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Distractions, Thought Control and Palestine

Photo by MattysFlicks | CC BY 2.0 If the popular news sites are to be believed, the United States citizenry is mesmerized by President Donald...

Video: Is Putin the Enemy or a Distraction?

Former Clinton White House Counsellor Bill Curry and TRNN Senior Editor Paul Jay discuss and debate the strategy of the Democratic Party to focus...

Trump's Muslim Ban Is Dangerous and a Distraction

On January 27, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order to make good on his promised Muslim Ban. One of the primary provisions...

Euphemism as Journalism: Distracting the Audience by Focusing on Trump’s Skill at Distraction

Judy Woodruff, Tamara Keith and Amy Walter (PBS NewsHour, 11/21/16) discuss how Trump distracts us as a way of avoiding talking about what Trump...

Far From a Distraction, Hamilton Feud Calls Attention to the Real Issue: Trump’s Historic...

Like other bloggers, Matthew Yglesias (Vox, 11/19/16) misses what’s really important about the Donald Trump’s war with a Broadway musical. In the wake of the...

Video: Is Hillary Clinton’s Criticism of Edward Snowden a Distraction from Real Issue of... - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has said Edward Snowden "stole very important information that has unfortunately ... Via Youtube

Is Hillary Clinton's Criticism of Edward Snowden a Distraction From Real Issue of Surveillance?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has said Edward Snowden "stole very important information that has unfortunately fallen into a lot of the...

Video: ‘Braindead’: Media hype around Trump interview with Larry King just another distraction?

This is Trump's first appearance on Politicking since October 2013, when he first hinted at running for president. This time, the billionaire businessman discusses...

American Elections: Weapons of Mass Distraction

Now that the agitprop babble of the conventions is behind us, we might ask, what is all this showman/woman/ship all about? Does the election...

‘No on TPP': Hecklers & other distractions during Obama’s DNC speech

President Barack Obama’s speech on Wednesday highlighted the need for party unity and long term commitment...

Video: The Racial Distraction

[youtube] On this Tuesday, June 23rd edition of the Infowars Nightly News Lee Ann McAdoo covers the Confederate flag controversy, the continued manhunt for...

The Myth of the Knock-Out Game | Weapons of Mass Distraction

Abby Martin calls out the corporate media for highlighting a fake phenomenon called the “Knockout Game”, while ignoring real stories such as lobbying group...

Media Cracked Out on Toronto Mayor | Weapons of Mass Distraction

[youtube] Abby Martin calls out the corporate media for focusing on Toronto Mayor's one-time crack use, while ignoring far more important Canadian issues such...

On the Defensive, Shills for Common Core Hype Distractions

With opposition to Obama administration-backed Common Core nationalized education boiling over across the political spectrum, desperate lawmakers in Wisconsin who support the controversial scheme...

Interview 763 — Radio Liberty: The Default Distraction

This week on Radio Liberty, James and Dr. Stan deflate some of the hype, rhetoric and hyperbole surrounding the debt default talk in the US economy. They also take your calls on a host of subjects including the Federal Reserve, offshoring of multinatio...

Why the Debt Ceiling is a Distraction

The inability of the media and politicians to focus on the real issues never ceases to amaze. The real crisis is not the “debt ceiling...

Snowden Circus a Huge Distraction From World War 3?

Paul Joseph Watson June 26, 2013 Several prominent voices in the alternative media are speculating that former CIA analyst and...

Why a government-orchestrated distraction event is highly likely to occur in the next 7...

False Flag-O-Meter reaches the red zone Mike AdamsNaturalNewsMay 12, 2013 This is a short but urgent warning:...

Video: Trump’s Syria strike distracts media from internal problems… Perfect timing?

Trump's strikes have drawn anger at home, with thousands across America rallying against the assault. But the president might not need public approval, but...

Chemical Weapons Hypocrisy

Oh, the hypocrisy of it. The ignoble aims. The distraction. The outrageous lies and excuses. I’m not talking about America’s tweet-from-the-hip president and his desire...

Weaponizing anti-Semitism against Corbyn could endanger Jews, Israeli academic warns — RT UK News

Anti-Semitism has been weaponized to attack Jeremy Corbyn, according to Israeli-British historian Ilan Pappé. ...

Pedological Advice for Perilous Times

Photo by Per Gosche | CC BY 2.0 University teachers must be courageous pioneers of the new learning age (full of wonder and danger). Our...

The West That Was – LewRockwell

Trump Finds Fellow Bully in Bolton

Nothing Donald Trump has done since his inauguration 14 months ago is more dangerous – to the United States, and indeed, to the world...

New Poll Shows Republicans Losing Voter-Base

Eric Zuesse The Morning Consult poll released on March 30th headlines "Republicans Drive Biggest Decline in Voter Optimism Since Trump Took Office: Record drop isn't...

Big Brother Isn’t Watching You: You’re Watching Him!

President Trump speaks to guests during a Greek Independence Day celebration in the East Room of the White House, on March 22, 2018, in...

‘Russia, Russia, Russia!’ – Michael Moore slams corporate media for ignoring real issues —...

Liberal firebrand and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore lashed out at corporate media for their non-stop coverage...

Republicans Want to Look at Gun Violence in Movies? OK, Let’s Look

On February 22, President Donald Trump suggested that violent movies and video games are the real cause of mass shootings: I’m hearing more and...

Apple employees getting injured by ultra-transparent glass at $5bn facility — RT US News

Apple Park, the tech giant's $5 billion glass and metal California headquarters, has proven to be...

‘Malevolent’ Moscow targets UK energy infrastructure… with tanker of gas to help beleaguered Brits...

Weeks after Britain’s defense secretary accused Russia of planning attacks on power stations that could...

A Food Stamp Indignity Worthy of Dickens

Even Charles Dickens, England’s masterful satirist of the Victorian upper class, couldn’t have imagined elite rulers using a box of food as a gratuitous...

Russiagate-Trump Gets Solved by Giant of American Investigative Journalism

Eric Zuesse Lucy Komisar, who is perhaps the greatest living investigative journalist, has discovered — and has documented in detail — that the source of...

Deadly Shooting Offered ‘Reprieve’ From Negative Trump Coverage

A Washington Post interview with a White House official garnered stunned reactions on social media when the anonymous staffer said that last week's school...

The Washington Post’s Shoddy Defense of the Russiagate Investigation

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at An editorial in the February 2nd Washington Post headlined “The Nunes memo shows the opposite of what Trump hoped...

Gay US Olympic skier jibes VP Pence over LGBTQ stance, has ‘no inclination’ to...

An openly gay US skier, who threw shade at Mike Pence for his lack of support...

Nuclear scandal fallout hits FBI & Clintons — RT US News

As Democrats and Republicans target each other with accusations of ‘Russian collusion,’ they seize on evidence...

The Tories have had a crash course in social media… let the gaffes begin...

Following their abysmal social media game during the 2017 general election, the venerable Tories have...

It’s time to end ‘misinformation’ aimed at Russia, declares British lord — RT UK...

The House of Lords has been asked by one of its own to boost ties...

Did Gavin Williamson make alarmist Russia accusations to deflect attention from his affair? —...

Defence secretary Gavin Williamson has been busy. In the space of one day he has...

Farage blasts UKIP as leader Bolton on verge of going broke — RT UK...

Nigel Farage, the modern master of right-wing politics in the UK, has ordered his former...

Trump’s Draft Nuclear Posture Review Degrades National Security

Photo by Maxwell Hamilton | Public Domain On Jan. 11, the Huffington Post posted a leaked draft of the Trump Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review, the government’s...

Mayors boycott Trump summit as DOJ threatens ‘sanctuary cities’ — RT US News

Mayors of some of the largest US cities skipped a White House event after the Justice...

6 most personal attacks on Trump during his first year in White House —...

Attacks on Donald Trump have been fast and furious, but some appeared to be so cheap,...

Consenting to Normal

Women attend a #Metoo rally in front of the Trump International Hotel on December 9, 2017, in Columbus Circle, New York City. (Photo: Andrew...

HR Has Never Been on the Side of Workers. #MeToo Is More Proof

After human resources was informed in 2014 that Emily Nestor, former front desk assistant for the Weinstein Company, was allegedly sexually harassed by Harvey...

Police Presence Planned for Start of ‘White Racism’ Class

When a "White Racism" class meets Tuesday at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), at least two campus police officers will be on...

Toby Young resigns from university regulator over ‘ill-judged’ sexist tweets — RT UK News

Published time: 9 Jan, 2018 08:31 Journalist Toby Young has resigned from the board of...

Captain Jack Sparrow? Delta plane rerouted to Detroit due to a bird in a...

Published time: 31 Dec, 2017 12:08 A Delta flight had to reroute and return to Detroit...

‘Western govts & corporations hide collusion behind smokescreens of Russia or sex scandals’ —...

Published time: 31 Dec, 2017 04:49 Western governments, spy agencies and corporations share similar goals...

Negligent, speeding driver caused Mexican bus crash that killed 12, injured 20 — RT...

Published time: 20 Dec, 2017 23:13 A high-speed bus crash in Mexico that left eight Americans,...

What Was Verifiably Great About America: Fragments of a Memoir Set To A Musical...

Having been born in a coal and steel company town but destiny delivered, as an adult, to reside, during extended intervals, in the East...

The Fall of Sam Dastyari: The Allures of Foreign Influence

Gazing at the politics of a vassal state is interesting in one acute, and jarring sense.  Voices of presumed independence are often bought; political...

Russia or Corporate Tax Cuts: Which Would Comcast Rather MSNBC Cover?

Chris Hayes starting his MSNBC show, as he usually does, with Trump and the Russians. At the beginning of December, liberal TV hosts Chris Hayes...

A Few Thoughts on Bannon, Trump and the Future

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump’s senior adviser, Stephen Bannon, used him as his ventriloquist’s dummy. A few months after the election, Bannon was...

Details emerge of Downing Street terrorist bomb plan — RT UK News

Published time: 6 Dec, 2017 12:23 British Prime Minister Theresa May was set to be...

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons resigns over claims of sexual misconduct — RT US News

Published time: 30 Nov, 2017 22:25 Edited time: 1 Dec, 2017 08:45 The multi-millionaire record producer...

‘Failing UK politicians use Russian ‘Brexit meddling’ to distract people from terribly run things’...

Published time: 29 Nov, 2017 17:53 It is pathetic the UK government has to resort...

A Conversation With Nuclear Expert William Hartung

Janine Jackson interviewed William Hartung about nuclear overkill for the November 17, 2017, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript. MP3 Link Janine Jackson:...

‘Impeach Trump’ billboards go up in Times Square — RT US News

Published time: 22 Nov, 2017 05:17 For 10 minutes out of every hour through to New...

‘The Nuclear Enterprise Is on Autopilot’

Janine Jackson interviewed William Hartung about nuclear overkill for the November 17, 2017, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript. ...

Puerto Rico power chief resigns amid struggles after Hurricane Maria — RT US News

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) chief Ricardo Ramos has resigned as much of the island...

Someone in Russia sent some tweets, Theresa May warns the entire Western world may...

Theresa May deployed two methods of distraction at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet speech in London:...

Sacked Welsh Labour minister Carl Sargeant died by hanging — RT UK News

Published time: 13 Nov, 2017 15:36 An inquest into the death of the Welsh Assembly...

Online reactions to Virginia church’s removal of Washington & Lee plaques — RT US...

Published time: 30 Oct, 2017 14:45 A Virginia church's decision to remove plaques honoring George Washington...

For Trump, Words Are Stupid Things | By

In Britain late last week, Conservative Member of Parliament Nicholas Soames, grandson of Winston Churchill, described Donald Trump as a “daft twerp.” Not quite the...

Forcing Trump’s Hand, Sanders and Dems Intro Bill to Lower ‘Outrageous’ Drug Prices

Challenging President Donald Trump to make good on his professed desire to take on the pharmaceutical industry—which he has said is "getting away with...

The NFL Protests – LewRockwell

Studies Show Republicans Don’t Understand What Produces Wealth in America

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at A Pew poll published on May 2nd was headlined "Why people are rich and poor: Republicans and Democrats have...

Las Vegas shooter fired at fuel tanks as part of escape plan, sheriff says

Las Vegas police now say that a security guard found gunman Stephen Paddock drilling a hole...

A Deaf Ear to Dire Russian Warnings

Official Washington is so obsessed with the hyped Russia-gate allegations that it isn’t picking up on dire warnings from Russia...

Appetite for Destruction: Trump’s War on the Environment

Photo by Bureau of Land Manageme | CC BY 2.0 From the senseless slaughter in Las Vegas to the horrific impacts of Hurricane Maria on...

Car crash deaths reach decade high in US – study

Traffic accident-related fatalities in the United States are at a 10-year high, while more pedestrians were...

Punishing the Media: The Fantasies of the CIA and William J. Casey

Unauthorized disclosures of classified information have become a cancer which undermines presidential authority to conduct foreign policy, our national security process, and our intelligence...

Robot sex dolls that let men simulate rape should be outlawed, campaigner says

Published time: 21 Sep, 2017 10:15 Edited time: 21 Sep, 2017 11:20 Sex dolls that...

U.S. Near Bottom in Public Trust of Newsmedia

Eric Zuesse According to the most extensive study ever done of the public’s usages of, and trust in, the newsmedia in their country — a...

Seattle mayor resigns after 5th child molestation charge comes from cousin

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has announced his resignation after a fifth man came forward to accuse...

The Unspoken Truth behind the Colin Kaepernick Story

The spectacle is the nightmare of imprisoned modern society which ultimately expresses nothing more than its desire to sleep.  The spectacle is the guardian...

Trump's New Venezuela Sanctions Will Do More Harm Than Good

The Trump administration announced new, unprecedented sanctions against Venezuela on Friday that are designed to cut off financing to Venezuela. The Trump team pretends...

Doctors Warm to Single-Payer Health Care

There's a growing sense of inevitability as more doctors assume single-payer is on the horizon. (Photo: megaflopp / iStock / Getty Images Plus) You'll never...

The Story of Charlottesville was Written in Blood in the Ukraine

What is the character of racist right-wing politics today? Is it the crazed white supremacist who plows into an anti-fascist demonstration in Charlottesville, VA...

The Story of Charlottesville Was Written in Blood in the Ukraine

Photo by Sasha Maksymenko | CC BY 2.0 What is the character of racist right-wing politics today? Is it the crazed white supremacist who plows...

A Preemptive Strike on North Korea Would Be Catastrophic and Illegal

As we stand on the precipice of a disastrous war, these are the right circumstances for Trump to meet with Kim Jong-un. (Photo: alexkuehni...

Name the System: Some Semi-Random Summer Reflections

Photo by Karl-Ludwig Poggemann | CC BY 2.0 Behind the Orange-Tinted “OMG” Distraction   Every once and a while a moment of political insight breaks out...

What Don’t You Know About the Trump/Russia Connection?

If you’re having trouble finding your way through the blizzard of facts, leaks, rumors and lies howling around the Trump/Russia connection, we have just...

Memories of Futility: The Passchendaele Method of War

So fruitless in its results, so depressing in its direction was the 1917 offensive, that ‘Passchendaele’ has come to be synonym for military failure,...

New Elvis Photos

He was labelled ‘Elvis the Pelvis’ for the onstage gyrations that drove his teenage fans to distraction. Others called him ‘swivel hips’. In the...

"Full Transparency," Says Scaramucci, I'm Deleting My Past Public Statements

Anthony Scaramucci, the newly-appointed communications director for President Donald Trump, wants the world to know he's only selectively deleting old tweets so his past...

The Russia Investigation is Distracting Us from These Two Key Issues

by Sandra O'Hare The current administration is…newsworthy. New information about collusion with Russia during the campaign seems to come forward daily, and everyone is (understandably...

NPR’s ‘Varied Mix’ Spotlights Right-Wing Advocacy, Not Progressive Populism

Jonah Goldberg: “No liberal commentator has had such a recurring platform,” according to NPR‘s ombud. Jonah Goldberg is the founding editor of the National Review...

US v. opioid manufacturer: First settlement reached over pills on black market

Published time: 12 Jul, 2017 18:09 Edited time: 12 Jul, 2017 18:10 For the first time,...

William Astore on War as Art and Advertising

Consider this article a work of speculation; a jumble of ideas thrown at a blank canvas. A lot of art depicts war scenes, and why...

Trump adviser Bannon has portrait of himself dressed as Napoleon, gifted by Nigel Farage

Published time: 11 Jul, 2017 11:34 Steve Bannon owns an oil painting depicting him dressed...

Political Myth-Making and State Legitimacy

First off, it is quite evident that the United States, which for years has been losing internal state legitimacy, is in crisis. (It’s already...

Is 'Russiagate' Collapsing as a Political Strategy?

The plan for Democrats to run against Russia may be falling apart. After squandering much of the last six months on faulting Russians for the...

Death of America’s Common Man

Modern America’s obsession with self and success has killed off what once was an honorable American archetype, the Common Man,...

Poll: 64% Say Russia Investigations ‘Hurting Country,’ 56% Say ‘Time to Move On’

The American public is getting sick and tired of congress and the media’s hysterical obsession on Russia-Trump conspiracy theories, according to a new poll...

64% of US voters believe Trump-Russia investigations are damaging country – poll

The majority of American voters believe the investigations into Russia and President Donald Trump are hurting...

May admits 600 buildings have similar flammable cladding to Grenfell

Published time: 22 Jun, 2017 09:48 Edited time: 22 Jun, 2017 15:03 Around 600 buildings...

America’s Real Loss of Prestige and Leadership Abroad

Because we traded the smooth talking guy for the clumsy boob with no manners, it is popular to bleat that America has given up...

To Wake in Fright

What is inescapable in the Australian landscape is its cosmic character, one that mixes suggestively astral dust with the brilliance of the blinding sun....

Pay Attention: the Police State is Here

Photo by katesheets | CC BY 2.0 “The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and the realities of the universe, the...

It Is Time for Donald Trump to Leave the White House

The other day, Michelle Goldberg, writing in Slate, made this excellent point: In response to the argument that ridding the country of President* Donald...

Blowback: Manchester and the Libya Connection

In the wake of yet another horrendous atrocity, this time in Manchester claiming 23 lives, ‘respectable’ media once again refused to seriously discuss the extent...

On Randolph Bourne’s Birthday

"War Is the Health of the State" Today (May 30), as we mark Randolph Bourne’s 131st birthday, it seems an especially...

Elite Media Need to Recognize Assaults on Reporters as a Pattern–and a Threat

It is heartening at least that Montana newspapers withdrew their endorsements of Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte, after he grabbed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs...

White House removes video showing Israel with pre-1967 borders

A short video promoting President Donald Trump’s first foreign trip to the Middle East and Europe...

The Nixonization of Donald Trump

The comparisons are multiplying. There was Trump’s appeal to the “silent majority” during the presidential election, his later adoption of the “mad man” theory...

Beleaguered head of NYC prisons retires early amid scandals

The head of New York City’s embattled jails has resigned following a series of scandals. While...

Former US Intelligence Officers Scathingly Critique Trump's So-Called Foreign Policy

While Donald Trump delighted in launching 59 cruise missiles toward Syria while eating chocolate cake at one of his resorts, Syrians, as they have...

World War Whatever

Check out the real situation/Nation war against nation/Where did it all begin?/When will it end? — Bob Marley, “Real Situation”, from the album Uprising Where is the outrage...

Without Proof or Cause or Consent, 'Impetuous' Trump Bombs Syria

Without consent of the U.S. Congress or presenting a credible case for its necessity or offering verifiable evidence of charges levied against the government...

House intelligence chair Nunes to step down from Russia probe

Published time: 6 Apr, 2017 13:49Edited time: 6 Apr, 2017 14:25 Following pressure from Democrats and Republicans,...

Talking About My Generation–So We Don’t Have to Talk About the Rich

The main economic story of the last four decades is the massive upward redistribution of income that has taken place. The top 1 percent’s...

Half of car crashes involve people distracted by mobile phones – study

Driving data of more than 100,000 vehicle operators show that half of car crashes involved a...

Myth of the Political Grey Area

There is no political grey area. There is only feigned pragmatism. Wet noodle-ism. The grey, the political middle in the American constituency, or what is...

Trade Denialism Continues: Trade Really Did Kill Manufacturing Jobs

(Photo: Qscyberproject; Edited: LW / TO) There have been a flood of opinion pieces and news stories in recent weeks wrongly telling people that it...

House Russia Hearing: Revelations Or More Speculation?

To Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), Russian President Vladimir Putin is a tarantula spinning a web to trap the United States....

Bill aims to outlaw future military photo scandals as NCIS works to identify Marines...

A lawmaker has introduced a bill that would prohibit members of the military from sharing intimate pictures without consent, as investigators have begun identifying...

 Republicans Keep Showing Us Who They Are

Amid the mayhem of Trump’s first days in office, the Congressional Budget Office’s crushing report on the impact of the Republican health-care plan offers...

Intergenerational Socialist Solidarity: Face-to-Face vs. Facebook

Orientation What does it mean to be a political agitator in the 21st century? Until about a year ago, political agitation for me was inseparable...

Bush-Era Foreign Policy Delusions Are Alive and Well in 2017

In trying to unravel the debates over U.S. foreign policy currently being fought out in the editorial pages of the New York Times, The...

A Double Deuce to Working Families (and Math)

The political theater that passes for serious policy debate is about to run into an unfortunate reality as Donald Trump’s budget plan comes face...

Bipartisan Senators Demand Proof of Trump's Wiretapping Allegation

U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) on Wednesday sent a letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI asking for...

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mr. Donald J. Trump

Assume for a moment, as many have suggested, that the whole Trump/Putin/Russia calamity is a deliberate distraction, a deflection to shift our gaze from...

US ex-intel chief Clapper believes Russia-Trump claims, despite ‘no evidence to his knowledge’

Former US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has said on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ show...

Arizona lawmaker kills controversial protest bill

The leader of the Arizona House has dropped a controversial bill intended to punish organizers of...

Side-By-Side: Obama's 2008 Speech on Race vs. Trump's 2017 Black History Month Remarks

We the people, in order to form a more perfect union... Two hundred and twenty-one years ago, in a hall that still stands across the...

The Trump Resistance Plan: Step One

The king and his worthless adherents are got at their old game of dividing the continent, and there are not wanting among us, printers,...

Obama’s Failed Presidency

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at I’m a former lifelong Democrat, stating here a clear and incontestable fact: Barack Obama is a failed President. It’s true...

In Absence of Evidence, Media Evoke ISIS in Jerusalem Attack

A Palestinian man rammed a truck into a crowd of Israeli soldiers boarding a bus in Jerusalem on Sunday, killing four and injuring 17...

Government’s sweeping spying powers face challenge in British court

Core parts of the UK’s new spying powers bill may soon be reviewed in court since civil rights NGO Liberty launched a crowd-funded legal...

Chicago torture video suspects charged with hate crimes after police say beating not about...

Four black suspects are being charged with kidnapping, assault and hate crimes for holding a white...

There’s Real Trouble Ahead

“When did the future switch from being a promise to being a threat?” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters Despite our best efforts, we in the...

In Syria, Western Media Cheer Al Qaeda

This Daily Beast headline (8/8/16) was an unusually direct acknowledgement of Al Qaeda’s role in Aleppo. The Syrian government—a dictatorship known for imprisoning, torturing and...

The World According to Google

/or/ The Micro-Soft-Kill by Robert Filos / December 25th, 2016 In a world full of false idealsimages and trending captionscompete with pix-elated passionsdouble-speak is now the...

WikiLeaks calls on Obama to submit proof of Russian hacking for verification

Following Barack Obama’s vow to take action against Russia for its alleged hacking of the DNC...

Do You Get Brain Fog?

Brain fog isn’t a medically recognized condition but it is characterized by the feeling of confusion, forgetfulness, lack of focus, and poor mental clarity....

Trump fires transition team member for spreading fake news about Clinton – report

President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly fired a member of his transition staff for spreading a fake...

Louis Perez on Fidel Castro, Craig Aaron on Local Media Auctions

PlayStop pop out ...

Let’s Sue All Colleges

Trump University was one of Donald Trump’s entrepreneurial ventures, a real estate educational program in operation from 2005 to 2010. Live events and in-field...

US drivers may get ‘locked out’ of smartphones, apps if regulators have their way

US road safety regulators want smartphone makers to “lock out” devices and some apps when users...

College Snowflakes and Their Enablers

If one needed more evidence of the steep decay in academia, Donald Trump’s victory provided it. Let’s begin by examining the responses to his...

My Enemy’s Enemy

Eight years ago I had a conversation with someone, let’s call him Harry, about the great new hope for world peace, Barack Obama. Harry...

Vandalized cars, smashed windows: Anti-Trump protest in Portland proclaimed ‘riot’ (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Police in Portland, Oregon, have deployed pepper and OC spray as well as "rubber ball distraction...

A Hillary Win Will Be Google’s Win of Everything

Eric Zuesse On November 7th, a Morning Consult and Politico poll of early voters showed Donald Trump to be overwhelmingly viewed by early voters as...

The Oil-Gas War Over Syria, in Maps

Eric Zuesse Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency, though government-run, is providing remarkably clear and reliable diagrammatic descriptions of the current status of the U.S-and-fundamentalist-Sunni, versus Russia-and-Shia-and-NON-fundamentalist-Sunni,...

Iraqi forces ‘pausing’ before Mosul advance – Pentagon

US military officials said that Iraqi soldiers have paused in their advance on the northern city...

Humanizing Our Militarized Border

Photo by Patrick Finnegan | CC BY 2.0 The recent Encuentro (or Encounter) At the Border in the middle of Ambos Nogales — the term...

Whether to Go to War Against Russia

Whether to Go to War Against Russia Is Top Issue in U.S. Presidential Race Eric Zuesse, originally posted at The United States government has already declared...

President Obama Threatens President Putin with Nuclear War

Eric Zuesse “It’ll be at a time of our choosing,” says U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, on NBC’’s “Meet the Press,” to be aired on...

Trump says ‘he never was perfect’ after backlash over groping & married sex comments...

Donald Trump has defiantly apologized since the leak of a tape from 2005 caused public furor,...

She’s With Her

Inside Track The stock market – where shares in profit-making companies are exchanged – went up again on Friday. Does this mean the outlook for...

Madoff in the White House? How Trump's Conflicts of Interest Could Become Ours

Bernie Madoff -- known as the mastermind of the biggest financial fraud in US history -- departs court following a hearing in...

Given high speed of train, only 1 death is 'blessing' – NY Gov Cuomo

Investigative agencies have sent teams to probe the New Jersey Transit train crash to determine what...

Election or Revolution? An Open Letter to the People of the United States

Robert J. Burrowes As citizens of the USA with a presidential election approaching you have a wonderful opportunity to ponder whether to participate in this...

The War Against the Assad Regime Is Not a ‘Pipeline War’

The reason put forward by the Obama administration for the war against the Bashar al-Assad regime – saving the...

Cutting the Cords of Empire: The Spectacle of US Elections

The more powerful the class, the more it claims not to exist. — Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle It’s almost time for our quadrennial...

Every Journalist Mourns a Dead Journalist

Noé Zavaleta holds up photographs of his murdered colleague, photojournalist Rubén Espinosa, in Xalapa, on July 31, 2016. (Photo by Patrick Timmons) Noé Zavaleta is...

Former British PM David Cameron resigns as MP with immediate effect

Former Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned from Parliament with immediate effect. The MP for...

Is the Tide Going Out on Hillary?

Were the election held today, Hillary Clinton would probably win a clear majority of the Electoral College. Her problem: The election is two months off. Sixty...

Is the Tide Going Out on Hillary?

Were the election held today, Hillary Clinton would probably win a clear majority of the Electoral College. Her problem: The election is two months off. Sixty...

Is the Tide Going Out on Hillary?

Were the election held today, Hillary Clinton would probably win a clear majority of the Electoral College. Her problem: The election is two months off. Sixty...

Male prostitutes & drug allegations force out Labour MP Keith Vaz

Labour MP Keith Vaz will relinquish his post as chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee following accusations he paid for the services of...

Is the Tide Going Out on Hillary?

Were the election held today, Hillary Clinton would probably win a clear majority of the Electoral College. Her problem: The election is two months off. Sixty...

Is the Tide Going Out on Hillary?

Were the election held today, Hillary Clinton would probably win a clear majority of the Electoral College. Her problem: The election is two months off. Sixty...

Stanford sex assault case judge no longer ruling on criminal cases

Following the massive outcry Judge Aaron Persky received for sentencing convicted sexual assailant Brock Turner to...

Clinton Foundation to stop taking foreign, corporate money – but only if Hillary’s elected

The Clinton Foundation will stop taking donations from foreign entities and corporations if Hillary Clinton is elected president. The Clinton Global Initiative will shut...

Crimea, Georgia and the New Olympic Sport: Russia Bashing

In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion,...

50% Stock Market Crash?

Are we about to witness one of the largest stock market crashes in U.S. history?  Swiss investor Marc Faber is the publisher of the...

A World War Has Begun

This is an edited version of an address by John Pilger at the University of Sydney, entitled A World War Has Begun. I have been...

President Hillary and World War III

I recently sat down with Casey Research founder Doug Casey to discuss this. Doug is a former classmate of Bill Clinton and has met...

Superpower Conflicts Are Driving Tensions in the South China Sea

(Photo: U.S. Pacific Fleet / Flickr) The Philippines would seem to have won a major victory against China in a recent international court ruling in...

Welcome to the Cold War on Terror

So, here we are again, am I right? Another ISIS terrorist attack in Europe. I wonder what President Obama will call this one? Road...

How To Avoid Getting Pickpocketed

A couple centuries ago, pickpocketing was the scourge of cities around the world. From Dickens’ London to New York City’s famous Five Points, skilled...

It’s Not the Brexit, Stupid

Just over a week ago the world was coming unglued, as enough British citizens grew a pair and spit in the face of the...

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So You Want To Help Africa Mr Paterson? Then Stop Promoting Ideology And Falsehoods...

Countercurrents and RINF 23/2/2015, Global Research and The 4th Media 24/2/2015, Il Cambiamento 25/2/2015, London Progressive Journal 21/3/2015

According to Mathew Holehouse in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper (here), former UK Environment Minister Owen Paterson will this week accuse the European Union and Greenpeace of condemning people in the developing world to death by refusing to accept genetically modified crops. Speaking in Pretoria, South Africa, on Tuesday, Paterson will warn that a food revolution that could save Africa from hunger is being held back and that the world is on the cusp of a green revolution, of the kind that fed a billion people in the 1960s and 1970s as the world’s population soared.

After talking about a growing global population and the pivotal role of GMOs in feeding it, Paterson will assert:

"This is also a time, however, of great mischief, in which many individuals and even governments are turning their backs on progress. Not since the original Luddites smashed cotton mill machinery in early 19th century England, have we seen such an organised, fanatical antagonism to progress and science. These enemies of the Green Revolution call themselves ‘progressive’, but their agenda could hardly be more backward-looking and regressive… their policies would condemn billions to hunger, poverty and underdevelopment. And their insistence on mandating primitive, inefficient farming techniques would decimate the earth’s remaining wild spaces, devastate species and biodiversity, and leave our natural ecology poorer as a result.”

Instead of parroting the corporate spin of the pro-GMO lobby, Paterson would do better to consider more viable options that he likes to denigrate as 'backward-looking and regressive' by listening to what Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated in April of last year: 

“We don’t have a goal of developing GM products here or to import them.  We can feed ourselves with normal, common, not genetically modified products.  If the Americans like to eat such products, let them eat them.  We don’t need to do that; we have enough space and opportunities to produce organic food.” (see here)

Or maybe Paterson would benefit from heeding a Statement signed by 24 delegates from 18 African countries to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization in 1998:

“We strongly object that the image of the poor and hungry from our countries is being used by giant multinational corporations to push a technology that is neither safe, environmentally friendly nor economically beneficial to us. We do not believe that such companies or gene technologies will help our farmers to produce the food that is needed in the 21st century. On the contrary, we think it will destroy the diversity, the local knowledge and the sustainable agricultural systems that our farmers have developed for millennia, and that it will thus undermine our capacity to feed ourselves.”

Perhaps he should also listen to Viva Kermani (here - supported by data) when talking about the situation in India:

“… the statements that they [supporters of GMOs] use such as “thousands die of hunger daily in India” are irresponsible and baseless scare-mongering with a view to projecting GM as the only answer. When our people go hungry, or suffer from malnutrition, it is not for lack of food, it is because their right to safe and nutritious food that is culturally connected has been blocked. That is why it is not a technological fix problem and GM has no place in it.”

Paterson has a history of engaging in the type of emotional blackmail and smearing of critics that comes second nature to the pro-GMO lobby. Anyone (usually portrayed as affluent Westerners – which is not true, given many of the critics are not ‘Western’, affluent or reside in ‘developed’ countries) who opposes GM crops or food is painted as an enemy of the poor because they take food from their bellies (see this). Paterson is using a rhetorical device deliberately designed to mislead and stir up emotion. His tactics are based on spurious claims about the efficacy of GMO technology and are intended to divert attention away from the true nature and causes of hunger and food poverty.

Proponents of GM crops constantly claim that we need such technology to address hunger and to feed a growing global population. We are told by the GMO biotech lobby that GM crops are essential, are better for the environment and will provide the tools that farmers need in a time of climate chaos. They claim that GM crops provide higher yields and higher incomes for farmers around the world. All such claims have been shown to be bogus.

For example, let us take one report from the many that could be cited to show the fallacious nature of these claims. The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) last year released a report that concluded hunger is caused by poverty and inequality and that we already produce enough food to feed the world’s population and did so even at the peak of the world food crisis in 2008. The report went on to say that current global food production provides enough to feed ten billion people and the recent food price crises of 2008 and 2011 both took place in years of record global harvests, clearly showing that these crises were not the result of scarcity.

CBAN also noted that the GM crops that are on the market today are not designed to address hunger. Four GM crops account for almost 100 percent of worldwide GM crop acreage, and all four have been developed for large-scale industrial farming systems and are used as cash crops for export, to produce fuel or for processed food and animal feed.

The report also stated that GM crops have not increased yields and do not increase farmers’ incomes. GM crops lead to an increase in pesticide use and cause further harm to the environment. Pesticide reduction was the primary selling point for Bt cotton adoption in India, but overall pesticide use has not decreased in any state that grows Bt cotton, with the exception of Andhra Pradesh. Read the full report that contains over 100 references in in support of these claims.

Hunger, food security and ‘feeding the world’ is a political, social and economic problem and no amount of gene splicing is capable of surmounting obstacles like poor roads, inadequate rural credit systems and insufficient irrigation.

Paterson's talk about backward, regressive, primitive farming practices that would condemn millions to hunger and decimate the ecology is again playing on fear and emotion. What he says has no basis in reality.

Numerous official reports have argued that to feed the hungry in poorer regions we need to support diverse, sustainable agro-ecological methods of farming and strengthen local food economies: for example, see this UN report, this official report, this report by the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food and this report by 400 experts which was twice peer reviewed. 

See also see this report that indicates GMOs are not necessary to feed the world.

So from where and from who is Paterson getting his information from? I think we know the answer.

It is after all small farms and peasant farmers (more often than not serving local communities) that are more productive than giant industrial (export-oriented) farms and which produce most of the world’s food (see this report from GRAIN). The experience with GM crops shows that the application of GM technology is more likely to actually undermine food security and entrench the social, economic and environmental problems created by industrial agriculture and corporate control (see this other report from GRAIN and this article by Helena Paul documenting ecocide and genocide in South America due to the imposition of GM crops there).

“The problem is that the poor have no money to buy food and increasingly, no access to land on which to grow it… GM is a dangerous distraction from real solutions and claims that GM can help feed the world can be viewed as exploitation of the suffering of the hungry. GM crops do not increase yield. Nor are there any GM crops that are better than non-GM crops at tolerating poor soils or challenging climate conditions. Thus it is difficult to see how GM can contribute to solving world hunger… The two major GM crops, soy and maize, mostly go into animal feed for intensive livestock operations, biofuels to power cars, and processed human food – products for wealthy nations that have nothing to do with meeting the basic food needs of the poor and hungry.”

This above quote is from the Open Earth Source report GMOs Myths and Truths. The report provides specific details about GM crops that have been specifically promoted as helping small-scale and poor farmers in Africa. However, the results were the opposite of what was promised and all these projects failed.

Owen Paterson is a staunch supporter of GM technology, so staunch in fact that fellow Conservative Party MP Zac Goldsmith stated Paterson was little more than an industry puppet (see this in the UK’s Independent newspaper that quotes Goldsmith).

Paterson is ignorant of or at least content to side line the devastating, deleterious health, environmental, social and economic impacts of GMOs, which are outined in the 'GMO Myths and Truths' report. He acts as a mouthpieces for the GMO biotech sector and has made numerous false claims about the benefits and safety of GMOs that fly in the face of research findings.

In the recent past, he was keen to reassure the British public that safety concerns over GMOs are based on "humbug" and that GM food is completely safe to eat. See this article, which outlines Paterson’s stance and critiques his claims. 

When Paterson talks about 'enemies' of the 'green revolution' as being fanatical Luddites, he may also like to consider that the ‘green revolution’ was not the resounding success he likes to portray it as. Raj Patel provides some revealing insight into how the ‘green revolution’ took credit for many gains in Indian agricultural that were due to other influences (see this). And, of course, the ‘green revolution’ was based on, among other things, massive external inputs, violence, severe environmental and human health degradation and debt (see this – the entire text of Vandana Shiva’s book ‘The Violence of the Green Revolution’ - and this and this, which both highlight the current agrarian crisis in Punjab, the original ‘poster boy’ of the ‘green revolution’).   

It comes as no surprise that Paterson would state the things he does. As Environment Minister, his support for GMOs was being carried out in partnership with a number of pro-GMO institutions, including the Agricultural Biotechnology Council (ABC), which is backed by GM companies such as Monsanto, Syngenta and Bayer CropScience. Last year, despite government attempts to throw a veil of secrecy over meetings and conversations it had with the industry, GeneWatch UK uncovered evidence that GMO companies are driving UK government policy in this area (see here). 

So if you were still wondering from where and whom Paterson is getting his information from, it should by now be clear. 

His attacks on Greenpeace and others who advocate a shift away from petrochemical/GM agriculture towards sustainable farming are part of the wider media campaign to demonize scientists and prominent anti-GMO campaigners. A number of hatchet pieces have in recent months branded Vandana Shiva a liar and a charlatan and the GMO lobby has assembled all the ingredients (not least a massive amount of money) of a classic yet predictable propaganda campaign (see this and this). From the UK, to Ghana (see this) and India (see this), there is a concerted campaign by the GMO lobby and its political handmaidens to demonize critics of GMOs. 

Paterson plays his role well.

Such tactics are used because the pro-GMO lobby has a big problem. It cannot provide a convincing case for GMOs. It therefore resorts to populism, intimidation, character assassination, emotional blackmail, falsehoods, panic mongering and unfounded claims (see this to see how its rhetoric about ‘sound science’ and dispassionate reason informing the debate on GMOs contradicts how it acts in reality). In fact, it goes above and beyond such things by tightening its grip on countries on the back of coups, war and conflict (see this to understand how big agritech concerns benefit from and fuel the situation in Ukraine).

Yes, it is a time of great mischief as Paterson says – but not because of what his critics say or do – but because of what he and his backers do by turning their backs on the type of sound science and progress in the way that he falsely he accuses GMO critics of doing. 

Paterson belongs to the pro-big business Conservative Party which champions the type of privatisation, public expenditure reduction, deregulation, tax avoiding and ‘free’ trade policies that have ceded policy decision making to powerful corporate players. This has in turn led to a concentration of wealth (see this) and imposed ‘austerity’ and drives hunger, poverty, land grabs and the disappearance of family/peasant farms (see this analysis of food commodity speculationthis description of the global food system and this report by the Oakland Institute on land grabs) – the very bedrock of global food production (see this).

What Paterson and the agritech cartel offer is more of the same by tearing up traditional agriculture for the benefit of corporate entities. Paterson talks of critics of GMO as being Luddites, fanatics and condemning billions (yes, he does say billions!) to poverty and underdevelopment with regressive policies. He should look closer to home.

He should realise that elite interests in the West have condemned tens of millions to hunger and poverty in Africa by enslaving them and their nations to debt and that agriculture has for many decades been an important means by which US foreign policy creates dependence and subservience (see here). But such things are not to be debates by Paterson. Like all good (or should that be bad?) politicians, he twists the truth and turns deception and hypocrisy into an art.  

The current global system of chemical-industrial agriculture and World Trade Organisation rules that agritech companies helped draw up for their benefit to force their products into countries (see  here) are a major cause of structural hunger, poverty, illness and environmental destruction. By its very design, the system is meant to suck the life from people, nations and the planet for profit and control (see  here). Blaming critics of this system for the problems of the system is highly convenient. And forwarding some bogus technical quick-fix will not put things right. It represents more of the same.

So you want to ‘help’ Africa Mr Paterson?

Daniel Maingi works with small farmers in Kenya and belongs to the organization Growth Partners for Africa. Maingi was born on a farm in eastern Kenya and studied agriculture from a young age. He remembers a time when his family would grow and eat a diversity of crops, such as mung beans, green grams, pigeon peas, and a variety of fruits now considered ‘wild’. Following the Structural Adjustment Programmes of the 1980s and 1990s and a green revolution meant to boost agricultural efficiency, the foods of his childhood have been replaced with maize, maize, and more maize. He says:

 "In the morning, you make porridge from maize and send the kids to school. For lunch, boiled maize and a few green beans. In the evening, ugali, [a staple dough-like maize dish, served with meat]… [today] it’s a monoculture diet, being driven by the food system – it’s an injustice.” (see here  and here for the sources that quote Maingi and other commentators mentioned below).

As much of Africa is so dry, it’s not suited for thirsty crops, and heavy use of fertilizer kills worms and microbes important for soil health. Maingi therefore argues that the model of farming in the West is not appropriate for farming in most of Africa and that the West should invest in indigenous knowledge and agro-ecology.

Growth Partners Africa works with farmers to enrich the soil with manure and other organic material, to use less water and to grow a variety of crops, including some that would be considered weeds on an industrial farm. For Maingi, food sovereignty in Africa means reverting to a way of farming and eating that pre-dates major investment from the West.

Mariam Mayet of the African Centre for Biosafety in South Africa says that many countries are subsidizing farmers to buy fertilizer as part of the chemical-industrial model of  agriculture, but that takes money away from public crop-breeding programmes that provide improved seeds to farmers at low cost:

“It’s a system designed to benefit agribusinesses and not small-scale farmers.”

She adds because so many institutions, from African governments to the World Bank, have ‘embraced’ the ‘green revolution’ so much that alternative farming methods are getting short shrift.

Elizabeth Mpofu, of La Via Campesina, grows a variety of crops in Zimbabwe. During a recent drought, neighbours who relied on chemical fertilizer lost most of their crops. She reaped a bounty of sorghum, corn, and millet using what are called agro-ecological methods: natural pest control, organic fertilizer, and locally adapted crops.

There is also concern about the increased reliance on expensive inputs and the dramatic drop in price of crops. This has resulted in poverty for the small farmer.

Daniel Maingi:

“What the World Bank has done, the International Monetary fund, what AGRA and Bill Gates are doing, it’s actually pretty wrong. The farmer himself should not be starving”.

He added that what the Gates Foundation/big agritech backed Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) (see this) is doing is “out of sync with the natural process” by bringing in imported seeds, which are not adapted to the land and require excessive fertilizer and pesticides. 

In effect, giant agritech corporations with their patented GMO seeds and associated chemical inputs are working to ensure a shift away from diversified agriculture that guarantees balanced local food production, the protection of people’s livelihoods and environmental sustainability. The evidence provided by GRAIN and the Oakland Institute shows that small farmers are being displaced and are struggling to preserve their indigenous seeds and traditional knowledge of farming systems. 

Globally, agritech corporations are being allowed to shape government policy by being granted a strategic role in trade negotiations (see this). They are increasingly setting the policy/knowledge framework by being allowed to fund and determine the nature of research carried out in public universities and institutes (see this). They continue to propagate the myth that they have the answer to global hunger and poverty.

… take capitalism and business out of farming in Africa. The West should invest in indigenous knowledge and agro-ecology, education and infrastructure and stand in solidarity with the food sovereignty movement.” Daniel Maingi, Growth Partners for Africa.

Paterson and his corporate associates believe that the poor must be ‘helped’ by the West and its powerful corporations and billionaire 'philanthropists'. It harks back to colonialism. The West has already done enough damage in Africa as Michel Chossudovsky has described:

“The “economic therapy” imposed under IMF-World Bank jurisdiction is in large part responsible for triggering famine and social devastation in Ethiopia and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, wreaking the peasant economy and impoverishing millions of people. With the complicity of branches of the US government, it has also opened the door for the appropriation of traditional seeds and landraces by US biotech corporations, which behind the scenes have been peddling the adoption of their own genetically modified seeds under the disguise of emergency aid and famine relief. Moreover, under WTO rules, the agri-biotech conglomerates can manipulate market forces to their advantage as well as exact royalties from farmers. The WTO provides legitimacy to the food giants to dismantle State programmes including emergency grain stocks, seed banks, extension services and agricultural credit, etc.), plunder peasant economies and trigger the outbreak of periodic famines.” See the full article (‘Sowing the Seeds of Famine in Ethiopia’) from which this extract is taken here

When Owen Paterson accuses critics of GMOs of being elitist and regressive, he is merely attempting to shift the focus from his own own elitist, regressive ideology. 

Hasn't the world had enough of the type of Western 'humanitarianism' that Paterson espouses?

So You Want to Help Africa Mr Paterson? Then Stop Promoting Ideology and Falsehoods...

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ADHD in the new education

ADHD in the new education by Jon Rappoport May 12, 2014 “I learned twenty-four new things today at school,” the child said. “One right after the other. I felt so happy. My teacher told me I was learning accelerated. I wrote on my iPad. I saw pictures. I did group harmony. I added. I […]

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The artist within

The artist within by Jon Rappoport May 7, 2014 “The techniques of artificial intelligence are to the mind what bureaucracy is to human social interaction.” Terry Winograd The employees of a major corporation, Systems X Unlimited, have just been informed of a major change: one of their middle managers is now going to be […]

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Kerry Bullying, Bluster and Big Lies

Kerry Bullying, Bluster and Big Lies

by Stephen Lendman

A previous article called Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov a world class diplomat. John Kerry is polar opposite. He represents the worst of America's dark side.

He's vying for Washington's worst ever Secretary of State top dishonor. He's what Paul Craig Roberts calls a "two-bit punk."

He's a war criminal multiple times over. Demagoguery punctuates his comments. It exceeds the worst of Cold War rhetoric. He's been caught red-handed numerous times in bald-faced lies.

He disdains rule of law principles. He supports war. He deplores peace. He's indifferent to human suffering. He's a monument to wrong over right.

He disgraces his country, position and humanity. He belongs in prison, not high office. On April 24, he bashed Russia irresponsibly.

He did so recklessly. He did maliciously. Big Lies infested his rhetoric. He turned truth on its head.

Four parties in Geneva "agreed that all sides would refrain from violence, intimidation, and taking provocative actions," he said.

"We agreed that illegal groups would lay down their arms…We agreed to implement" objectives discussed.

"From day one," he added, "the government of Ukraine started making good on its commitments - from day one."

"From day one, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk has kept his word. He immediately agreed to help vacate buildings."  

"He suspended Ukraine's counterterrorism initiative over Easter, choosing de-escalation, despite Ukraine’s legitimate, fundamental right to defend its own territory and its own people."

Fact: Kiev putschists have no legitimacy whatever. They have no legal authority. They represent mob rule.

Fact: "From day one," they violated agreed on Geneva terms. They did so straightaway. They deployed military forces and Right Sector thugs to Eastern Ukraine. 

They attacked nonviolent civilians. They committed cold-blooded murder.

Fact: Yatsenyuk lied. He escalated conflict. Kiev buildings remain occupied illegally.

Kerry: "…On day one, Yatsenyuk…committed his government to undertake constitutional reform that will strengthen the powers of regions."

"He directly addressed the concerns expressed by the Russians, and he did so on day one."

Fact: No constitutional reform exists. No steps were taken so far. No legitimate ones are planned. Putschists want unchallenged nationwide control. 

They reject local autonomy. They declared war on freedom. They're waging it against fundamental rights. They're murdering their own people.

Russian nationals are threatened. They live in fear for good reason. Claiming otherwise is false.

Kerry: …"Yatsenuk has publicly announced amnesty legislation -once more, in his words - for all those who surrender arms, come out of the premises and will begin with the Ukrainian people to build a sovereign and independent Ukraine."  

"That is a promise made by the interim government to the people of Ukraine."

Fact: Coup-appointed fascists run Ukraine. Neo-Nazi extremists hold high government positions. 

Trust isn't their long suit. Pledges aren't worth the paper they're written. 

Major ones so far were broken straightaway. Business as usual continues. Expect nothing different going forward.

Kerry: "That is leadership that upholds both the spirit and the letter of a Geneva agreement."

Fact: Actions speak louder than words. Putschist policies reveal their true agenda. Kerry lied claiming otherwise.

Kerry: "The world has rightly judged that Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and the Government of Ukraine are working in good faith."  

"And the world, sadly, has rightly judged that Russia has put its faith in distraction, deception, and destabilization."  

"For seven days, Russia has refused to take a single concrete step in the right direction."  

"Not a single Russian official, not one, has publicly gone on television in Ukraine and called on the separatists to support the Geneva agreement, to support the stand-down, to give up their weapons, and get out of the Ukrainian buildings."  

Fact: Yatsenyuk is an illegitimate "two-bit punk." He's a convenient US stooge.

Russia has gone all-out tirelessly to resolve Ukrainian crisis conditions responsibly. Washington-directed putschists escalated them.

On Friday, Lavrov addressed Ukraine. He did so forthrightly. He "insists on the fulfillment of the Geneva agreements…" He opposes "attempts to distort them."

Kiev putschists acted against their own people, he added. "The so-called Easter ceasefire was disrupted." 

"What Kiev authorities are doing today is just a punitive operation which already resulted in many victims." 

"These are bloody crimes for which they will be held responsible." Washington and rogue EU partners want unchallenged Ukrainian control.

"It is high time (they) admit(ted) the truth that they do not have a monopoly (on) truth. (T)his is unacceptable to make a certain picture of current events as the West want it to be." 

"The West wants to take control of Ukraine guided only by their geo-political ambitions."

"Today it is impossible to conceal the truth. And attempts to do so lead to nothing good."

Lavrov wants Kiev-directed violence stopped. He wants Right Sector neo-Nazis disarmed. 

He wants Geneva agreed on terms fully implemented. He called doing so fundamental to resolving Ukraine's crisis.

Russia is doing everything possible to help, he explained. Kiev putschists initiated violence. 

They're escalating it. They're following US diktats. Lavrov pointed fingers the right way.

RT International (formerly Russia Today) represents the best of responsible news, commentary and analysis. 

Not according to Kerry. He lied saying "the propaganda bullhorn that is the state-sponsored Russia Today program, has been deployed to promote - actually, Russia Today network - has deployed to promote President Putin's fantasy about what is playing out on the ground."  

"They almost spend full time devoted to this effort to propagandize and to distort what is happening or not happening in Ukraine."  

"Instead, in plain sight, Russia continues to fund, coordinate, and fuel a heavily armed separatist movement in Donetsk." 

"Meanwhile, Russian leaders are making increasingly outrageous claims to justify their action - that the CIA invented the internet in order to control the world or that the forces occupying buildings, armed to the teeth, wearing brand new matching uniforms and moving in disciplined military formation, are merely local activists seeking to exercise their legitimate rights."  

"That is absurd, and there is no other word to describe it."

Fact: It bears repeating. RT International shames Western media. Managed news misinformation garbage substitutes for responsible journalism.

RT delivers the real thing. Claims otherwise are false. Kerry's comments turned truth on its head. Big Lies infested them.

Kerry: "The world knows that peaceful protesters don’t come armed with grenade launchers and automatic weapons, the latest issue from the Russian arsenal, hiding the insignias on their brand new matching military uniforms, and speaking in dialects that every local knows comes from thousands of miles away."  

"The world knows that the Russian intelligence operatives arrested in Ukraine didn't just take a wrong turn on the highway."  

"In fact, we have seen soldiers wearing uniforms identical to the ones Russian soldiers wore in Crimea last month."

Fact: "The world knows" that Eastern Ukrainian self-defense forces are nonviolent.

"The world knows" their fundamental rights are threatened.

"The world knows" they have every right to defend themselves.

"The world knows" fascist military forces and Right Sector neo-Nazi thugs attacked them.

"The world knows" self-defense activists act on their own volition. No "Russian intelligence operatives" are involved. 

Nor in Crimea weeks earlier. Kerry lied claiming otherwise.

Kerry: "As international observers on the ground have borne witness, prior to Russia's escalation, there was no violence. There was no broad-scale assault on the rights of people in the east."

Fact: "The world knows" Kiev putschists govern illegitimately.

"The world knows" all Ukrainians are threatened. 

"The world knows" how fascists rule. Fundamental freedoms are being crushed. Rule of law principles are being violated.

"The world knows" Kerry lied about so-called "Russia(n) escalation."

"The world knows" Eastern Ukrainians want stability. US-directed putschists prevent it.

"The world knows" they instigated violence. They escalated it. They intend more. They're waging war on their own people.

Kerry: "The Government of Ukraine has reported the arrest of Russian intelligence agents, including one yesterday who it says was responsible for establishing secure communications allowing Russia to coordinate destabilizing activities in Ukraine."

Fact: Kiev putschists lied. So-called Russian intelligence agent arrests never happened. No Russian efforts to destabilize Ukraine exist. 

Kerry lied claiming otherwise. He outrageously called coup-appointed putschists "legitimate."

Kerry: Russia chose "an illegitimate course of armed violence to try and achieve with the barrel of a gun and the force of a mob what couldn’t be achieved any other way."  

"They've tried to create enough chaos in the east to delay or delegitimize the elections, or to force Ukraine to accept a federalism that gives Russia control over its domestic and foreign policies, or even force Ukraine to overreact and create an excuse for military intervention."  

"This is a full-throated effort to actively sabotage the democratic process through gross external intimidation that has brought inside Ukraine, and it is worse even." 

Fact: Russia goes all-out for responsible conflict resolution. US-directed putschists prevent it.

No Russian intimidation exists. Kiev deplores democracy. So does Washington. So-called May elections when held will be farcical. They'll have no legitimacy whatever.

Kerry: "We have seen this movie before. We saw it most recently in Crimea, where similar subterfuge and sabotage by Russia was followed by a full invasion - an invasion, by the way, for which President Putin recently decorated Russian special forces at the Kremlin."

Fact: Crimeans acted on their own volition. They overwhelmingly chose reunification with Russia. They voted 96.77% to do so. Turnout was a record 83%.

Independent monitors called referendum voting scrupulously open, free and fair. Not a single irregularity was found.

No Russian invasion happened. Kerry invented one out of whole cloth. Irresponsible Russia bashing infested his rhetoric. Big Lies substituted for truth.

Kerry: "Nobody should doubt Russia's hand in" what's ongoing.

"Our intelligence community tells me that Russia's intelligence and military intelligence services and special operators are playing an active role in destabilizing eastern Ukraine with personnel, weapons, money, operational planning, and coordination."

Fact: US intelligence has no information about Russian involvement in Eastern Ukraine. None exists. No "personnel, weapons, money, operational planning, and coordination." Kerry lied claiming otherwise.

Kerry: "The world will remain united for Ukraine. So I will say it again. The window to change course is closing. President Putin and Russia face a choice."  

"If Russia chooses the path of de-escalation, the international community - all of us - will welcome it."  

"If Russia does not, the world will make sure that the cost for Russia will only grow. And as President Obama reiterated earlier today, we are ready to act."

Fact: The world supports fundamental rights of all Ukrainians. Kiev putschists want them denied.

Washington supports their worst policies. Fascists are hardline. They rule one way. They crush resistance. They do so violently. It do it lawlessly.

Russia remains committed for equity, justice and peace. It's strong and resolute. It has responsible leadership. Rolling over for Washington won't happen.

Kerry represents US hegemonic ambitions. He reflects the worst of dark side politics. He deplores democracy. 

He disdains fundamental human and civil rights. He trashes rule of law principles. He supports war on humanity. He wants it for unchallenged global dominance.

It bears repeating. He's a "two-bit thug." He belongs in prison, not high office.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.

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As peace talks falter, Israel’s intentions become clearer

The National – 6 April 2014

There was a mad scramble by Washington last week to prevent the seemingly inevitable – an implosion of the Middle East peace talks. In a last-ditch effort to stop Israel reneging on a promise to release a final batch of Palestinian prisoners, the US briefly threw in possibly the biggest bargaining chip in its hand: the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

With Israel still dragging its feet, an infuriated Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas submitted applications to join 15 United Nations conventions, thereby reviving a campaign to win international recognition of Palestinian statehood.

Although Washington will continue quietly arm-twisting the two sides a little longer, President Barack Obama is reported to be worried that US diplomacy is starting to appear “desperate”.

The negotiations’ failure could prove an important clarifying ­moment, signalling the effective demise of the two-state solution.

Both the US and Israel have come to rely on the endless theatrics of the two-decade peace process. Settlement freezes, prisoner releases, rows about Palestinian Authority funding and, of course, intermittent negotiations have served as useful distractions from the main developments on the ground.

As Bassem Khoury, a former Palestinian Authority minister, observed last week: “Israel hasn’t changed. It is the same colonial entity pursuing the same ethnic cleansing policies it did for decades.”

That was also the little-noticed conclusion reached by Richard Falk as he stepped down last month as the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied territories. In line with warnings he has issued in his UN post for the past six years, Mr Falk, a professor emeritus in international law at Princeton University, said Israeli policies were designed to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from the occupied territories, and especially East Jerusalem, the expected capital of any Palestinian state.

Mr Falk noted that Israel had cynically exploited the peace process to expand its settlement programme, as it did again during these past nine months of talks.

In his meeting last month with Mr Obama at the White House, Mr Abbas unveiled a map showing that Israel had approved more than 10,000 settler homes since the talks began. That number has grown further, with Israel unveiling 2,000 more, including 700 last week in the East Jerusalem settlement of Gilo.

For every settler home built, Palestinians lose territory needed not only for a state but also to keep individual families living where they are now. The innocuous term “settlements” conceals their true role: as Israel’s primary vehicle for ethnic cleansing Palestinians through dispossession and harassment.

Washington welcomed Mr Falk’s departure, calling him a “noxious” presence. But his warnings have been echoed by others, including Israeli and Palestinian human rights organisations. Mr Falk’s findings were also confirmed by a usually circumspect group: European Union diplomats. A leaked joint report by EU consulates in the occupied territories observed that ethnic cleansing was advancing at an ever-accelerating pace in East Jerusalem.

The diplomats’ immediate concern is a “conflagration” as Israel’s extreme right is allowed ever greater access to the supremely sensitive site of the Al Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Pushing to be given prayer rights there, the Israeli right hope they can eventually win from their government a partition of the site, as occurred earlier at the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron. There, the settlers’ control has effectively turned the once-thriving centre of Hebron into a Palestinian ghost town.

In East Jerusalem, Israel’s ethnic cleansing policies are at their most intense. As the EU notes, Palestinians have been starved of municipal funds, deprived of schools and blocked from commercial activity, and are leaving, heading for the greater security of West Bank cities.

In recent weeks, Palestinians in sections of East Jerusalem have even discovered that, despite its claims to treat Jerusalem as its “unified capital”, Israel has stopped supplying them with water.

Official data provide clues to Israel’s real intentions. This year’s first-quarter figures show that Israel sold more land to settlers for house building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem than it did for construction inside Israel itself.

Last week a Knesset committee effectively stymied efforts to force the government to disclose how much it is spending on settlement construction. Nonetheless, left wing legislators managed to extract partial treasury figures showing that the settlement budget has increased by at least $143 million (Dh525m) over the past six months, during the height of talks with the Palestinians.

In another sign of how Israel has been entrenching the settlements while paying lip-service to a peace process, the Israeli media revealed that 24 major infrastructure projects had been approved for the West Bank. They include more than $57 million for new settler roads and the first planned train service linking the settlements to Israel.

Israeli dispossession policies are not limited to the occupied territories. Foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman’s plan to redraw the borders to strip part of Israel’s large Palestinian minority of its citizenship received a major fillip last month. For the first time government lawyers rejected the opinion of international law experts and gave their blessing to what the liberal Haaretz daily called Mr Lieberman’s programme of “ethnic cleansing” of its own citizens.

If negotiations collapse, it should be clear that, while both sides were supposed to be talking, one side – ­Israel – was vigorously and unilaterally acting to further its goals.

It now seems the Palestinian leadership will respond in kind, by pushing their bid for statehood at the UN. Israel has already threatened “punitive measures”, meaning things are likely to turn yet uglier. But the era of wishful thinking may finally be coming to an end – and that will be progress in itself.

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Why Should I Care About the Situation in the Ukraine?

By Clark Hay

Why should I care about the situation in the Ukraine? Good question! Glad you asked.
Here’s a quick overview:
Although the Ukraine used to be under the control of Russia, the rather internally divided multi-ethnic country broke away and achieved its tenuous independence in 1990. Since that time there have been 5 president (including today’s interim president Oleksandr Turchynov), and 15 Prime Ministers (including today’s incumbent Arseniy Yatsenyuk).

While a treaty (“The Budapest Memorandum”) signed in 1994 by the US and Britain has a remote chance of pulling the UK and the US into the regional ongoing conflict of the Ukraine, it is doubtful that things would escalate that far without a direct assault on the U.K. or the U.S.

The EU has relied upon 25% of its oil and natural gas coming through the Ukraine – so in many ways it has wanted to tread lightly in that country and has been working towards pulling it into the EU as a partner with many incentives by the IMF which has offered financial assistance in the face of mounting economic woes. Without that oil and gas, Europe will suffer. The problem is, however, the same is true for Russia. If the Ukraine becomes allied with the EU then Russia would become a paying importer of oil rather than an exporter. In addition, the Ukraine is a virtual breadbasket for Russia – with fertile farm lands producing much needed food supplies.

On top of that is the involvement of the international banking cartel (IMF/BIS) and groups working with the CIA to stir up anti-Russian sentiments in the Ukraine and bolster support for the globalists of the E.U.

From 2005 to 2010 Viktor Yushchenko was Ukraine’s pro-EU President who in 1993 was appointed Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine (Ukraine's central bank), which pleased the globalist central bankers.

Pro Russian Viktor Yanukovych replaced Yushchenko, and he recently rejected a bid by the EU’s IMF to help bail out the country’s flagging economy in favor of a Russian bailout. This pleased Russia, but Yushchenko’s corruption and theft of government money helped sway public opinion against him – assisted by CIA operatives help to stir up anti-Russian sentiments. Over the last week he appears to have fled the country and has been replaced by an interim “president”.

The current interim president is Oleksandr Turchynov, another pro-European pawn in this lethal game of regional chess. The new prime minister of the Ukraine is millionaire and former banker Arseniy Yatsenyuk who is all but in the hip pocket of the IMF and the Central Bankers. So both of the men in charge are pro-European stooges of the Western globalists and that connection is a perceived and likely very real threat to Russia’s interests. Rumors of neo-Nazi affiliations are spreading and may likely be true.

Another Russian interest in the Ukraine is the very strategic Russian naval base in Crimea – a peninsula of the Ukraine in the Black Sea. Anything or anyone who might threaten access to the services rendered by that port would be viewed by Russia as a very real threat! The CIA, and related pro-Western covert forces, have very much been meddling in the Ukraine to stir up anti-Russian sentiments in those areas not so heavily dominated by a Russian populace. Russia, of course, is not taking this lying down and has sent in troops and stationed more along the borders.

But it is more than even that. Russia and China both have different ideas from the Western powers about what constitutes the best globalist vision of a New World Order. Russia and China both believe they should be free to either reign supreme or at least be equal yet independent partners in this Brave New World Order. They really don’t like the idea of yet another form of UN, G20, G8 or even G6 form of global governance, or of being subservient or accountable to anyone else.

The Bible presents a similar picture of the Western EU powers allied with the coming antichrist, having opposition both from a power from far the North (Russia), and a very sizable group allied with the Rulers of the East (China – said to have a standing army of at least 200,000,000 soldiers – which was achieved and exceeded by China many years ago).

Don’t be surprised if all of this further alienates Russia from the Western powers and becomes yet another bone of contention. Also, do not be surprised if it results in a civil war that bleeds into the EU itself – and into other countries via terrorist activities from any and all sides.

War and conflicts and chaos, I must remind you, are a great way to rally the people of every faction to their particular causes and it takes our eyes off who the real criminals are in all of this. Conflicts such as this are a great money making deal for the corporate war machines and investors of both sides of the conflict, it is also a distraction of the masses from all the other ills we face, and it furthers the neo-eugenic program of the űber elite to eliminate more “useless eaters”. A win-win situation for those who have globalist goals of managing the ignorant masses.

Big oil and big money during harsh winters and fragile economies can bring about surprising things. Sabotage seems a popular way to make a point. Economic sanctions have ways of blowing up – sometimes literally. Political divides and animosities generally increase as do socio-economic problems and ethnic violence.

Interconnected economies are perhaps at their most fragile stage right now. A downturn in any area could have a cascading effect – and the same is true of random terrorist or para-military actions or state military actions. And, the return of the cold-war era is always a threat – with Russian vessels already off our coast and docked in Cuba.

The economic and political landscape hinted at in the Bible is one where America is not even mentioned (for whatever reason), Russia and China somewhat oppose the European globalists, and hostilities in the Middle East escalate.

In a world of extremists and globally interconnected volatile/fragile economies with multiple flash points, the events of Crimea and Ukraine become just another trigger for continued global unrest and suffering.

Historically, whenever economies take a serious downturn, unrest conflict and war magically seem to follow. There are many powerful people/corporations/movements who love to meddle and take advantage of such times. A global economic reset/”correction”/collapse is inevitable, so political and civil unrest and regional unrest cannot be far behind.

The “big boys” behind the scenes are already licking their chops – they smell blood in the water and can almost taste the sweet success of bringing their New World Order out of the ensuing chaos. Argentina, Venezuela, Greece, Cyprus, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan (etc.) have merely been trial runs for what is ahead.

In the States it has been even easier for them, no real violence or public protests to worry with – even with their trial run of a complete military shut down (imposition of martial law) in Boston, with door to door searches for just 2 handpicked stooges.

What happens to America in the interim is anybody’s guess.

  • ·         A retreat to protectionism and disengagement from being the world’s policeman?
  • ·         Economic collapse and civil war and martial law?
  • ·         Major terrorist attacks (foreign or domestic) on nuclear facilities or power grids?
  • ·         Major catastrophes like an EMP, or pandemic, or earthquakes, volcanic eruption (as may be the case in Yellowstone)?
  • ·         Or perhaps a total political collapse as states rebel and leaders exposed lose public trust and we fragment into troubled regions? …

Your guess is as good as mine, but I suspect a combination of the above could turn us into a banana republic almost overnight. We seem to have been headed in that direction for some time now.

So, will there be any US military involvement in the Ukraine? … Mmmmm, I doubt it. Maybe an ineffectual presence of NATO or UN troops in the region, and much empty rhetoric and sword rattling, and the drawing meaningless lines in the sand, but actual intervention? I truly doubt it. I think we’re saving up all that conflict for the coup de grâce of a Middle Eastern Armageddon – probably less than a decade down the road.

Between now and then, don’t forget to start stocking up on food and water and necessary supplies, just in case things start unraveling much sooner than most people think. Too many triggers are in the hands of too many sociopaths to think we live in a safe or sane world – we don’t.

Should we care what is happening in the Ukraine? Absolutely! What happens there will have a profound impact of US/EU/Soviet relations – and the chaos there can have dire ripple effects across the board. Don’t think we are immune from the fall out here in the U.S. – we’re not immune at all. 9-11 should have proven that to you, and it looks like chaos and uncertainties and instability will become the new norm for a while – at least until the powers that be divide up their realms and prepare for the coming Armageddon.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Stay alert, informed, prepared, and safe.

Best regards,


P.S. A variety of news reports and commentaries have been used to piece this little report together. My apologies for not footnoting anything, but I’m sure you can find the sources and quotes with a few quick searches (just like I did). Views expressed here are solely my own and I’ve done my best to vet the sources of this info to the best of my ability.

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Psychology and the creative force   by Jon Rappoport February 18, 2014   The whole thrust of psychology, during its history, has been “resolution of the negative.”   I fully realize that psychology covers a wide territory, and there are exceptions to the rule. But all in all, the modern field of therapy is […]

Top Six Reasons to Stop Fighting Wars


1. War is immoral.

Murder is the one crime that we're taught to excuse if it's done on a large enough scale. Morality demands that we not so excuse it. War is nothing other than murder on a large scale.

Over the centuries and decades, death counts in wars have grown dramatically, shifted heavily onto civilians rather than combatants, and been overtaken by injury counts as even greater numbers have been injured but medicine has allowed them to survive.

Deaths are now due primarily to violence rather than to disease, formerly the biggest killer in wars.

Death and injury counts have also shifted very heavily toward one side in each war, rather than being evenly divided between two parties. Those traumatized, rendered homeless, and otherwise damaged far outnumber the injured and the dead.

The idea of a "good war" or a "just war" sounds obscene when one looks honestly at independent reporting on wars.

When we say that war goes back 10,000 years it’s not clear that we’re talking about a single thing, as opposed to two or more different things going by the same name. Picture a family in Yemen or Pakistan living under a constant buzz produced by a drone overhead. One day their home and everyone in it is shattered by a missile. Were they at war? Where was the battlefield? Where were their weapons? Who declared the war? What was contested in the war? How would it end?

Is it not perhaps the case that we have already ended war and now must end something else as well (a name for it might be: the hunting of humans)?

If we can change our manner of killing foreigners to render it almost unrecognizable, who’s to say we can’t eliminate the practice altogether?

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2. War endangers us.

There are more effective tools than war for protection.

tankWar planning leads to wars.

In arming, many factors must be considered: weapon-related accidents, malicious testing on human beings, theft, sales to allies who become enemies, and the distraction from efforts to reduce the causes of terrorism and war must all be taken into account. So, of course, must the tendency to use weapons once you have them.  And a nation’s stockpiling of weapons for war puts pressure on other nations to do the same. Even a nation that intends to fight only in defense, may understand “defense” to be the ability to retaliate against other nations. This makes it necessary to create the weaponry and strategies for aggressive war. When you put a lot of people to work planning something, when that project is in fact your largest public investment and proudest cause, it can be difficult to keep those people from finding opportunities to execute their plans. Read more.

War making provokes danger.

While the best defense in many sports may be a good offense, an offense in war is not defensive, not when it generates hatred, resentment, and blowback, not when the alternative is no war at all. Through the course of the so-called global war on terrorism, terrorism has been on the rise. This was predictable and predicted. The wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, and the abuses of prisoners during them, became major recruiting tools for anti-U.S. terrorism. In 2006, U.S. intelligence agencies produced a National Intelligence Estimate that reached just that conclusion.  Read More.

War's weapons risk intentional or accidental apocalypse.

We can either eliminate all nuclear weapons or we can watch them proliferate. There's no middle way. We can either have no nuclear weapons states, or we can have many. As long as some states have nuclear weapons others will desire them, and the more that have them the more easily they will spread to others still. If nuclear weapons continue to exist, there will very likely be a nuclear catastrophe, and the more the weapons have proliferated, the sooner it will come. Hundreds of incidents have nearly destroyed our world through accident, confusion, misunderstanding, and extremely irrational machismo. And possessing nuclear weapons does absolutely nothing to keep us safe, so that there is really no trade-off involved in eliminating them. They do not deter terrorist attacks by non-state actors in any way. Nor do they add an iota to a military's ability to deter nations from attacking, given the United States' ability to destroy anything anywhere at any time with non-nuclear weapons. The United States, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, France, and China have all lost wars against non-nuclear powers while possessing nukes.

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3. War threatens our environment.

oiljetsA major motivation behind some wars is the desire to control resources that poison the earth, especially oil and gas.

Oil can be leaked or burned off, as in the Gulf War, but primarily it is put to use in all kinds of machines polluting the earth’s atmosphere, placing us all at risk. Some associate the consumption of oil with the supposed glory and heroism of war, so that renewable energies that do not risk global catastrophe are viewed as cowardly and unpatriotic ways to fuel our machines.

The interplay of war with oil goes beyond that, however. The wars themselves, whether or not fought for oil, consume huge quantities of it. The world’s top consumer of oil, in fact, is the U.S. military. Not only do we fight wars in areas of the globe that happen to be rich in oil; we also burn more oil fighting those wars than we do in any other activity. Author Ted Rall writes:

“The U.S. Department of [War] is the world’s worst polluter, belching, dumping, and spilling more pesticides, defoliants, solvents, petroleum, lead, mercury, and depleted uranium than the five biggest American chemical corporations combined. According to Steve Kretzmann, director of Oil Change International, 60 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions between 2003 and 2007 originated in U.S.-occupied Iraq, due to the enormous amount of oil and gas required to maintain hundreds of thousands of American military forces and private contractors, not to mention the toxins released by fighter jets, drone planes, and the missiles and other ordnance they fire at Iraqis.”

The U.S. military burns through about 340,000 barrels of oil each day. If the Pentagon were a country, it would rank 38th out of 196 in oil consumption.

The environment as we know it will not survive nuclear war. It also may not survive “conventional” war, understood to mean the sorts of wars now waged. Intense damage has already been done by wars and by the research, testing, and production done in preparation for wars.

Wars in recent years have rendered large areas uninhabitable and generated tens of millions of refugees. War “rivals infectious disease as a global cause of morbidity and mortality,” according to Jennifer Leaning of Harvard Medical School.

Perhaps the most deadly weapons left behind by wars are land mines and cluster bombs. Tens of millions of them are estimated to be lying around on the earth, oblivious to any announcements that peace has been declared. Most of their victims are civilians, a large percentage of them children.

The Soviet and U.S. occupations of Afghanistan have destroyed or damaged thousands of villages and sources of water. The Taliban has illegally traded timber to Pakistan, resulting in significant deforestation. U.S. bombs and refugees in need of firewood have added to the damage. Afghanistan’s forests are almost gone. Most of the migratory birds that used to pass through Afghanistan no longer do so. Its air and water have been poisoned with explosives and rocket propellants.

If militaries were made green in terms of their operations, they would lose one of their main reasons for war.  (Nobody can own the sun or the wind.)  And we would still have a long list of ... More reasons to end war.

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4. War erodes our liberties.

policeWe're often told that wars are fought for "freedom." But when a wealthy nation fights a war against a poor (if often resource-rich) nation halfway around the globe, among the goals is not actually to prevent that poor nation from taking over the wealthy one, after which it might restrict people's rights and liberties. The fears used to build support for the wars don't involve such an incredible scenario at all; rather the threat is depicted as one to safety, not liberty.

In close proportion to levels of military spending, liberties are restricted in the name of war -- even while wars may simultaneously be waged in the name of liberty.  We try to resist the erosion of liberties, the warrantless surveillance, the drones in the skies, the lawless imprisonment, the torture, the assassinations, the denial of a lawyer, the denial of access to information on the government, etc.  But these are symptoms.  The disease is war and the preparation for war.

It is the idea of the enemy that allows government secrecy.

The nature of war, as fought between valued and devalued people, facilitates the erosion of liberties in another way, in addition to the fear for safety.  That is, it allows liberties to first be taken away from devalued people.  But the programs developed to accomplish that are later predictably expanded to include valued people as well.

Militarism erodes not just particular rights but the very basis of self-governance. It privatizes public goods, it corrupts public servants, it creates momentum for war by making people's careers dependent on it.

One way in which war erodes public trust and morals is by its predictable generation of public lies.

Also eroded, of course, is the very idea of the rule of law -- replaced with the practice of might-makes-right.

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5. War impoverishes us.

sadDirect Expenses:

War has a huge direct financial cost, the vast majority of which is in funds spent on the preparation for war — or what's thought of as ordinary, non-war military spending. Very roughly, the world spends $2 trillion every year on militarism, of which the United States spends about half, or $1 trillion. This U.S. spending also accounts for roughly half of the U.S. government's discretionary budget each year and is distributed through several departments and agencies. Much of the rest of world spending is by members of NATO and other allies of the United States, although China ranks second in the world.

Indirect Expenses:

Wars can cost even an aggressor nation that fights wars far from its shores twise as much in indirect expenses as in direct expenditures.

The costs to the aggressor, enormous as they are, can be small in comparison to those of the nation attacked.

War Spending Drains an Economy:

It is common to think that, because many people have jobs in the war industry, spending on war and preparations for war benefits an economy. In reality, spending those same dollars on peaceful industries, on education, on infrastructure, or even on tax cuts for working people would produce more jobs and in most cases better paying jobs -- with enough savings to help everyone make the transition from war work to peace work.

War Spending Increases Inequality:

Military spending diverts public funds into increasingly privatized industries through the least accountable public enterprise and one that is hugely profitable for the owners and directors of the corporations involved.

War Spending Is Unsustainable, As Is Exploitation it Facilitates:

While war impoverishes the war making nation, can it nonetheless enrich that nation more substantially by facilitating the exploitation of other nations? Not in a manner that can be sustained.

Green energy and infrastructure would surpass their advocates' wildest fantasies if the funds now invested in war were transferred there.

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6. We need $2 trillion/year for other things.

aidIt would cost about $30 billion per year to end starvation and hunger around the world.  That sounds like a lot of money to you or me.  But if we had $2 trillion it wouldn't.  And we do.

It would cost about $11 billion per year to provide the world with clean water.  Again, that sounds like a lot. Let's round up to $50 billion per year to provide the world with both food and water. Who has that kind of money? We do.

Of course, we in the wealthier parts of the world don't share the money, even among ourselves. Those in need of aid are right here as well as far away.

But imagine if one of the wealthy nations, the United States for example, were to put $500 billion into its own education (meaning "college debt" can begin the process of coming to sound as backward as "human sacrifice"), housing (meaning no more people without homes), infrastructure, and sustainable green energy and agricultural practices.  What if, instead of leading the destruction of the natural environment, this country were catching up and helping to lead in the other direction?

The potential of green energy would suddenly skyrocket with that sort of unimaginable investment, and the same investment again, year after year. But where would the money come from? $500 billion? Well, if $1 trillion fell from the sky on an annual basis, half of it would still be left. After $50 billion to provide the world with food and water, what if another $450 billion went into providing the world with green energy and infrastructure, topsoil preservation, environmental protection, schools, medicine, programs of cultural exchange, and the study of peace and of nonviolent action?

U.S. foreign aid right now is about $23 billion a year.  Taking it up to $100 billion -- never mind $523 billion! -- would have a number of interesting impacts, including the saving of a great many lives and the prevention of a tremendous amount of suffering.  It would also, if one other factor were added, make the nation that did it the most beloved nation on earth.  A recent poll of 65 nations found that the United States is far and away the most feared country, the country considered the largest threat to peace in the world.  Were the United States responsible for providing schools and medicine and solar panels, the idea of anti-American terrorist groups would be as laughable as anti-Switzerland or anti-Canada terrorist groups, but only if one other factor were added -- only if the $1 trillion came from where it really ought to come from.

Some U.S. states are setting up commissions to work on the transition from war to peace insustries.

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A People’s Movement to End All War

When people sign the declaration of peace at they have the opportunity to type in a brief statement in their own words. Thousands have done so, including those pasted below. (And a few great quotes from the past have been added here in graphic form.)

“I support this proposal and agree with this great and important initiative to abolish militarism and war.  I will continue to speak out for an end to the institution of militarism and war and for institutions built on international law and human rights and nonviolent conflict resolution.” — Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate

“As a 29 year veteran of the US Army/Army Reserves, retiring as a Colonel and having served as a U.S. diplomat for 16 years and resigning in 2003 in opposition to the Iraq war, I firmly believe war does not resolve political issues.  We must work diligently to force the governments of our nations to use diplomacy, not weapons.” —Ann Wright

“Everybody’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s a really easy way: stop participating in it.” — Noam Chomsky


“It is so inspiring to see a new group coming together not to focus on a particular war or weapons system, but on all war–everywhere. And it’s great to have such beautifully crafted arguments about why war is not inevitable and how war contributes to so many other global ills. This coalition is worthy of Martin Luther King’s call to end violence and instead put our energies and resources into ‘life-affirming activities.’ Bravo!” —Medea Benjamin

“We must work to end all war because: 1. In war there are no winners, only losers. 2. To thrive, humans need peace, which cannot be created by war. 3. We need all our ingenuity, creativity, technology and will to find a solution to runaway climate change. We cannot afford the military-industrial complex.” — Sally Reynolds, Abingdon Peace Group

“The abolition of war is an idea whose time has come. We are at a transformative moment in history. Our Mother Earth is under siege from destructive global warming and industrialization. It is essential that we mobilize to save our planet. War is a cruel and untenable distraction, draining trillions of dollars and incalculable losses of intellectual firepower away from the essential work that needs to be done to create a livable future for humanity.” — Alice Slater, Global Council of Abolition 2000

“War is a crime against humanity. When 90% of the casualties of war are civilians including children, its time to End ALL WARS! The world badly needs the resources to meet human and environmental needs. Wars are not making us more secure, but creating more enemies. There are more effective means of achieving security than war and killing other people’s children. As former President Eisenhower said, ‘I like to believe that the people of the world will want peace so much that governments will have to get out of the way and let them have it.’ When the people of the world decide to end war, we can end it. At least 99% of the world’s people do not benefit at all from all the wars our governments are waging. The time is NOW. Please join us.” —David Hartsough

“If anything can halt climate change it’s redirecting the unfathomable pile of money and energy now wasted on a war machine that kills for fossil fuels and consumes a good share of them in the process.  The symptoms of militarism addressed by human rights and civil liberties groups would end if the disease were treated.  Our culture of violence, our government of secrecy, our provocation of animosity around the world: these would end if we stopped slaughtering people under the banner of war.  If a fraction of those damaged by war work to end war, it will quickly become a thing of the past — seen then as the unmitigated barbarism that many find it hard to recognize as long as war is accepted by those in positions of power.” — David Swanson, author of War No More: The Case for Abolition

“History has shown us that the institution of war created by humans is not only morally reprehensible, but utterly ineffective in resolving any kind of disputes. The human, social, environmental and economic costs of war are too high. We now know more about the reality of a global peace system built upon global collaboration, social change and constructive conflict transformation. It is time for a re-energized effort to build a world beyond war by challenging the war system and supporting the infrastructure of peace.” — Patrick Hiller, Peace Scientist and Director of War Prevention Initiative by the Jubitz Family Foundation

“War is a great destroyer. And human history has arrived at a pivotal moment. We can choose a path built on cooperation, where our caring and sharing side uplifts us, or we can continue to embrace a worldview where domination using violence imprisons us in cycles of killing and destruction. I’m a biologist, and war is not genetically fixed. War is a cultural invention. It’s time to end this abomination, and this World Beyond War movement is uniquely focused on unifying the human community to create one of the biggest revolutions in history. I’m in. Join us!” — Judith Hand, Founder: A Future Without


“Change will not come from a President Gandhi.  Rather, the initiate for change will come from the bottom up as citizens force politicians to act.  We just need to put our voices together and get sufficiently organized.  Ultimately change will come from the ingenuity, compassion and ability of the American people to self-correct and chart a more secure and sustainable course for the future.” — Russell Faure-Brac, author of Transition to Peace

“Our greatest enemy today is not a particular group of people in a far-off country. Our greatest enemy is war itself.” — Paul Chappell, author of The Art of Waging Peace

“We must work to end all war because the health, welfare, and safety of the children is the most important element of a society. The children can be the focus for mobilizing, conflict resolution, and uniting for the future of humanity. The children allow the people of the world to show kindness, generosity, and compassion.” — Andre Sheldon, Director of Global Strategy of Nonviolence

“We must end war because war is an abrogation of the inviolable bonds of connection between all people, all living things and the planet. To participate in it is a denial of the trust in continuity deeded to us by our forebears and expected of us by future generations. Every act of war and aggression diminishes the humanity of the individuals involved, destabilizes communities and nations; and scars the entire human family. We are committed not to ending wars but to ending war itself, and to addressing the fear, greed, misunderstanding and drive for power that lead to violent conflict and war.” — Rena Guay, Executive Director, Center for Conscience in Action

“Richard Wendell Fogg, Center for the Study of Conflict, years ago said rather than saying we need to abolish war, we should talk of REPLACING war. In the field of conflict analysis and transformation, there are creative strategies we can apply to solutions that can solve problems and make war unnecessary. With increasing lethality of weapons, evolving technology and communications, war is obsolete. It is a solution worse than any problem it presumes to  solve. We can address conflicts constructively. Beyond diplomacy, we can use mediation, negotiation and problem-solving strategies to transcend war.” —Diane Perlman

“Humanity can no longer afford war for two reasons. 1) We need all our resources to deal with the consequences of climate change and peak oil, and 2) War is too wasteful of both human and physical resources to be further utilized or tolerated by the human species. Indeed, nuclear war, which remains a major threat to the world as we know it, would likely make our planet uninhabitable for our own species and many others.” —Peter Bergel

“War is at the heart of all global problems, impeding humanity from a full realization of just, equitable and sustainable communities.” —Kent D. Shifferd


“There is enough for everyone to have what they need without exploitation. Adequate distribution of resources, including education, without violence can lead to a sustainable system that doesn’t stress the ecosphere. Alternately, continued violence feeds population surges and hoarding the products of exploitative extraction, which endanger the survival of our species. In short, if we want a future with humans on Earth, we’ve got to stop war.” —Vernon Huffman

“Life on earth is not sustainable continuing down this path. War destroys people, the air, the ground, the water. It destroys history. It inhales money/resources literally taking food out of the mouths of the people. It takes generations to recover if that is even possible. Enough.” —Barbara Cummings

“War is the worst act of terrorism and among the greatest causes of human suffering and death and ecological degradation. Wars are declared by the rich and fought by the poor. There will be no real justice and protection of human rights and the rights of nature until a sustainable global peace has been achieved.” —Brian J. Trautman

“I know from my lengthy experience as a journalist, researcher, and human being working in various war-torn or recently war-battered countries that all wars inflict terrible, long-lasting damage on all the residents of the war-zone– with the weakest members of society always suffering the most. There is no such thing as a ‘humanitarian’ war. In cases of conflict or bitter oppression, the very best way to mend broken relationships while building a solid basis for a better situation going forward is to use all nonviolent means possible to de-escalate tensions and work for a better life going forward on the basis of the equality and equal worth of all human persons.” —Helena Cobban

“War murders our children and sickens the survivors. ‘Peace or Perish: Abolish War on Planet and Poor’ (Theme of the 2014 Veterans For Peace National Convention, Asheville, NC, July 2–27).” —John Heuer

“The main obstacle to disarmament is the general/common belief that it is impossible. And it is — just as impossible as ending slavery, apartheid, the Cold War, and tearing the Iron Curtain. Humanity suffers under poverty, unhealth, pollution, depletion of resources, climate change. Instead of being an extremely expensive and deadly risk on top of all those threats militarism is clearly the best option/chance/opportunity to do something substantial — if all countries would join in abolition of military force and forces (the idea that Nobel in his will for ‘the champions of peace’ called ‘creating the brotherhood of nations’).” —Fredrik S. Heffermehl

“Militarism is the world’s biggest problem…morally, socially, economically, and environmentally.” —Ward Reilly


“Creating a world beyond war may be the noblest endeavor we can work on. Can you imagine what future generations will think if we succeed? We will leave them a world where trillions of dollars are not wasted annually on weapons and war, where tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands are no longer slaughtered in unnecessary wars. Surely we can imagine solving conflicts between nations in a more mature way; we can imagine the human race evolving to a higher consciousness that no longer requires war. We can imagine a world without war, now we have to work toward such a world. It will be a global challenge, uniting the world to accomplish this great new reality.” —Kevin Zeese,

“War is a lie. War is a racket. War is hell. War is waste. War is a crime. War is terrorism. War is not the answer.” —Coleen Rowley

“War destroys. War obliterates. War is ruination. And war begets more war. After thousands of years of experience proving this, and reams of literature and countless works of art exposing it, when are people going to learn?” —Lisa Simeone

“War is a barbaric tool of the war profiteers and Empires who employ them. War pits young people from the working class against other similarly poor, or disadvantaged humans, for nothing but the greed of the few. Only we the people can make war obsolete by not participating in the profound crimes of the profiteers and other war mongers.” —Cindy Sheehan

“War causes pain, suffering, and gross violations to human needs and rights. War causes a violent domino effect for years to come. Humans have no business being involved in war. We are an evolved species that needs to focus on peace and justice in our world. We must honor and show respect for our planet and all living and nonliving entities. We need to shift away from violence and focus on the beauty of nonviolence. War and destructive violence are not solutions to any problem. War must be ended. When that happens we will lift the pain and suffering of our world and allow humanity to begin to heal. It is time we wake up and raise our thoughts to a higher consciousness. If we do not end war now, it will end us. Call on me. I am ready to help end all war!” —Joy Henry

“We need a movement if we are going to stop wars and this may be it. So many of us are working in small groups and we need to come together as one.” —JoAnne Lingle

“The future existence of our planet depends upon ending war. War and violence are not a solution to conflict. They contribute to more violence, more death, more poverty, more suffering physically and psychologically, more patriotism, more borders, more ignorance, and more stupidity. How tragic is all of that. The ecology of our planet is in jeopardy and the pollution of the war machine world wide is a huge contributor to climate change.” —Ann Tiffany

“As professor of global peace studies at the International Islamic University of Malaysia I am committed to the ending of war also through criminalization of war, an approach that has not been sufficiently used in spite of the UN Charter outlawing war — with too many loopholes used buy aggressive countries.” —Johan Galtung, Founder of TRANSCEND International

“I applaud the establishment of a global movement to end all war, but note that citizens of the United States have a special responsibility to make this happen. Since the end of World War II, the U.S. has bombed more than 25 countries. In those 68 years, no other nation has killed and injured more people living outside of its borders. Most Americans remain silent while we spend more on war, and have more soldiers in other countries, than all other nations combined. War and soldiers are glorified in the U.S. Please recognize and honor those who have had the courage to take a public stand against one or more U.S. We celebrate these role models in hopes of inspiring other Americans to speak out against war and for peace.” —Michael D. Knox, US Peace Memorial Foundation


“War is about nothing but violence. War is terrible! I have a first-hand war experience and I know what war is all about! I dream of peace!” —Fidaa Abuassi

“War, and preparation for war is draining resources that are life giving from countries, statesnd cities. The world we help create is the world we leave for those who come after us. I am committed to living non-violently in response to the violence in my neighborhood, my city, my state, my country, my hemisphere and my world because non-violent love in action is the most powerful force for change that exists.” —Joyce Ellwanger

“As Ernest Hemingway wrote, ‘Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime. Ask the infantry and ask the dead…’” —Christopher Flynn

“The biosphere can no longer tolerate the toxic affects of modern warfare, which threaten the continued existence of all humanity and many animals and plants on which we are dependent.” —Richard Ochs

“War benefits no one, with the exception of military contractors and their shareholders. It makes our communities poor, our nation less safe, and ourselves less fully human. We must commit to diplomacy, peacemaking and development!” —Diane Farsetta

“This atavistic practice has always been horrible, but technology makes it even more destructive and savage. it is time for humanity to become civilized.” —Sally-Alice Thompson

“We need to solve some of the world’s problems like climate change, world hunger, homelessness, income disparity, the influence of money ine lections, destruction of the environment, etc. and stop wasting our resources on killing people and destroying the environment.” —Jean Gordon

“The U.S. has become the most egregious war-monger and terrorist nation in the world, as well as the long-time leading purveyor of weapons of war throughout the world, and because here at home, we have 50 million of our citizens living in poverty, one in four children surviving on Food Stamps, a collapsing education system, poor health care, and many other disasters, none of which can be addressed as long as the country keeps pouring trillions of dollars into war and militarism. This madness and criminality must end!” —Dave Lindorff


“It’s obvious: war is a waste of human and earth resources that results only in suffering. There are other ways to disagree.” —Karen Malpede

“As John F. Kennedy said, it will end us instead. ‘If mankind does not put an end to war, then war will put an end to mankind.’ Modern war is ecocide, genocide and ethnocide and is not sustainable. The costs of war are enormous, not just financial but social, ecological and global. War must become obsolete if the world is to survive.” —John Judge

“We’re destroying life on earth in all its forms. By supporting war we are creating poverty that includes fear and anxiety about the future which leads to depression, poor health, food insecurity, and homelessnes. People all over the world are experiencing the destructive effects of investing most of our country’s resources in war resulting in the failure to create a healthy, well-educated and secure environment for humanity around the world.” —Nancy Schoerke

“We must shift from ‘war is a necessary evil’ to ‘peace is a necessary good.’” —Swami Beyondananda, Steve Bhaerman

“The myth that war creates justice, solves problems, improves security and enables peace is absurd. If we weren’t so bombarded with propaganda to the contrary, everyone would know that. We need to insist on a new story, the true story. We must forbid the few to profit from war so that we may all begin to profit from peace.” —Robert Shetterly

“We have seen enough of war to know that it doesn’t work to resolve conflicts. It only exacerbates them. It is time we find other solutions and dedicate ourselves to life–not death.” —Peter Kuznick

“To the extent that today’s world is civilized at all, it’s largely thanks to yesterday’s opponents of war and misery: the soldiers who refused to fight, the civilians who refused to accept war and occupation, and all those who worked for a global order based on peace and equity. Yet the institutions and forces that produce war have not been eradicated. Today we must build an international movement that will not only prevent future wars but transform the very structures on which war, militarism, and imperial domination are based. This struggle will not be won quickly, but in the process even small acts and partial victories can help save numerous lives.” —Kevin Young

“It is clear to me that war creates violence and does not solve problems. I have lived and worked in Iran. Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine and have seen first hard the broken bodies of children and the anger at our impact as a nation on people’s lives. Thank you for putting this opportunity together. Peace” —Ann Huntwork


“I don’t believe there is such a thing as a ‘just war’. Murder is murder, whether sanctioned by a government or not. All people should have the right to life and liberty, so long as they do no harm to others, and war extinguishes both.” —Ethan Bell

“War promotes rascism all around the globe.” —Muhammad Ali Khan

“The greatest threat to humanity today is climate change. Militarism exacerbates that threat, and is in no way useful for addressing that threat. The resources invested in militarism must be redirected to combat climate change and global warming.” —Larry A. Unruh

“As a very young man I signed a declaration – ‘I renounce war and will never support another’. That was in 1939 and I have maintained this stand throughout the whole period, including WW2, as a Conscientious Objector.Worked to achieve Peace since. It is necessary for individuals to take this stand and maintain it. War never solves anything – it accentuates any problem, whatever it is, and makes matters worse. There is no moral or humanitarian justification for it.” —Donald Saunders

“Having survived WWII as a child I am TOTALLY against ALL wars, there is not excuse for killing and injuring humans, all innocent, for life. I am still traumatized from the war and the bombing and starvation.” —Ingrid Kepler-May

“We still carry ancient beliefs from thousands and thousands of years ago when war was the only thing known. We have options now. This organization will help shift the collective consciousness toward greater humanity and peace. War has indoctrinated the U.S. government as well as other countries. There is no integral intention that exists behind war. It is a contradiction and therefor useless. Its time to evolve greatly. ‘Love precious humanity’” —Leslie Naugle

“I want a world without war. War never works it just kills. I want my children to never have to have a close contact with war. I want my children and future generations to grow up free and in a peaceful world. War is not freedom it is a malignant force imposed by men in power. We must change the views of people in power now and let them know that in a diplomatic and peaceful way issues can be solved.” —Ana Martins

“I am working with the higher education system in Afghanistan. My work in this world is teaching and serving as a role model for peace, particularly in this environment that has been devastated by the ravages of 30+ years of horrific conflict. I have a number of close Afghan friends and they, probably more than any people I have ever met, want peace for themselves, their families and their country. I am privileged to know them and am inspired by their endurance and resilience. Endless war serves only to enrich those who champion it and it is long past time that it be stopped.” —James Stapp


“We know, deep down inside, it’s wrong! There’s nothing you can say to ever make it right! Killing is killing, no matter how you slice it! And the ones doing all the killing should be locked up, and be forced to watch the world transform from, This evil place they’ve created, To the wonderful place we should be creating!” —Ronald Richter

“Why must we work to end all war? War keeps us from progressing as a race. We can’t reach a point of sustainability with war taking up so much of our time. It attributes to the division of wealth providing greater conflict between classes and it hands over authority to the wealthy class. It makes them richer while the working class is left to die. War need to end because it’s a tool used to control the masses with fear. It distracts us from the problems within the social hierarchical systems that have been established. We must end all war because we’ll never have peace without it. War is expensive and destroys makes the economy unstable. War is a tool of capital gain, it’s marketable and from youth we are encouraged to take and defend our ruling authority without question. There are other ways to solve conflicts. Civilians are the ones who suffer the most damage. War and violence is terrible for you Psyche due to the traumatizing events. And Finally the main reason we should end all war is because it will kill us if we don’t.” —Jessica Gartner

“While I was always aware that there was a sickness that pervades every social institution I just could not make the connection to myself and this ‘sickness’ until my beautiful child was murdered in the ‘theater’ of ‘War’. This experience was eviscerating. I was disgorged of this ‘sickness’. I could see that ‘war’ is just goddamn MEAN. It bears no resemblance to what lives in my heart and mind so why was I able to accept it as a way of life? Why was I able to accept my son being part of a force for death…for entropy? I see it all clearly now, though. There is a deep sickness that pervades all social institutions and these sicknesses have made us mentally ‘disturbed’ – working out of balance with the gift of life. My granddaughter, Eva, is now four and has no father. She has no protector in this mean world where men prey upon life with a sense of entitlement that desires are to be quenched at all costs. Who will protect my granddaughter now? Through the physical death of my beloved son I have learned that misogyny is the root of warring behavior – and this thought process, this behavior is just goddamn mean.” —Jamie Santos

“Every person who dies is someone’s son, dad, mom, brother or sister.” —Gaston Locklear

“Nelson Mandela said: ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’  Peace is possible.” —John Bonifaz

“Every modern war has had its root in exploitation. The Civil War was fought to decide whether the slaveholders of the South or the capitalists of the North should exploit the West. The Spanish-American War decided that the United States should exploit Cuba.” —Larry Egly, Veterans For Peace Chapter 961 Codirector

“Another war will likely lead to the end of the human race.” —Lewis Patrie, WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility


“LAW opposes the illegal use of force supports the use of national and international law to settle disputes, prosecute offenders and protect rights.” —Gail Davidson, Lawyers against the War

“As a 70 year old woman, I have seen just what the destruction of war has done to my home country and also those we have invaded in the name of democracy! None of this has been done with my consent, so for the rest of my life I want to promote peace.” —Katherine Schock

“War takes people’s lives and destroys property, but it does not resolve the world’s problems. If anything is achieved through war, it is to plant the seeds for the next violent conflict as the vanquished and their children will usually not accept the outcome.” —Bruce Van Voorhis

“War is an irrational, counter-productive way to handle conflicts.” —Lawrence Wittner, Professor of History emeritus, SUNY/Albany

“Because we are being used as pawns in an endless game of bloodletting. One generation has to stop this. Please let it be ours.” —Lynne Thomas

“War traumatizes soldier and civilian alike; warfare is a profit-making racket; warfare resolves nothing that negotiations can’t resolve better; the weapons we have now make non-violence the only option to planetary annihilation.” —Madeline Taylor, Topanga Peace Alliance

“Those who exploit our susceptibility to the us-them fallacy to enlarge themselves are today no worse than those who have done the same down through the ages. But the world is different.” —Roger Arnold

“I know war. I was in one in 1991 in Bosnia. It is something that has to stop now. Noone should experience something like that ever again.” —Hatidza Isic

“War is the worst thing that human beings can do to each other, and the worst form of exploitation by the rich and the powerful.” —Nicolas J Sandy Davies


“As a geologist I have travelled the world and lived and worked amongst wonderful but disadvantaged peoples. I am emotionally moved to welcome this campaign.” —Kenneth Buckland

“It is time for the thinking man to realise that what we do to other living things and our environment we do to ourselves. As previous civilisations have learnt, the only way is to create harmony in our world and move beyond hypocrisy.” —Nozar Mossadeghi

“War must become obsolete in the 21st Century. Modern War is genocide, ecocide and ethnocide. Wars profit the few and destroy the many. ‘The hour is getting late,’ sang Bob Dylan. War is destroying the future of humanity.” —John Judge

“We owe it to our children and their children. The end of war is an end to poverty. War is a crime against humanity.” —Jean Andrew

“It’s time, at this 100-year anniversary of the start of World War I, for us all to join together to fight only war itself.” —Marie Reinsdorf

“War ain’t good for shit!” —Bryant White


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Further comments on 9/11 and internet attacking

Further comments on 9/11 and Internet attacking by Jon Rappoport February 9, 2014 After I posted my piece about molten metal at the World Trade Center, I received an unusually large number of emails offering explanations. My article was simply meant to point out an anomaly: melting dripping steel at the WTC, in the […]

Narrating space and time: the elite television anchor

Narrating space and time: the elite television anchor by Jon Rappoport February 4, 2014 I grew up in the early days of television, when Edward R Murrow and Douglas Edwards were the voices of the news. Murrow came to be the king. It was his hollow, somber delivery that seemed to resonate with poetry. […]

“Big government isn’t a problem, it’s those damn corporations”

“Big government isn’t a problem, it’s those damn corporations” by Jon Rappoport January 31, 2014 I know. All our problems come from mega-corporations. That’s it. End of story. The Surveillance State, for example, knows what brand of paper towel you’re using and whether you put on your left or right shoe first, because “we’re […]

Culture of Narcissism Meets Google Glasses

The recent case of Google Glass wearer Cecelia Abadie being given a citation for wearing a computer-in-eyeglass device while driving is only a launch point for what will be some very interesting court battles. The citation was dismissed in a San Diego court by a judge who properly noted that the police could not prove the [...]

Towards a Wider War? Worldwide Militarization and the Global Economy: “It’s Like 1914 …...

Economists and Analysts Warn of Wider War RINF Alternative News Reprinted with permission from Washington's Blog Well-known economist Nouriel Roubini tweeted from the gathering of the rich and powerful at...

MSNBC: Cherry Picking News Issues to Make Toxic Democrats Look Good

Bruce Dixon  RINF Alternative News Why are some stories "news" and not others? Why will New Jersey governor Chris Christie's antics make the top of MSNBC...

MLK, Black Power and Politics

Michael Roberts  RINF Alternative News Once more we will celebrate the life and times of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And as we have done for...

Forex: Confidence In The Dollar Wavering

Dean PopplewellForbesJanuary 14, 2014 Today's U.S. retail sales report is this week's headliner — it is...

10 Myths About the NSA Debunked

"If you have nothing to hide,...

How Your Brain May Be Making You Fat

Our daily stresses and mental fallacies...

Building a Global Movement to End All War

David Swanson  RINF Alternative News I've been involved in starting enough activist campaigns and coalitions to know when one has more potential than any other I've...

Building a Global Movement to End All War

I've been involved in starting enough activist campaigns and coalitions to know when one has more potential than any other I've seen.  When hundreds of people and organizations are signing up on the website before you've announced it anywhere, and nine months before you plan to officially launch, and when a large percentage of the people signing on ask how they can donate funding, and when people from other countries volunteer to translate your declaration into other languages, and when committees form of volunteer women and men to work on a dozen different aspects of the planning -- and they actually get to work in a serious way, and when none of this is due to anything in the news or any statement from anyone in government or any contrast between one political party and another, then it's time to start thinking about what you're going to help build as a movement.

In this case I'm talking about a movement to end, not this war or that war, but the institution of war as an acceptable enterprise for the human species. The declaration of peace that people and groups are signing reads, in its entirety:

"I understand that wars and militarism make us less safe rather than protect us, that they kill, injure and traumatize adults, children and infants, severely damage the natural environment, erode civil liberties, and drain our economies, siphoning resources from life-affirming activities. I commit to engage in and support nonviolent efforts to end all war and preparations for war and to create a sustainable and just peace."

This can be signed at -- and we fully expect a million people to sign it in short order. There's a great weariness in resisting militarism piecemeal, in reforming or refining war, in banning a weapon or exposing a tactic. All of that is a necessary part of the work. This will be a campaign of numerous partial victories, and we'll be directing our efforts toward various strategic weaknesses in the military-industrial complex. But there is enthusiasm right now for stopping not just missile strikes into Syria, not just deadly sanctions and threats to Iran, but stopping also -- as part of these actions -- the thinking that assumes war must always be with us, the casual discussions of how "the next war" will be fought.

So, we've set up an online center for addressing the concerns of the anyone who thinks we might need to keep war around or who thinks war will stay around regardless of what we do. We address a number of myths, including the myths that war is inevitable, and war is necessary, and war is beneficial.  Then we provide a number of reasons for ending war, including these:

War is immoral.

War endangers us.

War threatens our environment.

War erodes our liberties.

War impoverishes us.

We need $2 trillion/year for other things.

We've also provided an explanation of how nonviolent tools are more effective in resisting tyranny and oppression and resolving conflicts and achieving security than violence is, in other words how we can be more secure without war and without preparations for war.

This movement to abolish war, will be a movement to create a better world in which we are better able to address real crises, such as those in the earth's natural environment, rather than manufactured crises, such as the urgent need to drop missiles on Syria -- which vanishes the moment we block that proposal.

Our plan is to announce on the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2014, a broader, wider, more mainstream and more international movement for peace and nonviolence than we've seen in a while, and a coalition capable of better uniting those doing good work toward that end in various corners of the globe and of our societies. 

But we've only just begun to work out our plans, and we'd like everyone's input. If you go to and sign the declaration, it will ask you to indicate how you might like to be involved beyond that. You can check any of a number of ways or invent your own.  You can get involved in shaping our thinking and our plans and activities.  You can also enter a brief statement of your own.  Here are a few of the many entered already:

"I support this proposal and agree with this great and important initiative to abolish militarism and war.  I will continue to speak out for an end to the institution of militarism and war and for institutions built on international law and human rights and nonviolent conflict resolution." — Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate

"As a 29 year veteran of the US Army/Army Reserves, retiring as a Colonel and having served as a U.S. diplomat for 16 years and resigning in 2003 in opposition to the Iraq war, I firmly believe war does not resolve political issues.  We must work diligently to force the governments of our nations to use diplomacy, not weapons." —Ann Wright

"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it." — Noam Chomsky

"It is so inspiring to see a new group coming together not to focus on a particular war or weapons system, but on all war--everywhere. And it's great to have such beautifully crafted arguments about why war is not inevitable and how war contributes to so many other global ills. This coalition is worthy of Martin Luther King's call to end violence and instead put our energies and resources into 'life-affirming activities.' Bravo!" —Medea Benjamin

"We must work to end all war because: 1. In war there are no winners, only losers. 2. To thrive, humans need peace, which cannot be created by war. 3. We need all our ingenuity, creativity, technology and will to find a solution to runaway climate change. We cannot afford the military-industrial complex." — Sally Reynolds, Abingdon Peace Group

"The abolition of war is an idea whose time has come. We are at a transformative moment in history. Our Mother Earth is under siege from destructive global warming and industrialization. It is essential that we mobilize to save our planet. War is a cruel and untenable distraction, draining trillions of dollars and incalculable losses of intellectual firepower away from the essential work that needs to be done to create a livable future for humanity." — Alice Slater, Global Council of Abolition 2000

"War is a crime against humanity. When 90% of the casualties of war are civilians including children, its time to End ALL WARS! The world badly needs the resources to meet human and environmental needs. Wars are not making us more secure, but creating more enemies. There are more effective means of achieving security than war and killing other people's children. As former President Eisenhower said, 'I like to believe that the people of the world will want peace so much that governments will have to get out of the way and let them have it.' When the people of the world decide to end war, we can end it. At least 99% of the world's people do not benefit at all from all the wars our governments are waging. The time is NOW. Please join us." —David Hartsough

read more

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She Committed No Wrong—So Why Did Melissa Harris-Perry Apologize to Mitt Romney’s Family?

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The Strip Search of Devyani Khobragade

The servant or home helper is the fodder of gossip, a point of permanent distraction for their hirers. A common assumption in those...

Meat Without Murder: Would You Eat a Lab-Grown Burger?

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Al Qaeda Terrorism in Syria is a “Weapon of Mass Destruction”: UN Security Council...

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Nelson Mandela’s Legacy in the Post-Mandela Era

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“Honey Traps” and the Strauss-Kahn Affair: A Stealthy Coup d’état at the IMF?

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Why Are Black Women Punished for Having Natural Hair?

White beauty norms and racism continue...

The Right’s Fear of the Past

Nelson Mandela's death has precipitated a global discussion as to his remarkable personal story and profound historical role. Surprising, his death has sparked...

UN reports expose conditions in Australia’s offshore refugee camps

By Mark Church12 December 2013 Two reports released in late November by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reveal the plight of...

Barack Obama’s de facto totalitarian nation

Larry Pinkney “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in an American flag.”–Huey P. Long “You're not to be so blind with patriotism that...

Fukushima: The ‘Real Nightmare’ Is Coming (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Via ENENews, quoting BBC, we see the work on Unit 4 of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, which the global community and the world is watching with bated breath, is nothing more than a "distraction" and the "easy bit" because Unit 4 didn't suffer a meltdown and the "real nightmare" is coming from Units 1,2 and 3, where actual meltdowns occurred.

Reactor buildings 1, 2, and 3 where there were core meltdowns, the radiation levels there are still way too high for anyone to go in those buildings. So I think Reactors 1, 2, and 3, the reactors that had core meltdowns, are the real long-term problem, and a very difficult problem to deal with. Reactor 4 is a bit of a distraction. It’s important to get the fuel out, but it is the easy bit.

The same article also quotes the NYT with bad news on top of bad new, stating "Melted fuel is “all over the place… First goal is simply to stop uncontrolled releases of radioactive material."

Last but not least, Global Research headlines with "The Fukushima Coverup: “Biggest Industrial Catastrophe in the History of Mankind”

The video below starts was a live event and  Fukushima discussion with BeautifuGirlByDana where commenters and Dana discuss the issue in depth. 

Join in folks, discuss, debate, talk about it because ignoring it is not going to make it go away.... the real nightmare is coming.....

Cross posted at Before It's News

The World of Hidden Emotions

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The Equine Sacrifice

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The Censorship That Dare Not Speak Its Name

This is a subtly revised set of remarks given at “The Point is to Change It” conference on November 1, 2013 at the University of San Francisco. The event was co-sponsored by Project Censored.

The panel on which I participated was organized by Project Censored Director Mickey Huff to address the contrast between the radical journalistic activity practiced by Project Censored and the decade-old US media reform movement that has sought to initiate broader policy changes at the federal level. In previous years PC has been excluded from media reform events, likely because of its research and criticism of foundation-funded progressive-left media and the censorial practices they impose on themselves and their peers.

The feedback from conference-goers to the panel’s observations was predictable. For example, “9/11 Truth has no facts. Look at how it relies on Alex Jones and Loose Change. Let’s move on.” [Read: I shall not be identified with amateurs and fanatics. Or, Why risk being perceived as politically incorrect.] And, “It is impossible to be radical without a vigorous critique of capitalism.” [Read: Extreme historical myopia is sometimes practical and necessary. Or, 9/11 is a career-ender.]

I appreciate Project Censored’s invitation to participate in the event and its continued endeavors to spread the word on the fundamental relationship between mass media and the broader political economy.


What does it mean to be radical? What is radical intellectual activity? It involves identifying, examining, and publicizing the root causes of major problems in the body politic that hinder the full realization of each individual’s human capacities.

What are the possible areas where such inquiry may take shape? The “News Clusters” that Project Censored has been using in its recent yearbooks provide a rough outline: the economy, war, health and the environment, the viability of the commons (as evidenced by Iceland), and civil liberties and freedom of expression, because without the ability to be able to express ourselves we cannot demonstrate our freedom and contest wrongdoing.

Around the time I was born Noam Chomsky wrote “The Responsibility of Intellectuals,” suggesting that radical intellectual activity along these lines is necessary if we are to survive as a species. “It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak truth and expose lies,” Chomsky asserted.[1]

Aside from Chomsky’s abandonment of this principal in terms of questioning deep events, the mid-to-late 1960s was a far different world from the one we inhabit today. In contrast to the 1960s, there is now a fast-emerging police state, the loss of Constitutional protections, a “war on terror” we are told will be without end, and huge economic disparities. And so any such responsibility is much greater than it was then because the stakes are much higher.

Scholars with institutional backing have some security from which to operate along these lines. Apart from the support afforded through an academic position, the greatest hindrance to carrying out radical intellectual activity involves the question of money and resources.

With this in mind there is a tendency for progressive-left media to inordinately rely on funding from tax-free foundations, with attendant consequences for their output. This is no better illustrated than in John Pilger’s first-hand account in Project Censored’s most recent volume. In 2011 Pilger’s The War You Don’t See became “the film you don’t see” courtesy of the Lannan Foundation pulling the rug out from underneath Pilger as he was about to embark on a US tour promoting the work.

What is at least as disheartening here is how many figures that once stood by Pilger and his work, such as Amy Goodman and Chris Hedges, turned their backs on him as he sought to better understand Lannan’s abrupt and inexplicable change of heart.[2]

Indeed, this instance illustrates the problems central to media that claim to be “radical” today: the immense power of such foundations is more than capable of exerting a stealth form of censorship and conformity that is close to impossible to accurately detect and gauge.

Further, the financial wherewithal of liberal foundations–Ford, Carnegie, Gates, Soros–far exceeds that of their conservative counterparts–Bradley, Olin, Scaife, Koch. What does that mean for the integrity of our information and opinion environments?

With these things in mind I waned to read a few observations made by Global Research editor and University of Ottawa Professor of Economics Michel Chossudovsky, who was unable to be on the panel this morning. His remarks are significant particularly in terms of charting the independent nature and trajectory of radical media today. Once you start receiving money from tax-free foundations,” Chossudovsky notes,

you lose your independence.  We see it on the internet now. There are a number of internet [news] sites which look a little bit like the New York Times—the online version. They’re still doing good work but they’re becoming a little bit more politically correct.

So there’s a mainstream alternative media and then there’s an alternative media which I think is independent. There are not many, and that is the disturbing feature; many of the alternative media sites now are becoming corporatized. We want to avoid that. That’s they’re decision, but we have taken the decision that we do not seek any foundation funding which limits us from a budget point of view. It means that we [function] on a much more modest scale but we manage to be just as effective by doing that and we have the advantage of not being constrained to a particular perspective.[3]

How exactly does this dynamic play out in practical terms? Again, it is difficult to measure. Yet the FBI whistleblower Sibol Edmonds provides a clue. Edmonds notes how she received special guidance from foundation gatekeepers after she accepted money from a George Soros-financed foundation as she was assembling a body of like-minded government insiders and whistleblowers.

Very quickly I realized that this money—these carrots they were dangling before our nose[s]—came with a bunch of string attachments. Because as I was talking with these people form these foundations I was adding more whistleblowers.

And in one case one [individual] from Clinton’s previous administration joined the coalition who had blown the whistle on Al Gore and some narcotics-related case with the Drug Enforcement Agency. When I added this particular whistleblower—and he’s still there on our list—these foundation people came and they said, “Why are you adding the Clinton administration whistleblower? Right now we are focused on [the] Bush administration. This is [a] distraction. And you should just limit [things] all this current wrongdoing and don’t get in to all the Clinton stuff. Basically this is just one example of many examples.[4]

How perhaps does this dynamic play out at a more macro level? Two areas where there has not been enough serious intellectual activity and rigor of late is climate change and the crimes of 9/11, and it is truly amazing how so frequently the former is embraced by the left while the latter is dismissed–equally out of hand.

Think about it. The annual amount of foundation funding going toward publicizing forms of environmentalism is gargantuan.[5] There is, after all, a lot at stake: A new derivatives market, and setting up the “smart grid,” both of which lay the groundwork for heightened government surveillance and eventually enforced austerity.

Is there any money devoted to a 9/11 truth commission or the equivalent? None. Is it discussed? Nope. How’d it happen? Blowback. Why is there a “war on terror” at home and abroad? They’re protecting us from Al Qaeda.

9/11 is a root cause of a vast number of major problems in the body politic–war, the police state, the illicit drug trade, and on and on. At present, almost all roads lead back to it. What progressive outlets are discussing it? Global Research and Project Censored. How much foundation funding do they get? Practically none. Coincidence?

More than ever, the responsibility of intellectuals remains “speaking truth and exposing lies.” Yet as the foregoing suggests, in the post-9/11 era particularly, the radical intellectual quest for “truth” itself has now become a commodity capable of being bought, sold and thus censored by some of the most wealthy entities on the planet. These murky forces do not just find the examination of topics like 9/11 unseemly; they also share an active interest in keeping them perpetually unexamined and suppressed.


[1] Noam Chomsky, “The Responsibility of Intellectuals,” New York Review of Books, February 23, 1967.

[2] John Pilger, “Censorship That Dares Not Speak Its Name: The Strange Silencing of Liberal America,” in Mickey Huff and Andy Lee Roth with Project Censored (editors), Censored 2014: The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2012-2013, New York: Seven Stories Press, 2013, 287-296. See also “The War You Don’t See Pilger Film Banned By Lannan Foundation,” Information Clearing House, June 10, 2011.

[3] Devon DB, “Michel Chossudovsky on the Creation of Global Research,” GRTV, June 19, 2012.

[4] James Corbett, “The War on Whistleblowers: Sibol Edmonds on GRTV,” GRTV, October 11, 2011.

[5] James F. Tracy, “The Forces Behind Carbon-Centric Environmentalism,” MemoryHoleBlog, July 12, 2013.

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The Triumph of the Right

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The Triumph of the Right

Conservative Republicans have lost their fight over the shutdown and debt ceiling, and they probably won’t get major spending cuts in upcoming negotiations over the budget.

But they’re winning the big one: How the nation understands our biggest domestic problem.

They say the biggest problem is the size of government and the budget deficit.

In fact our biggest problem is the decline of the middle class and increasing ranks of the poor, while almost all the economic gains go to the top.  

The Labor Department reported Tuesday that only 148,000 jobs were created in September — way down from the average of 207,000 new jobs a month in the first quarter of the year.

Many Americans have stopped looking for work. The official unemployment rate of 7.2 percent reflects only those who are still looking. If the same percentage of Americans were in the workforce today as when Barack Obama took office, today’s unemployment rate would be 10.8 percent

Meanwhile, 95 percent of the economic gains since the recovery began in 2009 have gone to the top 1 percent. The real median household income continues to drop, and the number of Americans in poverty continues to rise.

So what’s Washington doing about this? Nothing. Instead, it’s back to debating how to cut the federal budget deficit.

The deficit shouldn’t even be an issue because it’s now almost down to the same share of the economy as it’s averaged over the last thirty years.

The triumph of right-wing Republicanism extends further. Failure to reach a budget agreement will restart the so-called “sequester” — automatic, across-the-board spending cuts that were passed in 2011 as a result of Congress’s last failure to agree on a budget.

These automatic cuts get tighter and tighter, year by year — squeezing almost everything the federal government does except for Social Security and Medicare. While about half the cuts come out of the defense budget, much of the rest come out of programs designed to help Americans in need: extended unemployment benefits; supplemental nutrition for women, infants and children; educational funding for schools in poor communities; Head Start; special education for students with learning disabilities; child-care subsidies for working families; heating assistance for poor families. The list goes on.

The biggest debate in Washington over the next few months will be whether to whack the federal budget deficit by cutting future entitlement spending and closing some tax loopholes, or go back to the sequester. Some choice.

The real triumph of the right has come in shaping the national conversation around the size of government and the budget deficit – thereby diverting attention from what’s really going on:  the increasing concentration of the nation’s income and wealth at the very top, while most Americans fall further and further behind.

Continuing cuts in the budget deficit – through the sequester or a deficit agreement — will only worsen this by reducing total demand for goods and services and by eliminating programs that hard-pressed Americans depend on.

The President and Democrats should re-frame the national conversation around widening inequality. They could start by demanding an increase in the minimum wage and a larger Earned Income Tax Credit. (The President doesn’t’ even have to wait for Congress to act. He can raise the minimum wage for government contractors through an executive order.)

Framing the central issue around jobs and inequality would make clear why it’s necessary to raise taxes on the wealthy and close tax loopholes (such as “carried interest,” which enables hedge-fund and private-equity managers to treat their taxable income as capital gains).

It would explain why we need to invest more in education – including early-childhood as well as affordable higher education.

This framework would even make the Affordable Care Act more understandable – as a means for helping working families whose jobs are paying less or disappearing altogether, and therefore in constant danger of losing health insurance.

The central issue of our time is the reality of widening inequality of income and wealth. Everything else — the government shutdown, the fight over the debt ceiling, the continuing negotiations over the budget deficit — is a dangerous distraction. The Right’s success in generating this distraction is its greatest, and most insidious, triumph.

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“Kicking the can down the road” is an overused, much abused description—along with “stalemate,” etc.—of the current US political scene, as though a blistering...

Forecast: War, Economic Depression and Social Unrest

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Why the Corporate Media’s Climate Change Censorship Is Only Half the Story

The most censored story of our lifetime is hiding in plain sight. We humans are disrupting the climate of the planet to the point at which the world our children and grandchildren will inhabit may be unrecognizable.

The risk we are taking is not something discussed in polite company, much less in the corporate press. Instead of covering the many facets of this impending crisis and the options for mobilizing a response, the corporate press has largely served up a diet of distortion and distraction. Even the progressive media has a mixed record on covering the climate crisis.

Yet stories that explore the depth of—and solutions to—the climate crisis are essential to any prospect that we will respond at the scale needed.

After years of record-breaking fires, droughts, heat waves, and storms, public opinion is beginning to move toward greater comprehension, although at a rate that is still dangerously slow. While 97 percent of peer-reviewed scientific studies conclude that the Earth is warming because of human influences, just 42 percent of the general public in the United States believes the world is warming because of human activity.

And though journalists cover the stories of particular wildfires, droughts, megastorms, floods, and other events exacerbated by the shifting climate, until recently the corporate media have neglected to explore something that scientists are warning about and that many people perceive with their own senses: that these are not isolated incidents, but signs of a long-term and accelerating disruption in climate stability.

The hard truth is that scientists predict a temperature rise of six degrees Celsius by the end of the century unless we take action. This level of heating will hobble agriculture, deplete water supplies, and move shorelines. It will make many areas uninhabitable and cause famine, widespread extinctions, and massive movements of climate refugees. And it will be largely irreversible for centuries thereafter.

What Corporate Power Means

Why have we been unable to take action in the face of a threat larger and more long-lasting than terrorism? The climate crisis highlights a systemic flaw in human society today: the power of large corporations over our economy, governance, and way of life overwhelms other forces.

Corporations dealing in fossil fuel are among the biggest and most powerful on the planet. Together with other large corporations, as well as the think tanks and lobbyists they fund, they have undermined efforts to reach international agreements on climate change, and to get government action on renewable energy and energy efficiency, smart transportation options, and other policies that could counter the threat of climate disruption. With a focus on making the most money possible for shareholders and executives, the fate of human and other life on the planet just doesn’t show up on the quarterly balance sheet. With billions of dollars in profits and a Supreme Court friendly to the power of big corporations, corporate influence on government goes largely unchecked.

An economy that concentrates more wealth and power each year, while undermining our world's capacity to support life, especially goes unquestioned when the media is owned by big corporations that rely on corporate advertising.

We also have a cultural flaw. Influenced by billions of dollars of advertising, popular culture has come to equate having lots of stuff with success and happiness. Those at the top can accumulate with abandon and without considering the implications for the future. Meanwhile, people in the 99 percent increasingly struggle just to get by. Other values that are just as much a part of the founding culture of the United States—frugality, community, neighbor-helping-neighbor, contribution to the whole—have been pushed aside by the advertising-driven impulse to buy. The production and eventual disposal of all that stuff exacts a price on the finite resources and energy capacities of the planet, and the bill is coming due.

Climate Coverage: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Facing the dire reality of a destabilized climate is not easy, and some of the country's most influential media don't even try. The Wall Street Journal's notoriously right-wing opinion section published a column on May 9, 2013, titled "In Defense of Carbon Dioxide." The piece celebrates rising levels of carbon dioxide as a boon to plant life. Columbia Journalism Review columnist Ryan Chittum, who is a former Wall Street Journal writer himself, called it "shameful even by the dismal standards of that page."

According to a January 2013 Media Matters report, not a single climate scientist appeared as a guest on the influential Sunday morning television talk shows during the previous four years, nor were any climate scientists quoted. Most of those invited to speak on global warming were either media figures or politicians, but, among the politicians, not a single one was a Democrat. Climate change deniers on the shows went unchallenged. The nightly news shows had somewhat more coverage, and most of that was driven by extreme weather events, according to the report. But this coverage, too, was biased: 60 percent of the politicians on the air were Republicans.

Most journalists want to be perceived as objective, and so for years much of the climate reporting included an ersatz balance: climate deniers were given equal time even though they were a tiny fraction of the scientific community; the fact that many were funded by the fossil fuel lobby was rarely mentioned. The New York Times is among those that now explicitly reject this he-said-she-said approach.

The result of this distorted coverage is that precious years, during which a well-informed people might have acted, have been lost to confusion produced by so-called "objective" journalism.

There's an additional, less recognized flaw with journalism as currently practiced. Journalists are considered objective when their reporting accepts the dominant worldview as a given, without questioning beliefs and assumptions that may or may not hold up to scrutiny. The good journalist, in other words, goes along with the worldview of the powerful. Today, that worldview includes the assumption that all growth is good and can go on indefinitely, that a rising tide will lift all boats (an ironic phrase in this time of sea-level rise), that technology and free enterprise will solve any problem, and that the Earth will provide all we need.

Real objective journalism would question these assumptions, especially those contradicted by the evidence on the ground—and in the glaciers.

Although some of the media has flouted their responsibility to truth-telling, others have been extraordinary. Rolling Stone published a game-changing piece by Bill McKibben on the math of climate change, which shows that most of the world's fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground if we are to avert climate catastrophe. And among Project Censored's Top 25 stories is Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed's article from the Guardian on the likelihood of food shortages becoming the new normal, in large part because of the impact of climate change on crop yields. The Guardian’s coverage of the climate crisis has been among the best and most consistent among the large newspapers. (Full disclosure: I occasionally write a column for the Guardian). And there are some extraordinary blogs like InsideClimateNews, Grist, Climate Progress, ClimateWire, and Real Climate, which are out in front on climate coverage.

Project Censored has highlighted some of the key climate stories of the last decade. Among the project's annual list of the censored stories over the past years are independent journalists' reports on the disruption to marine species resulting from global warming, the role of excessive consumption in the climate crisis, and the flaws in World Bank cap-and-trade schemes, which result in the displacement of indigenous farmers.

Still, there is a mixed record among the progressive press on climate coverage. Perhaps this is a reflection of a split within the progressive world, which until recently was divided between those who focus on the environment and those who focus on politics and social justice. Much of the progressive press has left climate change to environmental magazines.

The implicit view that environmental issues are for backpackers, conservationists, and middle-class white folks is outdated and dangerous. The climate crisis is changing everyone's life—especially the poor and vulnerable.

Making Solutions Visible

More truly objective reporting on the climate crisis and its systemic causes would be a huge improvement over what we find now. But still it would be just half the story. The other half is the solutions. We need much more reporting on solutions, and not just to keep despair from sending us screaming into those rising seas.

We need solutions journalism because it is the only way we can develop the global consensus we need to take action and the knowledge base that makes that action effective.

Over just a few hundred years, we clever humans have transformed our world, creating a vast fossil fuel–driven industrial economy that permits high-consumption lifestyles (for some). Until recently, we lacked an understanding of what industrialization was doing to the prospects for our children and their children.

But we have the smarts to create a world in which the climate is stable, diverse species thrive, and all people have a shot at a good life. The means to do that are as diverse as the factors that cause the problem. Renewable energy can displace carbon-based fuels. Buildings can be built or retrofitted for super-efficiency. Organic fertilizers can build the fertility and resilience of the soil while safely storing carbon, replacing the chemical fertilizers that are a major contributor to the climate crisis. Fuel-efficient vehicles, fast trains, and bicycles can replace gas guzzlers. A greater appreciation of time well-spent with family and friends, and of the satisfaction of meaningful work, can replace an obsession with owning and using up stuff.

Each of these shifts improves our chances of stabilizing the climate, and most of them have multiple benefits: they improve health, clean up air and water, improve community life, create new economic opportunities, and promote equity. And some do all of these at once.

But the potential of these solutions can't be fulfilled unless people find out about them. That's why the media is so important.

With international talks at a standstill and little national leadership on this issue, the focus of action has shifted, becoming much more bottom-up. Local and state governments (and an exceptional few national governments) around the world are instituting policies, like carbon taxes, that help shift the market toward cleaner energy sources. Policy makers are rethinking the use of economic growth and the gross domestic product as a measure of progress. Inventors and entrepreneurs are coming up with new ways to produce clean energy or to cut the inefficient use of energy.

Importantly, there is a climate justice movement happening that few know exists—a movement founded in the grassroots and especially in communities that are often ignored by the corporate media: Appalachia, indigenous communities, youth, farmers, fishermen, and small businesses. It's a movement that doesn’t separate environmental concerns from human concerns, but that recognizes that they are one and the same.

At the forefront of this movement are young people, ranchers, tribal leaders, people living near refineries, those resisting hydraulic fracturing (also known as fracking), and others who are most affected by the fossil fuel industry. People are using their bodies to block the building of tar sands pipelines, to stop mountaintop removal, to prevent drilling in their communities—both to protect their land, water, and health, and to protect the climate.

The campaign, headed up by Bill McKibben, is spurring actions around the world, including civil disobedience in front of the White House aimed at convincing President Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.

Others are responding to the climate crisis through changes in their own lives. Many are finding much greater satisfaction in ways of life focused on community or personal development. Young people are seeking out livelihoods that allow them to contribute to a more sustainable planet and to ride out the storms they see on the horizon. There’s extraordinary interest in developing local food systems. These deeper cultural shifts offer another part of the solutions matrix.

These new policy initiatives, innovations, social movements, and lifestyle shifts are rarely covered, but with all that’s at stake, these responses deserve to be front-page news. We need this sort of reporting to seek out the many solutions, investigate which ones are working, and tell the stories through the media now available. Out of those many stories and many solutions, the answers can emerge. If these answers spread, are replicated, and inspire others, we have a shot at preserving a healthy planet and our own future.

What Solutions Journalism Makes Possible

The truth is that there is no shortage of solutions—whether it's Germany's turn to solar power or the carbon-storing power of restored soils. But given the shortage of stories about solutions, it's little wonder that so many people—once they understand the implications of the climate crisis—leap right from denial to despair. When stories of people taking action are censored, when the innovations that could help us tackle the greatest crisis humanity has ever faced go unreported, when the ordinary people and grassroots leaders working to build a sustainable future go unquoted, people are left isolated and feeling powerless.

That's what makes solutions journalism so important at this point in human history.

When the myriad efforts to build a sustainable world are covered, the rapid evolution of our society toward solutions becomes possible. The best innovations can travel quickly and build on one another—bike lanes in one city become a linked system of bike lanes and public transit in another. A public food forest, where all are free to harvest fresh fruits and nuts, sparks the same idea in another community. One city sets out to be carbon neutral, to reduce asthma and heart disease, and inspires other cities to follow suit. If they encounter these sorts of stories, people don't feel alone, powerless, or foolish when they pick up a shovel and plant a tree, start an urban garden, or risk arrest blockading a tar sands pipeline. They see their work as part of a much larger fabric of change—one with real possibility for a better world.

So here's where solutions journalism is at its best. Just as an individual coal plant is not the whole picture in terms of the climate crisis, the individual windmill is not the whole solution. To meet its potential, solutions journalism must investigate not only the individual innovations, but also the larger pattern of change—the emerging ethics, institutions, and ways of life that are coming into existence.

Here are some examples of headlines that are focused on problems and others focused on solutions:

Un-Censoring Solutions Journalism

The change will not happen from the top down—most of the leaders of big government, big business, and even big religion are too entrenched in the status quo to offer much help on this score.

Instead, it is the actions of millions of ordinary people that have the best chance of transforming our society to one that can live within its ecological means and meet the needs of humans and other life forms. To do that, we need evidence-based stories of practical, feasible innovations. But we also need to see the larger picture that they are a part of, the new ways of doing business that are rooted in community and work in harmony with our ecosystems, along with the emerging values and ways of life that create genuine well-being without compromising the life-sustaining capacity of the planet. We need to experience the democratic impulse, which, at times, can overcome the top-down power of giant corporations.

Journalists, it has been said, write the first draft of history. In that spirit, discerning these patterns of change—which ones have promise, which ones are taking hold—is an inexact science. But a bottom-up global process thrives when the first draft is available, and all of those with a stake in the future can see that they, themselves, are its authors.

Empire of the Senseless

For the sake of argument, let’s assume the following to be true: Barack Obama is not a stooge, a cipher, an empty suit, or a puppet. He is not incompetent, indecisive, or deranged. He is, in fact, intelligent, purposeful, and rational. Let us further assume that Obama is sincere in his actions, if not always his rhetoric, and that his actions, from the persecution of whistleblowers to the assassination of American citizens, are premeditated, planned, intentional and taken without ambivalence.

What do we make of this? On the surface, it means that Obama is as culpable as he is capable. His icy certitude has always been his most grating affectation. Yet there is no one to hold him accountable for his crimes against the Constitution, high and low, not even the Visigoths of the House.  Despite the daily hysterics fulminating from the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal, Obama is the choice of the elites, the man they want at the helm at this fraught moment for global capitalism. It’s his competence that makes him so dangerous.

Obama is the executive manager of what the British punk band the Mekons called the “Empire of the Senseless”. By this, I don’t mean an empire that is inchoate, but a government that doesn’t sense, that doesn’t feel, that is immune to the conditions and desires of the governed. America has degenerated into a sham state, a republic of the observed and monitored, where government operations are opaque and menacing. A pervasive dread seems to envelope the nation.

So, in the face of this reality, we confront, once more, Lenin’s piercing question: what is to be done? This is not a metaphysical exercise any more, but an existential and practical one of the most extreme urgency. How do we respond to an ossified state that serves abstract interests yet remains chillingly indifferent to human suffering? Moreover, where do we turn when the institutions that once served as forces of social change are now largely kaput.

The politics of lesser evilism remains a crippling idée fixe for most of the Left, despite the carnage strewn across the landscape by the politicians they have enabled over the last two decades: from the Clintons to John Kerry and Obama. The Democratic Party itself has become a parody of a political enterprise, a corporate-financed ghost ship for the gullible, the deluded and the parasitical. For all practical purposes the party has been superceded as a functional entity by pseudo-interest groups like MoveOn and their new house organ, MSNBC, which provide daily distractions from and rationalizations for each new Obama transgression.

To a great measure, the responsibility for the fatal ease with which Obama has been able to implement his draconian policies, from domestic spying to drone strikes, must be borne by the timid response of the political left, who have serially denied what they knew to be Obama’s true agenda, an agenda of neoliberal austerity at home and imperial aggression abroad—an agenda that was incubating from the moment the young senator hand-picked Joseph Lieberman to be his ideological mentor in the US Senate.

Predictably, the more they indulge Obama, the more he tends to ignore, if not psychologically resent, their existence. For most of us, the economy is still crashing. A recent analysis by UC Berkeley’s Emmanuel Saez and Thomas Piketty of the Paris School of Economics, revealed that 95 percent of the economic gains since the recession began have been captured by the top one percent. This was not an accidental outcome. Obama’s economic plan was geared to generate precisely this result. But no one wants to talk about it on the Left.

Witness the president’s rare conclave with the Congressional Black Caucus. With black poverty and unemployment rates at startling highs, Obama swatted away meek queries about the savage toll his economic policies have inflicted on urban America and pressed the delegation to publicly cheerlead for his scheme to shower Syria with cruise missiles. The CBC members sat mutely, soaking in Obama’s humiliating lecture, while black America remains under a state of economic siege.

This brazen act was soon followed by Obama’s announcement that he had picked Jeffrey Zients to head the National Economic Council. Who is Zients you ask? Well, he was a top executive at Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, plotting takeovers, mass firings, raids on pensions and de-unionization of factories. He did so well at this grim job that his net worth now tops $100 million. One might view this appointment as an act of casual sadism, rubbing salt in the wounds of progressives. But the Left is so moribund, so deeply immured in a political coma that the insult didn’t even prompt the slightest protest, not even a vestigial yelp for old time’s sake.

Liberals seem to have finally come to terms with their own vacuity.

What about the rest of us? What do we do? Here we must turn to the heroic revelations of Edward Snowden, which denuded the government’s aspirations toward a kind of roving omniscience, probing and recording the most intimate beliefs and intentions of its citizens. After the initial tingles of paranoia fade, we might be able to view this as a perversely liberating condition. What a relief! We no longer have to hide our discontent, our efforts to make sense of the senseless. We are free to become the sovereigns of our own actions without fear of disclosure.

And so we remain, nearly all of us, left and right, clinging stubbornly to the tiny freedoms that remain: to object, to denounce and to resist, until a real oppositional force emerges. Or SEAL Team Six shows up at the back door.


On October 7th, CounterPunch published an article by gonzo journalist Ruth Fowler titled Regressive Feminism: Of Sinead, Miley and Amanda. Some of the language in the essay was crude and found to be offensive by many readers. Even CounterPunch staffers recoiled at the use of the word “cunt” and the phrase “should probably be kicked in the vagina.” Ms. O’Connor contacted me to express her genuine outrage at the essay and the fact she felt the language was an incitement to sexual violence. Of course, we find sexual violence of any kind abhorrent. These kinds of phrases are often especially traumatic to those who have experienced sexual abuse. At her request, I have removed the offensive sentences. We apologize to Sinead O’Connor, a musician we have long admired and a known victim of sexual violence and to other victims of sexual violence. We hereby pledge to refrain from publishing any future articles containing such offensive and distressing language.–JSC

Jeffrey St. Clair is the author of Been Brown So Long It Looked Like Green to Me: the Politics of NatureGrand Theft Pentagon and Born Under a Bad Sky. His latest book is Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion. He can be reached at:

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The Electronic Intifada — 27 September 2013 For a period in Hany Abu Assad's new film, Omar, the eponymous protagonist shares an Israeli dungeon with...

‘Paradise Now’ director tackles taboo of collaboration in new film

The Electronic Intifada – 27 September 2013

For a period in Hany Abu Assad’s new film, Omar, the eponymous protagonist shares an Israeli dungeon with unidentifiable insects he can barely make out in the darkness. Determinedly, they carry out tasks whose purpose he, and possibly they, cannot fathom. Are they prisoners too? And is their continual laboring a distraction from their confinement or a transcendence of their plight?

There could hardly be a starker metaphor for the lives of Omar and his friends under occupation.

The film, which won the Certain Regard prize at Cannes in May, is a commanding return to form for Abu Assad after several years adrift in Hollywood, where he ended up directing an indifferent B-movie.

Omar is due to be released in Europe over the coming weeks, and will be shown at the New York Film Festival in October.

Paradise Now, the 2005 film that propelled Abu Assad on to the international stage, and became the first Palestinian film to be nominated for an Oscar, followed the final hours of two friends who choose with different degrees of commitment to become suicide bombers.

Extreme pressures

Like Paradise Now, Omar is an intimate, surprisingly humorous and often claustrophobic portrait of friendship, love, betrayal and sacrifice in the face of extreme pressures.

But unlike the earlier film, which examined conflicting ideas of liberation at a particular moment in Palestinian history, Omar widens out Abu Assad’s canvas to address questions about the nature of Israeli occupation and that of authentic resistance.

Omar is the first commercial film made by an exclusively Palestinian crew, shot on Palestinian locations, including Nazareth and Nablus, and financed entirely by Palestinian money.

Omar includes a series of plot twists it would be unfair to reveal. These are not simply useful narrative devices; they contain profound implications for the characters at the heart of the story.

Omar, played by Adam Bakri, lives on one side of Israel’s wall; his two childhood friends, Tarek and Amjad, both in the armed resistance, on the other. Omar risks his life regularly, scaling eight meters of concrete to see them and, more secretly, Tarek’s sister Nadia (Leem Lubany), with whom he is infatuated.

In the film, the wall serves chiefly as an obstacle to friendship, love and solidarity rather than as a legal or territorial demarcation between Israelis and Palestinians. For those unfamiliar with the intricacies of the conflict, it may not even be clear which side of the wall is considered “Israel.” Omar faces humiliation from soldiers and police whichever side of the supposed border he is on.

Love story

Audiences uninterested in the politics of Israel and the Palestinians will still find plenty to relish in a simple love story that quickly turns into a complex political thriller. Even though it tackles a topic of enormous contemporary significance — the most enduring occupation in modern history — the film eschews polemics. Instead, the politics behind Omar’s suffering creeps up on viewers stealthily.

Two key themes reveal the deeper problems of the occupation for Palestinians, issues that no Palestinian film has tackled before with such sophistication and intensity.

The first concerns the construction by Israel of a series of cages for Palestinians, from the largest to the smallest — like Matryoshka dolls, nesting one inside the other until the tiniest is reached at the very center.

In the film, Omar moves through these cages: from the biggest, as a Palestinian living on the “Israeli” side of the wall, through to the more restrictive occupation on the other side of the wall, and on to various forms of more formal incarceration, culminating in the cell he shares with the insects.

Abu Assad does not hesitate to imply that, despite the changes of location, Omar’s freedom is never more than illusory. His fate is invariably in hands other than his own.

This layering of cages, the film suggests, is intended by the authors of the occupation — the security heads who featured in the recent Israeli documentary The Gatekeepers — to serve as a veiling system, concealing from most Palestinians the full extent of their imprisonment.

But the cages are also the basis of a system of punishment and reward that placates, divides and controls the Palestinian population. Omar is repeatedly required to make concessions to the occupier to be allowed “release” into less confined, but barely freer, spaces.


This carrot-and-stick approach is integral to the second theme: that of collaboration.

Collaboration is one of the great Palestinian taboos, a mark of sin on the society and therefore a topic no one wants discussed. The issue of collaboration is allowed out of the shadows usually only when Palestinian leaders try to crack down on the phenomenon through the execution of informers (and are harshly criticized by human rights groups for doing so).

The reality, however, is that collaboration is Israel’s chief tool for maintaining what is effectively an occupation for Palestinians inside Israel as well as in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. It makes organizing resistance, or even struggling for basic rights, all but impossible.

Over decades, Israel’s gatekeepers have devised a spider’s web of techniques for ensnaring ordinary Palestinians. Once caught, as a fellow prisoner warns Omar, escape is impossible. And sure enough, Omar soon finds himself trapped by a seemingly harmless remark.

Bold decision

The damage collaboration causes to organized resistance became especially clear during the second intifada. At that time Israel’s intelligence services boasted that, for every attack of the kind portrayed in Paradise Now, they foiled at least a dozen more. And they did so because the poison of collaboration courses through the veins of Palestinian society. In even a small group, someone is almost certainly not who or what they seem — as the characters in Omar either discover or suspect they will discover.

The film fearlessly dissects how this system of control works and why Palestinians, like Omar himself, are mostly powerless to evade or subvert it.

Abu Assad’s decision to put the problem of collaboration at the heart of his film is therefore a bold one indeed. It is also vitally important because, until Palestinians confront the issue openly and honestly, they have little power to break Israel’s stranglehold on their lives.

The film’s message is more hopeful than this synopsis may imply. Real awareness is possible, Abu Assad concludes in the final scenes, and with it comes the only hope for personal and social transformation.

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The Global Elite’s Crimes Against Humanity: The Subversion Of Happiness And Truth

Global Research and Countercurrents 19/9/2013 and Kashmir Observer 20/9/2013

For thousands of years, people have been writing about happiness. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus concluded that happiness lies in the pursuit of external pleasure.  Other philosophers, from Antisthenes to Buddha, have stressed that looking inwards and leading an ascetic life based on virtue, simplicity and inner peace is the route to happiness. And then there are others who seem to think that we can only be occasionally happy in what is essentially a miserable world. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said that all happiness is an illusion and that life oscillates like a pendulum, back and forth between pain and boredom.

Happiness is, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “a state of well-being and contentment: a pleasurable or satisfying experience.”

For some, happiness runs much deeper than merely being content. Aristotle held that being virtuous was only one aspect of happiness. In the absence of say wealth and intelligence, virtue could only bring about a form of contentment.

But that’s not enough for others. They strive to achieve an ongoing state of bliss, of feeling at one with the universe and everything in it. Through years of meditation, self-reflective practice or consciousness development, they can learn to transcend the illusion of existence and live life on a higher reality. A case of ignoring reality while striving to live out an illusion?

However, let’s not get too caught up in cynicism here. Illusion is all around us – both on a personal level and on a wider political level. The type of society we live in has a huge bearing on happiness or well-being. Perhaps Schopenhauer’s view is increasingly apt in this age of austerity and war-driven advanced capitalism.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

From Bernays to Albright: ‘their’ happiness, our misery

Virtually every government in the world creates an illusion for its people. Take economic policy. Government policies might hurt us in the short term, but we are all on a one way route to the ‘promised land’ of happiness, or so we are told by the politicians, the corporate media and spokespersons for the ones who make us suffer to ensure they never have to – the privileged elite, the ruling class.

Western governments set out to con ordinary working folk by bringing us war in the name of peace, austerity in order to achieve prosperity and suffering to eventually make us happy. Is there any room for truth? Politicians never like to tell the public the truth. The feel-bad factor is never a vote winner. Best to keep the public in the dark and rely on positive spin. If people knew the truth, they just wouldn’t be happy.

And selling the feel-good factor is all pervasive. In this age of irretrievable materialism, the route to happiness is more goods, better goods, newer goods. A never-ending smorgasbord of commodities to be craved for, which will bring us happiness. In league with private corporations, governments have learnt to play on our desires to create a one-dimensional type of happiness based on consumerism.

In part, Edward Bernays is responsible for this. The father of modern public relations and propaganda, he was expert in manipulating human perceptions of pain and pleasure, misery and happiness. Tap into or shape people’s desires in a certain way, and you can sell virtually any notion of happiness (or reality), regardless of how bogus it may be.

Whether it was whipping up mass fear in the US about the bogeyman of communism or selling the ‘American Dream’ of happiness through consuming goods, Bernays and the advertising industry, which took its cue from him, were able to marry misery and happiness together – if you do not buy into consumer capitalism, the alternative will be misery; if you do not buy this or that product, life will be terrible; if you do not join in the celebration of capitalism, those awful Soviets will take over and impose a fundamentally unhappy system of equality on each and every one of us.

Under American capitalism, the lie was that everyone would all live happily ever after because of, not in spite of, gross inequality, massive privileges and disadvantages and exploitation of labour, which all went under the notion of meritocracy and a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

Bernays’ propaganda techniques set the stage for con-trick of ‘liberal democracy’. The US government quickly learned that angels and demons could be manufactured out of thin air and, from Guatemala, Congo and Vietnam to Iraq, wars and destabilisations could be built on packs of lies – lies about evil-doers about to kick down the door, lies about the impending misery they would inflict on the US and on far away countries and lies about the government delivering us from impending doom.

Of course, it is best to arm ourselves to the teeth with nuclear weapons to ensure no one imposes their miserable regimes or awful ways of life on us. And to prevent us all shuddering with the fear of the threat of nuclear Armageddon on a daily basis, it’s a case of don’t worry, be happy, forget about it and watch TV. Even the very real danger of near-instant annihilation of the species is shoved to one side for the sake of a feel-good culture.

And the best way to instil that feeling is to have us endlessly treading around a wheel in a cage. Millions are locked into the pursuit of the Bernay’s model of happiness. They are locked into addiction. Addicted to the pursuit of acquisition, of hedonism, of chasing the dream. Addicted to the belief that there is a point to it all, where happiness is achieved by acquisitive materialism.

But, to paraphrase a sentiment from Buddhism: someone, somewhere, may well be suffering on our behalf for this happiness, this hedonism. There is no ‘may be’ about it.

So much blood has been spilled by those unfortunate enough to have been born in certain parts of the world on behalf of people in other parts of the world who deem the need to possess resources to be more worthy than the lives destroyed in order to grab them. Recall Madelaine Albright saying the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was a price worth paying for furthering the geo-political interests of US corporations. And yes, a drone attack here, some ‘collateral damage’ there, and those boys in the US control centres are happy with a hard days killing.

In the US Declaration of Independence, there is the phrase “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Freedom and happiness (or the pursuit of it) is central, albeit built on the misery of others.

‘Life’, ‘liberty’ and ‘happiness’ have become debased. Fed to the masses, happiness has been confused with excessive individualism and the never-ending pursuit of material goods. It became hijacked by the likes of Bernays. With his knowledge of psycho-analysis (Sigmund Freud was his uncle), he knew it was relatively easy to manipulate desires and get people hooked on indulging in certain behaviour, even if ultimately they don’t really want or need those consumer products, those ‘false needs’, they strive to acquire. Getting them hooked is what really counts.

You have no time to think about the disillusionment because you are all too busy buying the next quick-fix for happiness product. It’s called retail ‘therapy’ for good reason. A therapy that has no long-term benefit. It’s a feel-bad, feel-good then feel bad again spiral.

But who needs this form of ‘happiness’, this type of ‘liberty’, ultimately underpinned by an Albright-esque view of life and death? No one. Yet the masses are encouraged to swallow the lies. The propaganda is pervasive.

Look no further than all those feel-good Hollywood trash films, passed off as ‘blockbusters’, that gloss over or usually ignore all the mundane, miserable aspects of life in working class ‘America’. Little wonder half the world seems to want to live in the US. The need to portray a bogus notion of happiness has served to kick reality into touch. The Hollywood propaganda machine has seen to that.  

The ‘wealth creators’ and their crimes against humanity

The great ‘American Dream’ was built on craving and propaganda. It was built on stripping the environment bare, on the unsustainable raping of nature to fuel profits, perpetual war and misery and suffering. The sociologist C.Wright Mills noted the existence of a post-war power elite in the US back in 1956. An integrated power elite of big corporations, the military and the political establishment. Fast forward 57 years and it is responsible for a body count of ten million dead and counting (1), a statistic, a dirty secret that Hollywood will never tell. Ten million slaughtered in US-backed wars and by death squads, covert ops and destabilisations (2). Drug-running and the exporting of terror and murder, glorified by countless Hollywood icons, commentators and politicians under the banner of championing freedom and democracy.

The system in place exists to benefit not the majority, but small a minority of just 6,000 to 7,000 people (3). These are the extremely wealthy of the world who have cemented their position on the back of their ancestors and hundreds of years of capitalism. These are the people setting the globalisation and war agendas at the G8, G20, NATO, the World Bank, and the WTO. They are from the highest levels of finance capital and transnational corporations (4,5). These billionaires, this transnational capitalist class, dictate global economic policies and decide on who lives and who dies and which wars are fought and inflicted on which people. Although they are having a bit of difficulty in kick-starting it right now, with their see-through lies and hypocrisy, Syria is a case in point.

Their crimes against humanity are never mentioned as such. Instead, these people are called ‘wealth creators’. They are the self anointed role models and captains of industry. The high flyers who have stolen ordinary people’s wealth, who have stashed it away in tax havens, who have bankrupted economies because of their reckless gambling and greed and who have imposed a form of globalisation that results in devastating destruction and war for those who attempt to remain independent from them, or structurally adjusted violence via privatisation and economic neo-liberalism for millions in countries that have acquiesced.

Little wonder then that attempts to redress the balance, to snatch control away from this criminal class, have been brutally suppressed over the decades. From democratic leftist organisations to any government pursuing a socialist alternative, this class has used intelligence agencies or military might to attempt to subvert or annihilate any opposition.

From El Salvador and Chile to Egypt and India’s tribal belt, ordinary folk across the world have been subjected to policies that have resulted in oppression, poverty and conflict. But this is all passed off by politicians and the corrupt mainstream media as the way things must be. And anyone who stands up to this lie is ridiculed at best or spied upon, tortured and killed at worst in order to prevent the truth from emerging. And that truth is that many of us know what ‘happiness’ really is, the type of society necessary to establish it - based on communality and economic equality - and that the immensely wealthy people who stand in its way do all things necessary to prevent us from having it. Socialism is not a dirty word.

Various well-being surveys indicate that happier societies invest heavily in health, welfare and education, are more equal and live within the limits imposed by the environment. Many less wealthy countries (and wealthy) do well in such surveys because cultural priority is placed on family and friends, on social capital rather than financial capital, on social equity rather than corporate power. It’s no coincidence that people in places like Britain and the US appear to be less happy than they were 40 years ago (6).  

Karl Marx knew that self actualisation was to be truly achieved in a society that makes it possible for someone to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticise after dinner, just as he has a mind. Being ‘happy’ is state of being, a state of worthwhile endeavour freely chosen and not imposed. It is not achieved through the pursuit of an ultimate unattainable elusive goal on a never ending treadmill of drudgery, a never ending treadmill of control. Not a fixed end point to be achieved by possessing a hundred latest, cutting edge consumer gadgets and indulging in the individualised competition of conspicuous consumption that proclaims ‘look at me, I’m better than you, I’m elevated from the crowd’. And by elevating oneself in such a way, the gregarious human animal is cut off from the wider group and may ultimately become rather unhappy.

And yet it is ordinary working class men (and women) who sign up to join the military and support this system on behalf of these immensely wealthy people. Such people have however always been adept in manipulating the masses to rally around flag and nation, evoking an emotive misplaced sense of patriotism to pursue their militarism or justify their exploitation.

In his book ‘A people’s History of England’, The Marxist academic AL Morton documented how ordinary people, over many hundreds of years, set out to challenge these rulers and often paid with their lives. Nothing ever came for free and ordinary working people fought tooth and nail for any rights that they managed to obtain.

Such a travesty then, that today, ordinary people are denied economic opportunities because this class has sold their jobs to the lowest bidder in India, China or elsewhere. This class and its ‘think tanks’ were determined to shatter the post-war Keynesian consensus based on a robust welfare state and government intervention in the economy to help secure full employment. Any notions of ‘fairness’ and the benefits to be derived from the welfare state were to be substituted for positive notions about the free market and individual responsibility in order to justify the real intention of shifting the balance of power towards elite interests.

With workers’ wages having been depressed over a period of decades, demand having thus been propped up by debt and bankers demanding to be bailed out, how convenient that the lie of ‘austerity’ is being used as a battering ram to finish off what the likes of Reagan and Thatcher did in the 80s with their pro-big business, pro-privatisation, anti-union, anti-welfare policies.

And we are supposed to thank ‘them’ for this? To vote for ‘their’ politicians, to join in a media circus to celebrate the birth of another royal parasite, to support their killing in Syria, in Libya, in Afghanistan, in Iraq and elsewhere?

Yes, we are supposed to back them and take in the poisonous lie that ‘we are all in it together’. And ordinary young men (and women) are supposed to sign up to fight their wars.

The working classes, the great, great grandchildren of the cannon-fodder ‘heroes’ sacrificed en masse on the blood-soaked battlefields of countless other wars that have gone before can now join up to fight again. For what? Austerity, powerlessness, imperialism, propping up the US dollar. For whom? Monsanto, Occidental Petroleum, BP, JP Morgan, Black Rock, Boeing and the rest.

The US economy has been hollowed out. Much of manufacturing has been shipped abroad. For those who benefitted, the US can go to hell in a handbasket, and it has. Meanwhile, for them, record profits ensue. It’s the ability to maximise profit by shifting capital around the world that matters to them, whether on the back of distorted free trade agreements (7) which open the gates for plunder, or through coercion and militarism (8) which merely tear them down.

In places like India, it cuts both ways. ‘Free’ trade and a state enforced militarism that both result in countless deaths and the forced removals of hundreds of thousands of the nation’s poorest folk from their lands and villages for the benefit of powerful corporations and a bogus notion of development. “I love my India” well-off ordinary urban dwellers often say. Patriotism has always been a distraction, a tool to be ignited by the oppressors at will among the masses.

As societies become hollowed out, with empty echoes of patriotism ringing out, they increasingly resemble boxes. The only thing inside however is a giant, brutal mechanical hand. There is nothing else apart from it. And it’s only function is to pull the lid shut if anyone ever dares to tear it open and shed light into the box. If successful, they will see the immorality, the lies, the hypocrisies. The social control based on the subversion of life, liberty and happiness.




3) David Rothkopf, SuperClass: The Global Power Elite and the World They are Making (New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2008).
4) William I. Robinson, A Theory of Global Capitalism: Production, Class, and State in a Transnational World (Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 2004).

5) Peter Philips and Brady Osbourne, Exposing the Financial Core of the Transnational Capitalist Class, Global Research, September 13, 2013.




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