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Video: ‘15 tons of depleted uranium used in 1999 Serbia bombing’ – intel legal...

An international legal team prepares a lawsuit against NATO over the alliance's alleged use of depleted uranium munitions during its bombing of Yugoslavia. Via Youtube

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Depleted Uranium & Other Demented U.S. Weapons

Because antiwar activists and medical humanitarians are pushing the issue, the United Nations will be discussing the U.S. use of depleted uranium in weapons,...

Recent report confirms: US depleted uranium weapons targeted civilian areas in Iraq war

Barry Mason “Laid to Waste”, a report by the Dutch Catholic NGO Pax Christi International, confirms that US forces in Iraq used depleted uranium (DU)...

Iraq’s Depleted Uranium Threat

John LaForge A new report from the Netherlands based on U.S. Air Force firing coördinates shows that the U.S. military fired its armor-piercing munitions  ¾...

U.S. Forces Used Depleted Uranium Rounds In Civilian Areas in Iraq, Reports Finds

Dutch peace group Pax says findings show US was in breach of official advice meant to prevent suffering in conflicts US forces fired depleted uranium...

WHO Refuses to Publish Report on Cancers and Birth Defects in Iraq Caused by...

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has categorically refused in defiance of its own mandate to share evidence uncovered in Iraq that US military...

UK Queen in depleted uranium trade?

British anti-war campaign group the Stop the War Coalition has in a video claimed that Britainâ„¢s Queen Elizabeth is one of the richest women...

Exposed depleted uranium at US airport

Miami Dade Fire department inspecting a drum at Opa-Locka Airport believed to contain depleted uranium. Parts of a Miami, Florida airport were evacuated...

Depleted Uranium at Miami Airport Spurs Emergency Evacuation

(Photo via NBC 6)Developing...A 55 gallon drum of depleted uranium was found in the area of a dismantled airplane at Opa-locka Executive Airport in...

Depleted Uranium Found on Miami Plane

(Photo via NBC 6)Developing... A 55 gallon drum of depleted uranium was found in the area of a dismantled airplane at Opa-locka Executive Airport in...

Depleted uranium found in Miami airport, evacuation ordered

Portions of an airport in Miami, Florida have been evacuated after depleted uranium was discovered early Thursday. Firefighters have cleared a 150-foot area of the...

Syria, Iraq and Depleted Uranium

As the U.S.considers expanding its war on Syria to overt military aggression, Iraq provides some warning of the human cost of accepting the policies...

Was Depleted Uranium used during Gaza offensive?

Richard Silverstein | I’m beginning to read reports from Gaza that indicate that the IDF may’ve used depleted uranium munitions during its recent assault. A local...

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There has been significant publicity about the use of Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions, its ability to travel very long distances and the consequences to...

Canada’s role in depleted uranium weapons

By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med The Government of Canada is in non-compliance with the statutes and regulations of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC),...

Depleted Uranium — Far Worse Than 9/11

Depleted Uranium Dust — Public Health Disaster For The People Of Iraq and Afghanistan Doug Westerman In 1979, depleted uranium (DU) particles escaped from the National...

Depleted Uranium Dust May Kill You

DU May be Causing Global Contamination There are those who believe that the widespread use of Depleted Uranium in weaponry is creating a cloud of...

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Stop the Depleted Uranium Poisoning of America

By Cathy Garger DU is being blasted, burned, fired, and spewed all over our indigenous peoples, suburbanites, and city dwellers alike. It is being dispersed...

Bush is delivering Depleted Uranium to us all

By John Blacker Want to know why there are so many terrorists and who is arming them with Depleted Uranium WMDs to drop in our...


By Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat Former Chief of the Naval Staff, India Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot ..that it do singe yourself. - William...

Troops die from Depleted Uranium poison even before going into battle

Soldier exposed to depleted uranium in training dies of leukemia caused by toxic weapon residue By Mark Anderson  Several young U.S. Marines in the same California...

Uranium: the Demon Metal That Threatens Us All

I am going to ramble about a bit here, but it's a bit of a rambling tale, which I hope will come together at...

“Safe” Uranium That Left a Town Contaminated

By David Rose They were told depleted uranium was not hazardous. Now, 23 years after a US arms plant closed, workers and residents have cancer...

Korea Struggles to Find Lost Uranium

By Kim Tae-gyu The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) is having a hard time searching for 2.7 kilograms of uranium sent to an incinerator...

Fascist Killers

Fascist Killers

by Stephen Lendman

Three nations among others stand out: America, Israel and Ukraine.

America's deplorable history reflects barbarism writ large. Killing civilians is longstanding policy. Doing so violates core international law.

It prohibits collective punishment. It forbids attacking noncombatants. Targets unrelated to military necessity are strictly off-limits. 

Lawless attacks constitute crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. Committing them reflects official US policy. It's been so throughout America's sordid history.

It's guilty as charged. Its drone program alone is damning. It reflects out-of-control state terror.

Attacks are indiscriminate. Mostly noncombatant civilians are killed. A 2012 "Living Under Drones" report explained.

Stanford University's International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic (SU) and New York University School of Law's Global Justice Clinic (NYU) jointly prepared it.

Credible firsthand documentation was compiled. It "present(ed) (clear) evidence of the damaging and counterproductive effects of" Obama's drone-strike policy.

So-called benefits don't exist. Mostly noncombatant civilians are harmed. Men, women, children, infants, the elderly and infirm are murdered in cold blood.

"Living Under Drones" exposed what official accounts suppress.

US imperial wars killed millions of civilians. Indiscriminate mass murder reflects longstanding US policy. 

March 19 marked the 10th anniversary of Washington's Iraq war. Waging it destroyed the cradle of civilization.

It's one of history's greatest crimes. It followed Gulf War devastation and punishing sanctions. 

They caused about 1.5 million Iraqi deaths. Most were young children. Up to 7,000 died monthly. 

Former UN humanitarian coordinator Dennis Halliday resigned in protest. He refused to be part of what he called "genocide."

Weeks of so-called "Operation Iraqi Freedom" destroyed virtually everything needed for normal functioning.

Terror bombings and ground assaults damaged or demolished targets unrelated to military necessity.

They included power plants, dams, water purification facilities, sewage treatment and disposal systems, telephone and other communications, hospitals, schools, mosques, residential neighborhoods, factories and private businesses, government buildings, historical sites and much more.

The region's most developed country was systematically destroyed. The cradle of civilization no longer exists. Dystopian hell replaced it.

Millions of Iraqis suffer horrifically. They struggle daily to survive. Their nation remains a cauldron of violence and instability. 

US installed stooge governance remains. So-called elections are farcical when held. Democracy is pure fantasy. 

Crimes of war and against humanity continue. Iraq is a virtual free-fire zone. Washington bears full responsibility. Obama continues what Bush began.

Hegemons operate this way. Fascist regimes give no quarter. America represents the worst of imperial barbarism.

Conquest, domination, colonization and plundering nations for profit matter most. Millions of human lives lost attest to Washington's ruthlessness. 

They're inconsequential. They're considered a small price to pay. Coverup and denial suppress the worst of US policy.

America's human rights record is appalling. It's by far the world's worst. Every imaginable crime and then some was committed. 

They continue out-of-control. They're largely out of sight and mind. They're unreported.

Torture is sanctioned. Peace and stability are verboten. Permanent war is official policy. So is global state terror.

America operates the world's largest gulag. Thousands of political prisoners fill it. Global torture prisons supplement it.

Crime bosses make policy. Monied interests control them. New World Order ruthlessness reflects official policy. Rule of law principles don't matter. Washington rules alone apply.

Israel operates the same way. So-called "Dahiya Doctrine" lawlessness is official policy. It's named after a Beirut suburb. 

It reflects how all Israeli wars are waged. Former IDF Northern Commander Gabi Eisenkot explained earlier, saying:

"What happened in the Dahiya quarter of Beirut in 2006 will happen in every village from which Israel is fired on." 

"We will apply disproportionate force at the heart of the enemy's weak spot (civilians) and cause great damage and destruction." 

"From our standpoint, these are not civilian villages (towns or cities). They are military bases. This is not a recommendation. This is a plan. And it has been approved."

Terror bombings target civilians. They're murdered in cold blood. 
Israel's preemptive 2006 Lebanon war horrific. Weeks of slaughter, destruction, mass displacement and human misery followed.

Over 1,000 died. One-fourth of Lebanese people fled for their lives. Terror bombings were merciless.

They destroyed or damaged ports, Beirut International Airport, roads, bridges, other infrastructure, schools, hospitals, power stations, commercial sites, factories, dams, civilian neighborhoods, government buildings, mosques, churches, radio and TV stations, an orphanage, Sidon's refugee camp and other non-military targets.

Jiyeh’s utility plant south of Beirut was struck. Doing so caused massive oil spillage. Over 90 miles of coastal waters were polluted. 

Biodiversity was damaged. Heightened cancer risk followed. Many thousands of Lebanese remain vulnerable.

A land, sea and air siege was imposed. Illegal weapons were used. They included depleted uranium, chemical agents, as well as white phosphorous bombs and shells. They burn flesh to the bone.

So-called thermobaric bombs were dropped. They contain polymer-bonded or solid fuel-air explosives. They penetrate buildings, underground shelters and tunnels. 

Their blast pressure sucks oxygen out of affected areas. It horrifically affects people in them. It’s a terror weapon designed to kill and destroy monstrously.

Israel's December 2008/January 2009 Gaza war replicated Lebanon atrocities. Appalling crimes of war and against humanity were committed.

Israel did so with impunity. Goldstone Commission findings were damning. They showed clear "evidence indicating serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law…"

They said Israeli "actions amount(ed) to war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity." Indisputable evidence explained.

Over 1,400 Palestinians died. They were murdered in cold blood. Roads, bridges, other infrastructure, residential neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, mosques, public buildings, factories, Gaza's sole power plant, police stations, other structures and facilities were damaged or destroyed.

Israel's lawless siege prevents proper reconstruction. So do repeated air, ground and sea attacks. 

They inflict more death and destruction. Children are affected most. Longterm trauma persists.

World leaders able to make a difference turn a blind eye. Doing so lets Israel get away with mass murder. Committing it is official Israeli policy. Unaccountability follows every time.

Ukraine represents America's latest imperial adventurism. Democratic governance was destroyed. Illegitimate coup-appointed fascists replaced it.

They're committing the unthinkable. They're waging war on their own people. 

They're using tanks, artillery, mortars, APCs, helicopter gunships other heavy weapons, and toxic chemicals against lightly armed Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters.

They're willfully murdering unarmed civilians. They're doing it daily. The May 2 Odessa massacre killed around 300 defenseless city residents. 

Doing so reflects how far they'll go. It suggests much worse to follow. Washington endorses their worst barbarism. 

Orders come straight from the White House. No-holds-barred death and destruction was OK'd. Tyrants operate this way. One fascist regime supports another.

Washington blamed victims for their own deaths. It blames Russia for its crimes. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki consistently turns truth on its head. She lies for power. 

She suppresses what people most need to know. She does it in regular press briefings. She substitutes misinformation Big Lies for vital truths.

On Friday, she outrageously "condemned the outbreak of violence caused by pro-Russian separatists…in Mariupol…"

Fact: Kiev putschists bear full responsibility.

Fact: They acted on direct orders from Washington.

Fact: They murdered around 20 civilians in cold blood.

Fact: They injured many others.

Fact: They violated core international law provisions.

Fact: They operate with impunity.

Fact: They likely plan much greater bloodbaths.

Fact: Eastern Ukrainian self-defense forces aren't separatists.

Fact: They're not terrorists.

Fact: They're federalist supporters.

Fact: They're freedom fighters.

Fact: They reject US-installed Kiev fascist putschists.

Fact: They want local autonomy.

Fact: They're Ukraine's best and bravest.

Fact: They fighting for rights everyone deserves.

Fact: They merit worldwide support.

Fact: Kiev putschists have no legitimacy.

Fact: They demand universal condemnation.

It bears repeating. Fascist regimes operate this way. America is by far the worst. Kiev putschists serve US interests. 

They do so at the expense of their own people. Exploiting them ruthlessly is planned. So is letting Western corporations plunder Ukraine's resources. IMF diktats demand it.

War on Eastern Ukraine continues. Mass slaughter may follow. Bloodbath conditions promise much worse ahead. 

It bears repeating. Hegemons operate this way. Proxy stooges serve their interests. One fascist regime supports another. 

Longstanding US policy reflects its dark side. It shows America's true face. It exposes the depths of its depravity. Humanity's fate hangs in the balance.

A Final Comment

Jaime Lopez and Dallas Peavy endured weeks of political imprisonment. They're US citizens. 

From March 14 through April 22, they were held lawlessly in Djibouti. They committed no crimes. They're uncharged.

US consular officials are complicit with Djiboutian authorities. They want Lopez/Peavy abuse kept under wraps. They want Congress US media kept uninformed.

On Saturday, Lopez emailed this writer. He asked for help. He explained what happened. 

He detailed how grievously he and Peavy were treated. He explained:

"US embassy (officials) provided derogatory written and verbal information to US military base (Camp Lemonier)" authorities.

Doing so got its commander "to declare us to be persona non-grata at the base." Misinformation claimed "Mr. Peavy (was) wanted by the FBI."

US consular officials hold Lopez's passport. They won't return it. Both men committed no crimes. They want to go home.

They're prevented from doing so. They remain effectively imprisoned.

US consular officials lied. They claimed "they are no longer involved in the legal matter," said Lopez.

Even though both men are uncharged. US citizens warrant consular protection. Their fundamental rights were violated. 

It bears repeating. Washington is complicit with Djiboutian authorities.

It's acting against the welfare of two of its citizens. It doesn't give a damn how they're treated. Lopez emailed this writer for help.

He and Peavy are two among countless victims of America's contempt for fundamental human rights. They're trapped against their will in Djibouti. 

They can't get out. They can't go home. They're stuck where they don't want to be. 

Consular officials haven't done a thing to help. Whether things get resolved appears unlikely short-term. Both men remain in limbo.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 

Israeli Supremes Endorse War Crimes

Israeli Supremes Endorse War Crimes

by Stephen Lendman

They didn't surprise. They're like US Supremes. They support wealth, power and privilege. They rubber-stamp war crimes when asked.

They ignore fundamental rule of law principles. Israel High Court justices declined to hear petitioner Marwan Dalal. 

He's an Israeli Arab jurist. Earlier he served as a Hague International Criminal Court senior prosecutor. He's the only Palestinian ever to serve in this capacity.

On April 2, Israeli Supremes heard evidence of IDF war crimes in Lebanon and Gaza. A previous article explained.

Dalal filed a 52-page petition. He addressed Israel's:

  • preemptive 2006 Lebanon war;

  • its Operation Cast Lead Gaza aggression (December 2008 - January 2009,) and

  • murdering nine Turkish Mavi Marmara Gaza humanitarian mission activists in May 2010 in cold blood.

Evidence against Israel is damning. It's overwhelming. It's indisputable. It's incontestable. Systematic coverup followed.

Israel remains unaccountable for high crimes too grave to ignore. On April 3, Israeli Supremes rubber-stamped approval. 

They ruled crimes of war and against humanity are OK. Their terse statement lied saying:

"The petitioner didn't provide enough evidence that could prove the connection between the respondents and the events that, as the petitioner sees them, could be called 'war crimes.' "

From July 12 - August 14, Israel attacked Lebanon preemptively. It blitzkrieged large areas mercilessly. It did so lawlessly.

It killed over 1,000. It caused vast destruction. It displaced around one-fourth of Lebanon's four million population. It willfully targeted civilians.

It admitted doing so. It called them legitimate targets. It defined its Dahiya Doctrine strategy. It's named after a Beirut suburb. Israel destroyed it entirely.

At the time, it said it's how future wars would be fought. Disproportionate force will be used against civilians and non-military-related infrastructure.

Doing so reflects prohibited collective punishment. International law forbids attacking non-combatants and targets unrelated to military necessary.

Beirut, Tyre, Sidon, and other Lebanon cities and towns were attacked.

Terror bombings destroyed or damaged ports, Beirut International Airport, roads, bridges, other infrastructure, schools, hospitals, power stations, commercial sites, factories, dams, civilian neighborhoods, government buildings, mosques, churches, radio and TV stations, an orphanage, Sidon's refugee camp and other non-military targets.

Jiyeh’s utility plant south of Beirut was struck. Doing so caused  massive oil spillage. Over 90 miles of coastal waters were affected. 

Biodiversity was damaged. Heightened cancer risk followed. Many thousands of Lebanese remain vulnerable.

A land, sea and air siege was imposed. Illegal weapons were used. They included depleted uranium, chemical agents, as well as white phosphorous bombs and shells. They burn flesh to the bone.

So-called thermobaric bombs were dropped. They contain polymer-bonded or solid fuel-air explosives. They penetrate buildings, underground shelters and tunnels. 

Their blast pressure sucks oxygen out of affected areas. It horrifically affects people in them. It’s a terror weapon designed to kill and destroy monstrously.

On July 19, a bus carrying Israeli tourists and others was attacked. Eight deaths were reported. 

It bears repeating. Israeli war crimes were indisputable. Lawless collective punishment is longstanding Israeli practice. It persists daily. It does so in multiple ways.

From December 27, 2008 - January 18, 2009, Israel waged lawless aggression on Gaza. On September 15, 2009, Goldstone Commission findings were damning.

It reported "evidence indicating serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law committed by Israel during the Gaza conflict, and that Israel committed actions amounting to war crimes, and possibly crimes against humanity."

"While the Israeli Government has sought to portray its operations as essentially a response to rocket attacks in the exercise of its right of self defence, the Mission considers the plan to have been directed, at least in part, at a different target: the people of Gaza as a whole." 

Defensive rocket attacks responded to repeated Israeli provocations. Israel lawlessly used them as a pretext for naked aggression. Operation Cast Lead followed.

On September 21, 2010, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) said:

It's clear "that the IDF had not distinguished between civilians and civilian objects and military targets." 

"Both the loss of life and the damage to property were disproportionate to the harm suffered by Israel or any threatened harm. Israel's actions could not be justified as self-defense."

"The IDF was responsible for the crime of killing, wounding and terrorizing civilians (as well as) wonton(ly) destr(oying) property and that such destruction could not be justified on grounds of military necessity."

HRC members called IDF crimes so grave, "it was compelled to consider whether (genocide) had been committed." 

It said Israel "committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and, possibly genocide in the course of Operation Cast Lead."

On May 31, 2010, lawlessly interdicted Freedom Flotilla vessels in international waters. Doing so constitutes piracy. They were bringing vitally needed aid to besieged Gazans.

Nine Turkish nationals were aboard the Mavi Marmara mother ship. They were massacred in cold blood. Dozens of other activists on board were wounded. Everyone was arrested.

At the time, UK-based Stop the War Coalition activists called it "(y)et another act of Israeli barbarism." Thousands of Gazans protested angrily.

Mass anti-Israeli protests followed in Amman, Cairo, Damascus, Tehran, Ankara, Istanbul, Beirut and other regional cities.

Israel's propaganda machine reached new highs of duplicity. Damage control prioritized coverup. Big Lies drowned out truth.

Forensic evidence was damning. Victims were shot multiple times at close range. Some in the back.

A Human Rights Council (HRC) investigation criticized Israel's "outrageous attack on aid ships attempting to breach a blockade on the Gaza Strip."

It called doing so "piracy, (an) act of aggression, (a) brutal massacre, (an) act of terrorism, (a) war crime, (a) crime against humanity, unprovoked...unwarranted...atrocious, (and) brutal."

It said humanitarian activists onboard were "peaceful, innocent, noble, unarmed, (and) defenseless."

Attacking them "was unnecessary, disproportionate, excessive, inappropriate and resulted in the wholly avoidable killing and maiming of a large number of civilian passengers." 

"Israel made "a deliberate suppress or destroy evidence." Its own version of events was fabricated. Fake videos were used. So were other falsified materials.

Crimes against humanity were committed. So was piracy. HRC members called Israeli guilty as charged.

It said "a series of violations of international law, including international humanitarian and human rights law, were committed by the Israeli forces during the interception of the flotilla and during the detention of passengers in Israel prior to deportation."

"The preponderance of evidence from impeccable sources is far too overwhelming to come to a contrary opinion."

Attacking Mavi Marmara activists was well-planned in advance. Premeditated murder was indisputable. 

Israeli commandos had photos of Turkish nationals marked for death. They murdered them in cold blood. 

They remain unaccountable. So do Israeli commanders and responsible government officials.

No Israeli official or military commander was held accountable for Lebanon and Cast Lead war crimes. None for earlier acts of aggression.

None for daily crimes against humanity. None for ongoing ones. None since Israel was established in 1948.

None for decades of systematic slow-motion genocide. Israeli Supremes continued a longstanding tradition. 

They turned a blind eye to high crimes too grave to ignore. They endorsed what demands accountability. Perhaps one day. For sure not now.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.

Top Six Reasons to Stop Fighting Wars


1. War is immoral.

Murder is the one crime that we're taught to excuse if it's done on a large enough scale. Morality demands that we not so excuse it. War is nothing other than murder on a large scale.

Over the centuries and decades, death counts in wars have grown dramatically, shifted heavily onto civilians rather than combatants, and been overtaken by injury counts as even greater numbers have been injured but medicine has allowed them to survive.

Deaths are now due primarily to violence rather than to disease, formerly the biggest killer in wars.

Death and injury counts have also shifted very heavily toward one side in each war, rather than being evenly divided between two parties. Those traumatized, rendered homeless, and otherwise damaged far outnumber the injured and the dead.

The idea of a "good war" or a "just war" sounds obscene when one looks honestly at independent reporting on wars.

When we say that war goes back 10,000 years it’s not clear that we’re talking about a single thing, as opposed to two or more different things going by the same name. Picture a family in Yemen or Pakistan living under a constant buzz produced by a drone overhead. One day their home and everyone in it is shattered by a missile. Were they at war? Where was the battlefield? Where were their weapons? Who declared the war? What was contested in the war? How would it end?

Is it not perhaps the case that we have already ended war and now must end something else as well (a name for it might be: the hunting of humans)?

If we can change our manner of killing foreigners to render it almost unrecognizable, who’s to say we can’t eliminate the practice altogether?

Read more.


2. War endangers us.

There are more effective tools than war for protection.

tankWar planning leads to wars.

In arming, many factors must be considered: weapon-related accidents, malicious testing on human beings, theft, sales to allies who become enemies, and the distraction from efforts to reduce the causes of terrorism and war must all be taken into account. So, of course, must the tendency to use weapons once you have them.  And a nation’s stockpiling of weapons for war puts pressure on other nations to do the same. Even a nation that intends to fight only in defense, may understand “defense” to be the ability to retaliate against other nations. This makes it necessary to create the weaponry and strategies for aggressive war. When you put a lot of people to work planning something, when that project is in fact your largest public investment and proudest cause, it can be difficult to keep those people from finding opportunities to execute their plans. Read more.

War making provokes danger.

While the best defense in many sports may be a good offense, an offense in war is not defensive, not when it generates hatred, resentment, and blowback, not when the alternative is no war at all. Through the course of the so-called global war on terrorism, terrorism has been on the rise. This was predictable and predicted. The wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, and the abuses of prisoners during them, became major recruiting tools for anti-U.S. terrorism. In 2006, U.S. intelligence agencies produced a National Intelligence Estimate that reached just that conclusion.  Read More.

War's weapons risk intentional or accidental apocalypse.

We can either eliminate all nuclear weapons or we can watch them proliferate. There's no middle way. We can either have no nuclear weapons states, or we can have many. As long as some states have nuclear weapons others will desire them, and the more that have them the more easily they will spread to others still. If nuclear weapons continue to exist, there will very likely be a nuclear catastrophe, and the more the weapons have proliferated, the sooner it will come. Hundreds of incidents have nearly destroyed our world through accident, confusion, misunderstanding, and extremely irrational machismo. And possessing nuclear weapons does absolutely nothing to keep us safe, so that there is really no trade-off involved in eliminating them. They do not deter terrorist attacks by non-state actors in any way. Nor do they add an iota to a military's ability to deter nations from attacking, given the United States' ability to destroy anything anywhere at any time with non-nuclear weapons. The United States, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, France, and China have all lost wars against non-nuclear powers while possessing nukes.

Read more.

3. War threatens our environment.

oiljetsA major motivation behind some wars is the desire to control resources that poison the earth, especially oil and gas.

Oil can be leaked or burned off, as in the Gulf War, but primarily it is put to use in all kinds of machines polluting the earth’s atmosphere, placing us all at risk. Some associate the consumption of oil with the supposed glory and heroism of war, so that renewable energies that do not risk global catastrophe are viewed as cowardly and unpatriotic ways to fuel our machines.

The interplay of war with oil goes beyond that, however. The wars themselves, whether or not fought for oil, consume huge quantities of it. The world’s top consumer of oil, in fact, is the U.S. military. Not only do we fight wars in areas of the globe that happen to be rich in oil; we also burn more oil fighting those wars than we do in any other activity. Author Ted Rall writes:

“The U.S. Department of [War] is the world’s worst polluter, belching, dumping, and spilling more pesticides, defoliants, solvents, petroleum, lead, mercury, and depleted uranium than the five biggest American chemical corporations combined. According to Steve Kretzmann, director of Oil Change International, 60 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions between 2003 and 2007 originated in U.S.-occupied Iraq, due to the enormous amount of oil and gas required to maintain hundreds of thousands of American military forces and private contractors, not to mention the toxins released by fighter jets, drone planes, and the missiles and other ordnance they fire at Iraqis.”

The U.S. military burns through about 340,000 barrels of oil each day. If the Pentagon were a country, it would rank 38th out of 196 in oil consumption.

The environment as we know it will not survive nuclear war. It also may not survive “conventional” war, understood to mean the sorts of wars now waged. Intense damage has already been done by wars and by the research, testing, and production done in preparation for wars.

Wars in recent years have rendered large areas uninhabitable and generated tens of millions of refugees. War “rivals infectious disease as a global cause of morbidity and mortality,” according to Jennifer Leaning of Harvard Medical School.

Perhaps the most deadly weapons left behind by wars are land mines and cluster bombs. Tens of millions of them are estimated to be lying around on the earth, oblivious to any announcements that peace has been declared. Most of their victims are civilians, a large percentage of them children.

The Soviet and U.S. occupations of Afghanistan have destroyed or damaged thousands of villages and sources of water. The Taliban has illegally traded timber to Pakistan, resulting in significant deforestation. U.S. bombs and refugees in need of firewood have added to the damage. Afghanistan’s forests are almost gone. Most of the migratory birds that used to pass through Afghanistan no longer do so. Its air and water have been poisoned with explosives and rocket propellants.

If militaries were made green in terms of their operations, they would lose one of their main reasons for war.  (Nobody can own the sun or the wind.)  And we would still have a long list of ... More reasons to end war.

Read more.


4. War erodes our liberties.

policeWe're often told that wars are fought for "freedom." But when a wealthy nation fights a war against a poor (if often resource-rich) nation halfway around the globe, among the goals is not actually to prevent that poor nation from taking over the wealthy one, after which it might restrict people's rights and liberties. The fears used to build support for the wars don't involve such an incredible scenario at all; rather the threat is depicted as one to safety, not liberty.

In close proportion to levels of military spending, liberties are restricted in the name of war -- even while wars may simultaneously be waged in the name of liberty.  We try to resist the erosion of liberties, the warrantless surveillance, the drones in the skies, the lawless imprisonment, the torture, the assassinations, the denial of a lawyer, the denial of access to information on the government, etc.  But these are symptoms.  The disease is war and the preparation for war.

It is the idea of the enemy that allows government secrecy.

The nature of war, as fought between valued and devalued people, facilitates the erosion of liberties in another way, in addition to the fear for safety.  That is, it allows liberties to first be taken away from devalued people.  But the programs developed to accomplish that are later predictably expanded to include valued people as well.

Militarism erodes not just particular rights but the very basis of self-governance. It privatizes public goods, it corrupts public servants, it creates momentum for war by making people's careers dependent on it.

One way in which war erodes public trust and morals is by its predictable generation of public lies.

Also eroded, of course, is the very idea of the rule of law -- replaced with the practice of might-makes-right.

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5. War impoverishes us.

sadDirect Expenses:

War has a huge direct financial cost, the vast majority of which is in funds spent on the preparation for war — or what's thought of as ordinary, non-war military spending. Very roughly, the world spends $2 trillion every year on militarism, of which the United States spends about half, or $1 trillion. This U.S. spending also accounts for roughly half of the U.S. government's discretionary budget each year and is distributed through several departments and agencies. Much of the rest of world spending is by members of NATO and other allies of the United States, although China ranks second in the world.

Indirect Expenses:

Wars can cost even an aggressor nation that fights wars far from its shores twise as much in indirect expenses as in direct expenditures.

The costs to the aggressor, enormous as they are, can be small in comparison to those of the nation attacked.

War Spending Drains an Economy:

It is common to think that, because many people have jobs in the war industry, spending on war and preparations for war benefits an economy. In reality, spending those same dollars on peaceful industries, on education, on infrastructure, or even on tax cuts for working people would produce more jobs and in most cases better paying jobs -- with enough savings to help everyone make the transition from war work to peace work.

War Spending Increases Inequality:

Military spending diverts public funds into increasingly privatized industries through the least accountable public enterprise and one that is hugely profitable for the owners and directors of the corporations involved.

War Spending Is Unsustainable, As Is Exploitation it Facilitates:

While war impoverishes the war making nation, can it nonetheless enrich that nation more substantially by facilitating the exploitation of other nations? Not in a manner that can be sustained.

Green energy and infrastructure would surpass their advocates' wildest fantasies if the funds now invested in war were transferred there.

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6. We need $2 trillion/year for other things.

aidIt would cost about $30 billion per year to end starvation and hunger around the world.  That sounds like a lot of money to you or me.  But if we had $2 trillion it wouldn't.  And we do.

It would cost about $11 billion per year to provide the world with clean water.  Again, that sounds like a lot. Let's round up to $50 billion per year to provide the world with both food and water. Who has that kind of money? We do.

Of course, we in the wealthier parts of the world don't share the money, even among ourselves. Those in need of aid are right here as well as far away.

But imagine if one of the wealthy nations, the United States for example, were to put $500 billion into its own education (meaning "college debt" can begin the process of coming to sound as backward as "human sacrifice"), housing (meaning no more people without homes), infrastructure, and sustainable green energy and agricultural practices.  What if, instead of leading the destruction of the natural environment, this country were catching up and helping to lead in the other direction?

The potential of green energy would suddenly skyrocket with that sort of unimaginable investment, and the same investment again, year after year. But where would the money come from? $500 billion? Well, if $1 trillion fell from the sky on an annual basis, half of it would still be left. After $50 billion to provide the world with food and water, what if another $450 billion went into providing the world with green energy and infrastructure, topsoil preservation, environmental protection, schools, medicine, programs of cultural exchange, and the study of peace and of nonviolent action?

U.S. foreign aid right now is about $23 billion a year.  Taking it up to $100 billion -- never mind $523 billion! -- would have a number of interesting impacts, including the saving of a great many lives and the prevention of a tremendous amount of suffering.  It would also, if one other factor were added, make the nation that did it the most beloved nation on earth.  A recent poll of 65 nations found that the United States is far and away the most feared country, the country considered the largest threat to peace in the world.  Were the United States responsible for providing schools and medicine and solar panels, the idea of anti-American terrorist groups would be as laughable as anti-Switzerland or anti-Canada terrorist groups, but only if one other factor were added -- only if the $1 trillion came from where it really ought to come from.

Some U.S. states are setting up commissions to work on the transition from war to peace insustries.

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Obama On Syria: Hitting All The Right Notes For All The Wrong People

Global Research and Countercurrents 7/9/2013

Somewhere in Washington, a conversation may have taken place along these lines: How are we going to sell this one to a public that is sick of war and sick of being lied to? The response is given: Don’t worry, we can bank on people’s ignorance, play to their emotions and just keep on lying - about the whole policy of attacking Syria being open to debate, about Assad having used chemical weapons (CWs) and about how this whole conflict resulted from a mass uprising by the Syrian people themselves. The script was thus set.

In an attempt to play the global audience for fools, while attending the G20 meeting in St Petersburg Barak Obama stood in front of the TV cameras and read from the script. He told the world how Uncle Sam should stand up and act against Assad for using CWs and killing 1,400 people, of whom 400 were children. He tried to appear adamant, however, that debate and consultation should take precedence before military action against Assad prevails.

Referring to paralysis over Syria in the UN Security Council, Obama went on to say that when the US can work internationally it should, but sometimes people look to the US and ask when are ‘you’ going to act. The US is a big country and people expect us to act, according to Obama; so a limited strike should be the responsibility of the US.

Based on this reasoning, the US government has the right to bypass the UN as and when it deems necessary.

Obama was asked despite the majority of the US public not wanting US military involvement in Syria (over and above what the US has already been doing there, which most remain blissfully ignorant of), how could he sanction it? He batted away such concerns by saying that his job is to convince the ‘American people’ that it’s the right thing to do; ultimately, however, ‘America’s interests’ will determine policy and will determine his decision.

Based on this reasoning, the US government has the right to ignore public opinion as and when it deems necessary.

Those of us already paying attention will already know just where those interests lie. ‘America’s interests’ (aka corporate-financial interests) do not coincide with the interests of the vast bulk of the ‘American people’.

But this is the type of word play, emotional blackmail and double speak you get on these occasions. Wrap things up in patriotism, use some bogus notion of ‘America’, nationhood and the ‘national interest’ and, as any adperson worth their salt may tell you, you can get those poor saps out there to buy into almost anything. That’s what military-industrial America has always relied on. And that’s the game it seeks to play now over Syria.

Whether it was justifying brutality, murder and mayhem in Vietnam, Guatemala or elsewhere with reference to the communist bogeyman, or doing the same now in Libya, Syria or Afghanistan with reference to ‘fighting terrorism’ or ‘humanitarianism’, selling the lie has always worked well to a greater or lesser extent. 

Even if it fails to work this time around, a debate may be granted, but the outcome will be the same. Obama virtually admitted it in Russia:

“You listen to your constituents and then you act in terms of what you consider to be in America’s interests.”

The world’s self-appointed policeman

In an attempt to justify attacking Syria, ignoring public opinion and bypassing the UN, Obama stated that ‘the world’ is always telling the US to act against wrong doers. But, apart from imploring the US to hold Israel’s crimes to account, is this really true?

Are China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and India always asking the US to take action against the US’s concocted, delusional ever-changing list of ‘wrong doers’? Over 40 percent of the global population live in those countries. Factor in many other countries and people residing in the West who did not want the US to act as far as Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan were concerned, and the numbers (and thus the logic) begin to look pretty shaky for Obama.

But who needs numbers or global opinion on your side when simple fear mongering will do? Obama says that not to act will lead the ‘international community’ towards a slippery slope of inaction and mayhem to be  inflicted by will on us by failed states and rogue regimes. Therefore, a limited military response should take place, which would serve as a message, a strong deterrent, for the Assads of the world never to carry out atrocities again.

Of course, since 9/11, a slippery slope has already been in motion for quite a while – and it is the US that is on it, with its militarism, destabilisations and bypassing of the UN and international law.  

According to Obama, the ‘American people’ - presumably the overwhelming majority who disagree with military action - do not properly understand that hitting Assad would keep all of us safe, including the people of Jordan, Israel and Lebanon as well as other countries in the immediate vicinity of Syria.

Obama stated:

“I cannot honestly claim his (Assad’s) use poses an immediate, direct threat...”

So, to try to make things a little clearer for the ‘American people’, Obama said that in Libya – with troops rolling towards Benghazi – immediate action was required. Using that lie to try to justify another, he stated that this time, there is more room for debate before the US acts. What he really meant was room for the illusion of debate because many, not least Russia, are not falling for the same pretext this time around.

Obama gave the impression of deferring to the US public’s concerns, while implying the said concerns will be treated with the contempt he and his backers think they deserve.

Obama was questioned about mission creep and reports about him wanting to have an expanded list of targets in Syria. Answer: don’t worry, untrue; hey, after all, we are having a debate; it’s good for our democracy to have this debate.

Invading the moral high ground

Obama took so much of the moral high ground that he was in danger of falling from it. But that was not going to happen because none of the mainstream ‘journalists’ in the room were ever going to be allowed to challenge his inane bleatings about morality. No one was going to question his country’s use of depleted uranium or napalm or phosphorus in Iraq, its sales of CWs to foreign governments, its illegal invasions and occupations and its drone murders throughout the world. And that’s because perhaps it’s only those journos who ascribe to the official line that all of the above is for the ‘greater good’ or there is really not much wrong with doing any of the above in the first place are invited to actively participate these stage managed events. 

Nor were they ever going to ask about the role of the US and its allies in funding and arming its proxy armies in Syria and thus creating a bloodbath, a refugee crisis and destabilising the entire region. No, that was not up for debate. The president was instead left to preach about his warped visions and versions of right and wrong, good and evil.

This is all part of ‘the debate’, though; the stage managed debate for public consumption that supposedly proves there is democracy. A debate that may well be ignored anyhow in the final instance on the basis of ‘American interests’; interests that hijacked the US decades ago and whose current policies were devised years ago behind closed doors in the corporate-financier funded/led think tanks, board rooms, secretive meetings and committees, from which the public is strictly barred (1). That’s the true nature of democracy that Obama fronts.     

In St Petersburg, Obama’s finale was to pull a blood soaked rabbit from the hat. Saying that he did not wish to draw an analogy with World War II, he went on to draw one. By doing nothing about things that seem distant to ordinary people’s concerns at home, where would the world be if the US had not stepped in and helped the British against the Nazis?

Drawing on the good old Hollywood propaganda that has been rammed down the throats of millions for decades, he said it was ‘the right thing to do’. After all, in the land of the brave and the free, it’s all about doing ‘the right thing’, or so the fairytale goes.

Try tell that to the ten million or so who have perished at the hands of Uncle Sam since 1945 (2), as the US set out to do ‘the right thing’ by subverting democratically elected governments, dropping bombs on countries, letting loose its death squads, destabilising countries or assassinating leaders (3). 

In one of his answers, Obama referred to Assad using CWs and killing children. And with breathtaking arrogance, he then stated that the US certainly doesn’t do that. Really? Recall Madelaine Albright saying that the deaths of 500,000 children in Iraq as a result of US sanctions were a price worth paying to further US interests. Recall that civilians, including babies and children, are paying an enormous price due to the impact of the US’s use of depleted uranium in Iraq. Recall too that kids in Vietnam are still paying the price of Agent Orange.

And in one last ditch attempt to go one step further in justifying attacking Assad, Obama inadvertently took quite a few steps backwards. He sated that the US has an intelligence agency and gathers information not available to the public; the US is bigger and has greater capabilities. Therefore, according to Obama, we should trust the ‘intelligence’ that he has about Assad having used CWs and about him being a threat to the region and ultimately the US.

Yes, these are the same intelligence agencies that illegally snoop into our personal information online, the same agencies that have been caught spying on allies and enemies alike, the same agencies that infiltrate democratically legitimate protest groups at home and set out to subvert them, and the same agencies that lied about Iraq, lie about the reasons about the ongoing ‘war on terrorism’, support illegal torture and rendition and have fuelled terror from Kosovo, Latin America and Syria to Libya and beyond.

Obama’s utterances were part of a dominant narrative that seeks to mislead and to mask the real essence of power and the true nature of intent behind notions of patriotism, nationalism, bowing down to the flag, militarism and that ‘we’, ‘the nation’ should be united in cause and belief.   

Attacking Syria is in hardly anyone's interest, not least that of the Syrian people. Who could ever think otherwise? For the answer to that, we need look no further than the likes of the corporate-financial interests that control the US and its puppet president, their Zionist allies in Israel and other regional players who will benefit from Syria’s downfall and any subsequent attack on Iran.

As abysmal and depressing as it was for the prospects of peace and the world in general, Obama’s speech hit all the right notes for all the wrong people.  


Fooling The Public Over Syria

Photo by Narciso Contreras 

Countercurrents 28/8/2013 and Global Research 1/9/2013

"Attempts to bypass the Security Council, once again to create artificial groundless excuses for a military intervention in the region are fraught with new suffering in Syria and catastrophic consequences for other countries of the Middle East and North Africa." Russian foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich.

Despite the stance expressed by Lukashevich, Russia has been depicted by various prominent Western politicians as an obstacle to ‘humanitarian' military intervention in Syria. As hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries continue to mount as a result of US-led wars in the world, such humanitarian concerns ring hollow.

What these politicians are doing is called trying to take the public for fools.  

‘Their’ politicians

But this is what ‘their' politicians do: the taxpayer-salaried ‘public servants', who do the bidding of the powerful corporations, with the situation over Syria being a case in point (1).

In Britain, ‘public servants', like PM Cameron and Foreign Secretary Hague, dutifully obey their corporate-financier masters and their political bosses in Washington and were keen to lead Britain into a war, at first seemingly with or without the backing of the UN Security Council, with or without evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons.

Cameron said the world should not stand idly by as the Syrian government attacks its own people with chemical weapons. ‘Their' man in the Labour Party, leader Ed Miliband, seemed to be on board too. That was before MPs began to voice dissent and parliament then put a block on the plans for Britain’s involvement in any military intervention – for the time being at least.

Before any independently verified evidence was available, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel was already convinced of the Syrian government’s guilt. US State Department spokesperson Marie Haff also parroted this line on the BBC by saying: “Let there be no question about who is responsible for this.”

She also spoke about the Assad ‘regime' being intent on spreading chaos throughout the region.

Anyone who has been following this conflict (and the one in Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq) will note the rank hypocrisy of this Washington propagandist Haff. She should look very close to home if she wants to talk about spreading chaos (and death and destruction).   

After interviewing Chuck Hagel on TV, the BBC presented a range of military options and asked what would be the objective. Then we were told of the official line coming out of Washington, that the objective is not about regime change and not about intervening in a civil war, when quite clearly it is about both (2,3). The US and its allies fueled conflict and intervened in Libya and then helped bomb a path into Tripoli for the rebels to bring about regime change. And the US and its client states have been helping to stoke conflict in Syria for many months (4).

What Hagel, Cameron and Hague say about this conflict and how the issue of chemical weapons is being presented by much of the media is all based the same type of lie that has taken Britain to war in the recent past. And it is all being cheered on in the British press by the totally discredited Tony Blair, who urges military intervention in Syria on the basis of his foregone conclusion about the Assad government having used chemical weapons.

We should expect no better from such a man, though. The more naive might ask did Blair learn nothing from leading the country into an illegal war with Iraq? But Blair is not in the habit of learning lessons from actions that ended up in the mass killing of Iraqis - because Blair, as with Cameron and Hague, is ‘their' man too. And as ‘their' man, after leaving office, Blair has done very well indeed.

In 2012, The Telegraph newspaper in the UK discussed Tony Blair's jet set lifestyle and his UK property portfolio of seven homes worth £14 million (5). Blair is paid in the region of £3 million a year to advise both JP Morgan, the US investment bank, and also Zurich International, the global insurer based in Switzerland. On top of that he runs his own consultancy firm, which advises the oil and gas rich governments of Kuwait and Kazakhstan.  


If we take what happened in Libya as a starting point for the type of events that may now unfold in Syria, we should turn to University of Johannesburg professor Chris Landsberg. He stated that, regarding Libya, the UN was misused to militarise policy, legalise military action and effect regime change (6). He subsequently challenged the International Criminal Court to investigate NATO for “violating international law.” Little if any talk of such matters, or of the 200 prominent African figures who accused Western nations subverting international law, by the gung ho mainstream media at the time though, which merely peddled with the pious narrative that NATO was essentially a civilising force in a barbaric world. It's the same narrative that we now witness over Syria. 

And this moral tone underpins the rhetoric about ‘protecting civilians' (by bombing them from afar – they then conveniently become ‘collateral damage’, not civilians; and that's okay because 'we' are doing it, not 'them'). It also underpins attempts to justify plans that have been in place for years to topple governments, including Assad's. US Vice-President Joe Biden has said there is "no doubt" that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons and that it must be held accountable. The situation has been prejudged by the world's self appointed policeman in order to pursue its well-documented wider geo-political agenda (7).

Washington hopes the public will be reeled in by its red-line-in-the-sand ‘look he used them’ ploy. Unfortunately for Washington, the public in the US or Britain has not been yelling for retribution. The public are tired of wars and don’t trust governments or intelligence agencies that cried wolf over Iraq and were found to be liars.

It’s not a case of who will save people from Assad, but who will save us from the lies that fuel the type of terror and instability we have seen in places such as Libya, Iraq or Syria? Who will save us from the depleted uranium or the drones? Who will save us from the aggression and militarism? Who will save us from the suffering brought about by the economic neo-liberalism of the corporate cartels and the financial institutions that dictate policy, whether military or non-military, and salt away profits in tax havens while expecting ordinary people to bear the brunt of their criminality, wars and deceptions?

The arrogance of people like US State Department spokesperson Marie Haff is breathtaking. People like Haff should think very hard before attempting to take the British public for gullible idiots. The public is not ready to accept at face value the deceit from her mouth, or some cooked up PR strategy designed to brow beat people into line. The ghost of Tony Blair’s wrongdoings haunts many British MPs, who have as a result successfully reined in Cameron and Hague, and is a constant reminder to a public that is unwilling to be fooled again.

No public appetite for war

With polls indicating very little appetite from the British public for military intervention in Syria, politicians and their PR people have their work cut to try to convince people that this is a cause worth backing (8). But at least they have a compliant media.

The BBC's depiction of NATO's attack on Libya was woefully one-sided and anti-Gadaffi (9). And thus far its track record on Syria fares little better. Take BBC world news editor Jon Williams over last year's Houla massacre incident. As noted by Chris Marsden (10), Williams admitted that the coverage of the May 2012 massacre in Syria by the world's media and the BBC was dodgy to say the least. Early in June, on his personal blog, Williams explained that, despite the claims by the BBC, there was no evidence whatsoever to identify either the Syrian Army or Alawite militias as the perpetrators of the massacre of 100 people. Indeed, leading German newspaper the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reported that the Houla massacre was in fact committed by anti-Assad Sunni militants, and the bulk of the victims were member of the Alawi and Shia minorities, which had been largely supportive of Assad.

Williams said that the facts turned out to be few and that it was not clear who ordered the killings or why.

But why let facts get in the way of a good story? Kerry, Hagel and Haff certainly don’t. Why let the actual evidence (implicating the rebels) about a chemicals weapons incident (11) or the wider narrative (that disguises deceit and chicanery) about Syria (12) get in the way of a good fairytale? Push ahead regardless. The cooked up evidence will eventually be made to fit the preconceived policy… they hope.  

Cheer-leading from the sidelines, Tony Blair knows about that (13).


Syria And The Warmongering Peddlers Of Cheap, Skin-Deep Morality

AP Photo/Narciso Contreras
Countercurrents 26/8/2013

And here we go again. In Syria, things were getting desperate for Washington. It needed a major made-for-TV, cross-the-red-line incident involving chemical weapons. Unsurprisingly, by hook or by crook – probably crook (1) – it got it. The BBC, British Foreign Secretary William Hague and a multitude of other media outlets and politicians now clamour, or at least strongly imply the need, for direct military action to bolster the illegal ‘indirect’ military intervention from the West and its allies that has already been taking place for a long time.

The story being peddled goes that the (axis of) evil Syrian regime has used a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ to help win a war it was already winning, thereby incurring the wrath of the US. Strange logic indeed.

It’s a case of déjà vu. British MP George Galloway in front of a US senate hearing back in 2005 exposed the ‘pack of lies’ that the US-led invasion of Iraq was built on. Similar forms of deceit have been the foundations for shaping public opinion regarding attacking LibyaAfghanistanPakistan and numerous other countries. The presence of WMDs was used to justify attacking Iraq, while ‘humanitarianism’ or ‘fighting terror’ was the excuse used elsewhere.

But what is it about the term ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that provokes a knee jerk reaction from media people and politicians who foam with rage and let seep from their mouths high minded platitudes about morality?

“Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people we personally dislike.” Oscar Wilde in ‘An Ideal Husband’.

If in the above quote from Wilde, we replace ‘people’ with ‘regimes’, we may appreciate the nature of the West playing fast and lose with its notions of morality. Supply arms, including chemical weapons, to dictatorial regimes throughout West Asia with atrocious human rights records because, notwithstanding the fact it is great business, they are ‘good friends of ours’ (to coin a highly apt mafia term).  Yes, all friends and good ones at that, as long as they remain loyal to the  ‘Project for the New American Century’ (2).

The PNAC, or the project for world domination, is partly built on gullible, easily led public opinion, which is (often) fanned by the emotionally laden letters ‘W-M-D’. A Pavlov’s dog public and media, which respond on cue to the moralistic bleatings of condescending criminals that masquerade as respectable politicians and who rely on the public’s ignorance to fuel their barbarity in the name of ‘protecting civilians’ from an impending bloodbath, while going on to cause one in Libya, to ‘defeat terror’, while funding it in Syria, or to ‘support democracy’, while undermining it in Egypt.

These politicians and much of the mainstream media confine the narrative about WMD to a military battlefield, or a threat of outright violent destruction. The term is never to be associated with the US dropping atom bombs on Japan, the West using mini-nukes in the form of depleted uranium or the use of white phosphorous to kill and maim (3). From the cancers caused to the environmental contamination, where is Hague’s, the BBC’s or any other number of media outlets’ moral indignation about this type of mass destruction?

Where too is their condemnation of treacherous economic, trade, food or agriculture policies that blight hundreds of millions across the globe? Where is their condemnation over the criminal manipulation of currency markets, commodities, interest rates and derivatives, or the neo-liberalism and the corporate-financial cartels that conspire to shape trade via the WTO, IMF or the World Bank (4,5,6,7,8)?

That’s right, condemnation of these economic and political weapons of mass destruction and suffering are nowhere to be seen or heard simply because such political figures and media institutions with their skin-deep morality are in place merely to serve the interests of fraudulent capital and its fraudulent policies.

This type of mass destruction and mass misery does not involve headline-grabbing, eye-catching episodes of carnage and death. This violence is structural in form, is arguably ultimately just as destructive and is ongoing and all pervasive (9). In Western countries, this is disguised as a need for ‘austerity’. In poorer countries, it is called ‘development’.

Under the ‘structural adjustment’ policies imposed on poor countries, it has become a case of export or be damned, embrace corporate agriculture or be damned, borrow and build dams or be damned. And, in the process, elites – both foreign and indigenous – prosper, while the people and the environment end up being damned anyhow (10). It’s almost becoming a cliché to mention the hundreds of thousands of farmers in India who ‘embraced’ it all and died. It’s no cliché though, it happened.

It’s no cliché that the petrochemical-backed, corporate-driven ‘Green Revolution’ is raping the environment (11). It’s no cliché to say that genetic engineering is a highly financially lucrative ‘experiment’ that is jeopardising our health and the future of humanity (12). Neither is it a cliché that millions, from Egypt to the US, are bearing the brunt of economic policies that result in misery for the many and record profits for the few.

Perhaps we should look at Hague and his ilk and assess whether they actually do care about the plight of ordinary folk in the manner they claim to. Do they really care about the plight of Syrians? Perhaps we might care to ponder that they clearly do not, given the back door deals and wars they have sanctioned for the benefit of powerful corporations (13,14).

Why should they care so much about people in far off places when they show little for those in their own countries? The post-war Keynesian consensus has been gradually dismantled, leading to the offshoring of much of their own economies and leaving millions in debt, in poverty, thrown onto the scrapheap or used as fodder to fight wars for the rich under the banner of ‘humanitarianism’ or ‘protecting our freedoms’. And, as far as ‘protecting our freedom’ is concerned, look to Edward Snowden and especially Hague’s squirming reaction to the revelations to see how hollow this rings.    

Moral outrage within certain influential quarters about the latest happenings in Syria might be enough to fool some of the public, but let the record show that this fake outrage runs skin deep and is extremely selective.


The Alternative To Cockroaches: Countering Imperialism

Global Research and Countercurrents 6/6/2013 and The 4th Media 7/6/2013

Many of us have a vision, an alternative vision to the tyranny of those who control the world. But we are ridiculed, dismissed, put on trial (Manning), confined to a small embassy in London for months on end (Assange), called unrealistic or subversive and told to 'get real'. Are we destined to be the 'I told you so bunch'? 

The current wholly corrupt system is edging humanity towards the precipice of oblivion. When that happens, we (if we are still alive - if anything is still alive, apart from cockroaches) will say 'we told you so'. If there is to be any hope, if there is to be anything better, we must remain 'unreal' and true to our beliefs.  

Some like to believe that the meek (or gentle) shall inherit the earth. But it is popularly suggested that cockroaches may well do so if or when humanity destroys itself through nuclear war (or depleted uranium radiation). Cockroaches have a much higher radiation resistance than vertebrates, with the lethal dose perhaps six to 15 times that for humans.  

Cockroaches are regarded as pests. They feed on human food, and can leave an offensive odor. They can also passively transport microbes on their body surfaces, including those that are potentially dangerous to humans. Cockroaches have been shown to be linked with allergic reactions in humans, including asthma. 

It begs the question: is there much difference between the people that currently run the world and the cockroach? Both are pests, both feed off humanity, both cause disease and suffering. And both can end up sucking the oxygen from our lungs. The only difference is that there is no malicious intent on the part of the insect variety - it’s just the way they are. And the impact of the cockroach is minimal by comparison.  

The same may not be said of the human variety that has instituted a corrupt system of ‘globalisation’. This system of US-led imperialism benefits state-corporate interests who have been able to manipulate the international system of trade and finance in their favour to shift capital around the globe at ease. Supported by militarism and secular theology masquerading as neo-liberal economic theory, the result has been big profits and environmental degradation, easy money and cheap labour, private gain and public havoc.

The food and pharmaceuticals/healthcare industries work hand in glove to sicken and treat us; ‘big oil’ works with agribusiness to impose a system of big-dam, water intensive chemical-industrial at the expense of environmental sustainability; from Syria to Pakistan, US militarism is implemented under on behalf of powerful corporations under the lie of ‘humanitarianism’ or the ‘war on terror’; and the profiteering nuclear energy and resource extraction industries are destroying democracy, robbing people of their land and putting environments in jeopardy in places like India, where a nation’s poorest people are considered ‘surplus to requirements’, an inconvenient truth, and are beaten, raped and disposed of because they are a barrier to corporate ‘progress’ - profit and greed.

Whole populations are lied to and deceived on behalf of rich corporate interests that have succeeded in hijacking the machineries of state and media for commercial gain. Democracy is corrupted, local economies are destroyed, debt and dependency is used to assert control, science is pressed into the service of a worldwide arms industry and fraudulent corporate activities and there is endless conflict over finite resources. 

The current system is ecologically destructive and relies on perpetual war and conflict. It is both socially divisive and unsustainable and is tied to an image of the world laid down by corrupt transnational corporations and translated into policy by the IMF, WTO, World Bank and national governments. 

Projects like Navdanya in India that seek to take the control of food and agriculture back from agribusiness, or the finer elements of successful policies in places like Cuba or Venezuela, are just some of the many examples from across the world that indicate how we could address the problems we currently face. 

However, from Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and General Electric to Shell, Monsanto and others, there are those who seek to maintain the current system at all costs. We don't need them, but they will be difficult to get rid of. 

“Some cockroaches have been known to live up to three months without food and a month without water. They are even resilient enough to survive occasional freezing temperatures. This makes them difficult to eradicate once they have infested an area.” – Wikipedia
These cockroaches - the financiers, industrialists and corporate funded politicians, despise transparency - dislike democracy and hate anyone trying to hold them to genuine account. These are the criminals who have quite literally got away with murder with their illegal wars, indiscriminate use of drone attacks and exploitative economic policies.

It is the likes of Bush, Blair, Obama, Cheney, Rice and their profiteering arms dealing cronies, private ‘security’ contractors and corporate billionaire puppet masters who should be standing in the dock, not the likes of Manning or Assange. They should be made to pay for the millions of deaths they have caused.

“It (the Nuremberg tribunal) defines aggression as the supreme international crime, differing from other war crimes, and it encompasses all of the evil that follows. The US and British invasion of Iraq was a textbook example of aggression, which means that we were responsible for all the evil that followed. Serious conflict arose. It spread all over the region. In fact the region is being torn to shreds by this conflict. That’s part of the evil that follows…Take a look at the International criminal court (ICC) – black Africans or other people the West doesn’t like. Bush and Blair ought to be up there. There is no recent crime worse than the invasion of Iraq. Obama’s got to be there for the terror war... it’s just murder on executive whim” Noam Chomsky (1)
However, to achieve what Chomsky advocates would entail the victims of such crimes being made to sit in judgement over the perpetrators. The International Criminal Court, a criminal court in the starkest sense of the term, is based on the opposite principle. And that’s the reason for its existence.

Come to think of it, to call these perpetrators human cockroaches does our insect friends a gross disservice.


Iraq marks US-led invasion anniversary

A file photo showing Iraqis inspecting the damage caused by an explosion in central Baghdad

Iraq is marking the 10th anniversary of the US-led invasion as the country grapples with escalating violence.

The Wednesday commemorations come a day after a spate of deadly bombings and gun attacks left over 60 people dead in the country.

On March 19, 2003, US-led forces invaded Iraq under the pretext of wiping out the stocks of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) belonging to the executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s regime. However, no such weapons were ever discovered in the country.

Hundreds of thousands of people were killed and Iraq’s infrastructure was destroyed following the US-led invasion and subsequent occupation of the country.

According to a report published by the Guardian on March 6, the clean-up of depleted uranium (DU) contamination across Iraq, which has been spread by the US military during the invasion and occupation of the country, would cost at least USD 30 million.

Iraq’s Health Ministry has also reported an increase in cancer cases and birth defects linked to DU exposure in the country.

Ahead of the anniversary, brutal unrest has spiked in Iraq with more than 100 people killed over the past week.

On Tuesday, deadly attacks carried out in Shia-populated neighborhoods of the capital, Baghdad, claimed at least 65 lives and injured 200 others.


Iraq and the Betrayal of a People — Impunity Forever?

Iraq’s recent history includes two far reaching events, on the 2 August 1990 Iraq’s invasion into Kuwait and on 19 March 2003 the US/UK invasion into Iraq. Whether political leaders will draw lessons from these events will be, at best, questionable. Iraqis continue to be wronged. Danger to life and turmoil remain a cruel part of Iraq’s reality in early 2013. The collective suffering of a nation is visibly all pervasive. It can not be hidden.

The Iraqi puzzle of life confirms an endless number of tragedies

Ethnic tension and sectarianism have become a major element in Iraqi politics since the US/UK invasion of 2003, a polarization of inter-group relations  Iraqis had not known before. This explains much of the existing hideous crime including murder, kidnapping, property destruction and, most noteworthy, the deteriorating relationships between Baghdad and the three northern Kurdish governorates.

Since the years of war, sanctions and occupation, Iraq’s once state-of-the-art medical system has all but collapsed. Malnutrition and diseases, almost forgotten in Iraq, such as respiratory infections; measles; typhoid fever and tuberculosis have re-emerged on a large scale. The planned destruction of water and sanitation facilities, especially in the 1991 war, and recurrent drug shortages, throughout the period of sanctions and after the 2003 invasion, promoted significantly ill-being, morbidity and mortality in the country (WHO).

Depleted uranium, the armour-piercing radio-active munition, and white phosphorus used by the US military in 1991 and 2003 have created serious health and environmental dangers in Iraq. In early 2000 the US Government sought to prevent WHO from surveying areas in southern Iraq where DU had been used. It also rejected any causality with increases in lung cancer, leukaemia and congenital birth defects. Fortunately national and international efforts have not deterred the collection of more evidence to show the relevance of these war contaminants.

A 2009 Iraq Government mental health survey concluded that mass displacement, a climate of fear, torture, death and violence have contributed to the high ratio of mental illness in the country. It reflects what an old man in Mosul observed:
“First they destroyed our economy and now they are trying to kill our minds.”

Iraq is said to have the third largest oil reserves in the world. Its current oil exports nevertheless remain below the average export of 2.2 million barrels/day Iraq was able to market during the years of sanctions. Sabotage against pipelines, corruption, inability to rehabilitate oil installations in the post-invasion era and Iraqi resistance to handover oil exploration to foreign interests (PSAs) are among the causes.

An immensely oil-rich country but 22.9% out of the est. 33 million Iraqis have been living in poverty and many more have to survive under near-poverty living conditions. The GNI per capita/annum (2011) amounted to a mere $2.640 (World Bank). Transparency International classified Iraq’s public sector corruption among the highest in the world – ranking 169 out of 176 countries (2012).

Rahim Hassan al-Uqailee, as head of the Iraqi Commission of Integrity wrote in an open letter to the Iraqi parliament’s anti-graft committee (2011): “The fight over stealing the money of state and its property is the unspoken part of the struggle for power in Iraq today.”

Despite the despicable gap between the rich and the poor, the Iraqi authorities signed a deal (2011) with the US Government for the purchase of 18 F-16 fighter jets at a cost of $ 3 billion! At that time almost a quarter of the Iraqi population lived in poverty and the unemployment rate exceeded 28% (UN).

There is a saying in the Middle East: “Egyptians write, Lebanese print and Iraqis read”. Prior to Iraq’s invasion into Kuwait in August 1990, Iraq had among the highest literacy rates in the Middle East. Sanctions changed that.

A World Bank/Government of Iraq survey (2007) showed that “almost 23 percent of Iraqis were illiterate”, 5 million school age children were not in school and gender disparity in education had become severe. There have been other serious developments in the education sector since 2003: a sectarian element has found its way into the school system affecting mostly Sunni and Shiite students and, most disturbingly, a 2011 Ghent University/Brussels Tribunal publication states: “Iraq’s intellectual and technical class has been subject to a systematic campaign of intimidation, abduction, extortion, random killings and targeted assassinations”. Conditions in Iraq were “reminiscent of ‘educide’ or genocide of the educated segments of Iraqi society”.

Other serious and life-threatening dangers have confronted Iraqis in recent years

“…Since the US-led invasion in 2003, Iraq has become a transit point in the flow of hashish and heroin from Iran and Afghanistan”, according to the UN. The Iraqi Ministry of Health confirms that local “addiction rates are climbing steadily” while before drug use was not an Iraqi problem.

During the 13 years of sanctions and beyond, it was difficult to obtain building materials for the construction of additional housing. This resulted in a steep rise in overcrowded accommodation which in turn promoted domestic violence, often involving women as victims. A UN report estimates that “one in five women in Iraq suffer from domestic abuse”.
Wars and violence have fundamentally changed the demographic and social profile of Iraq.

Iraq’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs indicates (2011) there are an estimated 4.5 million Iraqi children who have lost their parents – a horrific 14% of Iraq’s population are orphans! 70% of these children became orphans since the 2003 invasion. Around 600,000 of these are living in the streets and a few in the 18 orphanages that exist in the country, we are told.

In the Iraq tradition, it must be remembered, there was no need for orphanages. The extended family took care of those who had lost their parents. Dictatorship, wars, sanctions and crime have changed this. There are an estimated one million female-headed households in Iraq. Most of these women are widows, victims of armed conflict and sectarian violence (ICRC/2010).

Apart from extreme physical, mental, economic and social damages, Iraqis have also faced a grim reality of punitive financial limitations during the years of sanctions. From 1990 until 1996, the year when the Oil-for-Food Programme (OFFP) became operative, all of Iraq’s foreign accounts were frozen and oil was not allowed to be sold internationally. The Iraqi people were almost entirely dependent on meager help from abroad – a far cry from a dignified survival.

The OFFP (1996-2003), allegedly a “humanitarian” exemption but fully financed (!) with sanctions-limited Iraqi oil money, was little more than an underfunded supply programme. Out of a total oil income of $64 billion about $ 19 billion were transferred to the UN Compensation Commission (UNCC) in Geneva. At that time Iraq’s child mortality of 130/1000 was among the highest in the world. This transfer to the UNCC was to compensate individuals, companies and governments, especially the Government of Kuwait, for claims resulting from Iraq’s invasion into Kuwait. Had there been any moral leadership in the UN Security Council, much of this compensation could have been postponed. It would have prevented many deaths among Iraqi children!

During 6 ½ years, only $ 43 billion were available to meet the needs of 23 million Iraqis – a pittance! Out of this amount only $28 billion (1) were actually utilized for this purpose. Micro-management and extreme bureaucratization of the OFFP by the UN Security Council and also the deliberate blocking by the US & UK of much needed supplies for the people of Iraq were main causes.

The UN humanitarian programme was not meant to work!

The end result: the per capita value/ day of humanitarian goods actually benefitting Iraqis amounted to 51 US cents – a shameful reality for which the US & UK Governments were largely responsible.

As of October 2012 Iraq has paid $ 38.7 billion in compensation to the three parties identified above. The rightful demand by Iraqis to-day that time has come to obtain in turn their reparations from abroad for war devastation, air, water and soil pollution, destruction of farmland, physical infrastructure, water, sanitation and electricity facilities to date has been ignored by the international community.

This constitutes an intolerable and unacceptable double standard.

In March 2003, at the end of the Government of Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s total debt burden was identified as between $ 50 to $ 80 billion. The 19 Paris Club members, mostly European, identify an Iraq debt to them of $38.9 billion. Iraq’s other creditors are primarily Arab (GCCC) countries.

Detractors of the evidence of willful destruction of Iraq’s heritage, its culture, the artifact pilferage; the gross violation of national and international law; planted dis- and mis-information; crime; brutality; disregard for fundamental human concerns and ethical standards, will either reject these accusations as preposterous, ideological and stupid or remain mute. Pitiful as this is they have no more to offer! In the name of democracy they insist that the infamous “bigger picture”, their bigger picture, justified the means.

They do not understand what democracy and humanness really entails. It is not about potato chips and coke but about human security and the opportunity to shape one’s life in freedom from want and freedom from fear.

Iraq, a major owner of global oil and gas, should have no problem in giving its people such a life. Instead Iraq has become a failing state vying with other disadvantaged countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia and, of course, the State of Palestine, for the crown of misery.

The overall impact of these elements on life in Iraq constitute an indescribable human drama. Perpetrators, however, will not be allowed to lean back for ever and assume that their crimes will simply disappear into the far horizon of nowhere.

Accountability will prevail

The efforts of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) founded in 2005 by Tun Dr. Mahathir, Prime Minister of Malaysia from 1981-2003 are a step in that direction. The Commission has worked for many years to produce an impressive body of evidence from legal documents and victims testimonies. This material, carefully reviewed by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, allowed the Court to pronounce in November 2011 and in May 2012 that culpability exists at the highest levels of government in the United States and in the United Kingdom for war crimes and the crimes of torture. This can not possibly come as a surprise for George W. Bush and Anthony Blair!

The Tribunal’s verdict: the two leaders and their senior advisors had committed serious crimes against peace “in that they planned, prepared and invaded the sovereign state of Iraq in violation of international law and committed crimes of torture and war crimes, ignoring the Geneva Conventions and the UN torture law.” (2)

What one has seen can not be unseen! How much can a people take?

2013 must become the year during which these perpetrators will see an end to their impunity. Especially those who were instrumental in creating decades of Iraqi suffering. Due process must be for everyone, Iraqi and non-Iraqi; facing justice, however, is not just for those who lost!

The international public, as the ‘power from below’, will intensify its efforts during this tenth year after an illegal invasion into Iraq, to reassure the Iraqi people that they are not alone in their search for redress.

Hans-C.  von Sponeck,  Former UN Assistant Secretary General and UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq and aMember of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission


(1) During the years of US occupation of Iraq, the monthly cost of maintaining troops in Iraq amounted to an est. US $ 12 billion. In other words, what Iraqis had from the OFFP for survival during the entire 6 ½ years corresponded to less than 3 months of the cost of maintaining US troops in Iraq!

(2) Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal – Case 1 and Case 2: Judgements of 22 November 2011 and 11 May 2012 (ISBN 978-937-10817-1-6 and ISBN 978-967-10817-2-3)

The Climate Change Corporate Lobby Threatens the Environment

At a recent Washington climate change rally, who is demanding action? Demanding action from whom? What action?

In reality, the diminutive, corporate-media inflated rally in DC was organized by the very corporate-financier special interests that have been wreaking terrible havoc on both the human population and the environment of this planet for decades. They are demanding action from a government that already represents their interests. Their demands are policies, particularly financial tax schemes that they themselves created and are are best positioned to benefit from while making no discernible impact on the very real environmental threats we collectively face.

Image: Rampant CO2, high global temperatures, rising sea levels. A look into the future? No, this is Mesozoic North America 250-65 million years ago. Climate change has happened long before humanity’s emergence, it will happen again, with or without us. The key to preserving what we as humans value, including not only our cities, towns, and countrysides, but also ecosystems and species – is to devise technical, pragmatic solutions to ensure no matter what the climate does, we can not only survive, but thrive.


It was an exercise in manufacturing consent for policies already long-ago devised and simply waiting for piecemeal implementation.

Yahoo! News’ report, “40,000 People Reported at Climate Change Rally,” mentions as one of the rally’s organizers and key representatives. Upon‘s “Friends & Allies” page, an extensive list of human rights and environmental racketeers can be found, all either linked, or directly connected to big-oil, big-finance, big-agri, and big-defense.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and its “Earth Hour” for instance, includes Fortune 500 corporations (page 24, .pdf) (and here) Walmart, Unilever, Coca-Cola, draconian intellectual property racketeer Christopher Dodd representing the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) as a director, Bank of America, Google, and others.

While the WWF claims having big corporations as partners is “good news” for the environment, implying that they are shifting toward environmental responsibility – in reality it is exactly the other way around. Corporations are co-opting genuine concern for the environment to further enrich themselves and to create global frameworks that eliminate indigenous competition over resources they themselves are already exploiting and plan to continue exploiting.

The lack of real, pragmatic solutions, or even an honest scientific discussion on issues like climate change are particularly telling. This collection of organizations falling under the website have also been key in pushing other establishment agendas, most notably regime change and political subversion worldwide, couching a corporate-fascist warmongering agenda behind liberal concerns for “freedom,” “democracy,” and “human rights.”

Real Environmental Threats

The climate of Earth has always changed throughout its natural history, and many times before the existence of man, has changed so dramatically that it has caused mass extinction events. 65 million years ago, for example, Antarctica was a thriving ecosystem covered in temperate forests inhabited by dinosaurs. The global temperatures were higher, sea levels were higher, and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels were many times higher than they are today. Higher temperatures, sea levels, and CO2 levels made the planet more habitable, not less. This changed however, and to the detriment of many species that are now extinct.

Before the Cretaceous period, there have been many points throughout Earth’s natural history, that were we as humans to travel back, would find uninhabitable. The atmosphere has been in a state of perpetual change, the biology driven by this change has likewise continuously evolved. There is no “norm” in terms of geology, biology, or climate. The only constant is the inevitability of its constant change.

The climate will change with or without us. To ensure the survival of what we value in terms of human society, history, and infrastructure, as well as ecosystems and individual species we desire to preserve, we must come up with something better than “carbon neutrality” implemented by giving bankers yet another derivative to trade, and energy companies a legal framework to maintain monopolies over powering human civilization.

Part of the solution is not only leveraging technology to protect our towns, cities, and countrysides from adverse weather, flooding, and changes in temperature through innovative infrastructure projects, but undermining, decentralizing, and eventually eliminating permanently these corporate monopolies that are demonstrably destroying the environment.

Strange that wasn’t marching against genetically modified organisms (GMO) and Monsanto’s pursuit of overwriting the planet genetically. Could a planet face a more dire threat than being overwritten genetically, its very essence mutilated by profiteering corporations? Strange that‘s “Friends & Allies” don’t demand an end to profiteering wars around the planet that see tons of depleted uranium, with a half-life of billions of years, being dumped in both human and natural habitats the world over. Strange that, and “Friends & Allies” like WWF have in fact partnered with Fortune 500 corporations that perpetuate global monopolies, centralized manufacturing and distribution (and profits) that encourage wasteful supply chains, unhealthy socioeconomic trends, incur large amounts of garbage, and require the very petroleum and CO2 producing processes they allegedly were in Washington to oppose.

Indeed, and partners like the WWF do not represent corporations joining environmentalists, but rather represent environmentalists being co-opted and manipulated by the very special interests committing real harm to this planet.

Don’t Demand Action – Be the Action 

Waving around placards as part of a big-business rally couched behind environmentalism, demanding action from a government big-business already fully owns, simply legitimizes and manufacturers public consent for more of the same. More schemes, more waste, more fraud, more abuse, while the environment continues to unravel and a host of problems both directly and indirectly related continue to grow.

Real solutions generally don’t involve corporations or governments, in fact, as a necessity must exclude them. The marriage between corporate interests and government regulations should be something all of us can agree on, regardless of where we sit on the political or environmental spectrum.

Real solutions involve a real education in science, technology, design, and manufacturing. This empowers people in all levels of society to accurately assess problems and apply local solutions. This, coupled with modern manufacturing technology enables more to be done on a local level, short-circuiting the petroleum intensive logistical chains WWF sponsors like Walmart couldn’t live without.

Organic farming on a local level coupled with local farmers’ markets eliminates entirely the need for Monsanto poison, fertilizers, and genetically modified franken-crops, along with the replacement of the petroleum intensive logistical networks that distribute big-agri’s products. 3D printing, computer-controlled manufacturing, and local hackerspaces that encourage local entrepreneurship accelerate technological development and solutions that allow us to live the lives we wish to lead while doing so more efficiently in terms of energy, waste, and environmental impact.

In fact, when you think about it, almost all of these real solutions involve real community and local action, not placard-waving trips to Washington. These are not solutions that involve policies, taxes, and regulations, but rather technology, education, constructive, pragmatic, technical solutions that not only would make our environment more livable, but make our local economies and communities more viable and self-sufficient. The catch is, and the reason why this isn’t being done, you will notice that none of these activities require WWF sponsors like Walmart, Nike, IBM, Toyota, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, HSBC, Citi, IKEA, Nokia, etc.

We all desire cleaner air, healthier food, safer water, and greener parks. Waiting for a corporate-financier establishment to give it to us, when they themselves are the ones that have denied us of these essentials is the height of both naivety and futility.

Does it make sense then, to see why real problems and their solutions have become the target of hijackers like the corporate conglomeration that is and the WWF? Does it make sense to see them offering “alternative” centralized, corporate dependent solutions that replace local activism and tangible, technological solutions?

Why travel to Washington D.C. and demand non-solutions to real problems when you can organize locally and begin making this planet livable in very real, tangible, pragmatic, and measurable ways?

‘West obstructing Iran talks with P5+1’

Iran Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani has criticized the West for obstructing the country’s talks with the P5+1 group while pretending they are interested in dialogue.

“We are faced with two gestures from the West,” Larijani stated on Tuesday in reference to the negotiations between Tehran and the P5+1 (Britain, China, France, Russia, and the US plus Germany) which are scheduled to be held in Kazakhstan on February 26.

Larijani, who is Islamabad to attend the conference of the Parliamentary Assembly of Economic Cooperation Organization in the Pakistani capital, blamed Western governments for claiming willingness to negotiate with Iran at the media level while engaging in obstructionism in practice.

He scoffed at US and Israeli threats of war against the Islamic Republic, noting the 1967 Islamic revolution in the country clearly showed the Iranian nation’s determination to stand up to US policies.

“I suppose they [Americans] have a little wisdom left to prevent them from risking their future,” Larijani said when answering a question on the possibility of a US military attack on Iran.

The Iranian Majlis speaker rejected allegations spearheaded by the United States and their allies that accuse Iran of pursuing non-civilian objectives in its nuclear energy program, and described Iran’s missile technology as defensive and deterrent in nature.

Larijani denounced “the oppressors” for not condemning US for using depleted uranium weapons in the region, noting that Washington's support for Tel Aviv’s nuclear warheads is main cause of the proliferation of nuclear weapons.


America’s Sniper Fetish

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”  Henry Kissinger

When the story broke about the Feb. 2 shooting death of former Navy SEAL and American Sniper author, Chris Kyle, we immediately learned that the 39-year-old wrote the Naval Special Warfare Sniper Doctrine, the first Navy SEAL sniper manual, and he “served four tours in Iraq and was awarded two Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars with Valor, two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and one Navy and Marine Corps Commendation.”

We were also regaled with the “fact” that from 1999 to 2009, “Kyle recorded more than 150 sniper kills, the most in U.S. military history.”

“We have lost more than we can replace,” said Kyle’s American Sniper co-author, Scott McEwen. “Chris was a patriot, a great father, and a true supporter of this country and its ideals. This is a tragedy for all of us.”

Real tragedy for all of us: The reality that Kyle’s book was a New York Times best seller along with the widespread public celebration of 150 “kills” (surely a number conjured up for maximum propaganda impact) is business-as-usual in the home of the brave.

“A different breed of warrior”

The entire Chris Kyle episode brought me back to something I wrote nine years ago after reading a Jan. 2, 2004, New York Times article by Eric Schmitt, entitled “In Iraq’s Murky Battle, Snipers Offer U.S. a Precision Weapon.”

Consider Schmitt’s opening lines: “The intimate horror of the guerrilla war here in Iraq seems most vivid when seen through the sights of a sniper’s rifle. In an age of satellite-guided bombs dropped at featureless targets from 30,000 feet, Army snipers can see the expression on a man’s face when the bullet hits.”

Schmitt went on to quote an American sniper boasting: “I shot one guy in the head, and his head exploded. Usually, though, you just see a dust cloud pop up off their clothes, and see a little blood splatter come out the front.”

The newspaper of record also crowed about a sniper’s ability “to fell guerrilla gunmen and their leaders with a single shot from as far as half a mile away” all in the name of protecting “infantry patrols sweeping through urban streets and alleyways.”

“Soldiering is a violent business, and emotions in combat run high. But commanders say snipers are a different breed of warrior — quiet, unflappable marksmen who bring a dispassionate intensity to their deadly task,” Schmitt dutifully explained.

Let’s pause for a minute here to re-cap. The alleged liberal media ignored any mention of an illegal invasion and occupation while turning U.S. snipers into rifle-toting gods: “calm, methodical, and disciplined” men, we’re told, who undergo psychological screening “to make sure they’re not training a nut.”

Define “nut.”

“I’d shoot him, otherwise he’d shoot me”

Specialist Wilson told Schmitt that he tries not to see his Iraqi victims “as men with families and children” and a Sergeant Davis had this to say about the eight confirmed kills to his credit: “As soon as they picked up a weapon and tried to engage U.S. soldiers, they forfeited all their rights to life, is how I look at it.”

These men, I guess, are no more “nuts” than those who firebombed Dresden and Tokyo or those who piloted the Enola Gay or blew up Korean dams or napalmed Southeast Asia or used sand plows to cover Iraqi soldiers or fired depleted uranium shells in Yugoslavia or launch predator drones today.

The Times reassure us that “our” snipers are well-trained and have “honed the art of killing to a fine edge.” They always hit the right target, Schmitt promises us, soothingly.

“We don’t have civilian casualties,” a sniper explained when asked how he avoided hitting the Iraqi schoolchildren. “Everything you hit, you know exactly what it is. You know where every round is going.”

We can all sleep better tonight…

After fetishizing their weapons of choice and informing us that U.S. snipers often wrap condoms on the gun muzzle “to keep the sand out,” Schmitt offers some helpful context: “Most snipers are familiar with firearms even before joining the armed forces. Sergeant Davis and Specialist Wilson grew up on farms, and both owned their first rifles before they were 10. They fondly remember hunting deer as youngsters.”

You gotta love his use of the word fondly to soften the image of frightened animals being stalked and murdered by human children.

In the classic liberal media tradition of asking the tough questions, Schmitt concludes with this one: “Would they ever shoot a child who aimed at them?”

Specialist Wilson, a father of five, hesitated before replying. “I couldn’t imagine that,” he said. Davis saw things differently: “I’d shoot him, otherwise he’d shoot me.”

However, before you lose any sleep over any potential “nuts” running around spending our tax dollars exploding the heads of brown-skinned children, Davis did offer this caveat (which Schmitt’s editor tellingly chose as the article’s closing line): “But I wouldn’t feel good about it.”

This neatly transitions us back to the violent death of Chris Kyle who, since leaving the service, had been running an organization ostensibly designed to help ex-enlistees with post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

Counter-recruitment is the best “support”
According to a 2008 RAND study, up to 20 percent of U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from PTSD.

Eddie Ray Routh, the 25-year-old accused killer, is “a former Marine said to suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome.” He is a veteran, we’re told, “who served in Iraq and Haiti and who police say may have been suffering from some type of mental illness from being in the military.”

Apparently Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield had taken Routh to a shooting range “to aid his recovery.”


I’d suggest our (sic) troops don’t need day trips to the shooting range; they need more information about what “serving their country” really means.

Sniper worship, yellow ribbons, flag-waving, repressive laws, peer pressure, and loud chants of “USA” don’t qualify as support but do qualify as self-policed obedience orchestrated by a corporate-dominated state. Ultimately, however, it’s not an issue of “support” but rather, learning to resist the relentless conditioning.

We grow up watching war movies and playing with guns. We’re surrounded by war memorials and war monuments, and are taught to obey and fear those in uniform. We witness the demonizing of those who oppose war.

Our (sic) media is overrun with militaristic fervor. Our (sic) tax dollars finance war and pro-war propaganda. Our (sic) government passes laws designed to thwart dissent.

As I’ve said before: The U.S. Department of Defense (sic) is the most violent institution on the planet and that includes its status as the planet’s worst polluter. Paid volunteers are nothing more than willing accomplices to the continuing carnage.

If we want a culture without sniper scorecards and without manipulated soldiers sent home with PTSD (and worse), we must rediscover the subversive pleasure of critical thought… and help others to do the same.

We must create and cultivate alternative visions. We must get busy with counter-recruitment. Now.

NYC Event Note: Mickey Z. will be part of a Feb. 9 panel called: “Game Over For the Environment: Keystone XL, Spectra and Direct Action.”

Mickey Z. is the author of 11 books, most recently the novel Darker Shade of Green. Until the laws are changed or the power runs out, he can be found on an obscure website called Facebook.

The Pentagon and Slave Labor in U.S. Prisons

The Pentagon and Slave Labor in U.S. Prisons

Prisoners earning 23 cents an hour in U.S. federal prisons are manufacturing high-tech electronic components for Patriot Advanced Capability 3 missiles, launchers for TOW (Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided) anti-tank missiles, and other guided missile systems. A March article by journalist and financial researcher Justin Rohrlich of World in Review is worth a closer look at the full implications of this ominous development. (

The expanding use of prison industries, which pay slave wages, as a way to increase profits for giant military corporations, is a frontal attack on the rights of all workers.

Prison labor — with no union protection, overtime pay, vacation days, pensions, benefits, health and safety protection, or Social Security withholding — also makes complex components for McDonnell Douglas/Boeing’s F-15 fighter aircraft, the General Dynamics/Lockheed Martin F-16, and Bell/Textron’s Cobra helicopter. Prison labor produces night-vision goggles, body armor, camouflage uniforms, radio and communication devices, and lighting systems and components for 30-mm to 300-mm battleship anti-aircraft guns, along with land mine sweepers and electro-optical equipment for the BAE Systems Bradley Fighting Vehicle’s laser rangefinder. Prisoners recycle toxic electronic equipment and overhaul military vehicles.

Labor in federal prisons is contracted out by UNICOR, previously known as Federal Prison Industries, a quasi-public, for-profit corporation run by the Bureau of Prisons. In 14 prison factories, more than 3,000 prisoners manufacture electronic equipment for land, sea and airborne communication. UNICOR is now the U.S. government’s 39th largest contractor, with 110 factories at 79 federal penitentiaries.

The majority of UNICOR’s products and services are on contract to orders from the Department of Defense. Giant multinational corporations purchase parts assembled at some of the lowest labor rates in the world, then resell the finished weapons components at the highest rates of profit. For example, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Corporation subcontract components, then assemble and sell advanced weapons systems to the Pentagon.

Increased profits, unhealthy workplaces

However, the Pentagon is not the only buyer. U.S. corporations are the world’s largest arms dealers, while weapons and aircraft are the largest U.S. export. The U.S. State Department, Department of Defense and diplomats pressure NATO members and dependent countries around the world into multibillion-dollar weapons purchases that generate further corporate profits, often leaving many countries mired in enormous debt.

But the fact that the capitalist state has found yet another way to drastically undercut union workers’ wages and ensure still higher profits to military corporations — whose weapons wreak such havoc around the world — is an ominous development.

According to CNN Money, the U.S. highly skilled and well-paid “aerospace workforce has shrunk by 40 percent in the past 20 years. Like many other industries, the defense sector has been quietly outsourcing production (and jobs) to cheaper labor markets overseas.” (Feb. 24) It seems that with prison labor, these jobs are also being outsourced domestically.

Meanwhile, dividends and options to a handful of top stockholders and CEO compensation packages at top military corporations exceed the total payment of wages to the more than 23,000 imprisoned workers who produce UNICOR parts.

The prison work is often dangerous, toxic and unprotected. At FCC Victorville, a federal prison located at an old U.S. airbase, prisoners clean, overhaul and reassemble tanks and military vehicles returned from combat and coated in toxic spent ammunition, depleted uranium dust and chemicals.

A federal lawsuit by prisoners, food service workers and family members at FCI Marianna, a minimum security women’s prison in Florida, cited that toxic dust containing lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic poisoned those who worked at UNICOR’s computer and electronic recycling factory.

Prisoners there worked covered in dust, without safety equipment, protective gear, air filtration or masks. The suit explained that the toxic dust caused severe damage to nervous and reproductive systems, lung damage, bone disease, kidney failure, blood clots, cancers, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, memory lapses, skin lesions, and circulatory and respiratory problems. This is one of eight federal prison recycling facilities — employing 1,200 prisoners — run by UNICOR.

After years of complaints the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General and the Federal Occupational Health Service concurred in October 2008 that UNICOR has jeopardized the lives and safety of untold numbers of prisoners and staff. (Prison Legal News, Feb. 17, 2009)

Racism & U.S. prisons

The U.S. imprisons more people per capita than any country in the world. With less than 5 percent of the world population, the U.S. imprisons more than 25 percent of all people imprisoned in the world.

There are more than 2.3 million prisoners in federal, state and local prisons in the U.S. Twice as many people are under probation and parole. Many tens of thousands of other prisoners include undocumented immigrants facing deportation, prisoners awaiting sentencing and youthful offenders in categories considered reform or detention.

The racism that pervades every aspect of life in capitalist society — from jobs, income and housing to education and opportunity — is most brutally reflected by who is caught up in the U.S. prison system.

More than 60 percent of U.S. prisoners are people of color. Seventy percent of those being sentenced under the three strikes law in California — which requires mandatory sentences of 25 years to life after three felony convictions — are people of color. Nationally, 39 percent of African-American men in their 20s are in prison, on probation or on parole. The U.S. imprisons more people than South Africa did under apartheid. (Linn Washington, “Incarceration Nation”)

The U.S. prison population is not only the largest in the world — it is relentlessly growing. The U.S. prison population is more than five times what it was 30 years ago.

In 1980, when Ronald Reagan became president, there were 400,000 prisoners in the U.S. Today the number exceeds 2.3 million. In California the prison population soared from 23,264 in 1980 to 170,000 in 2010. The Pennsylvania prison population climbed from 8,243 to 51,487 in those same years. There are now more African-American men in prison, on probation or on parole than were enslaved in 1850, before the Civil War began, according to Law Professor Michelle Alexander in the book “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.”

Today a staggering 1-in-100 adults in the U.S. are living behind bars. But this crime, which breaks families and destroys lives, is not evenly distributed. In major urban areas one-half of Black men have criminal records. This means life-long, legalized discrimination in student loans, financial assistance, access to public housing, mortgages, the right to vote and, of course, the possibility of being hired for a job.

State Prisons contracting slave labor

It is not only federal prisons that contract out prison labor to top corporations. State prisons that used forced prison labor in plantations, laundries and highway chain gangs increasingly seek to sell prison labor to corporations trolling the globe in search of the cheapest possible labor.

One agency asks: “Are you experiencing high employee turnover? Worried about the costs of employee benefits? Unhappy with out-of-state or offshore suppliers? Getting hit by overseas competition? Having trouble motivating your workforce? Thinking about expansion space? Then Washington State Department of Corrections Private Sector Partnerships is for you.” (, July 25, 2005)

Major corporations profiting from the slave labor of prisoners include Motorola, Compaq, Honeywell, Microsoft, Boeing, Revlon, Chevron, TWA, Victoria’s Secret and Eddie Bauer.

IBM, Texas Instruments and Dell get circuit boards made by Texas prisoners. Tennessee inmates sew jeans for Kmart and JCPenney. Tens of thousands of youth flipping hamburgers for minimum wages at McDonald’s wear uniforms sewn by prison workers, who are forced to work for much less.

In California, as in many states, prisoners who refuse to work are moved to disciplinary housing and lose canteen privileges as well as “good time” credit, which slices hard time off their sentences.

Systematic abuse, beatings, prolonged isolation and sensory deprivation, and lack of medical care make U.S. prison conditions among the worst in the world. Ironically, working under grueling conditions for pennies an hour is treated as a “perk” for good behavior.

In December, Georgia inmates went on strike and refused to leave their cells at six prisons for more than a week. In one of the largest prison protests in U.S. history, prisoners spoke of being forced to work seven days a week for no pay. Prisoners were beaten if they refused to work.

Private prisons for profit

In the ruthless search to maximize profits and grab hold of every possible source of income, almost every public agency and social service is being outsourced to private for-profit contractors.

In the U.S. military this means there are now more private contractors and mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan than there are U.S. or NATO soldiers.

In cities and states across the U.S., hospitals, medical care facilities, schools, cafeterias, road maintenance, water supply services, sewage departments, sanitation, airports and tens of thousands of social programs that receive public funding are being contracted out to for-profit corporations. Anything publicly owned and paid for by generations of past workers’ taxes — from libraries to concert halls and parks — is being sold or leased at fire sale prices.

All this is motivated and lobbied for by right-wing think tanks like that set up by Koch Industries and their owners, Charles and David Koch, as a way to cut costs, lower wages and pensions, and undercut public service unions.

The most gruesome privatizations are the hundreds of for-profit prisons being established.

The inmate population in private for-profit prisons tripled between 1987 and 2007. By 2007 there were 264 such prison facilities, housing almost 99,000 adult prisoners. (, Feb. 24, 2009) Companies operating such facilities include the Corrections Corporation of America, the GEO Group Inc. and Community Education Centers.

Prison bonds provide a lucrative return for capitalist investors such as Merrill-Lynch, Shearson Lehman, American Express and Allstate. Prisoners are traded from one state to another based on the most profitable arrangements.

Militarism and prisons

Hand in hand with the military-industrial complex, U.S. imperialism has created a massive prison-industrial complex that generates billions of dollars annually for businesses and industries profiting from mass incarceration.

For decades workers in the U.S. have been assured that they also benefit from imperialist looting by the giant multinational corporations. But today more than half the federal budget is absorbed by the costs of maintaining the military machine and the corporations who are guaranteed profits for equipping the Pentagon. That is the only budget category in federal spending that is guaranteed to increase by at least 5 percent a year — at a time when every social program is being cut to the bone.

The sheer economic weight of militarism seeps into the fabric of society at every level. It fuels racism and reaction. The political influence of the Pentagon and the giant military and oil corporations — with their thousands of high-paid lobbyists, media pundits and network of links into every police force in the country — fuels growing repression and an expanding prison population.

The military, oil and banking conglomerates, interlinked with the police and prisons, have a stranglehold on the U.S. capitalist economy and reins of political power, regardless of who is president or what political party is in office. The very survival of these global corporations is based on immediate maximization of profits. They are driven to seize every resource and source of potential profits.

Thoroughly rational solutions are proposed whenever the human and economic cost of militarism and repression is discussed. The billions spent for war and fantastically destructive weapons systems could provide five to seven times more jobs if spent on desperately needed social services, education and rebuilding essential infrastructure. Or it could provide free university education, considering the fact that it costs far more to imprison people than to educate them.

Why aren’t such reasonable solutions ever chosen? Because military contracts generate far larger guaranteed profits to the military and the oil industries, which have a decisive influence on the U.S. economy.

The prison-industrial complex — including the prison system, prison labor, private prisons, police and repressive apparatus, and their continuing expansion — are a greater source of profit and are reinforced by the climate of racism and reaction. Most rational and socially useful solutions are not considered viable options.

Controlling Lucifer: How Everyone Loses the Global War on Terror

The president negotiates our withdrawal from Afghanistan, proclaims mission accomplished — and the wars of the last decade continue winding down to nothing.

We’ll be leaving behind an unstable country with one of the world’s highest infant mortality rates and hundreds of armed insurgent groups. We haven’t rescued or rebuilt the country or accomplished any objective that begins to justify the human and financial cost of this adventure. We just lost.

But we’re the most powerful nation on the planet. How is that possible? And, as Tom Engelhardt asks, “who exactly beat us? Where exactly is the triumphant enemy?”

He goes on, in an essay that ran this week on Common Dreams: “Did we in some bizarre fashion fight ourselves and lose? After all, last year, more American servicemen died from suicide than on the battlefield in Afghanistan; and a startling number of Americans were killed in ‘green on blue’ or ‘insider’ attacks by Afghan ‘allies’ rather than by that fragmented movement we still call the Taliban.”

Did we fight ourselves and lose? This is a question for the millennium — a question in which the human future hangs in the balance. A rich, arrogant and unbelievably powerful nation, riding a tide of opportune vengeance, pursuing its global interests, invades a poor, backward country, then a year and a half later invades another. It pours multi-trillions of dollars into the adventure and unleashes the most sophisticated high-tech weaponry the world has ever seen. On the home front, the war is backed by at least 80 percent of the population. It’s a good war, a righteous war, proclaimed by the prodigious public relations arm of the military-industrial consensus as a “war on terror” . . . a war on evil itself.

And we lost. Or sort of lost — at least in the sense that we didn’t win. As Andrew Bacevich wrote in 2010: “By 2007, the American officer corps itself gave up on victory, although without giving up on war. First in Iraq, then in Afghanistan, priorities shifted. High-ranking generals shelved their expectations of winning . . . . They sought instead to not lose. In Washington as in U.S. military command posts, the avoidance of outright defeat emerged as the new gold standard of success.”

His essay was titled, “Is War Becoming Obsolete?” That is, is war becoming an ineffective means of achieving, not merely the aims of its own propaganda (the defeat of evil), but its actual, limited goals of regional dominance, the looting of natural resources, the containment of geopolitical rivals? And if so, does it matter?

Beyond such questions, I sense that a larger question lurks: Might it be that war isn’t something we wage, so much as a force that wages us? And if that’s the case, it doesn’t particularly matter whether we win or lose because it’s not in our control anyway, at least not in the way we think it is. War has been obsolete for at least the last century, in that the damage it inflicted shattered winner and loser alike, almost to the point of mutual suicide — not counting the United States, which emerged powerful and prosperous and on top of the world after World War II. It took another half-century or so for the lose-lose nature of war to catch up to us, and thus for us to begin noticing its obsolescence.

This may be a good time to begin assessing the nature of our loss in the war on terror, beyond the non-achievement of geopolitical ends and non-fulfillment of whatever our mission actually was. Certainly this loss includes expenditures in the trillions of dollars, contributing enormously to the national bankruptcy.

And it also includes the thousands of American combat deaths and the hundreds of thousands of soldiers wounded, both physically and psychologically, during their extended deployments, or suffering from an array of mystery nerve, respiratory and multiple other illnesses— now called chronic multisymptom illness and declared, in a recent report by the federal Institute of Medicine, to be the same symptoms that several hundred thousand vets from the 1991 Gulf War still suffer from — which are the result of the toxic hell that modern warfare inflicts on its battle zones.

In the process of inflicting all this harm on ourselves, of course, we inflicted infinitely more harm on the nations we invaded, killing hundreds of thousands, displacing millions, and polluting Iraq and Afghanistan with radioactive waste from depleted uranium munitions and the toxins of unregulated burn pits, among much else. In 2010, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published the results of a study showing that Fallujah, Iraq, was experiencing higher rates of cancer, leukemia and infant mortality than Hiroshima and Nagasaki did in 1945.

Is war becoming obsolete? When war's toxic aftermath is endured only by the defeated “enemy,” the winners can still cheer. But today there’s no cheering on any side of the erstwhile war on terror. The pertinent question is: How do we stop our mad preparation for future wars?

And there’s only one answer: Stop inventing enemies, whom we proceed to dehumanize. Once we begin the dehumanization process, we lose — not just figuratively, but literally, and in almost incalculable ways. Philip Zimbardo coined the term “the Lucifer Effect” to describe the sadistic corruption that consumes good-hearted men and women when they are given overwhelming power over others. We wage war thinking we can control the Lucifer Effect. We’re always wrong.

A Terrible Normality: The Massacres and Aberrations of History


 Through much of history the abnormal has been the norm.

This is a paradox to which we should attend. Aberrations, so plentiful as to form a terrible normality of their own, descend upon us with frightful consistency.

The number of massacres in history, for instance, are almost more than we can record.  There was the New World holocaust, consisting of the extermination of indigenous Native American peoples throughout the western hemisphere, extending over four centuries or more, continuing into recent times in the Amazon region.

There were the centuries of heartless slavery in the Americas and elsewhere, followed by a full century of lynch mob rule and Jim Crow segregation in the United States, and today the numerous killings and incarcerations of Black youth by law enforcement agencies.

Let us not forget the extermination of some 200,000 Filipinos by the U.S. military at the beginning of the twentieth century, the genocidal massacre of 1.5 million Armenians by the Turks in 1915, and the mass killings of African peoples by the western colonists, including the 63,000 Herero victims in German Southwest Africa in 1904, and the brutalization and enslavement of millions in the Belgian Congo from the late 1880s until emancipation in 1960—followed by years of neocolonial free-market exploitation and repression in what was Mobutu’s Zaire.

French colonizers killed some 150,000 Algerians. Later on, several million souls perished in Angola and Mozambique along with an estimated five million in the merciless region now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The twentieth century gave us—among other horrors—more than sixteen million lost and twenty million wounded or mutilated in World War I, followed by the estimated 62 million to 78 million killed in World War II, including some 24 million Soviet military personnel and civilians, 5.8 million European Jews, and taken together:  several million Serbs, Poles, Roma, homosexuals, and a score of other nationalities.

In the decades after World War II, many, if not most, massacres and wars have been openly or covertly sponsored by the U.S. national security state. This includes the two million or so left dead or missing in Vietnam, along with 250,000 Cambodians, 100,000 Laotians, and 58,000 Americans.

Today in much of Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East there are “smaller” wars, replete with atrocities of all sorts. Central America, Colombia, Rwanda and other places too numerous to list, suffered the massacres and death-squad exterminations of hundreds of thousands, a constancy of violent horrors. In Mexico a “war on drugs” has taken 70,000 lives with 8,000 missing.

There was the slaughter of more than half a million socialistic or democratic nationalist Indonesians by the U.S.-supported Indonesian military in 1965, eventually followed by the extermination of 100,000 East Timorese by that same U.S.-backed military.

Consider the 78-days of NATO’s aerial destruction of Yugoslavia complete with depleted uranium, and the bombings and invasion of Panama, Grenada, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Western Pakistan, Afghanistan, and now the devastating war of attrition brokered against Syria. And as I write (early 2013), the U.S.-sponsored sanctions against Iran are seeding severe hardship for the civilian population of that country.

All the above amounts to a very incomplete listing of the world’s violent and ugly injustice. A comprehensive inventory would fill volumes. How do we record the countless other life-searing abuses: the many millions who survive wars and massacres but remain forever broken in body and spirit, left to a lifetime of suffering and pitiless privation, refugees without sufficient food or medical supplies or water and sanitation services in countries like Syria, Haiti, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Mali.

Think of the millions of women and children around the world and across the centuries who have been trafficked in unspeakable ways, and the millions upon millions trapped in exploitative toil, be they slaves, indentured servants, or underpaid laborers. The number of impoverished is now growing at a faster rate than the world’s population.  Add to that, the countless acts of repression, incarceration, torture, and other criminal abuses that beat upon the human spirit throughout the world day by day.

Let us not overlook the ubiquitous corporate corruption and massive financial swindles, the plundering of natural resources and industrial poisoning of whole regions, the forceful dislocation of entire populations, the continuing catastrophes of Chernobyl and Fukushima and other impending disasters awaiting numerous aging nuclear reactors.

The world’s dreadful aberrations are so commonplace and unrelenting that they lose their edge and we become inured to the horror of it all. “Who today remembers the Armenians?” Hitler is quoted as having said while plotting his “final solution” for the Jews. Who today remembers the Iraqis and the death and destruction done to them on a grand scale by the U.S. invasion of their lands? William Blum reminds us that more than half the Iraq population is either dead, wounded, traumatized, imprisoned, displaced, or exiled, while their environment is saturated with depleted uranium (from U.S. weaponry) inflicting horrific birth defects.

What is to be made of all this? First, we must not ascribe these aberrations to happenstance, innocent confusion, and unintended consequences.  Nor should we believe the usual rationales about spreading democracy, fighting terrorism, providing humanitarian rescue, protecting U.S. national interests and other such rallying cries promulgated by ruling elites and their mouthpieces.

The repetitious patterns of atrocity and violence are so persistent as to invite the suspicion that they usually serve real interests; they are structural not incidental.  All this destruction and slaughter has greatly profited those plutocrats who pursue economic expansion, resource acquisition, territorial dominion, and financial accumulation.

Ruling interests are well served by their superiority in firepower and striking force. Violence is what we are talking about here, not just the wild and wanton type but the persistent and well-organized kind. As a political resource, violence is the instrument of ultimate authority. Violence allows for the conquest of entire lands and the riches they contain, while keeping displaced laborers and other slaves in harness.

The plutocratic rulers find it necessary to misuse or exterminate restive multitudes, to let them starve while the fruits of their land and the sweat of their labor enrich privileged coteries.

Thus we had a profit-driven imperial rule that helped precipitate the great famine in northern China, 1876-1879, resulting in the death of some thirteen million. At about that same time the Madras famine in India took the lives of as many as twelve million while the colonial forces grew ever richer.  And thirty years earlier, the great potato famine in Ireland led to about one million deaths, with another desperate million emigrating from their homeland. Nothing accidental about this: while the Irish starved, their English landlords exported shiploads of Irish grain and livestock to England and elsewhere at considerable profit to themselves.

These occurrences must be seen as something more than just historic abnormalities floating aimlessly in time and space, driven only by overweening impulse or happenstance. It is not enough to condemn monstrous events and bad times, we also must try to understand them. They must be contextualized in the larger framework of historical social relations.

The dominant socio-economic system today is free-market capitalism (in all its variations). Along with its unrelenting imperial terrorism, free-market capitalism provides “normal abnormalities” from within its own dynamic, creating scarcity and maldistributed excess, filled with duplication, waste, overproduction, frightening environmental destruction, and varieties of financial crises, bringing swollen rewards to a select few and continual hardship to multitudes.

Economic crises are not exceptional; they are the standing operational mode of the capitalist system. Once again, the irrational is the norm. Consider U.S. free-market history: after the American Revolution, there were the debtor rebellions of the late 1780s, the panic of 1792, the recession of 1809 (lasting several years), the panics of 1819 and 1837, and recessions and crashes through much of the rest of that century. The serious recession of 1893 continued for more than a decade.

After the industrial underemployment of 1900 to 1915 came the agrarian depression of the 1920s—hidden behind what became known to us as “the Jazz Age,” followed by a horrendous crash and the Great Depression of 1929-1942. All through the twentieth century we had wars, recessions, inflation, labor struggles, high unemployment—hardly a year that would be considered “normal” in any pleasant sense. An extended normal period would itself have been an abnormality. The free market is by design inherently unstable in every aspect other than wealth accumulation for the select few.

What we are witnessing is not an irrational output from a basically rational society but the converse: the “rational” (to be expected) output of a fundamentally irrational system. Does this mean these horrors are inescapable? No, they are not made of supernatural forces. They are produced by plutocratic greed and deception.

So, if the aberrant is the norm and the horrific is chronic, then we in our fightback should give less attention to the idiosyncratic and more to the systemic. Wars, massacres and recessions help to increase capital concentration, monopolize markets and natural resources, and destroy labor organizations and popular transformative resistance.

The brutish vagaries of plutocracy are not the product of particular personalities but of systemic interests. President George W. Bush was ridiculed for misusing words, but his empire-building and stripping of government services and regulations revealed a keen devotion to ruling-class interests.  Likewise, President Barack Obama is not spineless. He is hypocritical but not confused. He is (by his own description) an erstwhile “liberal Republican,” or as I would put it, a faithful servant of corporate America.

Our various leaders are well informed, not deluded. They come from different regions and different families, and have different personalities, yet they pursue pretty much the same policies on behalf of the same plutocracy.

So it is not enough to denounce atrocities and wars, we also must understand who propagates them and who benefits. We have to ask why violence and deception are constant ingredients.

Unintended consequences and other oddities do arise in worldly affairs but we also must take account of interest-driven rational intentions. More often than not, the aberrations—be they wars, market crashes, famines, individual assassinations or mass killings—take shape because those at the top are pursuing gainful expropriation. Many may suffer and perish but somebody somewhere is benefiting boundlessly.

Knowing your enemies and what they are capable of doing is the first step toward effective opposition. The world becomes less of a horrific puzzlement.  We can only resist these global (and local) perpetrators when we see who they are and what they are doing to us and our sacred environment.

Democratic victories, however small and partial they be, must be embraced. But the people must not be satisfied with tinseled favors offered by smooth leaders. We need to strive in every way possible for the revolutionary unraveling, a revolution of organized consciousness striking at the empire’s heart with the full force of democracy, the kind of irresistible upsurge that seems to come from nowhere while carrying everything before it.

Michael Parenti’s most recent books are The Culture Struggle (2006), Contrary Notions: The Michael Parenti Reader (2007), God and His Demons (2010), Democracy for the Few (9th ed. 2011), and The Face of Imperialism (2011). For further information about his work, visit his website:

Friday Humor: Miniature Predator Drone Goes On Sale To Bipolar Public Reception

Just because there is a superficially-pacifist, yet supraficially genocidal, dictatorially-inclined egomaniac in every one of us, the moment the Maisto Fresh Metal Tailwinds 1:97 Scale Die Cast United States Military Aircraft - US Air Force Medium Altitude, Long Endurance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) RQ-1 Predator went on loss at Amazon (we would say sale, but that would imply some probability of profit, which as even the hotdog guy, knows is never going to happen at AMZN), everyone scrambled to buy one.

However, only those first in line got one: everyone else was greeted by a "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock" sign. So what does one do: what one should have done in the first place before going for the one impulse purchase that can murder innocent children half way around the world courtesy of the latest iPad app "iKiller": read the customer reviews of course.

Below is a broad sample of the rather bipolar main street America response when faced with the opportunity of having the same great power, if not so great - or any - responsibility, as is given, by some 25% of the population (factoring for the 55% or so who don't vote) to the president of the USA, even if on a 1:97 scale.

First the big thumbs up:

By Raini Pachak

This is the best toy ever. Finally, I can pretend that I'm a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize!
It's like I'm sitting right there in the White House with my very own kill list!

By Rambone

My son is very interested in joining the Imperial forces when he grows up. He says he's not sure if he wants to help police the homeland or if he wants to invade foreign countries. So I thought a new Predator drone toy would be a nice gift for him. These drones are used both domestically and internationally, to spy on people and assassinate them at the Emperor's discretion. He just loves flying his drone around our house, dropping Hellfire missiles on Scruffy, our dog. He kept saying that Scruffy was a terror suspect and needed to be taken out. I asked him if Scruffy should get a trial first, and he quoted Lindsay Graham, Imperial Senator: "Shut up Scruffy, you don't get a trial!" I was so proud. I think I'll buy him some video games that promote martial law for Christmas.

By Maurice Cobbs

You've had a busy play day - You've wiretapped Mom's cell phone and e-mail without a warrant, you've indefinitely detained your little brother Timmy in the linen closet without trial, and you've confiscated all the Super-Soakers from the neighborhood children (after all, why does any kid - besides you, of course - even NEED a Super-Soaker for self-defense? A regular water pistol should be enough). What do you do for an encore?

That's where the US Air Force Medium Altitude, Long Endurance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) RQ-1 Predator from Maisto comes in. Let's say that Dad has been labeled a terrorist in secret through your disposition matrix. Rather than just arrest him and go through the hassle of trying and convicting him in a court of law, and having to fool with all those terrorist-loving Constitutional protections, you can just use one of these flying death robots to assassinate him! Remember, due process and oversight are for sissies. Plus, you get the added bonus of taking out potential terrorists before they've even done anything - estimates have determined that you can kill up to 49 potential future terrorists of any age for every confirmed terrorist you kill, and with the innovative 'double-tap' option, you can even kill a few terrorist first responders, preventing them from committing terrorist acts like helping the wounded and rescuing survivors trapped in the rubble. Don't let Dad get away with anti-American activities! Show him who's boss, whether he's at a wedding, a funeral, or just having his morning coffee. Sow fear and carnage in your wake! Win a Nobel Peace Prize and be declared Time Magazine's Person of the Year - Twice!

This goes well with the Maisto Extraordinary Rendition playset, by the way - which gives you all the tools you need to kidnap the family pet and take him for interrogation at a neighbor's house, where the rules of the Geneva Convention may not apply. Loads of fun!

By Jonathan D

Brown people around the world beware! Always ready to drop a few Hellfire's worth of freedom on unsuspecting civilian gatherings in various middle eastern nations, this Predator model is the perfect addition to any toy collection. Instead of just talking with your children about how our country conducts diplomacy by assassinating people we don't like along with whatever innocent bystanders may be in the blast radius, this Predator model allows for creative play acting and recreation of the murder scene itself. I was sorely disappointed to find out that it's now out of stock and I can't buy dozens more to add to the realism.

By Mr. Ronald M. Ayers

Like most children, my sons and daughters fantasize a lot about killing, usually their teachers and/or other kids at school. For a modest amount of money this toy allows them to take their fantasies to a new level. Instead of using a toy gun or knife or even a video game, this baby takes their blood lust over the top. Now, with a fleet of killer drones, mass genocide of third world peoples is possible for my little ones. As others have noted, a lack of bloodied bodies to go along with the drone is a problem. Perhaps the maker will see fit to remedy that problem in the future.

BTW, I first found about about the toy drones through my children's therapist. The kids have been torturing kittens and puppies and the wife and I sent them to a headshrinker to try to get them to transfer their murderous impulses to third world humans. Their therapist recommended this little gem of a toy. The kids are so excited by it, my son is even talking about joining the military when he turns 18 just so he can pilot a drone. Thank you Amazon for making this excellent product available so kids can experience the glory of killing.

By holmestim

I enthusiastically await the prospects of teaching my grandchildren how to promote Democracy from the comfort of my Desktop! Nothing like making church parking lots out of wedding parties and family events!

By Vanessa Carlisle

I bought this for my son and he spent countless, blissful hours simulating massacres of weddings, funerals, and other family gatherings of brown skinned foreigners! He even realized that if he circled the drone back around on the first responders, his effective kill rate soared! Neat-o!

Educationally, this toy can't be beat - inculcating a predilection for indiscriminate, imperialist violence against non-combatants from oppressed and marginalized communities is precisely in accordance with truly "American values!"

By Trilobyte

This is an awesome toy to instill a sense of exploration in your child. Geography of foreign lands will come naturally as you and your child act out imaginary strikes on Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and many more! Combined with the optional targets, the wedding,the funeral and the dusty road with an American citizen and his son, you can act out these scenarios very realistically! Teaching the moral superiority and callous disregard for other people and nations has never been easier.

By Julia Nelson

The Maisto replica RQ-1 Predator satisfies the requirement for realism, accuracy and detail in manufacture alongside excellent of playability. The blister pack reminds us of the danger of choking, this attention to detail (especially when the Predator is used in dusty countries in the troubled Middle east) suggests that the Maisto marketing department have really done their homework. I bought ten of these for my boy because, as he so rightly says, "So many countries, so little time". He hasn't played with his Matchbox V2 Buzz Bomb once since he became a "Drone Operator". It's given him a real grasp of imperialism, murder of innocents, the art of war and the complex geography of the Middle East. Thank You Maisto, we look forward to your Cluster Bomb, Land Mine and Gas canister multi pack with anticipation hitherto unseen in the world of play.

By Gordon M. Wagner

The coolest detail about this toy are the small body fragments you can litter around your target area following a drone missile strike on a wedding party. THEN (this is where the real fun begins) you circle back in an hour and fire MORE missiles at the people rescuing survivors and mourning the dead! Sure if another country did such a thing we'd decry it as heinous terrorism, but when good Ol' Uncle Sam's finger is on the joystick, you can bet that we call what we hit our target, no matter what.

Seriously? This toy is inappropriate and ought to be removed from Amazon as soon as possible. If it hasn't occurred to you, "drone" murder is still murder. As in "war crime". As in "international tribunal".

ORDER NOW and get FREE packs of Cluster Bombs (banned by all countries except the US and Israel) as well as the latest 2013 assortment of Land Mines (also banned by international treaty except for the US and Israel).

By redpleb

Nothing teaches your kids about the fact that they may one day be the target of an extra-judicious execution by executive order via a flying death robot from the movie Terminator, then this beautiful piece of replica toy war crimes.

By Michael Liszewski

This model is a 100% accurate scale model, and you will likely be thrilled that the "for ages 3 and up" disclaimer only applies to those remotely flying the Predator, not its potential victims.

... and those not quite so enthusiastic:

By Defenestrate

I thought if I bought this, I could kill random people without facing justice. It doesn't work! It won't kill people, not even brown ones.



By sandinista death squad "sandinista death squad"

I thought this would come with "baseball cards" of American civilians living in other countries that I could target for termination, I had to satisfy myself by destroying everything in my house and giving up on everything I ever believed in, liberty, freedom, and due process!

By HDTV shopper "HDTV"

Whenever my 7-year-old takes his dose of psychotropic medication, he's always obsessed with First Person Shooter videogames. Boy, I want to thank Amazon for their patriotic act of making this MALE (awesome friggin' acronym, Maisto!) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) available. At first, when little Tommy unwrapped this gift from Santa, he said, "this blows," but when I informed him that this would give him an opportunity to blow up people "Who Hate Us For Our Freedoms," well, little Tommy just lit up.

Now, father and son sit in Little Tommy's tree fort, pretending we're in a 63-degree military installation in Tampa or New Mexico, toggling a joystick and doing some real "collateral damage" on women and children in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Yemen! It's a true bonding experience for father and son -- we're Real American Heroes, making up our own kill list and angling for that Nobel Peace Prize we so richly deserve for bringing Democracy to The Middle East and Africa! [...]

Plus, the real bonus is that I'm preparing Little Tommy for a future career. Let's face it -- our Congress has shipped all our manufacturing jobs to China, and Little Tommy is hopelessly addicted to psychotropic medication. His brain is fried, OK? So I thought he might have a great future with the TSA, groping other 7-year-olds or grandmothers at unconstitutional checkpoints, but considering there will be 30,000 REAL DRONES OVER THE SKIES OF THE U. S. OF A. by 2015, Little Tommy is actually preparing himself for the career of a lifetime by practicing to take out his fellow American citizens with a Hellfire missle. Hoowah! www. nowtheendbegins .com/blog/?p=8504

Look, I listen closely to everything the Brit Piers Morgan tells me. The Second Amendment right to own firearms is evil. So I've destroyed all of Little Tommy's toy guns. But piloting a killer drone is freaking awesome. I highly recommend that all you sheeple step up like me and be REAL American patriots. Turn in your guns, eat your GMO foods, drink your fluoride water, breathe in your chemtrails and BUY YOUR BOYS THIS AWESOME, AWESOME TOY for your kid! Remember -- they hate us for our freedoms. So we need to kill thousands of brown people we don't know remotely with the push of a button. Baba booey, y'all!

By Barry D. Berns

What's next, depleted uranium Play-doh? Yes, let's teach our children that endless war for the benefit of billionaire defense contractors and bankers is okay, that it's okay to kill unarmed civilians as long as it's in the name of "Democracy," that murdering innocent men, women and children is okay as long as it's the government telling you to murder them. I won't mention 9/11 "conspiracies," but isn't it obvious to all by now that war is a racket? Only the mega-rich profit from war while everyone else either suffers or dies. Oh yeah, let's arm and install those evil terrorists in Libya and Syria while we irradiate and/or sexually molest people at our airports to protect us from them. No wonder Al Qaeda has been called "Al CIA Duh." Of course, you need a nebulous "enemy" or boogeyman to fight an unending war. Orwell's "1984" was not supposed to be a book of prophecy.

In a word, disgusting.


My Ritalin®-fueled first grade son thought it would be so much fun to play "Drop the Hellfire missiles". But when he brought it to school, the taxpayer-funded armed guard overheard him say the word "Hellfire" during recess. The principal immediately assigned him to indefinite detention. Then she called the media, and shamed him at the national level. Now he's depressed and taking Zoloft®. Where did we go wrong? Oh well, at least my new husband and I can finally take that 7 million dollar vacation to Hawai'i! Talk about change... "Yes we did!"

By Gk Harris

A toy but it's still quite dangerous. My 7-year-old son launched this in the school playground and hit a Pakistani kid in the eye. These things just can't help themselves.

By Chai T. "texaschai

Disappointed in the price of this toy. Thought it would be paid for with my hard-working, middle-class, high tax rate taxes as the real ones are, but apparently not! Of course I'm kidding. There is no middle-class anymore.

By zc2012


h/t Redpill

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Cancer, Nuclear Weapons and Dirty Tricks

The United Kingdom Veterans of the Atomic Atmospheric Testing in the Pacific and Australia have always maintained that they suffered harm, including cancer and...

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A new study of the effects of tiny quantities of radioactive fallout from Fukushima on the health of babies born in California shows a...

Fukushima Fallout Damaged the Thyroids of California Babies

A new study of the effects of tiny quantities of radioactive fallout from Fukushima on the health of babies born in California shows a...

Focusing Hiroshima

Hiroshima was targeted in part for it's “focusing effect.” The hills surrounding the city, according to a secret memo prepared by Leslie Grove, “would...

America’s Chemical Weapons: Hypocrisy, Conspiracy and a Forgotten History

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” (J.Edgar Hoover,1895-1972.) Since the fairy tale...


A VAST WASTELAND OF EFFORT SPENT: AMERICA’S RAMPAGE THROUGH THE MIDDLE EAST John Chuckman I read that six thousand people have been killed by sectarian violence so far this year in Iraq, surely a good rough measure of what America’s invasion achieved there. In Afghanistan, America’s chosen man publically disagrees with America’s ideas of what […]


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Corporate imperial militarism controls U.S. society and wages destructive occupations abroad to serve the capitalist interests of the war-making, armaments manufacturing class whose bombs...

The Wages of US Imperialism

Corporate imperial militarism controls U.S. society and wages destructive occupations abroad to serve the capitalist interests of the war-making, armaments manufacturing class whose bombs...

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Click the 'play' button to start the show. Programme:Earthwise Episode title: American David Swanson, journalist, author, blogger, peace activist discusses threats to Pagan Island, Northern Marianas from the US military Description:Vieques Island, par...

Earthwise – American David Swanson, journalist, author, blogger, peace activist discusses threats to Pagan...

Click the 'play' button to start the show. Programme:Earthwise Episode title: American David Swanson, journalist, author, blogger, peace activist discusses threats to Pagan Island, Northern Marianas...

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Whatever Became Of Western Civilization? – Paul Craig Roberts

Whatever Became Of Western Civilization? Paul Craig Roberts Not that long ago government and free market proponents were at sword's point, but no more. With little...

Whatever Became Of Western Civilization? – Paul Craig Roberts

Update Oct.15, 2013 (Reuters) – Shares in Royal Mail peaked 48 percent above their privatisation price on Tuesday as a committee of MPs said it planned to summon bankers and the business minister to a parliamentary inquiry into the sale. The government, which last week priced the hugely oversubscribed sale of the near 500-year-old postal…

The post Whatever Became Of Western Civilization? — Paul Craig Roberts appeared first on

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Violence, Instability, Torture and Deaths in Libya by Stephen Lendman Wherever America shows up, mass slaughter, destruction, instability and human misery follow. Today's Libya reflects Washington's...

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Joint Interview by The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus and Shukan Kinyobi, Tokyo, August 11, 2013 The Japanese weekly Shukan Kinyobi and The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan...

Why the WHO Report on Congenital Anomalies in Iraq is a Disgrace

Christopher Busby is an expert on the health effects of ionizing radiation and Scientific Secretary of theEuropean Committee on Radiation Risk. The recently published World...

UK Secretary of State for Justice Asked to Initiate Penal Sanctions Against Tony Blair...

The Rt.Hon., Chris Grayling, The Secretary of State for Justice Ministry of Justice 102 Petty France SW1H 9AJ 23.9.2013 Dear Sir, Re: Obligations of the UK High Contracting Party to...

‘Another Iraq is Possible’: First Social Forum Opens in War-Torn Baghdad

Solidarity with the Iraq Social Forum from Bangladesh (Photo: Iraq Social Forum)People from Iraq and across the world braved deadly bomb blasts in Baghdad...

Ending One War, Ending All Wars

Remarks on September 21, 2013, at the Nashville Festival for Peace, Prosperity, and Planet. Thank you to Elizabeth Barger and the Nashville Peace and Justice...

Give the Sierra Club Credit for Taking on the U.S. Marine Corps

In this moment in which the public will and a bit of nerve in Congress have made refusing to let a president launch a...

Pressure urged against US arms race

The United States will continue to boost its nuclear capability if activist groups inside the country keep quiet about the US government military behavior,...

Revisiting “Red Lines.” Saving Syria from Chemical Weapons by “Punishing” With Chemical Weapons?

“Two centuries ago, a former European colony decided to catch up with Europe. It succeeded so well that the United States of America became...

Amnesia About Use of Atomic Bombs, Agent Orange & DU Shells

During a speech, which President Obama had rendered on 01 September 2013, he had expressed indignation and outrage at the human tragedy in Syria....

Coverup of War Crimes in Iraq: When ‘Damning Evidence’ on Congenital Birth Defects becomes...

In a 2010 alert, ‘Beyond Hiroshima – The Non-Reporting Of Fallujah's Cancer Catastrophe', we noted the almost non-existent media response to the publication of...

Chomsky: “The Mafia Doctrine” or the Crucial Issue for the US in Syria Is...

On September 10, 2013, President Barack Obama postponed the nonbinding congressional vote on whether to authorize the use of military force against Syria. Obama...

US seeks to ‘weaken Syria against Israel’

Washington™s real purpose in reaching a deal with Russia over Syria™s chemical weapons is to œweaken Syria against Israel,” says an American political analyst. œThis...

Trust and Verify and Vomit

The media didn't waste time lining up US leaders to trash Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent op-ed in The New York Times. There was...

The Syria Chemical Weapons Agreement. What it Means, Why it Came about

On Sept. 13, an agreement was reached between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on a plan to...

Pointing the Finger: Terrorism, Dissent, and US Foreign Policy

Near the end of 1970, shortly after President Nixon circulated a plan for expanded spying, FBI field offices received word to “immediately institute an...

Suppressed WHO Reports on Rise of Cancer and Birth Defects in Iraq. Cover-Up of...

An initial WHO study completed in 2004 had documented the impacts of depleted uranium.It was suppressed.The WHO is now suppressed a second report...

Chemical Hypocrsiy

On August 26, 2013, John Kerry gave a rare and pointed speech in which he sent a clear message to the Syrian regime. “What...

When the US Used Cancer as a Weapon

At the close of the first Gulf War, Saddam Hussein was denounced as a ferocious villain for ordering his retreating troops to destroy Kuwaiti...

From Russia Without Love

In the dramas of Greek and Roman antiquity, playwrights who found that they had backed their characters into hopeless situations would sometimes deploy a...

Five Ways a Wider Syrian War Could Go Nuclear Posted on Sep 13, 2013 ...

Syria, Prepare Yourself for Rape!

Syria is next! She is already marked, cornered, psychologically ravished, and now petrified. She is tied, exposed, and told to expect the worst. She...

Empire, Hypocrisy and Deflection

According to Barack Obama, the use of chemical weapons is an act that must be punished. If the USA fails to smite the Assad...

The Greatest Illusion Ever Performed — 9/11 (new modified version)

The Greatest Illusion Ever Performed – 9/11 (new modified version) No commercial Boeing aircraft hit any building on 9/11   The art of deception – Computer generated images  - Both false      Had you seen the image on the left on TV  then you would have believed it…….. right? You did see the image on the right on TV and  […]

The President’s Speech Reveals He Has Never Seen War

In his big address to the nation last night, President Obama said that the videos of the August 21 gas attack in Damascus are...

Obama’s Obscenities on Syria

In what NPR called “perhaps President Obama's last best chance” to make his case for launching a war against Syria, the president tellingly didn't...

Syria: Immodest Proposals and Naked Emperors

In philosophy circles, bullshit is a technical term denoting a claim which is presented as “fact” although its veracity has not been established. The...

From Hiroshima to Syria, The Enemy Whose Name We Dare Not Speak

On my wall is the front page of Daily Express of September 5, 1945 and the words: “I write this as a warning to...

President al-Assad’s Interview with CBS News

SANA, 10 September 2013 President Bashar al-Assad gave an interview to American CBS news. Following is the full text of the interview: CBS: Mr....

Striking Russia Through Syria

We're witnessing the last grotesque convulsions of a dying empire. As it threatens humanity with annihilation, it's also nauseating the still sane among us...

“WMD Double Standards”: U.S. War Crimes and the Extensive Use of Chemical Weapons against...

The United States has no legal or moral authority to bomb or attack Syria and they are chemical war criminals themselves, on a much...

Journalist reveals US chemical attacks

As threat of war looms large over Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons, a prominent journalist has listed ten chemical attacks carried...

Obama in Desperate Propaganda Push For Attack on Syria

President will conduct six television interviews in bid to beat war drums Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comSeptember 9,...

Obama Goes Full Bush on Syria

In an interview with filmmaker Oliver Stone Argentina's former President Nestor Kirchner recalled a conversation he had with U.S. President George W. Bush in...

On the Fence About Syria? Read This!

A Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is prepared for flight aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN 68), in a photo released Sept. 3, 2013, by the...

The Destruction of Syria. Will Military Action put America and Russia on the Dangerous...

The civil war which has raged in Syria for a period exceeding a two year mark has now entered what will be its decisive...

Obama Wants to Bomb Syria, But Monsanto Is Already Carpet-Bombing Us

If you choose to believe that by standing back and saying and doing nothing when our country prepares to go to war (which will cause the...

Barack Obama on Syria in St Petersburg: “Selling War” to the “International Community”

Somewhere in Washington, a conversation may have taken place along these lines: How are we going to sell this one to a public that...

International gangsterism and Washington’s war drive against Syria

  7 September 2013 ...

Syria the final push for WWIII

Syria the final push for WWIII As you all know I have stopped writing articles in my blog in order to focus on more important work in joining a team of very dedicated people who want to rid this world of the New World Order and its associated scum. I am also working on a […]

The Bill Congress Should Pass Instead of War

Here's a preliminary draft of what the United States Congress could pass this week if it were sincerely interested in human rights, international norms,...

John Kerry: Arab Countries Have Offered to Pay the “Full Cost” of America’s War...

 The US military by the admission of Secretary of State John Kerry is for sale and can do the bidding of any state willing...

Kaiser Obama

When Barack Obama was an inexperienced presidential candidate back in 2008, one question that was repeatedly raised was whether he was qualified to competently carry...

Who’s Hiding Behind the Accountability Mask?

Responses to wrongdoing must not exacerbate problems.- Jonathan Granoff, President, Global Security Institute Watching news coverage of the debate over bombing Syria, one realizes there’s...

Who’s Hiding Behind the Accountability Mask?

Responses to wrongdoing must not exacerbate problems.- Jonathan Granoff, President, Global Security Institute Watching news coverage of the debate over bombing Syria, one realizes there’s...

Who’s Hiding Behind the Accountability Mask?

Responses to wrongdoing must not exacerbate problems.- Jonathan Granoff, President, Global Security Institute Watching news coverage of the debate over bombing Syria, one realizes there’s...

Imagining Syria

After Charles died, I tried to convince friends and acquaintances that complaining–squandering even a minute of happiness–is an extravagance they’d regret. Eventually I realized...

10 Chemical Weapons Attacks Washington Doesn’t Want You to Talk About

Wesley Messamorepolicymic.comSeptember 5, 2013 It lacks the moral authority. We’re talking about a government with a...

Ten Chemical Weapons Attacks Washington Doesn’t Want You to Talk About

 by Wesley Messamore Washington doesn’t merely lack the legal authority for a military intervention in Syria. It lacks the moral authority. We’re talking about a...

Hands off Syria!

  SEP candidate in Sri Lanka denounces US war threat ...

Why Kosovo Is (and Isn’t) a Precedent for Syria

Politicians and pundits backing a U.S. attack on Syria are making numerous analogies to the NATO war against Yugoslavia in 1999, for its oppression...

A Modest Proposal for Syria

It is a melancholy object to those who view videos of Damascus, when they see the streets, the roads, and doorways, crowded with the...

Syria and Iraq: The Extensive Use of Chemical Weapons by the United States in...

President Obama´s Secretary of State John Kerry has said that the US condemns the use of chemical weapons. In order for this statement to...

Supporting al-Qaeda a Week Before 9/11

In a twist of irony that has escaped mainstream commentators, one week away from 9/11, the US is considering a course of action that...

Found at Last! After searching for 10 years, the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction...

Secretary of State John Kerry: “There is no doubt that Saddam al-Assad has crossed the red line. … Sorry, did I just say ‘Saddam’?” A...

Letter to a Syrian Friend

Dear Friend: You are in Syria, somewhere in Damascus. You have been involved in various protests to fight for more democratic space in Syria, and...

Obama Decides It’s Safer To Buy Congress Than To Go It Alone

While still claiming dictatorial powers to start a war on his own authority, Obama put his unilateral attack on Syria on hold when he...

Caveman Credibility and its Costs: Bombing in the Name of Democracy. Triggering a Humanitarian...

Sending a bunch of $3 million missiles into Syria to blow stuff up will kill a great many men, women, and children directly. It...

Caveman Credibility and its Costs

Sending a bunch of $3 million missiles into Syria to blow stuff up will kill a great many men, women, and children directly. It...

Unilateral Attack on Syria: Obama Has Decided That It Is Safer To Buy Congress...

While still claiming dictatorial powers to start a war on his own authority, Obama put his unilateral attack on Syria on hold when he...

America Hopscotches Into Syria

I’ve been watching and listening to a growing number of people in the United States get their hackles up about the moral atrocities going...

US Congress to debate and vote on Syria war

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Obama Has Decided That It Is Safer To Buy Congress Than To Go It...

Obama Has Decided That It Is Safer To Buy Congress Than To Go It Alone Paul Craig Roberts While still claiming dictatorial powers to start a...

Obama Has Decided That It Is Safer To Buy Congress Than To Go It...

Obama Has Decided That It Is Safer To Buy Congress Than To Go It Alone Paul Craig Roberts While still claiming dictatorial powers to start a war on his own authority, Obama put his unilateral attack on Syria on hold when he received a letter from more than 160 members of the House of Representatives…

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Cooked Up Evidence. Trying to Fool the Public over Syria

“Attempts to bypass the Security Council, once again to create artificial groundless excuses for a military intervention in the region are fraught with new...

‘US spurs Syria militants to use CWs’

This file photo shows foreign-backed militants fighting the government of Bashar al-Assad.An Iranian political analyst says Washington is encouraging foreign-backed militants to use chemical...

People’s Uprising for World Peace: Obama and the “Global Intifada”

It is not difficult to understand the power-game being played in Syria and no decent human being should stand on the sideline in a...

Obama's World: Peace a Convenient Illusion

Obama's World: Peace a Convenient Illusion by Stephen Lendman Peace and stability defeat Obama's agenda. Violence, instability and permanent wars further it. They persist nonstop. New wars...

Obama and media manufacture pretext for attack on Syria

  30 August 2013 ...

Syria Attack: NY Times Advocates Violating International Law

Kurt NimmoInfowars.comAugust 29, 2013 The New York Times is the premier propaganda organ of the globalist...

Don’t Attack Syria: The United States Is In No Position To Claim Moral Authority

The Green Shadow Cabinet is alarmed by reports that the United States is planning an imminent military attack on Syria, and implores the Obama...

Opposition to Iraq War May Save Syria

Evidence of "weapons of mass destruction" is "no slam dunk," U.S. officials are saying this time around, reversing the claim made about Iraq by...

Bombing for Peace

High altitude bombing and long-range missile attacks always bring nightmares of dead children and suicidal veterans. The president’s plans for rocketing yet another mid-east...

RT Interviews PCR on Syria August 27, 2013

Have you lost patience, as I have, with the pretense that a US/UK military attack on Syria is a response to Assad’s alleged use...

The Drums of War are Beating: Killing Civilians to Protect Civilians in Syria

The drums of war are beating again. The Obama administration will reportedly launch a military strike to punish Syria’s Assad government for its alleged...

Hypocrite Central: U.S., Britain and Israel have Used Chemical Weapons within the Last 10...

Those condemning Syria have themselves recently used chemical weapons. washingtonsblog.comAugust27, 2013 We condemn all use of chemical...

The U.S., Britain and Israel have Used Chemical Weapons within the Last 10 Years

Those Condemning Syria Have Themselves Recently Used Chemical Weapons We condemn all use of chemical weapons. But the U.S. used chemical weapons against civilians in Iraq...

Hypocrisy and Legacy of Death Linger as US Claims Moral Authority in Syria

Smoke rises after an airstrike by US forces in Fallujah, Iraq. (Photo: James Gordon/cc/flickr)"This is about the large-scale indiscriminate use of weapons that the...

US Comments on Syria Highlight Hypocrisy

Smoke rises after an airstrike by US forces in Fallujah, Iraq. (Photo: James Gordon/cc/flickr)"This is about the large-scale indiscriminate use of weapons that the...

In Your Face Miley Cyrus Soft Porn As Obama Prepares to Murder Syrians

Kurt Nimmo Is it a coincidence that the establishment’s “entertainment” media has dwelled on the girl-next-door suddenly transformed into a grotesque slut...

On the Eve of War With Syria: John Kerry’s “Colin Powell Moment”

Yesterday, US Secretary of State John Kerry appeared on national television to deliver a lying statement aimed at preparing public opinion for an impending...

John Kerry’s “Colin Powell moment”

  On the eve of war with Syria ...

War on Syria and the West’s Skin-Deep Morality

And here we go again. In Syria, things were getting desperate for Washington. It needed a major made-for-TV, cross-the-red-line incident involving chemical weapons. Unsurprisingly,...

Obama’s Fateful Line in the Sand

To die by cobra is not to die by bad pork — Gregory Corso, “Bomb” Who would have imagined that, five years into Barack Obama’s tenancy...

Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making – Paul Craig Roberts

Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making Paul Craig Roberts Washington and its British and French puppet governments are poised to yet again reveal their...

Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making – Paul Craig Roberts

Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making Paul Craig Roberts UPDATE AUGUST 29 The British Parliament has rejected British military intervention in Syria. The US puppet, Cameron, who serves as Prime Minister was forced to admit that he had no evidence that Assad had used chemical weapons, and Parliament said, no evidence, no war.…

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Lying About Syria, and the Lying Liars Who Lie About the Lying

"U.S. prepares for possible retaliatory strike against Syria," announces a Los Angeles Times headline, even though Syria has not attacked the United States or...

WHO Is Delaying Release of Iraqi Birth Defect Data?

Observers say they are on the cusp of getting the hard evidence needed to prove Iraqis are suffering from a disproportionate rate of birth...

Military Madness: Has our Species become Insane?

Helen Caldicott is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and a world renowned campaigner against nuclear weapons. She says that our species is...

Deadly bombings rock Baghdad

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Two Births: A Gilded Arrival and a Poisoned Legacy

” … war in our time is always indiscriminate, a war against innocents, a war against children.” (Howard Zinn, 1922-2010.) On 22nd July two babies...

Past Wars on Indians Aren’t Even Past

Hammer in hand, one sees nails everywhere. Successful unpunished genocide at home in hand, the Pentagon sees Indian Country on six continents. But don’t...

Rise of Cancers and Birth Defects in Iraq: World Health Organization Refuses to Release...

To the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Iraqi Ministry of Health: (New signatures added) The back-breaking burden of cancers and birth defects continues to weigh heavily on...

“Illegal Orders” in the Military, War Crimes and the Trial of Bradley Manning

After the details of My Lai, a Vietnamese village that was destroyed and men, women and children killed by U.S. Soldiers came out, and...

Does the Right to Privacy Now Apply Only to the US Government?

Whatever our opinion of Edward Snowden, if we’re fair we see it being formed from a neutral perspective. This is because he was, until...

CO2 and the Ideology of Climate Change: The Forces Behind “Carbon-Centric Environmentalism”

On June 25, 2013 President Obama laid out his long term agenda for reducing US industrial and consumer “greenhouse emissions.” On July 11th the...

Global Warfare. Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran

This article was first published by Global Research in August 2010 Humanity is at a dangerous crossroads. War preparations to attack Iran are in “an...

Writing your last article is always the most difficult

Writing your last article is always the most difficult especially when you have made so many sacrifices to have your own blog and to reveal the real truth as to what is going on in the world rather than what the Zionist controlled media want us to believe. Having spent my life fighting or should […]

Wesley Clark, the NSA and Internet Censorship

by Jim Fetzer (with Kurt Nimmo) “The indictment suggests the Internet played an important role in the suspects’ radicalization”—AP, Wisconsin State Journal (28 June 2013)We knew that it...

Wesley Clark Says American People Like NSA Stasi State Spying On Them

Kurt NimmoInfowars.comJune 28, 2013 On Thursday, CNN’s Erin Burnett continued the establishment’s propaganda onslaught...

War and the New Nuclear Danger: Fukushima and Beyond

“Russia has over a thousand hydrogen bombs on hair-trigger alert. You’re all targeted–every town with a population of 50,000 or more is targeted with...

Washington Funds Secret Israeli Ballistic Missile Base

Washington Funds Secret Israeli Ballistic Missile Base by Stephen Lendman On June 3, McClatchy's foreign staff headlined "US publishes details of missile base Israel wanted kept...

Responsibility to Inflict

You wouldn’t expect a comedian to deliver an insight into the American doctrinal system, but George Carlin once did. During a memorable stand-up performance,...

Checking Bill Maher in Real Time

In June 2009, Bill Maher readied himself to pick a fight with his comrades. He lashed out against those defending Obama for rather indefensible...

Evil Takes the High Road

The natural gaze of human beings is to the heavens. The welcoming light of the dawn. The warmth of the noonday sun. The beauty...

Countering Imperialism: An Alternative Vision to Tyranny

The alternative to cockroaches  Many of us have a vision, an alternative vision to the tyranny of those who control the world. But we are...

UK: Soldier Killing Suspect Approached by MI5 to Become Informer

Two British-Nigerians frightened the great former colonial empire to death by nearly beheading a soldier, in London. Yet British and other western politicians have...

The Iniquities of the Iraq War

The dust in Iraq rolls down the long roads that are the desert’s fingers. It gets in your eyes and nose and throat; it...

The Iniquities of the Iraq War

The dust in Iraq rolls down the long roads that are the desert’s fingers. It gets in your eyes and nose and throat; it...

From Iraq a Tragic Reminder to Prosecute the War Criminals

The dust in Iraq rolls down the long roads that are the desert’s fingers. It gets in your eyes and nose and throat; it...

Iraq Today: America’s Imperial Legacy

Stephen Lendman US imperial wars reflect mass slaughter, widespread destruction, ecocide, resource theft, exploitation, unspeakable human pain, suffering and misery, as well as permanent occupation. Washington...

Psychopathy, Politics and The New World Order

When attempting to analyse what is happening in the world, it is important to appreciate past economic, social and political processes that led us...

Non-Aligned Movement urges UN Action against Israel for Syria Raids

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has strongly condemned Israel’s recent acts of aggression against Syria, calling on the UN Security Council to take action against...

America’s Genocidal Iraq War

March 19 marked its 10th anniversary. Permanent occupation is policy. Killing, destruction, toxic pollution, and human misery remain unabated. Pre-2003 Iraq no longer exists.

Impeachment Of President Barack H. Obama For War Crimes

President Obama, on 19 March 2011, committed a criminal act by ordering the U.S. military to war in Libya without first obtaining the consent of the U.S. Congress in a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Impeach Obama!

How many Obama-ordered civilian deaths in foreign lands will you tolerate before speaking out and taking action? Three Pakistani children are three too many for me.

The Real Murders Of Children

Dr. Elias Akleh | The whole US was shocked when armed with automatic assault weapons 20 years old Adam Lanza murdered 20 first grade...

Gaza: Victimized by Israeli Terror Bombing

Stephen Lendman, | Tuesday night, Israel and Hamas agreed to halt hostilities. Midnight local time was chosen. Hamas didn't want conflict in the...

Child Sex Rings Reveal The Worst of the Power Elite

Nicholas West, Activist Post | One of the most difficult things to convey to people who are relatively new to information that appears in the so-called alternative...

Waging War Without Declaring It

Stephen Lendman, | America does it in proxy wars and some direct ones. Israel waged war on Palestine since 1948. Daily violence against...

US – Beyond double standards and hypocrisy

Double standards have always been with us, but I wonder if they haven’t reached new heights, along with hypocrisy, in the age of the...

Netanyahu/Lieberman Unite for War

Stephen Lendman, | American crimes of war and against humanity perhaps exceed all other rogue states in history combined. Pound-for-pound, however, Israeli lawlessness matches the...

Genocide in Bani Walid

Stephen Lendman, | Washington bears full responsibility for waging multiple wars on humanity. It planned, initiated and controls direct and proxy conflicts across North...

UN moves to charge Israel with war crimes

The United Nations moves to set up a commission to look into Israeli war crimes and respond to its human rights violations in Gaza....

Big bankings’ military activities

By Ruth Tanner | The Government’s decision to take a controlling stake in some of the largest British financial institutions comes as a new War...

Bush Missing Iraq WMD has Been Found in Iraq and One Million U.S. Soldiers...

No Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that Bush told us were in Iraq were found. Today, to the tragedy of over one million U.S....

The Bush Admin’s Biowarfare Agenda

By Stephen Lendman - RINF | When it comes to observing US and international laws, treaties and norms, the Bush administration is a serial...

Indictment and Trial of Bush and Cheney

By David Swanson | Remarks made on May 24, 2008, in Radford, Va., at the Building a New World Conference: In a December...

25 USA Military Officers Challenge Official 9/11 Account

Pakistan Daily | Twenty-five former U.S. military officers have severely criticized the official account of 9/11 and called for a new investigation. They include...

DU Shells Used by U.S. Worse Than Nuclear Weapons

NaturalNews | The use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions by the U.S. military may lead to a death toll far higher than that from...

Back From Iraq: “I Killed Innocent People”

"We forget what war is about, what it does to those who wage it and those who suffer from it. Those who hate war...

A third American war crime in the making

The US Congress, the US media, the American people, and the United Nations, are looking the other way as Cheney prepares his attack on...

Nandigram… CPM’s hubris

Stephen Lendman and Arun Shrivastava RINF Alternative News Abstract: This review paper documents the events of Nandigram and role of the Communist Party of India Marxists...

Remains of toxic DU bullets

By Scott Peterson BAGHDAD — At a roadside produce stand on the outskirts of Baghdad, business is brisk for Latifa Khalaf Hamid. Iraqi drivers pull...

U.S. Government Checking Amazon Customer Records

Big Brother U.S. Government Subpoenaed to Obtain Book Purchasing Records of Customers Mike Adams Newly unsealed court records have revealed that the U.S. government issued...

Why did Netherlands vote against DU enquiry?

SP: why did the Netherlands vote against an international enquiry into depleted uranium? The Netherlands delegation to the United Nations General Assembly has been instructed...

Greens, Democrats And Impeachment "Now the gloves are off." Let me explain that statement. First, on the issue of Impeachment, either you get it or you don't. Sadly, the Democratic Parties...

Armageddon: February 2008‏

By J A Blacker, Science Correspondent RINF Alternative News What level of lies, deceit , treason and down right inhuman behaviour do the United States of...

Canada Asks: Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?

by Edward C. Corrigan     U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in his government's recent Throne Speech announced that he wants to extend Canada's...

Iraq’s Environmental Crisis

By Jeffrey St Clair and Joshua Frank The ecological effects of war, like its horrific toll on human life, are exponential. When the Bush Administration...

Open Letter to the Government from an AWOL Soldier

By James Circello, Iraq Veterans Against The War To those Businessmen and women holding seats in Congress, To the Highest Court of America, To every Department within...

Iran’s parliament votes to call CIA, U.S. Army ‘terrorist’ groups

Report from Xinhua: Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Sunday that he supported the recent Majlis (parliament) statement to brand the U.S. army and the...

Sanity in Tiny Nibbles

The abyss between "crime against humanity" and "we'll have to look into this" may be all but unfathomable -- deep as a mass grave...

Protesters take on NATO generals

High-level meetings inside Hotel Grand Pacific attract 200 for noon rally Louise Dickson, with files from Richard Watts Despite police fences surrounding the Hotel Grand Pacific,...

Has anyone lost any Plutonium?‏

By Ace Hoffman Carlsbad Well, well, well. Bombs over America. Bombs in our backyard. Bombs away! While MS-NBC was reporting five nuclear warheads were accidentally...

Why We Must Not Go to War with Iran

By Steve Beckow    Webster Tarpley, Paul Craig Roberts and others have warned that an attack on Iran by the American military is “imminent.” (1)  Ray McGovern...

Marines Ordered To Execute Civilians In Nazi-Like Slaughter

Steve Watson Editorial With evidence having emerged that marines were ordered by superiors to massacre women and children in Haditha in Iraq two years...

Announcement Of War Crimes Tribunal

International Lawyer Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, who is a Judge on the Kuala Lumpur International War Crimes Tribunal, will make a public call...

Cancer in Iraq vets raises possibility of toxic exposure

By Carla McClain After serving in Vietnam nearly 40 years ago – and receiving the Bronze Star for it – the Tucson soldier was called...

Israeli Bombing of Syria and Moral Relativism

No universally applied principle justifies the Israeli attack on Damascus. Only self-flattering tribalism does that Glenn 7, 2013 On Sunday, Israel dropped massive bombs near...

‘The US Is Not at All Interested in the Welfare of the Syrian People’

Janine Jackson interviewed Gregory Shupak about US policy toward Syria for the April 20, 2018, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript. ...

Can Kidney Disease Be Reversed?

Western medicine does not understand the kidneys like Chinese doctors do. Western doctors knew that the kidneys are responsible for fluid balance, waste elimination,...

Corbyn and challenges to political power

Noam Chomsky and other serious critics on the left often have to contend with dismissals from opponents (including most in our political and media...

Fracking — Suicide Capitalism Poisons The Earth’s Fresh Water Supplies

Dylan Murphy  RINF Alternative News Lena Headley lives in in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She and her husband bought a small farm for their semi-retirement with the...

“The Illegal War on Libya”

Dr. Ludwig Watzal RINF Alternative News All the wars and attacks, which were started by the U. S. and its so-called allies in the wake of...

EU To Ban Heirloom Seeds and Criminalize Unregistered Gardens

Note from Daisy: Last year, I wrote an article called “Garden Rebels: 10 Ways to Sow Revolution in Your Back Yard“.  Little did I realize that the EU would completely lock down gardening in Europe.  How could heirloom seeds possibly become a controlled substance?  How could vegetable gardening become illegal?Read the Rest...

Iraq Today: America’s Genocidal Legacy

Iraq Today: America's Genocidal Legacyby Stephen LendmanAmerica came to Iraq to stay. Contingents of US forces remain. America's embassy cost over a billion dollars to build. It's the world's largest.It's inside Baghdad's Green Zone. It includes 21 bui...

New Millennium Resource Wars

New Millennium Resource Wars by Stephen Lendman They're ongoing. They represent a modern-day great game. The previous one pit Britain against Tsarist Russia. One powerful empire...

Israel’s Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons Threaten World Peace

Syria threatens no one. It hasn't used chemical weapons against insurgents or its own civilians. Claims otherwise are fabricated. In contrast, Israel is nuclear armed...

Israel’s Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons Threaten World Peace

Syria threatens no one. It hasn't used chemical weapons against insurgents or its own civilians. Claims otherwise are fabricated. In contrast, Israel is nuclear armed...


                AMERICA’S RIDICULOUS POSITION ON SYRIA John Chuckman I read that an American Senator, Bob Menendez, wanted “to vomit” when he was supplied with a copy of Vladimir Putin’s New York Times’ op-ed piece about Syria. Well, I’m sure it wasn’t just a matter of Sen. Menendez’s delicate […]

America’s Ridiculous Position on Syria

I read that an American Senator, Bob Menendez, wanted “to vomit” when he was supplied with a copy of Vladimir Putin's New York Times'...

U.S. Has No Moral Standing to Condemn Assad

Whether or not Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons, President Obama has no legitimate grounds to intervene. U.S. airstrikes, intended to punish and deter...

Obama Plans Full-Scale War on Syria

Obama Plans Full-Scale War on Syria by Stephen Lendman He exceeds the worst of George Bush. He's currently waging multiple direct and proxy wars. He's insatiable.  He's...

CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer

In 1975, during the Church Committee hearings, the existence of a secret assassination weapon came to light. The CIA had developed a poison that...

Iraq After Ten Years

March 19, 2013. Ten years ago today the Bush regime invaded Iraq. It is known that the justification for the invasion was a packet of lies orchestrated by the neoconservative Bush regime in order to deceive the United Nations and the American people.

Platinum & Palladium’s Breakout Year

Via Sprott Physical Bullion Trusts,

Hard assets are gaining momentum once again as market participants digest the potential impact of central bank printing initiatives. After last year's record level of central bank intervention, 2013 is gearing up to be an even more prolific year on the money-printing front. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently unveiled Japan's tenth Quantitative Easing program to follow the country's current $224 billion stimulus announced on January 11th. The US Federal Reserve is steadily printing US$85 billion a month under its QE3 & QE4 programs, and reports indicate that the European Central Bank is close to launching its much-awaited Open Market Transaction (OMT) program to purchase European sovereign debt. It's a money-printing party and everyone's invited. Even the new Bank of England head, Mark Carney, has hinted of plans to launch more monetary stimulus.

Professional investors have noticed and are expressing concern over the consequences of concerted currency devaluation and the continuation of zero-percent interest rates. PIMCO's Bill Gross, aka "The Bond King", is now regularly touting gold and hard assets as a prudent investment in 2013. While his advice appears to have fallen on deaf ears, interest in inflation protection is once again on the rise. We continue to believe that precious metals remain the place to be invested in this environment and are always interested in different avenues with which to participate in the sector's inevitable rise.

Despite being long-time precious metals enthusiasts and active investors in gold and silver, we did not focus on "the other precious metals", platinum or palladium, until very recently. Our interest in the space was ignited by a client's request to assess investment opportunities in the debt and equity of Platinum Group Metal (PGM) mining companies - an exercise that came up almost completely dry. As long-time resource equity investors, we are familiar with the mining industry's supply/demand cyclicality and the impact it has on commodity prices. Looking more closely at the PGM miners, the platinum and palladium industry reminds us of the uranium industry back in 2003. Like uranium, platinum and palladium are crucial to a number of important industrial applications where demand for them is relatively inelastic to price. And like uranium in 2003, palladium is also marked by an opaque, but rapidly diminishing foreign supply stockpile, which had previously balanced out the market and effectively capped the price. Investors will remember that uranium proceeded to perform extremely well from 2003 onwards based on the fundamental supply/demand imbalances that ensued. Our assessment of the PGM industry has led us to believe that platinum and palladium have the potential to do the same. The one difference being, however, that whereas in uranium, where we chose to build our exposure primarily through uranium mining equities, platinum and palladium exposure appears to be best gained through the metals themselves… hence the launch of the Sprott Physical Platinum & Palladium Trust this past December (NYSE Arca: SPPP, TSX: PPT.U).


On January 15th, the world's largest platinum producer, Anglo American Platinum Ltd. (Amplats), announced plans to shut down several of its mines, resulting in the layoff of 14,000 mine workers and the reduction of approximately 400,000 ounces of annual platinum production. Given that global platinum mine production has averaged approximately 6.2 million ounces per year, the Amplats announcement is equivalent to almost 6% of global annual mine production in 2012, representing a substantial shortfall to the metal's supply/demand balance. The platinum spot price appreciated by over $30/oz following this announcement out of South Africa.

Our desire to launch the Sprott Physical Platinum & Palladium Trust was partly based on an expectation of further supply disruptions out of South Africa, which produces close to 75% of the world's annual platinum supply and 37% of the world's palladium. Union-led labour strife has become a growing concern in the country, where some 46 people were killed this past summer in violent strikes at Lonmin's platinum mine in Marikana. The labour unrest has come at a time when the industry is already suffering from persistent operating challenges and declining profit margins (see Figure A). The geological nature and depth of many of the country's platinum mines requires large amounts of manual labour, and South African mine workers have become increasingly politicized in their struggle for higher wages. At today's platinum price, however, most platinum miners are unprofitable after netting out the costs of labour, electricity and equipment required to produce the metal. Many are cash flow negative and cannot meet the workers' request for higher wages without sustaining further losses. Roger Baxter, senior executive at the Chamber of Mines of South Africa, recently stated that at least 50% of the country's platinum industry is marginal or in a loss-making position today. In addition, many of the mining operations are suffering from declining ore grades, further lowering mine output. The result has been a 25% decline in annual South African platinum production since 2006. As the Amplats decision plainly underscored, at today's prices, platinum mining in South Africa is simply no longer a profitable affair.

breakout-year-chart 1  

Source: CIBC World Markets Equity Research 2012, PGM Basket consists of Platinum (~60%), Palladium (~30%) and Rhodium (~10%)

breakout-year fig b
Source: Johnson Matthey Platinum 2012 Interim Review

The impact of South Africa's mining woes has completely shifted the platinum market's supply fundamentals over the past year, moving it from a state of oversupply in 2011 to a net supply deficit in 2012 (see Figure B). The recent developments in South Africa strongly suggest platinum's supply deficit will continue into 2013, supporting the platinum spot price and potentially moving it to much higher levels. In fact, some industry estimates have suggested the platinum market will experience a deficit as high as 760,000 ounces in 2013. Platinum miners will not be able to increase production unless the platinum price rises to a level capable of incentivizing further development.

 On the demand side, platinum has benefitted from a steady demand for auto catalysts, which constitutes the metal's primary industrial usage. Platinum and palladium both possess chemical properties that help reduce pollutants produced by gasoline and diesel engines, significantly lowering the air pollution produced by automobiles. Just as we believe the platinum price must go up to incentivize new mine production out of South Africa, the platinum price is further supported by the fact that it CAN go up, because of the relative inelasticity of the demand for its catalytic utility. The average automobile (worldwide) carries a mere $212 worth of platinum group metals per vehicle, making the impact of any platinum price increase on the total wholesale cost of an automobile relatively marginal. In China, for example, where pollution is a critical problem, air pollution levels of 300 or above regularly prompt the US embassy to issue warnings to minimize outdoor or strenuous activity. Air particulate levels in Beijing have often been above 500 recently, sometimes crossing over 700. In response, Beijing has recently tightened emissions standards for new cars to meet European Union Standards, or Euro V, starting February 1st. Increasing the platinum/palladium loadings per catalytic converter is one feasible way of directly addressing this growing problem, as the demand for automobiles in China is expected to grow steadily over the next five years. Platinum has also benefitted from increasing demand for its usage in jewelry, particularly in China, where it is considered to be superior to gold. According to refiner Johnson Matthey, China is expected to have consumed 1.92 million ounces of platinum in 2012, representing 70% of the overall global platinum jewellery consumption of 2.73 million ounces. That total is likely to increase as demand rises in other countries as well. In India, for example, platinum demand is estimated to have increased by 25% this past year, representing a new high of 100,000 ounces. As emerging markets growth continues, we expect platinum jewellery demand to increase along with it.


The palladium story is similar to that for platinum from a demand perspective, but has a different supply picture that makes it more compelling in our view. Palladium generally occurs with platinum and other PGM metals and is usually associated with nickel and copper. Like platinum, palladium's main industrial usage is in catalytic converters, most notably in gasoline engines. It is also used in jewellery, watchmaking, dentistry, surgical instruments and electrical contacts.

Almost 40% of the world's annual palladium mine supply comes from Russia, primarily through operations at Norilsk. Russia, naturally, does not provide much information on its palladium stockpiles, but various reporting agencies are able to piece together reliable estimates for annual supply and demand.

The palladium market is tight, and appears to be getting tighter. It has gone from a 1.26 million ounce surplus in 2011 to a 915,000 ounce deficit in 2012. This represents a swing of over 2 million ounces this year due to contracting supply, increasing gross demand and diminished recycling, resulting in a supply decrease of 790,000 ounces (see Figure E). If you factor in the ~200,000 ounces we purchased in our Trust, the deficit for 2012 increases to 1.15 million oz.

As bullish as we are on the supply dynamics of platinum, it is palladium that appears to be poised to move higher in the short-term. The palladium market is now in supply deficit globally and will experience a residual deficit in 2013 even after existing stockpile sales are taken into account. Russia has historically maintained a sizeable palladium stockpile which has represented a key source of supply over the past two decades. 2012 reports suggested that that stockpile was nearing depletion, with sales expected to fall below 100,000 ounces in 2013, versus the 250,000 ounces that are believed to have been sold last year. Those numbers were also supported by Swiss PGM data, where the most recent 2012 numbers show Russian palladium shipments running 72% lower than the same period in 2011. All of this was recently confirmed by Norilsk itself, when an executive conceded in an interview on November 29th (and later confirmed by industry watchers like GFMS this past January) that the supply overhang from Russian stockpiles is officially close to being depleted. If this proves to be true, it will represent a significant shift in supply, since those stockpiles were a main contributor in balancing the palladium market for the last ten years.

breakout-year fig e
Source: Johnson Matthey Platinum 2012 Interim Review

One other bullish palladium supply factor relates to the Norilsk mines themselves, which produce more palladium than the next four largest palladium producers combined. Norilsk's 2012 palladium production is expected to account for 42% of global supply. Despite higher prices, Norilsk is not expected to expand its annual palladium production for at least 10 years, because that's how long it will take to develop the new mines it requires to increase production. In addition, the existing operations are reported to be having difficulty maintaining their average 2.7 million ounces of annual production due to diminishing ore grades at depth within the ore bodies Norilsk is mining. With Russian state supplies dwindling, and Norilsk's palladium production flat at best, the supply picture in 2013 has a very high probability of tightening further. This is especially likely if South Africa's 1.5 million ounces of palladium production is also impacted by further strikes and mine shutdowns.

Palladium demand has been robust, having risen by 15% year-over-year in 2012 to 9.73 million ounces. The growth has been primarily driven by increased use in autocatalysts, the demand for which alone is forecasted to increase by 7% in 2013. Given the probability of tightening supply in the years ahead, we could potentially see a hoarding reaction by industry users as supply constraints become more pronounced. In year 2000, a similar reaction by industry users led palladium to trade over $1,000/ ounce. It is also interesting to note that palladium has the second highest amount of short positions in the futures market in relation to total annual production - second only to that for silver. The reversal of those short contracts may represent a significant source of investment demand as prices continue to rise.


The timing of the launch of the Sprott Physical Platinum & Palladium Trust has been favourable thus far. Supply problems out of South Africa will be the driving force behind platinum's price appreciation, while palladium will benefit from the depletion of Russian stockpiles and flat production from Norilsk. Both metals have the potential to see significant demand increases as the autocatalyst market benefits from growing global auto sales, which reached a record 80 million units sold in 2012.

As at February 2013, the Sprott Physical Platinum & Palladium Trust now holds 81,486 ounces of platinum and 186,098 ounces of palladium in bullion form. The Trust is structured similar to our existing Sprott Physical Gold Trust (NYSE Arca: PHYS, TSX: PHY.U) and Sprott Physical Silver Trust (NYCE Arca: PSLV, TSX PHS.U), but differs in that it initially holds approximately equal dollar amounts of platinum and palladium.

We aim to publish more updates in the coming months to analyze developments in the markets for both metals. Although platinum and palladium share gold and silver's "precious metal" categorization, they represent significantly smaller markets in terms of physical production, making them much more responsive to the supply constraints and demand increases that we foresee for both. It is also worth noting that relatively little of the total annual platinum and palladium supply actually makes it to "market" - with the vast majority sold directly to fabricators. Our Trust's December purchases represent 1.3% of 2012's platinum mine supply and almost 3% of palladium supply. If investment demand for platinum/palladium were to grow in an environment where supply is further constrained, it could indeed have a large impact on the spot price for both metals going forward.

Precious metal investors are encouraged to review platinum and palladium's unique supply/demand dynamics. We believe 2013 will be an exciting year for both metals, and that's without even considering what could happen to the precious metals sector as a whole.

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Canada’s First Nations Confront Ottawa: “Expect Resistance”


“Respect Existence or Expect Resistance”, chant First Nations as a showdown 11 January loams with Prime Minister Harper.

Sparked by Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike on tiny ‘Victoria’ Island near Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, now in its third frigid week, the native uprising across Canada is in fact the latest manifestation of the world’s colonized peoples trying to throw off the shackles of imperialism. An exciting moment, one of vital import for us all.

Their warrior path brings to mind Egyptian Muslims fighting their westernizers and Mubarakite old guard since the revolution in January 2011, or the struggle by Palestinian natives against Israeli theft of their land. It is a continuation of the Iranian people’s struggle in the face of unrelenting subversion from the West. It’s no coincidence that Cairenes were some of the demonstrators at Canadian embassies, or that native activist-leader Terrance Nelson recently was offered support in Tehran for his efforts to gain a seat at the OPEC table for the real owners of Canada’s oil and gas resources.

This struggle has been going on for more than two centuries. In Canada, it really got underway in the 19th century, as the trickle of colons became a deluge and the theft of native lands accelerated. In Egypt it began in 1798, when Napoleon invaded, and crescendoed in 1875 when British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli ‘brought’ the Suez Canal — built by endentured labor at the cost of tens of thousands of Egyptian lives. In Iran, it also began in the early 19th century, when Russia seized northern Iran (present day Azerbaijan), and picked up steam when Reuter and other western businessmen bribed the Shah to grant them lucrative economic concessions. Palestine has been at the center of the anti-imperial struggle since the western powers imposed illegally a Jewish state at the heart of the Muslim world.

Canada’s natives fought for their land, but were overwhelmed by the wiley and land-hungry colons, and today represent only 3% of Canada’s population, living for the most part short, bleak lives in dire poverty on the dregs of land allotted them by the victors.

But resistance is alive and well. “Idle No More” has swept Canada since Spence pitched her tent near Parliament Hill. Egyptians have risen up four times since Disraeli’s coup, eventually taking back the Canal and today are fashioning a new political order inspired not by western imperial dictates, but by the Quran. Iran finally had its revolution in 1979 and has been affronting the imperial monster ever since, telling truth to the world’s would-be masters.

The ploys of the imperialists were all variations on the program to steal others’ lands, and tie their economies to a world order policed by imperial guns and money. There are many weapons in the imperial arsenal, including nuclear weapons capable of destroying all life on Earth many times over, the latest being the armed drone, deploying ‘depleted’ uranium bunker-buster bombs (guaranteed to ‘keep on giving’ for hundreds of thousands of years).

Postmodern imperialism, the latest fashion, cloaks itself in ‘human rights’ and the fight against WMDs and terrorism. That this is mere subterfuge is revealed by the invasion of Iraq (and planned invasions of Iran and Syria) on the pretext of WMD eradication. Instead, hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been killed by US-led invasions, with no one guilty, no WMDs and no end in sight.

Israel’s flagrant violation of all international norms similarly goes unpunished, indeed is subsidized by the US and and enthusiastically endorsed by Canada.

Imperialism is alive and all too well, and Canada is fortunate to at last have a clear voice shouting this grim truth to other Canadians and the world. The alarm went off for Harper last year when native activist-leader Terrance Nelson went to Tehran, defying the Conservatives’ unprovoked cutting of diplomatic relations with Iran last November. Nelson was pilloried as a traitor, though it should be clear by now to Canadians who is trading away Canada’s sovereignty and our reputation.

Attawapiskat Chief Spence was inspired by four native women in Saskatoon who began a hunger strike also last November, protesting the Harper government’s omnibus bill C-45, which: *abrogates the Indian Act, ending native sovereignty,

*gives band councils greater municipal powers,

*makes reserve lands “fee simple property” (which can be bought and sold, not only leased),

*allows taxes to be charged and collected by the new Native governments.

The battle lines are drawn. The Harperite status quo is now being mobilized to push through his agenda. Commenting on the 1905 treaty governing Attawapiskat, the National Post’s Jonathan Kay wrote: “The whole basis of the treaty was destroyed as soon as traditional native hunting life came to an end. This is the fundamental reason that the Idle No More message on treaties is irrelevant: The great challenge of native policy in the 21st century will be to integrate natives into the larger economy that is based in Canadian population centers. You can’t turn the clock back to 1905, or even to 1930.” The only answer, the assimilationists claim, is to push the remnants of the natives into urban ghettoes, where they can live like other Canadian poor on welfare handouts.

The Globe and Mail‘s Jeffery Simpson lectures natives for “living intellectually in a dream palace”, built on “mythology about environmental protection and the aboriginals’ sacred link to their lands”. Harper was correct in refusing a face-to-face meeting with the native chief, since a prime minister should not be “blackmailed” into doing what any lobby group or individual wants.

As a First Nations chief devoted to her people, it is the “lobbyist” Spence who has the creds as a Canadian leader, not the scheming power-hungry Harper, who clawed his way to the top of the Reform/ Conservative Party over broken promises and lies.

The “scattered incidents” Simpson sneers at are taking place spontaneously from coast-to-coast by First Nations protesters, closing rail lines, roads, flashdancing in malls, even disrupting and closing several bridge border crossings with the US. Demonstrations have been held around the world — Palestine, Cairo, London, the US, Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Despite media disdain, there has been an outpouring of sympathy from Canadians native and non-native. NDP MP Charlie Angus visited Spence in her tent, as did Justin Trudeau: “It was deeply moving to meet Chief Theresa today. She is willing to sacrifice everything for her people. She shouldn’t have to.”

The struggle has quickly been taken up by band leaders trying to co-opt the protests. Shawn Atleo, head of the Assembly of First Nations, has called for a renewed campaign of civil disobedience beginning 16 January with “country-wide economic disruptions” and “breach of treaty” declarations. This should climax with the proposed Crown-First Nations Summit 24 January, a repeat of last year’s meeting, when the appalling housing conditions on the Attawapiskat reserve first hit the media.

Idle No More may well act as a catalyst and ignite a broader struggle against Harper’s agenda, his hollowing out of environmental protection laws and Canada’s declining record on human rights. Perhaps Harper’s grudging agreement to meet with native leaders 11 January is too late for him. Starving a native women leader at the heart Canada’s democracy, at Christmas no less, is not conducive to good PR for a leader whose hold on power is shaky. Spence agreed to attend but refused to end the hunger strike she began 11 December until she is convinced this isn’t just another PR stunt. She insisted that Governor Geneneral David Johnston and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty be at the meeting.

Canada is at last redeeming itself in the world’s eyes after seven humiliating years of kowtowing to the US-Israeli agenda both abroad and at home, and we have the First Nations people to thank, their resolve “a conduit for the pain of the world”, comments Naomi Klein. Idle No More speaks for all Canadians against the 1% who so eagerly sell out Canada’s resources and smirch its reputation in the world. “The greatest blessing of all is indigenous sovereignty itself. If Canadians have a chance of stopping Harper’s planet-trashing plans, it will be because these legally binding rights – backed up by mass movements, court challenges, and direct action will stand in his way.”

Not only do Canada’s natives empower all Canadians against the 1%, they also help us understand Canada’s actions in Palestine and Iran, countries whose people love Canada and rout for our natives, whose struggle against the imperial order is their struggle too. Victory against Canada’s Mubarak helps Egyptians shake off the legacy of neoliberalism, helps Palestinians in their struggle against Jewish colons in Israel, and Iranians dying in hospitals for lack of medicines due to the embargo intended to crush their independence.

Eric Walberg is author of Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games You can reach him at
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