item here is the lie
that this gentleman headed a Fair Play Committee. A lie. We
started putting together all the information and statements that
have appeared, to see whether there was a Fair Play for Cuba
Committee in that area of Texas or in New Orleans. They said
that this man … where did they get that? … They said that he
presented himself as secretary of a sectional unit of the Fair Play
for Cuba Committee in New Orleans or in Dallas. Some cables
say that it was in the month of August, other cables say it was
last week. That is what they say.

That is the reason for calling this man “pro-Castro.” And
that he had defended the Cuban Revolution in a broadcast there.

All this is very queer. We had no news of any such statement.
But we looked for reports: Cities where there were Fair Play for
Cuba Committees of which we had knowledge – New York,
Los Angeles, Cleveland, Baltimore, Chicago, Tamp a,
Youngstown, Washington, San Francisco, Minneapolis,
Philadelphia, Detroit – but nowhere is there a Fair Play for
Cuba Committee in Dallas or in New Orleans.

Strange because within their Organization they are superinfiltrated
by U.S. citizens, and F.B.I. and CIA agents. Isn’t that
so? Because everything that the CIA and the FBI do there has
been proved. Later they said other things.

Here it says also: “The Chairman of the National Committee
declared that the Fair Play for Cuba Committee has never
authorized the establishment of a chapter in any city of Texas or
Louisiana. ‘I can say that Lee Harvey Oswald was never Secretary
or Chairman of any Fair Play for Cuba Committee in any city
of the United States.’ “

But you see, throughout the world, they began to spread the
poison from the first moments, that a Fair Play for Cuba
Committee was involved. Other things appear later on. Later we
will try to analyze who this true or false culprit could be. And
we must stick to what they say, we must base ourselves on what
they themselves say. All right. That was the 22nd …

“November 23, Dallas UPI – Pro-communist Lee Harvey
Oswald was charged today with the assassination of President
Kennedy. Police said that the paraffin test on Oswald’s hands gave
positive results that traces of gun-powder were found ” etc. . . .

Dallas, November 23rd, UPI- The result of the tests made
on Oswald’s face is still unknown. Such traces could only exist
if the suspect had fired a gun.”

So, in the first paragraph they start by saying, “procommunist,”
in the second paragraph they speak of something
else. Third paragraph – Oswald, a Marxist and sympathizer of
the communist regime in Cuba had oatmeal for breakfast … In
other words, in order to say what he had for breakfast, they
repeat that he was a Marxist and sympathizer of the communist
regime of Fidel Castro in Cuba. Get it? It is clear enough. We
know these people quite well; we have become almost experts in
knowing these shameless characters.

They say: “He had oatmeal, apricots, bread, and coffee for
breakfast, and sat down comfortably to wait for the authorities
to continue questioning him.”

“Dallas, November 23rd, UPI- The local police have proof
that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by CastroCommunist
Lee Harvey Oswald, according to an official
announcement today.” So he was murdered by a Castrocommunist?
Now this man is no longer an American, he is no
longer a Marine, this man whom they taught to shoot and kill in
the Marine Corps, now this man whom they made an expert
shot and sent to all U.S. imperialist bases throughout the world
is no longer a Marine. No, he was no longer an American, he
was a Castro-Communist, even though we never in our life heard
of the existence of this person.

You see how all this propaganda works. An American, a real
American, born there, educated by American society and
American schools, seeing American films, in the American armed
forces, American in every way. All of a sudden he is no longer
this; there is nothing of this in the cables. Now we read: ‘By the

All right, Captain Will Fritz said they were certain of this,
etc. This was yesterday; now this was today in the afternoon:
“Jesse Curry, Dallas Chief of Police, said today that Lee Harvey
Oswald admitted being a communist. And now he admitted it
today; yesterday he admitted nothing. Today it appears that he
admitted being a communist. “Curry added that Oswald
admitted to police officers questioning him last night that he was
a member of the Communist Party.” Now the man has turned
out to be a member of the Communist Party. As time passes
they discover more titles for this man. The true man or supposed
man, this they do not know. Who can … ?

All right. One thing is clear: among all the things connected
with the assassination is the unleashing of a campaign of slander
against the Soviet Union and against Cuba, and a series of
perfidious insinuations that have no other object than to repeat
a thousands times their intrigue and sheer infamy to create an
anti-Soviet and anti-Cuban hysteria among the U.S. people and
in public opinion.

So these gentlemen are playing a very strange role in a very
strange play, and no one knows what sinister plans may be
behind all this.

All right. On the other hand, there is an official statement by
the State Department, issued today, which declares: “State
Department authorities said today that they had no evidence to
indicate that the Soviet Union or any other power is involved in
the assassination of President Kennedy.

“Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine who lived three years
in Russia, has been charged with the crime. When 24 years old
Oswald went to Russia; he announced his intention of giving up
his U.S. citizenship. After changing his mind and returning to the
United States last year, Oswald became a sympathizer of the
Cuban prime Minister, Fidel Castro.” So they repeat themselves
even in the cables where they say they deny they lie. . . . The
cable goes on: “State Department officials say that they have no
evidence that Cuba is involved in what Oswald did.”

Naturally, there is no need for anyone to make excuses for
Cuba. There is no need for anyone to apologize for Cuba. Cuba
is not asking anyone to excuse her, or pardon her, because even
the very idea that we should have to defend ourselves from such
an infamy is repugnant in itself. Repugnant in itself.

So we have no need for anyone to defend us or apologize on
our behalf. Why does the State Department have to come out
today with such a statement? What does this show? It shows that
the U.S. authorities themselves, some people in the United States,
have become aware of the danger of the anti-Soviet and antiCuban
campaign unleashed by the most reactionary and warlike
circles in the United States.

In other words, the State Department itself understands the
danger of such a policy, the very dangerous dead end into which
such a campaign of slander and hysteria can lead the United

So this shows that there are people in the United States who
have understood the need to get out of this situation. This does
not mean that the danger is over, because we do not know what
is behind the assassination of Kennedy. What is behind the
assassination of Kennedy is not known at the moment.

The statement does not eliminate the danger of some frame-up
that could be concocted there, but indicates that there are
already people in the United States who have understood the
danger and risk in such a campaign and indicates that, possibly,
there are people in the United States who do not agree with such
an adventure, with such madness, with such nonsense that is
being carried out in such a criminal and irresponsible way.

All right. The State Department has felt the need to
counteract this policy, because who knows where this policy, this
campaign, may lead.

Later other things have appeared, because all this is very
mysterious. Another cable, this time by Associated Press, says:
“A 1961 letter …” Of course the United Press International has
said nothing on this because its campaign has been one-sided, in one
direction only, but not just the UPI. We were listening yesterday to
broadcasts of U.S. stations and the very same campaign was being
carried on the radio. The name of Castro was mentioned almost
more often than the name of the man whom they charge with the
murder, incessantly repeated over the radio in the United States.

See how these people act and how much they hate the
Revolution. Why should we not suspect that these people could
be capable of anything, from the murder of Kennedy up to what
they are doing now? People moved by such hatred, people who
act with such absolute lack of scruples …

The AP cable reads: “A letter dated 1961 found in Pentagon
files raises doubts whether Texas governor, John Connally, and
not President Kennedy, was the main target of the assassin who
shot both yesterday in Dallas.

“The letter, dated January 31st, 1961, was written by hand in
Minsk, Soviet Union, by Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine,
charged with murdering Kennedy and wounding Connally.

“Oswald returned a year ago after spending three years in the
Soviet Union.

“The letter was addressed to Connally, then Secretary of the
Navy, asking that the dishonorable discharge of Oswald be
canceled. The request was denied, and if it is shown that he is the
man who fired at Kennedy and Connally, the question might be
raised of whom he had more motive to want to kill.

“A copy of Oswald’s letter was sent to Connally, who had
left his post as Secretary of the Navy on December 20th 1961.
Connally briefly replied to Oswald on February 23, 1962, that he
was no longer in the Navy and that he had referred his letter to
the new Secretary of the Navy.

“A copy of Connally’s letter was sent to the new official,
Fred Korth, who referred it to the Marine Corps. The Marine
Corps referred it to a court of appeals which confirmed Oswald’s
dishonorable discharge. Oswald’s letter maintained that his
discharge was a gross error or an injustice.”

There are some other cables here in which they speak about
a threat, cables that say that in the letter Oswald threatened the
then-Secretary of the Navy, that he would take any means to
avenge himself for that injustice. And that very same Secretary of
the Navy was accompanying Kennedy.

So they themselves have now brought up another possible

We have here a report which reads: “District Attorney Henry
Wade declared today that he expects to be able to secure a death
sentence for Lee Harvey Oswald, former Marine, who has been
formally accused of the murder of President John F. Kennedy,
according to reports issued by U.S. new agencies.

The report adds that Wade has been District Attorney in
twenty-four murder cases and secured twenty-three death
penalties. It seems that this District Attorney is a hangman – a
life sentence in the other case.

“Wade added that he is in possession of material evidence
against Oswald, but refused to say what this evidence was. He
said that it has not yet been established whether the Mauser that
was found is the murder weapon.

“In all the questioning Oswald has denied that he took any
part in the murder.

“Captain Will Fritz, Chief of the Homicide Squad of the
Dallas Police, said that in his opinion, Oswald killed President
Kennedy and that for him the case is closed.”

Later we have to try to look at some of the facts on who this
accused man can be, but we want to speak of the campaign
carried on by United Press International.

It just so happens that these events occurred precisely at a
moment when Kennedy was being severely attacked by those
who considered his Cuban policy too weak.

It could not be us, but only the enemies of the Revolution
and the enemies, in general, of a more moderate policy, a less
warlike policy, the enemies of a policy like this who might be
interested in the death of President Kennedy, the only ones who
perhaps could have received the news of the death of Kennedy
with satisfaction.

A few days ago an incident drew my attention. This was
while the Inter-American Press Association Conference was
taking place. It was a scandal, because several governments were
strongly attacked, crudely attacked like the government of Brazil,
by a certain Mexquita, who said horrible things about the
President of Brazil, who even talked about and called for a coup
in Brazil; where statements were also made against other
presidents, against other Latin American countries, there in the
United States, and they made long tirades publishing a whole
series of opinions against the speech delivered by Kennedy in
Florida, because the speech delivered by Kennedy in Florida was
disappointing for a number of persons who favor a more
aggressive policy against Cuba. It was a disappointment for the
counter-revolutionary elements and it was a disappointment for
the warmongering elements in the United States.

And so, a series of cables. Here “Miami, Florida – The
Cuban exiles waited tonight in vain for a firm promise from
President Kennedy to take energetic measures against the
communist regime of Fidel Castro.”

It says: “They waited tonight in vain for a firm promise” .. .
Many met in the offices of the revolutionary organizations and
in their homes, to listen to President Kennedy over the radio.
The Spanish translation broadcast over the radio station of the
exiles. They listened when the President said: “We in the
hemisphere should use all the means at our disposal to prevent
the establishment of another Cuba in the hemisphere.” That is,
they did not accept the fact he said “to prevent the establishment
of another Cuba in the hemisphere,” because they thought that
it carried with it the idea of accepting one Cuba. Many exiles had
hopes of more vigorous statements to liberate Cuba from
communism, but nevertheless, some felt that the U.S.
government was waging a secret war of infiltration against Castro
that could not be disclosed. It says that thousands of exiles
attended an open air rally in view of Kennedy’s arrival, and they
heard criticism because of what they described as a weak U.S.
policy toward Cuba.

Jose Ignacio Rivero,Editor-in-exile of the Diario de La Marina,
the oldest Havana newspaper (he will stay there all his life), and
Emilio Nunez Portuondo, former President of the United
Nations Security council, called for more positive action by the
United States.

Rivero, a member of the Inter-American Press Association,
where Kennedy spoke, expressed his doubts over a sinister
intrigue among international politicians. That is an “intrigue “
because they want to co-exist with us.

It says: He also said in the meeting that “the weak U.S.
policy towards Cuba and other American nations is an
international shame.” This was said by Ignacio Rivero, this one
from Diario de La Marina, who you know is an ultra-ultra and
who has to be linked to the ultra-ultra elements in the United

So these elements openly state there that “the weak U.S.
policy toward Cuban and other American Nations is an
international shame…

“Miami Beach: Latin American newspaper publishers and
editors in response to the speech delivered by President Kennedy
tonight … said that he had not taken a strong enough position
against the communist regime of Fidel Castro.” That is, that
there, where the most reactionary representatives of the press
within and without the United States met, according to UPI and
AP cables, many of them said that he had not taken a strong
enough position against the communist regime of Fidel Castro …

Augustin Navarre of El Espejo of Mexico, felt that the speech
was extremely weak and that his observations on Cuba were not
sufficient …. He added that “it was necessary to rescue Cuba
under Fidel Castro from Communism and not to maintain the
status quo.” They are speaking against any coexistence. Other
Cuban newspaper owners in exile made similar statements.
A series of cables began to arrive. Here: “The president of the
Cuban Medical Association in exile, Enrique Huerta, stated that
the speech did not clarify any of the fundamental questions
related to the Cuba problem … He wanted a unanimous attack,
a unanimous attack of Kennedy.

The newspaper added that the weak policy followed by the
Kennedy Government in respect to Castro, as a result of the
policy followed by his predecessor Eisenhower, made it possible
for Castro and Khrushchev to cement Cuba into a police state,
where the people have practically no hope of successfully
rebelling without large-scale outside help.

The newspaper continued: “Kennedy now refuses to allow
Cuban exiles to launch attacks against Cuba from U.S.t erritory.”

What is the difference between that way of thinking and
taking advantage of the assassination of their President to carry
out that policy? See what some of those reactionary circles
thought about Kennedy. It says: “Kennedy now refuses to allow
Cuban exiles to launch attacks against Cuba from U.S. territory,
and in fact uses U.S. air and naval power to maintain Castro in
power.” That is to say,t hey accuse Kennedy of using naval and
air power to maintain Castro in power.

“There is a considerable difference,” says the newspaper,
“between this attitude and the daring words about Cuba said by
Kennedy during the 1960 Presidential campaign. We doubt that
many voters have been disoriented by the President’s remarks in
relation to Cuba the day before yesterday.” It says “And many
voters will not have been disoriented.”

So there was observed a current of unanimous criticism
against what the ultra-reactionary sectors considered a weak
policy toward Cuba. And that is how these people think.

And there are cables and more cables and more cables,
because they never wrote so many cables. It is obvious, how the
news agencies made a tremendous propaganda of all the criticisms
made of Kennedy because of his Cuban policy. The UPI
overflowed with information as it had never done before, picking
up all the criticisms of Kennedy because of his Cuban policy ….

Julio Mexquita Ciro, an utterly shameless reactionary who
went there to speak against the President of Brazil to carry on a
campaign against Brazil and to promote a reactionary, fascist
coup against Brazil – see what he says: “Julio Mexquita Ciro,
… who yesterday moved the editors of the IAPA meeting with
his analysis of the economic and political situation in his country,
said it was an error on the part of the United states not to have
realized the danger that the presence of Cuba meant for the
whole continent. Mexquita was in favor of collective action,
armed collective action by the hemisphere against Cuba, because
‘I am a defender of free determination of nations,’ he said.”

Mexquita, Mosquito, Mezquino, all means the same thing; just
see how reactionary he is. The cable adds; “. . . the Brazilian
editor described as primitive President Kennedy’s way of looking
at the agrarian problem of the hemisphere, and he said that the
agrarian problem cannot be measured with the same yardstick for
all the nations of the hemisphere.” Why did he say this? Because
he represents the oligarchy, the big landholders in Brazil, and as
I was talking precisely about different shades of policy. Kennedy’s
policy prompted a type of agrarian reform which is not
revolutionary, of course, which is not revolutionary but which
clashed with the interest of the oligarchs. And it is very strange
that in these days, on the eve of the assassination of Kennedy, a
coincidence as never before had been noted. In the opinion of the
ultra-reactionary sectors within and without the United
States ….

And this individual talks here about Kennedy’s primitive way
of looking at the agrarian problem. And then finally there is
something very interesting – really very interesting …

It says the third editor to express his opinion, Carbo, who is
director of the Executive Council of the Inter-American Press
Association – which is a very important job in the intellectual
sectors of reaction and the oligarchy – emphasized that there
were not strong statements in favor of the liberation of Cuba like
the statements that had been made in previous speeches by
President Kennedy, especially in the one he made after the heroic
battle of Playa Giron -that “heroic battle” where every one of
them ended defeated and imprisoned- forecasting the crisis of
the communist regime of Cuba. He claims in “Cuba the situation
of the government verges on the insoluble, economically,
politically and internationally since Castro is no longer reliable,
not even to Russia.’ ‘

But most important of all is how the statement made by this
gentleman who holds an important post in reactionary intellectual
circles in the United States and abroad as Director of the
Executive Council of the Inter-American Press Association, how
his statement ends -and this is what drew my attention. The
editor of the confiscated Havana newspaper ended by saying: “I
believe a coming serious event will oblige Washington to change
its policy of peaceful co-existence.” What does this mean? What
did this gentleman mean when he said this three days before the
assassination of Kennedy? What did this gentleman who holds an
utmost post in the ultra-reactionary intellectual circles in and
outside of the United States, the Director of the Executive
Council of the Inter-American Press Association, mean in a cable
that is not from Prensa Latina, but from Associated Press, dated
November 19th -AP Num, 254, AP November 19th, Miami
Beach – when he said: “I believe that a coming serious event will
oblige Washington to change its policy of peaceful co-existence?”

What does this mean, three days before the murder of
President Kennedy? Because when I read this cable it caught my
attention, it intrigued me, it seemed strange to me. Was there
perhaps some sort of understanding? Was there perhaps some sort
of thought about this? Was there perhaps some kind of plot? Was
there perhaps in those reactionary circles where the so-called
weak policy of Kennedy toward Cuba was under attack, where
the policy of ending nuclear threat was under attack, where the
policy of civil rights was under attack …. Was there perhaps in
certain civilian and military ultra-reactionary circles in the United
States, a plot against President Kennedy ‘s life?

How strange it is really that the assassination of President
Kennedy should take place at a time when there was unanimous
agreement of opinion against certain aspects of his policy, a
furious criticism of his policy. How strange all this is.

And this man who appears as the guilty person, who was he?
Who is he? Is he really guilty? Or is he only an instrument? Is he
a psychopath, sick? He could be one or the other. Or is he by
any means an instrument of the most reactionary circles in the
United States. Who is this man?

Here we have a report of the New York Times on Oswald
that says, “Last July he tried to enter the Cuban Student
Directory, to take part in the plans to overthrow the
revolutionary regime of Fidel Castro.” It was no longer a Castroplot.
According to the New York Times he was trying to enter a
counterrevolutionary organization to overthrow the Cuban
Revolution. The paper names Cuban refugee sources as the basis
for this information.

Oswald was able to return to the United States thanks to a
loan of 435 dollars and 71 cents granted to him by the U.S.
Government. He succeeded in getting money after an appeal to
Senator John G. Tower, Republican, Texas, and he returns from
the Soviet Union on U.S. Government money through the
intervention of a Republican Senator from Texas.

Oswald has at present a U.S. passport which he obtained as
a photographer who wanted to travel abroad during the months
of October, November, and December of this year and visit the
Soviet Union, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, and Italy.
How strange it is. Since he was arrested yesterday in Dallas, as a
suspect, the U.S. radio and television have been stressing that
Oswald is the chairman of the Dallas chapter of the Fair Play for
Cuba Committee.

“Questioned in New York on this point the Executive
Secretary of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee denied that
Oswald held such a post, and added that there is no chapter of
this organization in Texas.”

The New York Times, in explaining the contact established
between Oswald and the Cuban counter-revolutionaries, says that
Jose Antonio Denuza, spokesman of the so-called Cuban Student
Directory, had declared in Miami that Oswald met with the
delegates of that anti-Castro group in New Orleans last July.

Denuza – The New York Times added – said that Oswald
said he wanted to aid the Cubans in the fight against
communism, and offered 10 dollars contribution and his help in
military training of an invasion.

Carlos Bringuier, delegate of the counterrevolutionary
organization referred to, said to the New York Times that “at first
I suspected Oswald. I frankly thought that he might be an FBI or
CIA agent trying to find out what we were doing.” So Cuban
counter-revolutionaries are saying that when Oswald tried to
enter their organization he was not accepted because they
believed he was from the CIA or FBI, and that he was trying to
find out what they were up to.

How curious! And this is not what they publish but they say
that he is a Castroite, a communist, an admirer of Fidel Castro.
And now it appears that he tried to enter the organization and
was not admitted because they thought he belonged to the FBI
or CIA. They must know pretty well the kind of agents the FBI
and CIA have since they deal with them a l

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23 November 2013 It is widely predicted that Europe's far-right parties will register significant gains in next May's European elections, possibly securing 30 percent...

Detroit emergency manager hands tens of millions of dollars to consulting firms

By Thomas Gaist23 November 2014 The city of Detroit has already paid at least $23 million to legal, financial and consulting firms, according to...

London Mayor Boris Johnson’s paean to the super-rich

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150 years since Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

19 November 2013 One hundred and fifty years ago today, Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. He spoke at the dedication of a national...

Is It Wrong To Be ‘Anti-Government’?

It is natural for a society to search for explanations and motivations in the wake of a man-made tragedy. It is also somewhat natural...

Is It Wrong To Be ‘Anti-Government’?

It is natural for a society to search for explanations and motivations in the wake of a man-made tragedy. It is also somewhat natural...

The Democratic victory in New York and the crisis of liberalism

7 November 2013 Tuesday's off-year election saw the Democratic Party win the mayoral election in New York City for the first time in nearly...

John Kerry Honors Military Dictatorship and Totalitarian Monarchy as Examples of Progress Toward Democracy

What John Kerry did this week in Egypt and Saudi Arabia is nothing short of despicable. He, and the president who appointed him, managed...

High Finance, Geopolitical Leverage and the Rise of the New World Order

World domination is a topic that is frequently dramatized across a variety of genres. From action cartoons to epic movies, the plot of a...

The NSA spy scandal and the attack on press freedom

6 November 2013 Recently released police documents on the August 18 arrest and questioning at London's Heathrow airport of David Miranda, the domestic partner...

Russell Brand and the Need for Planetary Adjustment

Russell Brand's recent political essay, viral BBC interview, and ongoing comedy tour – The Messiah Complex – raise important political and philosophical questions concerning,...

The Revolution of the Mind is Underway

Revolutionary changes that once seemed impossible...

Economic Coup d’Etat: Debt and Deficit as Shock Therapy

When Naomi Klein published her ground-breaking book The Shock Doctrine (2007), which compellingly demonstrated how neoliberal policy makers take advantage of overwhelming crisis times...

How the 1 Percent Always Gets Its Way

Here's why plutocrats control our politics:...

Skyway Robbery: 6 Ways the Out-of-Control Airline Industry Is Ripping Off America

Taxpayers, workers and travelers are getting...

Debt and Deficit as Shock Therapy

When Naomi Klein published her ground-breaking book The Shock Doctrine (2007), which compellingly demonstrated how neoliberal policy makers take advantage of overwhelming crisis times...

Two years since the end of the US-NATO war in Libya

31 October 2013 Today, October 31, 2013, marks two years since the official end of the US-NATO war for regime change in Libya. It...


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Kremlin dismantles Russian Academy of Sciences

By Clara Weiss29 October 2013 At the end of September, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a bill that reforms the Russian Academy...

The Inner Crisis of American Society: Civil Liberties, Militarization, Economic Inequality

For all the enervating political tumult and shouting emanating from Washington these days, there is remarkably little to show for it except what...

Wealth and poverty in America

25 October 2013 Five years after the financial crash of 2008, in the midst of growing poverty and social misery, the US ruling class...

Direct Rule by Wall Street Begins with Detroit

The United States has never been much of a democracy. Money has always wielded decisive power, despite the formal trappings of the electoral franchise....

Direct Rule by Wall Street Begins with Detroit

The United States has never been much of a democracy. Money has always wielded decisive power, despite the formal trappings of the electoral franchise....

Direct Rule by Wall Street Begins with Detroit

The United States has never been much of a democracy. Money has always wielded decisive power, despite the formal trappings of the electoral franchise....

Governor Christie Surrenders; New Jersey Begins Same-sex Marriage

New Jersey became the 14th state to officially legalize homosexual marriage October 21, days after the state Supreme Court ruled that an attempt to...

Governor Christie Surrenders, New Jersey Begins Same-sex “Marriage”

New Jersey became the 14th state to officially legalize homosexual marriage October 21, days after the state Supreme Court ruled that an attempt to...

A Field Guide to the Koch O’ Nuts Behind the Near Government Default

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) speaks during a news conference following a Senate GOP meeting on 16th day of the government shutdown in Washington, Oct....

Sen. Sanders: ‘Global Warming a Far More Serious Problem Than Al Qaeda’

In a newly published interview, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) blasts the "unfettered capitalism" that has collapsed the middle class, and the corporate power fueling climate change, which poses a "far more serious problem than Al Qaeda."

Sanders speaking about the government shutdown's impacts. (Photo: AFGE/cc/flickr) Speaking with economics writer Jonathan Tasini for the interview with Playboy, the 72-year-old Independent senator said that "one of the untold stories of our time is the collapse of the American middle class." It's due, in part, to "the decline of trade unions," which means that workers "have less power to negotiate contracts and less political clout."

It's a system that has brought immense inequality, he says.

"We are in the midst of intense class warfare, where the wealthiest people and the largest corporations are at war with the middle class and working families of this country, and it is obvious the big-money interests are winning that war."

It's a "hypercapitalist society," where there are even efforts to "privatize water, for God’s sake," and the function of the current health care system is "to make as much money out of it as possible," he told Tasini.

When Tasini told Sanders, "You make the U.S. sound like a banana republic in which a handful of families control all the economic and political power," Sanders responded simply, "Yes, it is. In more technical economic terms I would call it an oligarchy."

It's a system that has put corporate interests above people—and the planet.

"You have the entire scientific community saying we have to be very aggressive in cutting greenhouse gas emissions," Sanders told Playboy. "Yet you’re seeing the heads of coal companies and oil companies willing to sacrifice the well-being of the entire planet for their short-term profits. And these folks are funding phony organizations to try to create doubt about the reality of global warming."

It's "incomprehensible," he said, that "[b]ig business is willing to destroy the planet for short-term profits."

"And because of their power over the political process, you hear a deafening silence in the U.S. Congress and in other bodies around the world about the severity of the problem. Global warming is a far more serious problem than Al Qaeda."

As for any hopes Sanders supporters have that the senator will make a bid for the White House, he told Tasini, "I am at least 99 percent sure I won’t."


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