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Fluoride Exposure in Utero

Video: Joy Warren On The Fight To Rid Britain’s Water Of Toxic Chemicals Like...

[youtube] Please Support The Show — http://Wmaf.Org.Uk/ ... Via Youtube

Fluorides, the Atomic bomb, and a spy

Fluorides, the Atomic bomb, and a spy by Jon Rappoport June 25, 2014 In 1997, Joel Griffiths and Chris Bryson, two respected mainstream journalists, peered into an abyss. They found a story about fluorides that was so chilling it had to be told. The Christian Science Monitor, who had assigned the story, never published […]

Interview 826 — Nicholas Lucier Raises Fluoride Awareness in Austin

Joining us today is Nicholas Lucier, an Austin-based activist who recently engaged in a 14-day hunger strike to raise awareness of the forced medication of the water supply known as "water fluoridation" in Austin, Texas. We discuss the fluoride issue, the hunger strike, public awareness of the fluoride issue, and the new Healthy H2O Austin PAC that is being created to help get the fluoride issue on the ballot in Austin.

Fluoride: Killing Us Softly

There's nothing like a glass of cool, clear water to quench one's thirst. But the next time you or your child reaches for one,...

Syria’s ’chemical weapons’ turn out to be sodium fluoride – as used in the...

"Natural News can now reveal that the Syria chemical weapons narrative being pushed by the White House is an outlandish hoax. To understand why,...

Bombshell: Syria’s ‘chemical weapons’ turn out to be sodium fluoride used in the U.S....

Mike AdamsNatural NewsSeptember 3, 2013 Natural News can now reveal that the Syria chemical weapons narrative...

It is estimated that about 200 million people, from among 25 nations the world...

Abstract Title: Fluoride in groundwater: toxicological exposure and remedies.Abstract Source: J Toxicol Environ Health B Crit Rev. 2013 ;16(1):52-66. PMID: 23573940 Abstract...

Fluoride 101 With Activist Ashley Jessica

Infowars.comJuly 24, 2013 Paul Joseph Watson speaks with Ashley Jessica regarding the health hazards of water...

Some non-organic foods contain upwards of 180 times the fluoride level of tap water,...

Ethan A. HuffNatural NewsJuly 23, 2013 As a follow-up to our earlier report on fluoridated food...

Physiologic conditions affect toxicity of ingested industrial fluoride.

Article Publish Status: FREEAbstract Title: Physiologic conditions affect toxicity of ingested industrial fluoride.Abstract Source: J Environ Public Health. 2013 ;2013:439490. Epub 2013 Jun 6....

Water fluoridation DEFEATED in Portland; citizens overwhelmingly reject dumping toxic fluoride chemicals into the...

Mike AdamsNatural NewsMay 23, 2013 Voters in Portland, Oregon solidly defeated a city-wide water fluoridation measure...

Effects of Fluoride on Human Health: “Can Damage the Brain and Bones”


U.S. National Research Council Scientists: Fluoride Can Damage the Brain and Bones

Concern grew in the late 1970s that even low levels of exposure to lead caused adverse changes in the mentally functioning of children.

The same thing is now starting to happen with fluoride.

We have extensively documented that:

The following video interviewing National Research Council scientists, a Nobel laureate in medicine, a professor of dentistry and other professionals summarizes the evidence fairly succinctly … and makes the case that our understanding of the damage fluoride can cause to our brains is like our growing understanding in the 1970s of the dangers of lead:

We started the video at 18 minutes in; but the whole video is worth watching.

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For media inquiries:

Fluoride Safety Results Rigged by UK Health Authorities

A short investigation into the UK governments assertion that fluoride is acceptable to be added to the nations drinking supply reveals that the scientific...

Along For Fluoride

SchNews | If you knew that someone was putting poison into your water supply, what would you do? Call the authorities? Well don’t bother...

From Bernays to Trump, Hooked on Misery

The father of modern public relations and spin, Edward Bernays was a cold, cynical manipulator of mass perception. He knew that by shaping people’s...

In Search of Safe Replacements for Harmful Chemicals Used in Everyday Household Objects

(Photo: Orn_france / Getty Images) When Donald Taves discovered two kinds of fluoride in his blood in the late 1960s, he immediately knew something was...

Make a Prepper Happy This Christmas

Hiding in Your Home?

Cancer-causing pollutants detected in most tap water across US – study

Tap water from 48,000 public water utilities was found to contain multiple cancer-causing agents from arsenic,...

What Can Water Fasting Do for You?

While fasting has been part of human culture for thousands of years, only recently have we begun to investigate the therapeutic benefits of the...

SAS mission to destroy Syria’s sarin stockpiles called off in 2013 – sources

Published time: 7 Apr, 2017 09:46 An SAS mission to locate and destroy stockpiles of chemical...

‘Worst case scenario’: Water emergency declared in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

An oversupply of fluoride and a water main break in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has resulted...

Pay Attention

By Dr. Mercola How healthy is your diet? Have you ever wondered if recording what you eat on a day-to-day basis might be helpful in...

Hollow Eyes

by Nicole Surginer / January 8th, 2017 The world is drowning influoride tainted waters.Poisoned with selfish intent,seeping unrest through humanity.Toxic potions of shallow vanities.Media fashioned...

Aluminum, Fertilizer, Steel, Nuclear Waste

The resistance against water fluoridation might be a different story if the naturally occurring element of fluoride was added to our water. Fluoride is found...

The Power Elite’s War

“A populace deprived of the ability to separate lies from truth, is no longer capable of sustaining a free society.” Journalist Chris Hedges As the ruling...

I Am a Syrian Living in Syria

Two years ago, “Majd” wrote these words in a Facebook posting: “ I am Syrian… living in Syria in the middle of everything. We have seen...

Beware This Health Bomb

By Dr. Mercola Over the course of a lifetime, the average American uses about 20 gallons of toothpaste,1 and even though you don’t swallow it,...

The Dangers of Magnesium Deficiency

By Dr. Mercola Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body. Researchers have detected more than 3,750 magnesium-binding sites on human proteins1 giving...

Donald Trump Is Right – Here Are 100 Reasons Why We Need To Audit...

Michael Snyder (RINF) - When one of our major politicians gets something exactly right, we should applaud them for it.  In this case, Donald Trump’s...

HEALTH WARNING: Statins found to double the risk of diabetes… are you still taking...

New science reveals that statin drugs DOUBLE the risk of diabetes. This is in addition to the extreme harm they cause to the body...

Report Underlines Recent Worker Hazards at Old Weapons Plants

(Photo: Nuclear Warning Sign via Shutterstock) The toxic morass that was America's nuclear weapons complex is no secret. Hazardous conditions in places like the Portsmouth...

Corrupt Politicians, IMF Loans And Foreign Aid

Lenin Nightingale RINF Alternative News External forces do not enslave the masses of the world - they are enslaved by those from their own country who...

The Truth About Organic Food & GMO’s

We've all heard about the supposed dangers of genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s, but putting the hysteria to one side, and examining just the...

200 tons of Syrian chemicals arrive in UK for destruction

Some 200 tons of toxic chemicals have been delivered to the UK from Syria after the battle torn country agreed to the destruction of...

Thai Hunger Games, 3D Ear, DIY Broadband — New World Next Week

var l_height = 3*43+46; jQuery(document).ready(function(){ie7_css_correct();});CLICK HERE for the mp3 audio of this video. Welcome to — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the m...

Interview 899 — New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

This week on New World Next Week: Life imitates art as the Hunger Games salute comes to Thailand; it's WTF? as Van Gogh's ear recreated with 3D printer; and German villagers take their power back by creating their own broadband network.

Dallas Ends Five Decades Of Water Fluoridation, Saves $1 Million A Year

Dallas City Council members decided to end the fluoridation of the city’s water supply. The decision was made after months of regular visits by...

Today’s GMO Propaganda Message Brought to You by Your Friendly Neighborhood Wegmans

We can all breathe a sigh of relief about that whole GMO thing. Wegmans, vendor of aisle after aisle of artificial food-like substances, has debunked the terrifying myth we were so worried about.

He Who Hesitates is Lost: The Psychology of Survival

In a crisis situation, denial can be deadly.

Shocker: comparing deaths from medical drugs, vitamins, all US wars

Shocker: Comparing deaths from medical drugs, vitamins, all US wars by Jon Rappoport March 29, 2014 People want to believe medical science gives us, at any given moment, the best of all possible worlds. And of course, the best of all possible worlds must have its enemies: the quacks who sell unproven snake oil. […]

Water fluoridation — human rats and cockroaches

Lenin Nightingale Truth suddenly dawned on me. Governments are mass doping people with a substance which is a product of the fertilizer industry, which is...

Paint Thinner in Children’s Cereal Exposed

by Heather Callaghan Originally Published at Activist Post A lot of home builders and painters will know what trisodium phosphate (TSP) is. But a lot of them don’t know that they eat it for breakfast! Even though it appears right on the ingredients label, a lot of people don’t realizeRead the Rest...

10 Health Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be Real

by Michael Snyder Originally Published at The Truth Note from Daisy: Last week I wrote about the survey that marginalized the beliefs of those of us who prefer to avoid Big Pharma and the AMA, calling our beliefs “medical conspiracy theories.”  Michael Snyder took it further with this excellent piece,Read the Rest...

10 Health Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be Real

Do you believe in any “health conspiracy theories”?  Do you believe that there are “natural cures” for diseases that the medical establishment is not telling you about?  Do you believe that vaccines, cell phones or the fluoride in the water can have a harmful impact on the health of your family?  If you answered [...]

Forget Doom and Gloom: Preparedness is the Ultimate Act of Optimism

Does this sound familiar? You’re talking to a friend or family member who isn’t on board with preparedness.  (And it’s even worse when they think they know what’s going on in the world but garner their so-called “information” from network news sources.)  You try for the millionth time to getRead the Rest...

Do You Believe in “Medical Conspiracy Theories”?

Do you believe in “medical conspiracy theories”? If so you are in good company. According to a survey undertaken by professors at the University of Chicago, more than half of all Americans believe in one or more so-called “medical conspiracy theories”. Of course, most of us know that the derogatory termRead the Rest...

Unite and Conquer: Fighting Back Against the Oligarchy

by James Corbett February 18, 2014 In recent weeks, the Eyeopener has been examining the politics of division. In our first report, we looked at how the left/right political spectrum is used as a wedge to divide the people against ...

New Study: Children Facing “Silent Pandemic of Chemical Brain Drain”

By Lily Dane Originally Published at The Daily Sheeple According to a new paper published in The Lancet Neurology last Friday, the number of industrial chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides proven capable of inhibiting normal brain development has doubled over the last several years. Dr. Philippe Grandjean, one of theRead the Rest...

Toxic Chemicals Linked to ‘Global, Silent Pandemic’ Striking Children Worldwide

Andrea Germanos  RINF Alternative News "The presumption that new chemicals and technologies are safe until proven otherwise is a fundamental problem," study authors write Toxic chemicals including...

10 Reasons To Join The Global March Against Geoengineering

by Nicholas West  of Activist Post and Zen Gardner of Just Wondering Originally published at Activist Post The debate over the “conspiracy” known as chemtrails, a major part of the growing geoengineering program, has shifted from the existence of the program, to how and why it is being employed. Environmental activism has been so resolute in gettingRead the Rest...

#QFC — Are Cancer Rates Rising?

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Governments Ignore Definitive Proof that Monsanto’s Roundup Causes Birth Defects

by Melissa Melton Originally published at The Daily Sheeple Big Agra giants Monsanto, Dow and Syngenta have flatly denied any negative reproductive effects of the best-selling herbicide glyphosate, stating: Glyphosate does not cause adverse reproductive effects in adult animals or birth defects in offspring of these adults exposed to glyphosate,Read the Rest...

Historic deep freeze across North America conclusively proves global warming is getting worse, right?

Mike AdamsNatural NewsJanuary 6, 2014 Global warming is getting worse. It's so bad now that it...

18 Unregulated Chemicals Found In Drinking Water Across The United States

by Arjun Walia Originally published at Collective Evolution Many communities around the world have been successful in removing fluoride from their water supply, but that’s not the only concern. Although fluoride is still a controversial topic within the mainstream, the other chemicals found in drinking water are not. A newRead the Rest...

Soft Killing The American People Using Toxic Food, Toxic Water And Toxic Vaccines

Michael Snyder RINF Alternative News Have you noticed that there has been an absolute explosion in the number of people developing chronic illnesses,...

WHO: Cancer risk rising around the world; Western medicine failing globally

Ethan A. HuffNatural NewsDecember 26, 2013 The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued dire new predictions...

Big Dairy Wants to Medicate our Milk

The Ontario Dairy Council shared in funding a study showing that the anti-cancer properties of green tea can remain bioavailable when extracted and placed...

Nine states propose 16 anti-fluoridation bills in 2013 to protect public against poison

Ethan A. HuffNatural NewsDecember 19, 2013 Things are heating up on the fluoride front as states...

‘Lack of Genocidal Application’ Keeps Science From Exploring Thorium Energy

How ‘Thor' May Save the World: Unbeknownst to most climatologists that decry nuclear energy for its environmental liability (in the form of radioactive waste and...

Making a Killing with Cancer: A 124.6 Billion Dollar Industry

If you had a business selling something that made you well over a hundred billion dollars per year, would you take steps to eradicate the need for your business? Or would you make every effort for that money continue rolling in? Take cancer, for example.  Don’t let all the mediaRead the Rest...

Water on Fire: It’s Good For You!

BzerbelPlanet InfowarsDecember 6, 2013 Yes, from the same folks that brought you MSG, Aspartame, GMO food, Fluoride, Chlorine, DDT and irradiated food, comes “fiery water”....

Iran and the Non-Proliferation Treaty

There are any number of obstacles that could trip up the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the “P5+1”—the U.S., Britain, France, Russia, China and...

Health Care in India

To speak of growth is to allude to one thing only: economic development, GDP and GNP figures, which of course should be increasing for...

Be Warned: GovSchools Threaten Parents With Armed, Militarized Raids Unless They Comply With Demands

Nothing could be more terrifying than when agents of the government kick in your door to take your children, especially if you have done...

Iran Deal in Geneva: Hold the Cheers

A previous article asked if it matters? Longstanding hardline US/Israeli policy won't change. Sanctions Iran most wants removed remain in place. Stiff new ones may...

Iran Seals Nuclear Deal With the West in Return for Sanctions Relief

Obama hails the historic accord as...

Deal in Geneva: Hold the Cheers

Deal in Geneva: Hold the Cheers

by Stephen Lendman

A previous article asked if it matters? Longstanding hardline US/Israeli policy won't change. 

Sanctions Iran most wants removed remain in place. Stiff new ones may follow later on. For now they're postponed.

America is duplicitous. It's deals aren't worth the paper they're written on. Will this one be different? Don't bet on it. Interpretations differ on what was agreed on. More on that below.

Obama is no peacemaker. He's waging multiple direct and proxy wars. He's done so from day one in office. He broke every major promise made. That's key.

He shows no signs of changing policy. He hasn't throughout his tenure. He remains hardline on Iran. His softer rhetoric reflects deception. Tehran got too little in exchange for major concessions.

A six month interim deal was agreed on. It's temporary, modest and reversible. It can be changed, rescinded or ignored if Washington wishes. 

Iran has no guarantees. It has legitimate demands. It wants its sovereign rights respected. 

It wants normalized relations. It wants US/Israeli war options dropped. It wants its membership in the world body of nations fully recognized.

On November 20, talks began. They continued into day five. They concluded pre-dawn on Sunday. A UN Geneva Palace of Nations signing ceremony followed.

  • Conflicting reports suggest possible rocky times ahead. Reuters headlined "Iran, six world powers clinch breakthrough nuclear deal."

It suggested "emerging rapprochement ending a dangerous standoff" in exchange for "limited sanctions relief."

The New York Times headlined "Accord Reached With Iran to Halt Nuclear Program." It gave readers the wrong impression. 

It partly misreported. It's typical NYT. It said the agreement "temporarily freezes Iran's nuclear program."

It "halt(s) much of (it) and rolls some elements back." Readers had to get well into the article for details. Most don't get beyond the first few paragraphs. Initial impressions stick. What follows matters less.

The Washington Post headlined "Iran, world powers reach historic nuclear deal," saying:

It "freezes key parts of Iran's nuclear program in exchange for temporary relief on some economic sanctions Iran (is required) to halt or scale back parts of its nuclear infrastructure."

The Wall Street Journal headlined "Major Powers Reach Deal With Iran to Freeze Nuclear Program. (It) ensure(s) the Islamist government doesn't rush to develop atomic weapons."

Senator Mark Kirk (R. IL) is one of many sharp congressional Iranian critics. The Journal quoted him saying:

"This deal appears to provide the world's leading sponsor of terrorism with billions of dollars in exchange for cometic concessions."

John Kerry lied to reporters, saying:

"This first step (agreed on) does not say Iran has the right of enrichment, no matter what interpretative comments are made."

False! Agreement provisions are discussed below. Enrichment up to 5% is permitted. Kerry knows it. So can everyone reading the document.

On November 20, Senators Bob Casey (D. PA), Charles Schumer (D. NY), Lindsey Graham (R. SC), John McCain (R. AR), and Susan Collins (R. ME) wrote John Kerry. In part they said:

"We feel strongly that any easing of sanctions along the lines that the P5+1 is reportedly considering should require Iran to roll back its nuclear program more significantly than now envisioned."

"It is our belief that any interim agreement with the Iranians should bring us closer to our ultimate goal which is Iran without a nuclear weapons capability."

It should "prevent Tehran from possessing any enrichment or reprocessing capability."

"(W)e are concerned that the interim agreement would require us to make significant concessions before we see Iran demonstrably commit to moving away from developing a nuclear weapons capability."

"(W)e must be ever mindful of with whom we are negotiating. Iran has been the largest state sponsor of terrorism for over thirty years; its leaders routinely call for the destruction of Israel; and it arms and finances terrorist groups around the globe."

Many other Republican and Democrat House and Senate members express similar sentiments. Anti-Iranian hostility is virulent. It's longstanding. Geneva changes nothing.

Netanyahu's office called the deal "a bad agreement. It gives Iran exactly what it wants: both substantial easing of sanctions and preservation of the most substantial parts of its nuclear program."

Separately, Netanyahu told his cabinet ministers the deal is a "historic mistake. Israel is not obligated by this agreement." 

"I want to make clear we will not allow Iran to obtain military nuclear capability."

"Today the world became a much more dangerous place because the most dangerous regime in the world made a significant step in obtaining the most dangerous weapons in the world."

Other Israeli hardliners expressed similar comments. Deputy Knesset speaker, Moshe Feiglin, compared Geneva to Munich 1938.

"Any rational person understands that we are in the midst of a process leads to a nuclear-armed Iran," he claimed.

Things are "much worse than (what) led to the Yom Kippur War," he added.

Israel is the Middle East's sole nuclear power. It maintains a formidable arsenal. It has long-range sophisticated delivery systems. It represents the region's only major threat. Western media entirely ignore it.

Avigdor Lieberman is Israel's defrocked/reinstated foreign minister. He represents the extreme far right of Netanyahu's coalition government. 

He's an embarrassment too great to ignore. He's a thorn in the side of peace and stability.

He warned about letting Iran's nuclear program continue. It'll lead to a regional nuclear arms race, he claimed. 

It'll be on a scale "that even the most nightmarish Hollywood horror movie could not come close to depicting."

"We will know how to handle the Iranian threat, even if we stand alone," he stressed. 

"The threat is not just directed at us. The consequences (will be felt) across the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, and the price of oil and gas. (They'll) be catastrophic for the whole world."

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon was just as hardline, saying:

"We must not be patient and allow Iran to become a nuclear state. One way or another, Iran's military nuclear program must be stopped." 

"We must continue with harsh sanctions on the diplomatic front, while presenting a credible military threat."

"We stand before a bad deal after which Iran will still be allowed to preserve its enrichment capabilities and operate without pressure." 

"A strengthened Iran is a strengthened Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad. These are groups that present a threat to the West and to us."

Iranian reports were positive. Press TV headlined "Tehran, world powers reach nuclear deal: Iran FM." The Tehran Times headlined "Tehran, world powers reach nuclear deal."

Iran's Fars News Agency headlined "FM: Iran to Continue Nuclear Activities." It quoted Foreign Minister Javad Zarif saying:

Iran's "program has been recognized and the Iranian people's right to use the peaceful nuclear technology based on the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) and as an inalienable right has been recognized and countries are necessitated not to create any obstacle on its way."

"The (nuclear) program will continue and all the sanctions and violations against the Iranian nation under the pretext of the nuclear program will be removed gradually."

The deal represents a first-step effort toward "the full removal of all UN Security Council, unilateral and multilateral sanctions, while the country's enrichment program will be maintained." 

"Production of 5-percent-enriched uranium will continue in the country similar to the past."

"None of the enrichment centers will be closed and Fordo and Natanz will continue their work and the Arak heavy water program will continue in its present form and no material (enriched uranium stockpiles) will be taken out of the country and all the enriched materials will remain inside the country." 

"The current sanctions will move towards decrease. No (new) sanctions will be imposed and Iran's financial resources will return." 

Zarif called the deal "a great success." His faith remains to be tested. He understands the challenges Iran face. He called what was agreed on "an action plan in four pages."

"If we see any breach occurs in the commitments of the other side, and I hope that it will not happen, there will be a possibility for reversing (the actions)." 

"We are not in such a status to accept implementing the agreement unilaterally, if the other side doesn't comply with its undertakings."

"With open eyes and by fully protecting the people’s rights, if, God forbid, we come to this conclusion that the other side has misused the created opportunity, we will surely have other choices."

Fars News published the full text of the deal. It's provisions are as follows:

  • its duration runs six months; everything agreed on below remains in place for that period;

  • it's renewable by mutual consent;

  • Iran retains half of its 20% enriched uranium "as working stock of 20% oxide for fabrication of fuel for the TRR (Tehran Research Reactor);"

  • the remainder will be diluted "to no more than 5%;"

  • for the next six months, Iran will restrict enrichment to 5%;

  • it "will not make any further advances of its activities at (its) Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant 1, Fordow2, or the Arak reactor 3;"

  • no new enrichment locations will be used;

  • "Iran will continue its safeguarded R&D practices, including its current R&D practices; (they're) not designed for accumulation of the enriched uranium;"

  • reprocessing or construction of a facility for that purpose is prohibited;

  • "enhanced monitoring" is agreed on;

  • IAEA-supplied information will include "Iran's plans for nuclear facilities, a description of each building on each nuclear site, a description of the scale of operations for each location engaged in specified nuclear activities, information on uranium mines and mills, and information on source material;"

  • Iran will supply this information within three months;

  • it'll provide IAEA with an updated DIQ (Design Inventory Questionnaire) on Arak's reactor;

  • IAEA steps were agreed on regarding the Safeguards Approach for Arak's reactor;

  • "daily IAEA inspector access when inspectors are not present for the purpose of Design Information Verification, Interim Inventory Verification, Physical Inventory Verification, and unannounced inspections, for the purpose of access to offline surveillance records, at Fordow and Natanz;"

  • "IAEA inspector managed access to centrifuge assembly workshops4; centrifuge rotor production workshops and storage facilities; and uranium mines and mills;"

  • Iran won't "feed UF6 (uranium hexafluoride) into the centrifuges installed but not enriching uranium;"

  • it won't install additional centrifuges;

  • it will replace existing ones with others "of the same type;"

  • no further Fordow enrichment "over 5% at 4 cascades (and no) increase(d) enrichment capacity; (no) feed (of) UF6 into the other 12 cascades (to) remain inoperative; no interconnections between cascades;"

  • Iran won't "commission (Arak) or transfer fuel or heavy water to the reactor site, and will not test additional fuel or produce more fuel for the reactor or install remaining components;" and

  • centrifuge production will only replace "damaged machines."

P5+1 countries agreed to the following:

  • cease efforts to further reduce Iranian crude oil sales;

  • let Iranian customers continue buying their current amounts;

  • repatriate "an agreed amount of revenue held abroad;" it's believed to be no more than $7 billion; perhaps it's less;

  • suspend US/EU insurance and transportation services sanctions;

  • suspend US/EU sanctions on Iranian petrochemical exports, associated services related to them, gold and precious metals, as well as others on associated services, and Iran's auto industry plus associated services related to it;

  • "license the supply and installation in Iran of spare parts for safety of flight for Iranian civil aviation and associated services;" 

  • "license safety related inspections and repairs in Iran as well as associated services;"

  • no new US, EU or Security Council nuclear related sanctions;

  • "establish a financial channel to facilitate humanitarian trade for Iran's domestic needs using Iranian oil revenues held abroad;"

  • included are transactions involving food, agricultural products, medicines, medical devices and supplies, as well as medical expenses incurred abroad;

  • "specified foreign banks and non-designated Iranian" ones "to be defined" will be involved when the channel is established;

  • it'll enable Iran to pay its UN obligations, as well as tuition for Iranian students studying abroad "up to an agreed amount;"

  • EU authorized transactions thresholds will increase "for non-sanctioned trade to an agreed amount;"

  • " 'sanctions on associated services' means any service, such as insurance, transportation, or financial, subject to the underlying US or EU sanctions applicable, insofar as each service is related to the underlying sanction and required to facilitate the desired transactions;"

  • "these services could involve any non-designated Iranian entities;"

  • final step efforts toward a "comprehensive solution" to be implemented "no more than one year after agreement on the above provisions;"

  • it'll have "a specified long-term duration;"

  • it'll reflect adhering to NPT provisions and IAEA Safeguard Agreements;

  • it aims to "comprehensively lift UN Security Council, multilateral and national nuclear-related sanctions, including steps on access in areas of trade, technology, finance, and energy, on a schedule to be agreed upon;"

  • it'll involve a "mutually defined enrichment programme with mutually agreed parameters consistent with practical needs, with agreed limits on scope and level of enrichment activities, capacity, where it is carried out, and stocks of enriched uranium, for a period to be agreed upon;"

  • it'll fully resolve concerns about Arak;

  • it'll mandate "no reprocessing or construction of a facility capable of" doing so;

  • "following successful implementation of the final step of the comprehensive solution for its full duration, the Iranian nuclear programme will be treated in the same manner as that of any non-nuclear weapon state party to the NPT;" and

  • it's mutually agreed that "nothing is agreed until everything is agreed."

Sunday's agreement leaves important issues unresolved. Key is longstanding US/Israeli hostility.

Iran won't benefit unless its legitimate rights are respected. They haven't been for 34 years. Will this time be different? 

Will longstanding US imperial policy change? Will Israel's position soften despite its rhetoric? Will its lobby? Will France, Britain and Germany? Will Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council states?

Believing it requires a giant leap of faith. It's believing America negotiates fairly. It's believing it wants peace in our time.

It's believing Obama intends ending decades of US hostility. It's believing what won't happen going forward. 

Longstanding US policy remains unchanged. It's hardline. It's unrelenting. It wants unchallenged global dominance. It wants pro-Western puppet regimes replacing independent ones.

It's the oil, stupid. It's the gas. Iran is rich in both. Washington covets control. It continues going all out to get it. Geneva didn't change things.

Professor Abbas Edalat founded the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII). He commented on Geneva, saying:

"Clearly, it would take a long time for the US to gain the trust of Iranian people, and this can only be achieved by recognizing Iran's rights for a civilian nuclear program including home enrichment of uranium for energy production." 

"Only when the US treats Iran with respect as a sovereign nation, the process of reconciliation and looking forward to mutual cooperation and collaboration in many areas of joint interests can begin."

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs Fridays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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No Deal in Geneva

No Deal in Geneva

by Stephen Lendman

Three days of Iran nuclear talks were fruitless. It didn't surprise. Multiple previous rounds failed. Will future ones fare better? Don't bet on it. 

France was blamed this time. Washington bears most responsibility. So does Israel. Netanyahu called any deal a bad one. The Israeli Lobby exerts enormous pressure on Congress.

America negotiates in bad faith. Longstanding anti-Iranian hostility persists. Regime change plans remain firm.

Iran's nuclear program is a red herring. It's entirely legitimate. Western countries and Israel know it. Pretending otherwise doesn't wash. Nor does putting a brave face on failure.

Agreement was only reached to meet again. November 20 is scheduled. Senior diplomats will attend. Foreign ministers won't participate.

Public comments belie what's at issue. Washington wants Iran kept isolated. It wants pressure maintained. 

It wants stiff sanctions continued. It wants Iran's economy to scream. It wants ordinary Iranians suffering most.

It wants regime change. It wants pro-Western puppet governance replacing sovereign Iranian independence. 

It wants war if other methods fail to achieve its goals. It wants an Israeli rival eliminated. It wants unchallenged regional dominance. It wants control of Iranian oil, gas and other resources. 

Future talks won't change things. John Kerry lied saying:

"(W)e came to Geneva with the clear purpose of trying to advance the goal of preventing Iran from securing a nuclear weapon, and I believe we leave this round of talks not only committed, recommitted to that goal, but clearly further down the road in understanding what the remaining challenges are and clarifying the ways that we can actually do certain things together to reach that goal."

"(T)he window for diplomacy does not stay open indefinitely," he added.

US/Israeli nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction represent the greatest threat to world peace.

Kerry lied about the importance of "defus(ing)" nonexistent Iranian ones.

Don't expect future rhetoric to change. Don't expect future talks faring better than others. Don't expect longstanding US/Israeli anti-Iranian hostility to soften.

On Sunday, President Rohani addressed Iran's National Assembly, saying:

"We have said to the negotiating sides that we will not answer to any threat, sanction, humiliation or discrimination." 

"The Islamic Republic has not and will not bow its head to threats from any authority." 

"For us there are red lines that cannot be crossed. National interests are our red lines that include our rights under the framework of international regulations and (uranium) enrichment in Iran."

Iran's nuclear program is entirely peaceful, he stressed. Its rights are inviolable. They won't be surrendered. 

Tehran negotiated in good faith. Washington, Britain, France and Germany didn't reciprocate. It didn't surprise. 

Brave face pretense doesn't change things. Alleged progress belies reality. 

It bears repeating. At issue is sovereign Iranian independence. Alleging a possible military component to its nuclear program is pretext to target it.

In 1957, Washington and Iran signed an Atoms for Peace nuclear cooperation agreement. In August 1963, Tehran signed the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. In December, it ratified it.

In 1967, Iran built its Nuclear Research Center. The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran ((AEOI) runs it.

The same year, Washington supplied 5.545 kg of enriched uranium. Most of it contained fissile isotopes for research reactor fuel. 

About 112 grams of plutonium (mostly fissile isotopes) were provided for the same purpose.

In July 1968, Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). On March 5, 1970, it became effective. It promotes peaceful nuclear energy uses. 

It opposes weaponization. It endorses complete nuclear disarmament. Its objective is freeing the world from these destructive weapons.

In the 1970s, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi proposed building around 20 nuclear reactors. Washington supported him. Contracts with Western companies were signed. 

In 1974, Iran's Atomic Energy Act was implemented. It coordinates Tehran's nuclear program. It supervises it. 

It's involved in building nuclear facilities. It's in charge of using nuclear energy in industry, agriculture and service industries. It includes creating the required scientific and technical infrastructure. 

In 1974, Bushehr nuclear facility construction began. German companies were involved. Work stopped after Iran's 1979 revolution. 

In 1995, Russia agreed to finish earlier work begun. In September 2011, Bushehr became operational.

In 1990, Beijing signed a 10 year nuclear cooperation agreement with Tehran. It lets Iranian nuclear engineers train in China.

In December 2002, Washington claimed Iran planned nuclear weapons development. 

In May 2003, Iran proposed nuclear negotiations. At issue was resolving America's concerns. Agenda items proposed included:

  • relief of all US sanctions on Iran;
  • cooperation to stabilize Iraq;
  • full transparency over Iran's nuclear program, including the Additional Protocol;
  • cooperating against terrorist organizations, especially Mujahedin-e Khalq and Al Qaeda
  • accepting the Arab League’s 2002 'land for peace' declaration on Israel/Palestine; and

  • Iran's full access to peaceful nuclear technology, as well as legitimate chemical and bio-technology.

Bush administration officials rejected Iran's proposal. On January 29, 2002, George Bush initially called Iran, Iraq and North Korea the "axis of evil." 

He repeated it throughout his presidency. He did so to rally support for his "war on terror."

His accusations about proliferating terrorism were false. So were claims about developing weapons of mass destruction. 

Stepped up pressure followed. War on Iraq destroyed the cradle of civilization. War raged on Iran by other means. It continues.

It includes saber rattling, sanctions, subversion, instability, cyberwar, targeted assassinations, other disruptive actions, and relentless scoundrel media vilification and fearmongering.

In 2003, Britain, France and Germany (the EU3) proposed discussing a range of nuclear, security and economic issues with Iran.

Key was suspending uranium enrichment. So was cooperating fully with IAEA inspections. Iran continued its legitimate operations. Talks didn't materialize.

In November 2004, they began. Iranian proposals followed. They included:

  • Iran's commitment not to pursue weapons of mass destruction;

  • rejection of any attacks, threats of attack, or sabotage of Iran's nuclear facilities;

  • cooperation on combating terrorism; it included stepped up exchange of information and denial of safe havens;

  • regional security cooperation, including on Iraq and Afghanistan; and

  • cooperating on strategic trade controls, as well as ending restrictions on conventional arms and dual use goods to Iran.

In March 2005, Iran expressed willingness to discuss its nuclear program. Its proposal included:

  • adopting the IAEA Additional Protocol and continuous on-site inspections of key facilities;

  • limiting expansion of its enrichment program as well as declaring no reprocessing'

  • converting all enriched uranium to fuel rods;

  • an EU declaration recognizing Iran as a major source of European energy;

  • Iran's guaranteed access to advanced nuclear technology, as well as EU contracts for nuclear plant construction; and

  • normalizing Iran's status under G8 export controls.

In April 2005, Iran agreed to adopt the IAEA's Additional Protocol. It declared a policy of no reprocessing. It suspended enrichment for six months.

It established a joint task force on counterterrorism and export controls. It urged EU recognition of Iran as a major energy source.

In July 2005, Iran agreed to limit Natanz facility uranium enrichment. It negotiated for full-scale Natanz operation. 

It agreed to import uranium conversion material. It approved exporting UF6 (uranium hexafluoride) substances.

In August 2005, EU3 countries proposed:

  • supplying Iran with low enriched uranium;

  • storing nuclear fuel located in a third country;

  • establishing an Iranian commitment not to pursue fuel cycle technologies;

  • committing Iran to remain an NPT signatory and comply with Additional Protocol provisions;

  • returning spent nuclear fuel to supplier countries;

  • EU recognizing Iran as a longterm source of fossil fuel energy; and

  • cooperating with Iran on a variety of political-security areas; they included Iraq, Afghanistan, terrorism, and drug trafficking.

Iran rejected EU3's proposal. It didn't recognize its legitimate enrichment rights. Negotiations ended.

In October 2005, Moscow proposed Iran share ownership of a Russian-based uranium enrichment facility. Discussions followed. In March 2006, Tehran rejected the proposal.

In June 2006, America, China and Russia joined with EU3 countries. Comprehensive negotiations with Iran were proposed. 

Terms included Iran suspending enriched related and reprocessing activities, establishing a mechanism review, cooperation on issues of mutual concern, among others.

In August, Iran rejected the proposal. It didn't recognize its legitimate uranium enrichment rights.

Germany got involved. P5 became P5+1. In March 2008, revised terms were proposed. Iran submitted its own.

Both sides called for political, economic and security cooperation. Iran excluded altering its legitimate nuclear program. Discussions followed. No agreement was reached.

Subsequent proposals by both sides followed. So did multiple negotiating rounds. Major issues remain unresolved. Western demands exclude fairness. 

They restrict Iran in ways imposed on no other nuclear country. They deny Tehran's legitimate rights.

Six Security Council resolutions deal with Iran's nuclear program. Five imposed sanctions. Congress and EU nations imposed their own.

Normalizing relations with Iran remains a convenient illusion. Washington and Israel block doing so. Further talks aren't likely to change things. What follows remains to be seen.

A Final Comment

On Sunday, senior US officials arrived in Israel. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman led them. 

She's duplicitous. She can't be trusted. She's militantly hostile to Iran. She lied to Congress about its legitimate nuclear program. 

She and other US officials briefed Netanyahu on Geneva talks. Israel's national security adviser was involved. So were Israeli intelligence, foreign affairs and defense officials.

Before talks concluded, Netanyahu spoke to Obama, Britain's David Cameron, Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Francois Hollande.

He urged them to reject what he called a bad deal. Draw your own conclusions. 

Note: On November 17, Hollande will meet with Netanyahu in Jerusalem. 

On November 20, Netanyahu plans visiting Moscow. It's the same day Iran nuclear talks resume. 

It bears repeating. Will they fare better than previous ones? Don't bet on it.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs Fridays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


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The REAL Source of Cavities and Gum Disease


Our modern stereotype is that – until recently – people were plagued with rotting teeth, cavities and gum disease.

But the truth is that prehistoric people had much better oral health than we do today.

As NPR reports:

Prehistoric humans didn’t have toothbrushes. They didn’t have floss or toothpaste, and they certainly didn’t have Listerine. Yet somehow, their mouths were a lot healthier than ours are today.

Hunter-gatherers had really good teeth,” says Alan Cooper, director of the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA. “[But] as soon as you get to farming populations, you see this massive change. Huge amounts of gum disease. And cavities start cropping up.”

And thousands of years later, we’re still waging, and often losing, our war against oral disease.

Our changing diets are largely to blame.

In a study published in the latest Nature Genetics, Cooper and his research team looked at calcified plaque on ancient teeth from 34 prehistoric human skeletons. What they found was that as our diets changed over time — shifting from meat, vegetables and nuts to carbohydrates and sugar — so too did the composition of bacteria in our mouths.


However, the researchers found that as prehistoric humans transitioned from hunting and gathering to farming, certain types of disease-causing bacteria that were particularly efficient at using carbohydrates started to win out over other types of “friendly” bacteria in human mouths. The addition of processed flour and sugar during the Industrial Revolution only made matters worse.

“What you’ve really created is an ecosystem which is very low in diversity and full of opportunistic pathogens that have jumped in to utilize the resources which are now free,” Cooper says.

And that’s a problem, because the dominance of harmful bacteria means that our mouths are basically in a constant state of disease.

“You’re walking around with a permanent immune response, which is not a good thing,” says Cooper. “It causes problems all over the place.”


According to Cooper, bacteria make up approximately 90 percent of the cells in our bodies. [Background; and graphics.] He believes that we focus too much on ourselves and not enough on this so-called microbiome.

We brush our teeth and we floss, and we think that we’ve got good oral hygiene. But [we're] completely failing to deal with the underlying problem,” he says. “Ten years from now, I think we’re going to find that the whole microbiome is a key part of what you get monitored for and treated for.

While this seems counter-intuitive at first, it makes sense after a little reflection. After all, we evolved as hunters and gatherers. We haven’t had time to adapt – in an evolutionary times frame – to a life of farming … let alone processed foods.

No wonder – according to the New York Times:

More than 75% of American adults have some form of gum disease.

The science of healthy internal bugs is in its infancy. As Live Science notes:

“The concept of a probiotic to help reestablish our baseline microbiota after an antibiotic is a good concept,” [microbiologist Martin Blaser of the NYU School of Medicine] told LiveScience. “But the idea that, of all thousand species in our bodies, taking a single species that comes from cow or cheese is naïve.” Current probiotics are very well marketed, Blaser said, but there’s not much benefit. He does think medicine will one day develop probiotics that will be used to treat illness, but as of now, “it’s a very young field,” he said.

Ingesting too many antibiotics has also been linked to obesity, as it kills – often permanently – helpful intestinal bacteria (and see this and this), hypertension. Probiotics – which replace healthy intestinal bacteria – can promote weight loss, at least in people who don’t have a thriving community of natural intestinal flora.

Indeed, a healthy microbiome is also important for mental health:

Live Science reports:

Researchers have increasingly begun to suspect the gut was somehow linked with the brain. For instance, bowel disorders seem linked with stress-related psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression in people.

To learn more, scientists experimented with mice by feeding them a broth containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus JB-1. This species naturally lives in our gut, and scientists are exploring whether strains of it can be used as “probiotics” to improve our health. They discovered these rodents displayed significantly less behavior linked with stress, anxiety and depression than mice fed plain broth. Bacteria-fed mice also had significantly lower levels of the stress hormone corticosterone in response to stressful situations such as mazes.

“By affecting gut bacteria, you can have very robust and quite broad-spectrum effects on brain chemistry and behavior,” researcher John Cryan, a neuroscientist at University College Cork in Ireland, told LiveScience.

“Without overstating things, this does open up the concept that we could develop therapies that can treat psychiatric disorders by targeting the gut,” Cryan added. “You could take a yogurt with a probiotic in it instead of an antidepressant.”


The investigators found that one GABA receptor component was present in higher levels in bacteria-fed mice in parts of the brain where it is normally lowered during depression. In addition, several GABA receptor components were reduced in parts of the brain where they are normally increased in stressed or anxious animals.

Next, the researchers severed the vagus nerve, which helps alert the central nervous system to changes in the gastrointestinal tract. They found the bacteria-induced effects on behavior and GABA receptors were diminished, suggesting this nerve is the pathway by which changes in the gut can influence the brain.

Vagal nerve stimulations have been used at times to treat depression resistant to other therapies, but “that’s a surgical technique,” Cryan said. “By targeting the gut with probiotics, we could indirectly target the vagus nerve without surgery.”

And see this.

Many native cultures ate a lot of fermented foods containing healthy bacteria. Think yogurt, miso and Inuit fermented seal blubber (gross, we know …)


Given that the modern diet contains less fermented foods, and that antibiotics have killed off some of our healthy intestinal flora, probiotics – sold in health food stores – are an important preventative measure against depression.

So it should come as no surprise that probiotics can help our oral health, as shown by scientific studies published in the American Journal of Dentistry, European Journal of Dentistry, and elsewhere.

In a couple of years, we will be able to get the right probiotics to kill the bad bugs in our mouth without destroying the good guys like antibiotics do.

In the meantime, good oral hygiene – conscientious tooth brushing and flossing – is important. Indeed, an overwhelming number of scientific studies conclude that cavity levels are falling worldwide … even in countries which don’t fluoridate water.

World Health Organization Data (2004) -
Tooth Decay Trends (12 year olds) in Fluoridated vs. Unfluoridated Countries:

who dmft An Overwhelming Number of Scientific Studies Conclude That Cavity Levels are Falling Worldwide ... Even In Countries Which Dont Fluoridate Water

This is due to increased education about the importance of oral hygiene.

In addition, we should cut out refined flour and refined sugar. As Live Science notes:

Cooper suggests that one way to help return your microbiome to a healthier, more balanced state might be to cut out all of those processed carbs and start eating like our ancestors.

Cranberry juice contains a chemical that blocks cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to teeth. Drinking some unsweetened cranberry juice during the day can reduce cavities.

Finally, brushing with baking soda (or a toothpaste containing baking soda) is safe, and helps to reduce plaque … even in hard-to-reach areas.

America – Polluted with Corruption

In the United States everything is polluted.Democracy is polluted with special interests and corrupt politicians. Accountability is polluted with executive branch exemptions from law and the Constitution.

Friday Humor: Miniature Predator Drone Goes On Sale To Bipolar Public Reception

Just because there is a superficially-pacifist, yet supraficially genocidal, dictatorially-inclined egomaniac in every one of us, the moment the Maisto Fresh Metal Tailwinds 1:97 Scale Die Cast United States Military Aircraft - US Air Force Medium Altitude, Long Endurance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) RQ-1 Predator went on loss at Amazon (we would say sale, but that would imply some probability of profit, which as even the hotdog guy, knows is never going to happen at AMZN), everyone scrambled to buy one.

However, only those first in line got one: everyone else was greeted by a "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock" sign. So what does one do: what one should have done in the first place before going for the one impulse purchase that can murder innocent children half way around the world courtesy of the latest iPad app "iKiller": read the customer reviews of course.

Below is a broad sample of the rather bipolar main street America response when faced with the opportunity of having the same great power, if not so great - or any - responsibility, as is given, by some 25% of the population (factoring for the 55% or so who don't vote) to the president of the USA, even if on a 1:97 scale.

First the big thumbs up:

By Raini Pachak

This is the best toy ever. Finally, I can pretend that I'm a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize!
It's like I'm sitting right there in the White House with my very own kill list!

By Rambone

My son is very interested in joining the Imperial forces when he grows up. He says he's not sure if he wants to help police the homeland or if he wants to invade foreign countries. So I thought a new Predator drone toy would be a nice gift for him. These drones are used both domestically and internationally, to spy on people and assassinate them at the Emperor's discretion. He just loves flying his drone around our house, dropping Hellfire missiles on Scruffy, our dog. He kept saying that Scruffy was a terror suspect and needed to be taken out. I asked him if Scruffy should get a trial first, and he quoted Lindsay Graham, Imperial Senator: "Shut up Scruffy, you don't get a trial!" I was so proud. I think I'll buy him some video games that promote martial law for Christmas.

By Maurice Cobbs

You've had a busy play day - You've wiretapped Mom's cell phone and e-mail without a warrant, you've indefinitely detained your little brother Timmy in the linen closet without trial, and you've confiscated all the Super-Soakers from the neighborhood children (after all, why does any kid - besides you, of course - even NEED a Super-Soaker for self-defense? A regular water pistol should be enough). What do you do for an encore?

That's where the US Air Force Medium Altitude, Long Endurance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) RQ-1 Predator from Maisto comes in. Let's say that Dad has been labeled a terrorist in secret through your disposition matrix. Rather than just arrest him and go through the hassle of trying and convicting him in a court of law, and having to fool with all those terrorist-loving Constitutional protections, you can just use one of these flying death robots to assassinate him! Remember, due process and oversight are for sissies. Plus, you get the added bonus of taking out potential terrorists before they've even done anything - estimates have determined that you can kill up to 49 potential future terrorists of any age for every confirmed terrorist you kill, and with the innovative 'double-tap' option, you can even kill a few terrorist first responders, preventing them from committing terrorist acts like helping the wounded and rescuing survivors trapped in the rubble. Don't let Dad get away with anti-American activities! Show him who's boss, whether he's at a wedding, a funeral, or just having his morning coffee. Sow fear and carnage in your wake! Win a Nobel Peace Prize and be declared Time Magazine's Person of the Year - Twice!

This goes well with the Maisto Extraordinary Rendition playset, by the way - which gives you all the tools you need to kidnap the family pet and take him for interrogation at a neighbor's house, where the rules of the Geneva Convention may not apply. Loads of fun!

By Jonathan D

Brown people around the world beware! Always ready to drop a few Hellfire's worth of freedom on unsuspecting civilian gatherings in various middle eastern nations, this Predator model is the perfect addition to any toy collection. Instead of just talking with your children about how our country conducts diplomacy by assassinating people we don't like along with whatever innocent bystanders may be in the blast radius, this Predator model allows for creative play acting and recreation of the murder scene itself. I was sorely disappointed to find out that it's now out of stock and I can't buy dozens more to add to the realism.

By Mr. Ronald M. Ayers

Like most children, my sons and daughters fantasize a lot about killing, usually their teachers and/or other kids at school. For a modest amount of money this toy allows them to take their fantasies to a new level. Instead of using a toy gun or knife or even a video game, this baby takes their blood lust over the top. Now, with a fleet of killer drones, mass genocide of third world peoples is possible for my little ones. As others have noted, a lack of bloodied bodies to go along with the drone is a problem. Perhaps the maker will see fit to remedy that problem in the future.

BTW, I first found about about the toy drones through my children's therapist. The kids have been torturing kittens and puppies and the wife and I sent them to a headshrinker to try to get them to transfer their murderous impulses to third world humans. Their therapist recommended this little gem of a toy. The kids are so excited by it, my son is even talking about joining the military when he turns 18 just so he can pilot a drone. Thank you Amazon for making this excellent product available so kids can experience the glory of killing.

By holmestim

I enthusiastically await the prospects of teaching my grandchildren how to promote Democracy from the comfort of my Desktop! Nothing like making church parking lots out of wedding parties and family events!

By Vanessa Carlisle

I bought this for my son and he spent countless, blissful hours simulating massacres of weddings, funerals, and other family gatherings of brown skinned foreigners! He even realized that if he circled the drone back around on the first responders, his effective kill rate soared! Neat-o!

Educationally, this toy can't be beat - inculcating a predilection for indiscriminate, imperialist violence against non-combatants from oppressed and marginalized communities is precisely in accordance with truly "American values!"

By Trilobyte

This is an awesome toy to instill a sense of exploration in your child. Geography of foreign lands will come naturally as you and your child act out imaginary strikes on Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and many more! Combined with the optional targets, the wedding,the funeral and the dusty road with an American citizen and his son, you can act out these scenarios very realistically! Teaching the moral superiority and callous disregard for other people and nations has never been easier.

By Julia Nelson

The Maisto replica RQ-1 Predator satisfies the requirement for realism, accuracy and detail in manufacture alongside excellent of playability. The blister pack reminds us of the danger of choking, this attention to detail (especially when the Predator is used in dusty countries in the troubled Middle east) suggests that the Maisto marketing department have really done their homework. I bought ten of these for my boy because, as he so rightly says, "So many countries, so little time". He hasn't played with his Matchbox V2 Buzz Bomb once since he became a "Drone Operator". It's given him a real grasp of imperialism, murder of innocents, the art of war and the complex geography of the Middle East. Thank You Maisto, we look forward to your Cluster Bomb, Land Mine and Gas canister multi pack with anticipation hitherto unseen in the world of play.

By Gordon M. Wagner

The coolest detail about this toy are the small body fragments you can litter around your target area following a drone missile strike on a wedding party. THEN (this is where the real fun begins) you circle back in an hour and fire MORE missiles at the people rescuing survivors and mourning the dead! Sure if another country did such a thing we'd decry it as heinous terrorism, but when good Ol' Uncle Sam's finger is on the joystick, you can bet that we call what we hit our target, no matter what.

Seriously? This toy is inappropriate and ought to be removed from Amazon as soon as possible. If it hasn't occurred to you, "drone" murder is still murder. As in "war crime". As in "international tribunal".

ORDER NOW and get FREE packs of Cluster Bombs (banned by all countries except the US and Israel) as well as the latest 2013 assortment of Land Mines (also banned by international treaty except for the US and Israel).

By redpleb

Nothing teaches your kids about the fact that they may one day be the target of an extra-judicious execution by executive order via a flying death robot from the movie Terminator, then this beautiful piece of replica toy war crimes.

By Michael Liszewski

This model is a 100% accurate scale model, and you will likely be thrilled that the "for ages 3 and up" disclaimer only applies to those remotely flying the Predator, not its potential victims.

... and those not quite so enthusiastic:

By Defenestrate

I thought if I bought this, I could kill random people without facing justice. It doesn't work! It won't kill people, not even brown ones.



By sandinista death squad "sandinista death squad"

I thought this would come with "baseball cards" of American civilians living in other countries that I could target for termination, I had to satisfy myself by destroying everything in my house and giving up on everything I ever believed in, liberty, freedom, and due process!

By HDTV shopper "HDTV"

Whenever my 7-year-old takes his dose of psychotropic medication, he's always obsessed with First Person Shooter videogames. Boy, I want to thank Amazon for their patriotic act of making this MALE (awesome friggin' acronym, Maisto!) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) available. At first, when little Tommy unwrapped this gift from Santa, he said, "this blows," but when I informed him that this would give him an opportunity to blow up people "Who Hate Us For Our Freedoms," well, little Tommy just lit up.

Now, father and son sit in Little Tommy's tree fort, pretending we're in a 63-degree military installation in Tampa or New Mexico, toggling a joystick and doing some real "collateral damage" on women and children in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Yemen! It's a true bonding experience for father and son -- we're Real American Heroes, making up our own kill list and angling for that Nobel Peace Prize we so richly deserve for bringing Democracy to The Middle East and Africa! [...]

Plus, the real bonus is that I'm preparing Little Tommy for a future career. Let's face it -- our Congress has shipped all our manufacturing jobs to China, and Little Tommy is hopelessly addicted to psychotropic medication. His brain is fried, OK? So I thought he might have a great future with the TSA, groping other 7-year-olds or grandmothers at unconstitutional checkpoints, but considering there will be 30,000 REAL DRONES OVER THE SKIES OF THE U. S. OF A. by 2015, Little Tommy is actually preparing himself for the career of a lifetime by practicing to take out his fellow American citizens with a Hellfire missle. Hoowah! www. nowtheendbegins .com/blog/?p=8504

Look, I listen closely to everything the Brit Piers Morgan tells me. The Second Amendment right to own firearms is evil. So I've destroyed all of Little Tommy's toy guns. But piloting a killer drone is freaking awesome. I highly recommend that all you sheeple step up like me and be REAL American patriots. Turn in your guns, eat your GMO foods, drink your fluoride water, breathe in your chemtrails and BUY YOUR BOYS THIS AWESOME, AWESOME TOY for your kid! Remember -- they hate us for our freedoms. So we need to kill thousands of brown people we don't know remotely with the push of a button. Baba booey, y'all!

By Barry D. Berns

What's next, depleted uranium Play-doh? Yes, let's teach our children that endless war for the benefit of billionaire defense contractors and bankers is okay, that it's okay to kill unarmed civilians as long as it's in the name of "Democracy," that murdering innocent men, women and children is okay as long as it's the government telling you to murder them. I won't mention 9/11 "conspiracies," but isn't it obvious to all by now that war is a racket? Only the mega-rich profit from war while everyone else either suffers or dies. Oh yeah, let's arm and install those evil terrorists in Libya and Syria while we irradiate and/or sexually molest people at our airports to protect us from them. No wonder Al Qaeda has been called "Al CIA Duh." Of course, you need a nebulous "enemy" or boogeyman to fight an unending war. Orwell's "1984" was not supposed to be a book of prophecy.

In a word, disgusting.


My Ritalin®-fueled first grade son thought it would be so much fun to play "Drop the Hellfire missiles". But when he brought it to school, the taxpayer-funded armed guard overheard him say the word "Hellfire" during recess. The principal immediately assigned him to indefinite detention. Then she called the media, and shamed him at the national level. Now he's depressed and taking Zoloft®. Where did we go wrong? Oh well, at least my new husband and I can finally take that 7 million dollar vacation to Hawai'i! Talk about change... "Yes we did!"

By Gk Harris

A toy but it's still quite dangerous. My 7-year-old son launched this in the school playground and hit a Pakistani kid in the eye. These things just can't help themselves.

By Chai T. "texaschai

Disappointed in the price of this toy. Thought it would be paid for with my hard-working, middle-class, high tax rate taxes as the real ones are, but apparently not! Of course I'm kidding. There is no middle-class anymore.

By zc2012


h/t Redpill

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