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Video: RAW: Moment plane crashes into tree in US parking lot caught on CCTV

CCTV video has emerged of a small plane crashing into a tree in a parking lot in Plainville, Connecticut on Monday morning. The 79-year-old...

Police identify Parsons Green terrorism suspect from CCTV – Sky sources

Published time: 15 Sep, 2017 14:09 Edited time: 15 Sep, 2017 16:33 Police sources say...

Video: Where’s My Cut? Burglars fail to open ATM with circular saw (CCTV)

Three men with sawn-off hunting rifles enter a grocery store in Russia, threatening the cashiers and attempting to open a cash machine with a...

London acid attack caught on CCTV as police hunt for suspect (VIDEO)

Published time: 1 Sep, 2017 11:48 Edited time: 1 Sep, 2017 14:27 Police have released...

Virgin release CCTV proving Jeremy Corbyn told the truth about ‘Traingate’

Published time: 23 Aug, 2017 15:12 Newly released footage appears to prove Jeremy Corbyn did...

Video: CCTV: Moment police officer kills Surgut knife attacker caught on cam (GRAPHIC)

A CCTV video has emerged online showing what appears to be a suspected knife attacker being chased by an armed policeman in the Siberian...

CCTV to be mandatory in all English slaughterhouses – govt

Published time: 12 Aug, 2017 09:03 Slaughterhouses in England will be mandatorily fitted with CCTV...

Video: Horrific plane crash on California freeway captured on CCTV

Shocking videos of a plane crashing into a California freeway and bursting into a ball of fire have been released by John Wayne Airport....

Fatal Florida plane crash caught on CCTV (VIDEO)

Published time: 24 Jun, 2017 23:14 One person has died and another injured after a plane...

Video: GRAPHIC: Moment of terror attack on Iranian parliament captured on CCTV

Video footage has emerged of the recent attack on the Iranian parliament, showing gunmen storming the building and people in the visitors' hall fleeing...

Video: CCTV: Manila casino attacker’s last moments as he enters casino, sets it on...

CCTV footage released by police on Sunday showed the Resorts World Manila attacker moving through the building starting fires, setting gambling tables alight ... Via...

CCTV footage released of Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi (VIDEO)

Published time: 2 Jun, 2017 12:31 Police have released CCTV stills and footage taken of...

Video: CCTV cam: Moment of blast in central Baghdad, at least 10 killed, dozens...

Iraqi officials say a car bombing at a popular ice cream shop in Baghdad killed at least 10 and wounded dozens. Hospital and police...

CCTV fitter hid cameras in customers’ homes to spy on them having sex

A man has been jailed for setting up CCTV cameras in people’s homes to spy...

Video: CCTV cam: Armed militants launch deadly attack on National Guard base in Chechnya

Six Russian servicemen have been killed and several more injured in a militant attack on a Russian National Guard base in the Chechen Republic....

CCTV captures sex attacker stalking woman, dragging her to ground in attempted rape (VIDEO)

Published time: 17 Mar, 2017 15:14 A man who stalked a woman before pouncing on her...

CCTV mixed with bulk data collection increases threat to privacy – watchdog

Mass data collection and the proliferation of CCTV vastly increase the risk of citizens being...

UKIP canvasser caught on CCTV urinating on voter’s fence (VIDEO)

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) was forced to apologize after one of its canvassers was caught on CCTV urinating on an elderly woman’s property...

Love-rival neighbors jailed after ‘knife duel’ caught on CCTV (VIDEO)

Two love-rival neighbors armed with knives have been jailed after being caught on camera dueling...

Video: CCTV: 6yo Chinese boy struggles to steal car, fails, runs back to mommy

A surveillance camera captured the harrowing scene of a boy, unattended, driving his family car in a parking garage in south China's Guangdong Province...

Man stabbed repeatedly in shocking CCTV footage released by Manchester Police (VIDEO)

Police in Manchester have released CCTV footage of a vicious stabbing that took place in...

Video: CCTV: Truck loses control & plows into roadside houses in China

Five people were killed and three others injured after a truck plowed into residential buildings in northwest China. The accident happened around noon when...

CCTV footage of violent arrest that led to firing of 3 officers finally released...

Video footage of the controversial incident that led to the firing of three Massachusetts officers has...

Video: Moment of Izmir blast caught on CCTV cam

An explosion went off outside Izmir courthouse in western Turkey. At least 10 people are said to be injured in the blast, Reuters cites...

Video: Istanbul nightclub gunman shooting at people caught on CCTV (GRAPHIC)

WARNING: You may find the video disturbing as it contains scenes of violence and murder A horrendous video has emerged online, showing an attacker...

Video: Suspects leaving scene after setting homeless man on fire in Berlin (CCTV footage)

READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/7yzm The suspects accused of setting a homeless person on fire in the Berlin underground have been identified as refugees from ... Via...

E-cigarette explodes in man’s pocket near pram, dramatic CCTV footage shows (VIDEO)

Fire services have released CCTV footage of the dramatic moment an e-cigarette battery exploded in...

Disturbing CCTV footage shows father-of-two stabbed 10 times in unprovoked attack (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Police are appealing for information after a 50-year-old man was stabbed 10 times in a...

Video: Moment of deadly attack on Christian cathedral in Cairo caught on CCTV

At least 25 people, mostly women and children, were killed, and 49 others injured in an explosion near Cairo's Coptic Christian Cathedral. RT LIVE...

CCTV footage shows woman kidnapped and forced into van by gang (VIDEO)

Distressing CCTV footage has emerged showing a woman being kidnapped and forced into a van...

Dramatic CCTV Footage

The Last Refuge September 24, 2016 Dramatic home security footage as three armed attackers break down the door to a home. Moments later the armed female resident fights...

Video: Stuffing the box! Russian parliament election fraud caught on CCTV

CCTV footage shows people committing election fraud in Russian cities during the State Duma elections. COURTESY: RT's RUPTLY video agency, NO ... Via Youtube

Video: CCTV: Alleged moment of Manhattan explosion, NYC

A CCTV footage has emerged online, allegedly showing the exact moment of the Manhattan explosion which injured at least 29 people. RT LIVE ... Via...

CCTV camera captures alleged moment of Manhattan explosion (VIDEO)

A CCTV footage has emerged online, allegedly showing the exact moment of the Manhattan explosion which...

Video: Russian CCTV: Man saves kitten stranded in the middle of busy highway

Kitten stranded in front of oncoming traffic on a Kaliningrad highway. In total, the little cat spent four minutes in the middle of the...

CCTV footage shows sickening hunting knife attack in London (VIDEO)

Metropolitan Police have released CCTV footage of an attacker using a hunting knife to slash the face of man in west London. In dramatic footage...

Video: Graphic: High-speed head-on collision involving govt car caught on CCTV in Moscow

A high-speed head-on collision between a BMW government car and a Mercedes was caught on CCTV. According to police, the Mercedes unexpectedly ... Via Youtube

Video: Nerve-shredding CCTV: US officer pulls man from rail tracks moments before train arrival

Footage released by NJ Transit shows US police officer pull man from rail tracks moments before train arrives at the station. READ MORE: on.rt.com/7nv5...

Video: Worth the risk? Cost-cutting means CCTV cameras to be scrapped from London’s tourist...

Amid the growing fears of terrorist attacks across Europe, the British government has taken an unexpected step by deciding to remove dozens of CCTV...

Axing CCTV in London a ‘crazy idea,’ counter-terrorism expert tells RT

Former counter-terrorism detective David Videcette has blasted a central London council’s plans to scrap CCTV...

Video: CCTV: Moment of deadly bomb blast in Pakistan, over 70 reported dead

Casualties from a terrorist attack in Baluchistan, Pakistan, have risen to at least 70, with some media reporting as many as 93 casualties and...

Video: Driver catapults man 15 ft into air, attacks again in hit and run...

Police have released “distressing” CCTV footage of a man being thrown 15ft into the air after being struck by a car in Norfolk. Courtesy:...

Video: Bosporus Bridge horror: Deadly clashes in failed Turkey coup attempt captured on CCTV

New footage of the bloodbath captured on CCTV cameras from multiple angles reveals the true horror that unfolded on the Bosphorus Bridge on the...

French government orders destruction of Nice attack CCTV footage to prevent leaks

An urgent legal requisition was sent to a urban supervision center in Nice on Wednesday, July 20. The Parquet stated a desire to "avoid...

Video: Airstrikes, tanks roving streets: Dramatic moments of Turkey coup attempt (CCTV footage compilation)

Dramatic moments of Turkey coup attempt in new CCTV footage compilation show airstrikes & blasts near presidential palace as well as tanks roving streets...

Man throwing bag of rotten pork at mosque in London caught on CCTV ...

Shocking footage of a man throwing a bag of rotten pork meat at a mosque in North London has been released by police. Police in...

Video: CCTV Footage: Istanbul airport attacker frantically looks for victims

CCTV footage has caught one of the attackers at Istanbul Ataturk Airport smashing his rifle on the floor in frustration over being unable to...

Video: GRAPHIC: Moment blast goes off at Ataturk airport in Istanbul (CCTV footage)

CCTV footage showing one of the two deadly explosions that took the lives of at least 10 people at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport has emerged...

Video: GRAPHIC: Police shoot Istanbul Ataturk airport attacker before he detonates himself (CCTV)

At least 50 killed, 100+ injured in blasts at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport. CCTV captured police shooting airport attacker before he detonated himself. COURTESY: ... Via...

Video: Spectacular giant fireball flaring over US caught on dashcams & CCTV

A meteor flashing in the night skies of the US just before 1 a.m. Tuesday was caught on dashcams of police cars in Plattsburgh...

Video: CCTV: Polish train driver rockets through cars to warn passengers of inevitable crash

Polish train driver managed to warn his passengers to brace themselves just moments before they collided with a truck at a railway crossing. None...

Florida cop arrested, fired for repeatedly hitting handcuffed woman in shocking CCTV footage (VIDEO)

A Florida police officer has been charged with battery and was fired from his position after...

Video: CCTV: Train collides with tour bus on railway crossing in Thailand, several dead...

Three people were killed and at least 30 were injured after a train collided with a tour bus on a railway crossing in the...

Video: Actual CCTV footage of Brussels attacks ‘man in hat’ suspect

Belgium's federal police have released on YouTube the actual CCTV footage of suicide bombers from last week's airport attack. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air ... Via Youtube

Video: CCTV: Toddler hit by car in China, escapes with minor injuries

A child was squatting on the ground after a woman let him standing alone in front of the bus station. A moment later, the...

Video: Flydubai plane crash FIRST VIDEO: Moment Boeing-737 crashes in Rostov-on-Don caught on CCTV

Flydubai flight FZ981 has crashed in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don killing all 62 passengers and crew on board. The flight was en...

Video: CCTV: Moment of suicide blast in central Istanbul

At least five people, including the attacker, have been killed, and at least 36 others wounded after a suicide bombing rocked the main shopping...

Shooting by gang in Brixton caught on CCTV (VIDEO)

Footage of a shooting in Tulse Hill, Brixton, in South London, has been released by...

Video: CCTV Footage: Man slams Syrian child refugee to ground

Local governor in Izmir, Turkey is calling for the arrest of the man seen in the video slamming the child to the ground. The...

Video: CCTV footage: Moto rider with child narrowly escapes death under truck wheels in...

CCTV footage shows a motorcycle driver with his 5 year old daughter being knocked down by a 20-meter-long truck waiting at the traffic lights...

Video: CCTV footage: Truck hits tricycle at crossroads, driver seriously injured

A CCTV footage shows a truck hitting a tricycle at a crossroads in Huai'an, China, on Tuesday. The tricycle driver was injured and is...

Video: CCTV: Moment of Ankara blast caught on security camera

At least 28 people have been killed nad 61 injured in a car explosion in Ankara, Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister said. The blast happened...

Video: CCTV Footage: Moment 6.4 earthquake hit Taiwan

Southern Taiwan was hit was hit by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake early Saturday, with heavy damage reported. Read More: http://on.rt.com/73r4 ... Via Youtube

Video: *Graphic*: CCTV footage of brutal hit-and-run in Brighton, UK

Footage released Tuesday by Sussex Police captured the moment of an alleged hit-and-run incident in the seaside resort of Brighton. COURTESY: RT's ... Via Youtube

Video: CCTV: Egyptian migrant prevents robbery at supermarket in Italy

A 29-year-old Egyptian migrant prevented a robber from stealing from a cashier at a supermarket in Turin, on January 12. According to footage taken...

Video: CCTV: Gas explosion devastates restaurant in Mexico City

At least eight people have been injured by an explosion in Mexico City, according to the city's ambulance service. The city's mayor, Miguel Angel...

Video: CCTV Footage: Scooter crashes into oncoming car in China

Electric bicycle crashes into car in east China village Langxi County, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, east China. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! Via Youtube

Video: CCTV: Passenger train smashes truck on rail crossing

A train smashed into a truck at a rail crossing in Frydek Mistek in Czech Republic. None of train passengers was injured in the...

Video: CCTV: Landslide causing house crash onto road in China

CCTV is showing a building crashing down because of a sudden landslide in Guizhou Province, southwest China. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! Via Youtube

Video: CCTV: Truck tips over & rams into traffic in China

CCTV cam records moment truck flips over & crashed into 4 vehicles Liupanshui City, southwest China. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! Via Youtube

Video: CCTV: Moment of explosion at Bayrampasa station in Istanbul

An explosion near a subway station in the Bayrampasa district of Istanbul has reportedly left at least one person dead and five more injured....

Video: CCTV footage: Student shot in stomach while stopping armed robbery [GRAPHIC]

Peter Gold, a 25 yo student, was shot in the stomach in New Orleans after stopping his car to come to the aid of...

Video: CCTV: Disguised Israeli commandos raid hospital to detain Palestinian stabbing suspect

Israeli security service operatives infiltrated a hospital in the Palestinian West Bank on Thursday, killing a bystander while attempting to detain a suspect who...

Video: CCTV: Palestinian woman stabs guard amid checkpoint chat

An Israeli security guard has been injured in the West Bank in the latest stabbing incident. A Palestinian woman who attacked the guard was...

Video: CCTV footage: Truck looting gang in action in S. Italy

The State Police of Bari issued an arrest order for a group of perpetrators who committed series of thefts and robberies on a highway...

Video: CCTV: Palestinian man rams car into bus stop, then attacks pedestrians with machete-like...

Israeli police released footage on Tuesday showing a Palestinian man in Jerusalem ramming his vehicle into pedestrians and then getting out and attacking ... Via...

Video: CCTV: Boy steps aside seconds before car slams into same place

Courtesy: Dmitry Marchenko http://vk.com/planetperfecto Miracles really do happen, this incident proves. Check out how a little boy in the Crimean capital of ... Via Youtube

Video: CCTV: Huge glass panel falls inches from super-lucky Saudi stroller

A Saudi man can consider himself the luckiest man on Earth after a huge glass panel fell from a great height and landed just...

Video: CCTV footage: NYPD officer slams tennis star James Blake

Surveillance footage released by the New York Police Department shows officer James Frascatore ambushing US tennis star James Blake in what appears to ... Via...

Video: CCTV Footage: Motorcyclist engulfed in flames as his mobile phone turns into fireball

An Indian motorcyclist's phone exploded after he placed it on his vehicle while stopping at a petrol station to refuel it in Hyderabad. COURTESY:...

Video: FIRST VIDEO: Moment of Bangkok bomb explosion caught on CCTV

A motorcycle bomb has exploded in a commercial and tourist center in Thailand's capital Bangkok, killing at least 16 people and injuring more than...

Video: CCTV: Crane crushes a sidewalk, passers-by run for their lives

Shocking footage of a crane crushing a sidewalk in the western Netherlands has emerged, showing passersby narrowly escaping death. About 20 people were ... Via...

Video: CCTV Footage: Homemade bomb hurled at ex-Brazilian President’s foundation

Attackers hurled a homemade bomb from a car at the foundation of ex-Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, in Sao Paolo. The Lula...

Video: CCTV: Chilean man plummets 17 floors and survives

23yo Sebastian Reyes fell from the 17th floor and survived in Rancagua, Chile, on June 20. After miraculously surviving he returned to the site...

Video: CCTV: Moment drug lord ‘El Chapo’ escapes maximum security prison in Mexico

Video shows Mexican drug kingpin escaping maximum security jail - READ MORE http://on.rt.com/bh7hld RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! Via Youtube

Video: CCTV Footage: Moment when train derails in Mumbai

At least 5 people were injured after a train that had departed from Bhayandar derailed at Mumbai's Churchgate station on Sunday, as shown by...

Video: CCTV footage: Heavy shelling hits Donetsk train station

Three shells could be seen and heard falling near a railway station in the Kievskiy district of Donetsk on Monday evening. CCTV footage at...

Put CCTV in EVERY home: Householders should help us trap burglars, says Scotland Yard...

Homeowners should consider fitting CCTV to trap burglars, the country’s most senior police officer declared yesterday. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said police forces needed more crime...

City of London police get power to tap into CCTV

City of London police are to trial a new technology that allows officers to receive CCTV film in real time - an innovation used...

CCTV footage ‘disappeared’ after the Hillsborough football disaster

Sadie Robinson CCTV footage from the Hillsborough disaster disappeared from the stadium, a jury has heard. Some 96 Liverpool football fans died as a result of...

CCTV Captures Driver Beaten Viciously by Cops During Routine Traffic Stop

A young man left with severe facial injuries after a brutal beating by Nassau County Police Department (NYPD) officers during a routine traffic stop...

Schools use CCTV to spy on teachers

Schools are using CCTV cameras designed to keep pupils safe to spy on teachers, it has been claimed. Teachers are being subjected to “permanent surveillance”,...

CCTV shows News of the World staff hiding evidence from police

CCTV footage broadcast in the  Old Bailey yesterday showed News of the World staff allegedly hiding potentially damaging evidence before police arrived at Mr and...

Navy Yard False Flag Massacre – FULL CCTV Footage

On September 16th 2013, the FBI alleges that a lone "disgruntled employee," who has also been labeled a "conspiracy theorist" for his belief that he was being targeted by mood-altering ELF (Extra Low Frequency) waves, brought a shotgun onto a highly...

Diana Crash CCTV Operator: Footage ‘Rounded Up & Destroyed’

Donal MacIntyreSunday ExpressSeptember 15, 2013 A Sunday Express investigation has revealed that film footage of Diana's...

Smashing State Surveillance: Group Breaks CCTV Cameras on the Street

A group of German anarchists have inspired other radicals to take a direct action approach to surveillance cameras: smash them. As Salon’s Natasha Lennard notes,...

Police Refuse to Remove Illegal CCTV Cameras

Police in Hertfordshire, UK, have refused to remove controversial automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras.

UK has a CCTV for every 11 people

Britain has a CCTV camera for every 11 people, a security industry report disclosed, as privacy campaigners criticized the growth of the Å“surveillance state”....

Civil Liberties and CCTV Camera Surveillance. Landmark Court Decision in Australia

Image by lonely radio Last week (2nd May), in the midst of Privacy Awareness Week , an Australian campaigner, Adam Bonner won a landmark decision...

Big Brother Spends £100K On Ineffective CCTV

Civil liberties campaigners have hit out at Swindon Council’s plan to link CCTV cameras across the town centre in a £100k bid to combat crime and disorder.

CCTV Punch Attacks: Michael Ayoade Jailed

A man who punched a teenage girl and a female student, leaving them unconscious on the ground, has been jailed for four years.

Michael Ayoade, 35, was caught on CCTV staging the random attacks in Plaistow, east London.

In the second attack on November 13 last year, he jogged up behind a 16-year-old girl in the High Street and punched her in the head. The teenager fell to the ground, breaking three of her teeth.

A year earlier, Ayoade punched a university student in the side of the head at Plaistow tube station. His victim, Daniella Montieth, was taken to hospital with a broken tooth.

Passing sentence at Inner London Crown Court, Judge Roger Chapple said Ayoade, of Greengate Street, Plaistow, had launched "vicious, unprovoked attacks on young, lone females".

He said: "These images are indeed worth many thousands of words. The footage captures graphically the shocking violence of these attacks.

"In both cases there was but one blow. In the case of (the 16-year-old) it can plainly be seen from the CCTV footage that the force behind the blow was massive.

"The ferocity of the blow that you struck to her after running up behind her with full force was truly shocking.

"In both cases the force of the blow was such as to render the victims unconscious albeit mercifully not for long."

Ayode, who is originally from Nigeria, followed the teenager for 800m before attacking her.

Prosecutor Joel Smith told the court Ayoade said she had "looked at him in a rude way" and that he could not go through the rest of the day having taken "an insult from a little person like that".

Ayode, who was arrested shortly after the attack, admitted two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm and one of possessing cannabis after a bag of the drug was found at his home.

Defending, Gillian Frost said Ayoade, who had smoked three or four cannabis joints and drunk a cup of vodka before attacking the teenager, had not wanted to cause more serious harm to either woman.

He was jailed for four years for the attack on the teenager and 19 months for punching the student, although the two sentences will run concurrently.

There was no separate penalty for the cannabis charge.

MP Calls For More CCTV Cameras

A scrapped surveillance project which unfairly targeted Muslims in Birmingham should be reinstated, according to Labour MP for Perry Barr, Khalid Mahmood.

Tenerife beheading: Court shown CCTV footage

The daughters of a British woman beheaded in a shop in Tenerife have seen horrific CCTV footage as it played out in court. Jennifer Mills-Westley, 60, was viciously stabbed and decapitated with a nine-inch carving knife in the popular resort of Los Cr...

Woman and toddler hit-and-run CCTV released

Police have released video of the moment a woman and toddler were sent flying in a hit-and-run in an effort to track the driver and the car. The CCTV footage shows the 42-year-old driving instructor and her three-year-old nephew crossing the road on D...

James Bulger murder 20 years on: CCTV which shook Britain

It was a grainy CCTV image that appeared to show an innocent scene of a toddler walking hand-in-hand with a child.

But what the pictures in fact revealed turned out to be every parent's worst nightmare.

As James Bulger was led through the Strand shopping centre in Bootle, Merseyside, on February 12 1993, there was nothing to hint at the dreadful murder he would later suffer.

Moments earlier he had been seen on cameras walking with his mother Denise Bulger, now known as Denise Fergus.

Although occasionally dropping a few steps back, he followed his mother into a shop.

A short time later he was seen leaving alone, with his mother in pursuit soon after.

But instead of finding her son wandering nearby, it soon became apparent that James was missing.

The next day, his parents, Denise and Ralph, made an emotional appeal for help as detectives released CCTV images that would shock the nation.

They revealed the terrible reality that James had been abducted - by a child.

For reasons that are still unknown, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, then aged 10, had led the toddler out of the shopping centre.

Shocking details of James's torture would later emerge during the trial.

The two boys, who were truanting from school, walked James around the streets of Liverpool for more than two miles, stopping occasionally to kick and punch him.

They told adults who intervened that he was their brother.

After taking him to a nearby railway line, they left his body on the tracks in the hope it would be destroyed by a train.

The toddler had been splattered with blue paint and his battered head lay surrounded by a pile of bricks.

His body was found two days later by children playing on a freight railway line - 200 yards from Walton Lane police station, Liverpool, and more than two miles from the Strand shopping centre.

Chilling: James Bulger is led through the Strand shopping centre in Bootle Merseyside hours before his murder  …

Days later Venables and Thompson were arrested in connection with the murder of James, and later charged.

They were the youngest to be charged with murder in the 20th century.

In November that year, they were convicted following a 17-day trial at Preston Crown Court and ordered to be detained at Her Majesty's pleasure, the normal substitute sentence for life imprisonment when the offender is a juvenile.

Haunting: The section of Merseyside railway where James Bulger died (PA)Trial judge Mr Justice Morland told the pair they had committed a crime of "unparalleled evil and barbarity".

As shadow home secretary in 1993, future prime minister Tony Blair described the murder as "a hammer blow against the sleeping conscience of the nation".

Some 17 years later the country was awoken once again when Venables was returned to custody after allegedly breaching the terms of his release.

But details of his alleged crime were slow to emerge.

He had been controversially freed from prison in 2001 with a new identity, along with Thompson.

When they were released they were considered to be at serious risk of revenge attacks.

Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, of the High Court Family Division, made an unprecedented court order banning publication of any information which could lead to the revelation of their new identities.

It was the court injunction preventing Venables's identification which meant details of the alleged breach were not immediately released.

The Ministry of Justice said the 27-year-old had been returned to custody "following a breach of licence conditions", adding: "There is a worldwide injunction in place that prohibits any reporting, including reporting on the internet, that could identify him or his location."

The Government faced growing calls to provide more information, including from the toddler's mother, Denise Fergus.

She said: "I am sick of them closing doors in my face. It's about time they started telling me what I think I should know. As James's mother I have a right to know."

But then-justice secretary Jack Straw said revealing further details would not be in the interests of justice.

Information about Venables's alleged crime could have led to his identification, putting Mr Straw in contempt of court.

The Attorney General's department issued a warning about the danger of publishing details which might make a fair trial impossible.

Tragic: James Bulger is buried by his father on March 1 1993 (PA)

Lady Butler-Sloss herself stressed "the enormous importance of protecting his anonymity now and if he is released because those who wanted to kill him in 2001 are likely to be out there now".

Meanwhile, Mr Straw told the Commons: "If any offender on a life licence is charged with a serious further offence, a thorough review of the supervision must be carried out."

It later emerged a psychiatric assessment of Venables compiled prior to his release said he posed only a "trivial" risk to the public.

The account, seen by The Times newspaper, reportedly formed part of the legal case for Venables's release under a new identity.

On April 16 prosecutors were handed a police file over the allegations against Venables.

Despite news reports alleging he had been found with child sex abuse images on his computer, ministers were still only confirming that he faced "serious allegations".

It was not until June 21 2010, after a judge at the Old Bailey lifted media restrictions, that it could be reported Venables had been charged with downloading and distributing indecent images of children.

He was jailed for two years after pleading guilty to the charges and in 2011 he was refused parole.

Venables is expected to make a renewed bid for parole later this year.

Cregan trial: CCTV shown of Grenade attack

A jury has heard that one of Dale Cregan's alleged victims was chased through his house and shot repeatedly, before a grenade was thrown at him causing "devastating" injuries. The evidence emerged at Preston Crown Court, where Cregan is also facing ch...

Safe sex students ‘in CCTV romp’

An investigation is under way at one of the country's leading universities after students were alleged to have been caught having intercourse on camera during a safe sex ball. The University of Exeter's students' guild has begun to look into the incid...

‘Big Brother’ CCTV Internet Company Expansion Slammed

Australians are now able to view CCTV footage in UK stores in a move slammed as "pointless and perverted." Cornwall-based website Internet Eyes offers rewards...

New breed of CCTV tracks shoppers

Douglas Heaven | ARE you enjoying your shopping experience? Video surveillance systems might soon be answering that question for you. CCTV security cameras are a familiar...

Police ordered illegal CCTV cameras to be placed in home

Max Salsbury, 24Dash | A council illegally installed surveillance cameras in a home after being told to do so by police, it has emerged. Cambridge City...

New breed of CCTV ‘a threat to human rights’

Daily Mail | Powerful CCTV cameras which can recognise and track faces from more than half a mile away are being installed across the country...

Schools defend use of CCTV in school toilets

HEAD teachers have defended the placing of CCTV cameras to monitor school toilets.

CCTV Sparks Privacy Fears

Installation of CCTV cameras along a public bridleway in Leicestershire without warning has sparked privacy fears among nearby residents. Concern is also growing over future...

Council Using Mobile CCTV To Watch Motorists

Big Brother Watch, a civil liberties campaign group, have highlighted a Bedford Council plan to ‘snoop’ on motorists and collect ‘vast amounts of data...

Police admit CCTV not effective – solves less than 1 crime per year

Ewan Turney The news takes on extra relevance for pubs after reports of several police forces in parts of the country, including Islington, Richmond and...

Government plans to install CCTV in 20,000 homes

Adam Hartley The UK Government's Children's Secretary Ed Balls has announced a controversial new CCTV monitoring scheme, in which thousands of problem families are to...

Watchdog wants police to limit CCTV demand on pubs

Tough new government guidelines are to be demanded to stop police making unfair requests to pubs and clubs around the use of CCTV. Privacy watchdog...

Street CCTV has little effect on crime

The Guardian | The use of closed-circuit television in city and town centres and public housing estates does not have a significant effect...

Digital Big Brother with IP CCTV

Half of city councils have moved their CCTV to IP systems, letting more real-time applications be used by police and other government agencies. According to...

Bomb-proof CCTV

Depressing news for extremist privacy lovers today: a cheap CCTV camera which can reliably survive a large bomb explosion with video recordings intact has...

Government issue warning to Town Hall CCTV

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has vowed to stop councils using CCTV to spy on staff, Yourmaidstone reports. A survey has revealed that town halls are...

Warning over use of CCTV in pubs

The information commissioner has said pubs with no history of trouble should not be forced to install CCTV cameras. The Information Commissioner's Office is concerned...

Landlord wins battle to keep CCTV out of his pub

By Georgina Littlejohn | A landlord has won the right not to install CCTV cameras in his pub after he argued that it would threaten...

Police in CCTV ‘beating’ of war hero to be probed

By Paul Byrne |   Two police officers are being investigated for allegedly pinning down war hero Mark Aspinall and repeatedly punching him. The officers, called to deal...

CCTV Judges Your Behaviour

Via anonymous email Portsmouth introduces CCTV cameras that can 'identify' suspicious behaviour and alert their operators As an MP is reportedly arrested for trying to leak...

Social services ‘set up CCTV camera in couple’s bedroom’

Social workers set up a CCTV camera in the bedroom of a couple with learning difficulties in order to monitor their behaviour, a new...

Smile please, you’re on 1,000 CCTV cameras

By Richard Down | ALMOST 1,000 local authority CCTV cameras provide surveillance on Merseyside as people go about their everyday lives, the Daily Post...

Taxis Get CCTV Cameras

TAXI drivers have welcomed proposals to improve passenger and driver safety, including tougher driver testing and compulsory installation of CCTV. Changes to the licensing of...

Teachers concerned over CCTV in schools

A quarter of teachers are said to be worried about hidden surveillance cameras in their schools. According to members of the Association of Teachers and...

Call for system to ensure proper use of CCTV

By MICHAEL SETTLE | A new system should be introduced to ensure that the growing number of CCTV cameras are used properly, Ann McKechin, the...

Chief constable defends ‘trivial’ use of CCTV

By Robin Turner | USING CCTV cameras to spy on dog owners who fail to clear up their pets’ mess is perfectly acceptable, Wales’...

CCTV row breaks out in crime-free village

Daily Record | VILLAGERS are up in arms after CCTV was installed in an area where crime is almost unknown. Nearly all of them have...

CCTV doesn’t keep us safe, yet the cameras are everywhere

By Bruce Schneier | Pervasive security cameras don't substantially reduce crime. There are exceptions, of course, and that's what gets the press. Most famously,...

Tories pledge to curb use of CCTV cameras

By James Kirkup | Mr Davis told the Society of Conservative Lawyers that the widespread use of closed circuit television (CCTV) risks infringing civil...

CCTV boom has failed to slash crime, say police

By Owen Bowcott | Massive investment in CCTV cameras to prevent crime in the UK has failed to have a significant impact, despite billions...

Union attacks Big Brother CCTV plan for exams

PLANS to use CCTV to spy on students sitting exams have been branded as Orwellian. The Examination Officers’ Association is planning to test the move...

CCTV cameras not capturing many crimes

San Francisco's 68 controversial anti-crime cameras haven't deterred criminals from committing assaults, sex offenses or robberies - and they've only moved homicides down the...

CCTV may soon ‘identify’ criminals

· Offenders' faces tracked through CCTV images · Scheme part of 'hi-tech revolution on the beat' The police are developing the first national database of mugshots...

CCTV camera sees under clothing

Applications for CCTV operators go through the roof A UK company is marketing the first CCTV camera that can see objects under a person's clothing. The...

Council rules out ‘unlawful’ CCTV

The Telegraph A council has decided not to install CCTV cameras in a crime-ridden area on the grounds they would "contravene the Human Rights Act". John...

CCTV Busting Infra-Red Headset Makes You Invisible

by Cory Doctorow This German exibition is showcasing bright infrared LED devices that overwhelm the CCDs in security cameras, allowing you to move through modern...

CCTV risks making life less safe

It's not only about civil liberties. The cameras produce fallible images, encourage detachment, and corrode civic values Libby Brooks The Guardian The bustling high street in the...

CCTV proves police lied: de Menezes behaved normally before being murdered

Aftermath News The murder scene. Jean Charles de Menezes ‘ body in a puddle of blood after police pumped seven slugs into him. The cops claimed...

CCTV to outwit Jason Bourne

By Jasper Copping A closed circuit television (CCTV) system to outwit even the most elusive secret agent or criminal has been devised by scientists. The flaws...

Big Brother Bins – This Time It’s CCTV

Requests to place cameras on new wheelie bins were among some of the queries submitted following the announcement of Spelthorne's new waste collections. The new...

London’s CCTV network is a waste of cash

£200 million and can't solve crime By Nick Farrell  LONDON'S 10,000 crime-fighting CCTV network, which costs £200 million, might as well be cardboard boxes on the...

CCTV surveillance market to grow 12.4%

The global CCTV market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 12.4% for the period spanning from 2005 to 2008. However, the global...

Fascist Police State Looms Closer With “Intelligent CCTV”

By Mick Meaney RINF Alternative News  A new CCTV system is being trialed at one of the UK’s busiest train stations. Known as “Intelligent CCTV”, the...

‘Put CCTV in addicts’ homes to protect children’

LUCY ADAMS A controversial plan for CCTV to be used to protect children in the homes of chaotic drug-abusing parents has been proposed by one...

Eerie CCTV

By Patrick Goss I’ve got a confession to make; whenever I see a security camera I feel inexplicably guilty. So it was with some concern...

CCTV runs risk of data protection breach

Code of practice consultation sparks debate whether use of surveillance cameras could create breaches of privacy and data laws. By Miya Knights CameraWatch has warned UK...

CCTV On School Buses

Pam Caulfield and Michael Meaney Pupils could be under increased surveillance if a proposed school transport shake-up goes ahead. Leicestershire County Council is looking at the idea of more...

Public webcams, not CCTV, urged to avoid Big Brother society

Ian Sample Footage from surveillance cameras must be made freely available to the public if Britain is to avoid becoming a Big Brother state, researchers...

American tourists doused with acid in Marseilles, one suspect arrested

Published time: 17 Sep, 2017 14:14 Edited time: 17 Sep, 2017 18:13 Two American tourists are...

Hundreds of soldiers deployed across UK to free up police hunting for Parsons Green...

Soldiers have been deployed across the UK to free up the 1,000 policemen hunting for...

ISIS claims responsibility for London underground blast

Published time: 15 Sep, 2017 18:56 Edited time: 15 Sep, 2017 20:59 ...

London Parsons Green IED 'similar to Boston Marathon bomb,' only partially detonated

Police have confirmed the explosion on a packed rush hour tube train at Parsons Green...

11 black men jailed for killing under controversial 'guilty by association' law

Some of the young black men jailed for the killing of Abdul Hafidah under joint...

Gigantic ‘fatberg’ found under London, weighing same as 11 double-decker buses

Published time: 12 Sep, 2017 11:34 A gigantic ‘fatberg’ – the weight of 11 double-decker...

‘Don’t visit crime victims, email them,’ police chief says

Published time: 11 Sep, 2017 11:15 Victims of minor crime should no longer expect the...

Inside a British prison: Drug smoking inmates brag on smartphones of cushy jail life...

Published time: 11 Sep, 2017 16:35 British prisons are constantly being mocked by inmates who...

2 American students accuse Italian police of rape

Published time: 8 Sep, 2017 17:20 Two members of the Italian Carabinieri are being investigated for...

SUV plows into NYC laundromat, injures 6 people (VIDEO)

Published time: 4 Sep, 2017 17:23 A car accidentally plowed into a New York City laundromat,...

Box of 70 fireworks set off in pizza takeaway (VIDEO)

Published time: 30 Aug, 2017 12:44 Terrifying CCTV footage shows the moment a box of...

Colorado ‘stabbing victim' invented ‘neo-Nazi’ story, bought knife himself – police

A man who claimed he was attacked and stabbed in a parking lot in Colorado for...

London police spend £9.4mn on lethal weapons to fight terrorism

Published time: 22 Aug, 2017 12:37 London’s Metropolitan Police has massively increased spending on weapons...

Police make 26 ‘preemptive’ gangland arrests ahead of Notting Hill Carnival

Published time: 22 Aug, 2017 15:17 Edited time: 22 Aug, 2017 15:58 At least 26...

Video: RAW: Moment van mows down pedestrians in Barcelona caught on camera (DISTURBING FOOTAGE)

The first video of the ramming attack which killed 14 people and injured more than 100 others in Barcelona on Thursday has surfaced online....

Facial recognition tech turns people into ‘waking ID cards,’ warn privacy activists

Police force use of facial recognition technology in public spaces risks turning people into “walking...

Moped robbers drag 52-year-old woman to ground to snatch belongings (VIDEO)

Published time: 11 Aug, 2017 12:37 CCTV footage has been released showing a moped gang...

Police hunting jogger who pushed woman into path of London bus make arrest (VIDEO)

Published time: 10 Aug, 2017 14:48 Edited time: 10 Aug, 2017 15:25 Police searching for...

Driver banned after towing man around in wheelchair (VIDEO)

Published time: 4 Aug, 2017 13:26 A 20-year-old motorist has been charged with dangerous driving...

Teen inmate shot with stun gun 4 times while strapped to chair (VIDEO)

Published time: 31 Jul, 2017 13:53 Three correctional officers are now on gardening leave after an...

Fast & furious burglar foiled by traffic jam as armed police swoop in (VIDEO)

Published time: 30 Jul, 2017 13:29 CCTV footage shows the moment a UK burglar's joyrider...

Is London in the grip of a knife crime epidemic? (VIDEOS)

Two 15-year-old boys were jailed for life this week for stabbing Hussein Ahmed to death...

Drones to be registered in UK, users to take safety tests

Published time: 22 Jul, 2017 17:38 Drone enthusiasts will face new restrictions in the UK...

Car plows into gang fight on London street (VIDEO)

Published time: 19 Jul, 2017 15:52 A video captures the horrifying moment a young man...

Release of 40k mink in Minnesota dubbed ‘domestic terrorism’ by sheriff

Nearly 40,000 domesticated American mink have been released into the wild by trespassers, and now a...

Cops knock thief off ‘Boris Bike’ with police van door (VIDEO)

Published time: 9 Jul, 2017 15:10 A man escaping with items looted from a luxury...

London Bridge attack hero Roy Larner caught on camera shouting racist slurs

A hero of the London Bridge attack who became famous for his defiant cry of...

Govt urged to help Asian victims of crime in NZ

Editor's note: It's no mystery as to who is perpetrating the crimes. The news in NZ has been hot and heavy with...

Man killed in Finsbury Park terrorist attack died from ‘multiple injuries,’ post-mortem shows

Published time: 22 Jun, 2017 16:29 Makram Ali, the man who died at the scene...

First images of fake suicide belts worn by London attackers released (PHOTOS)

Published time: 11 Jun, 2017 05:36 Edited time: 11 Jun, 2017 05:57 London police have...

London attack ‘could’ve been worse’ as terrorists tried but failed to rent 7.5-ton lorry...

British police say casualties from the London Bridge attack could have been much worse had...

Manchester attacker Salman Abedi bought most bomb components alone – police

Salman Abedi shopped alone for most of the components used to build the suicide bomb...

Bomb disposal unit deployed in Wigan in connection with Manchester attack investigation

Residents were forced to leave their homes in Wigan for the second time in five days as a bomb disposal unit was deployed in...

Manchester attack: Police appeal for information on bomber’s blue suitcase

Published time: 29 May, 2017 18:38 Police investigating the Manchester terrorist attack are looking for...

Members of Manchester bomber network may still be on the loose – UK home...

Members of the Manchester suicide bomber’s network may still be on the loose, UK Interior...

UK police release photo of Manchester bomber on attack night, find device ‘assembly place’

Published time: 27 May, 2017 21:29 Edited time: 27 May, 2017 21:50 British police have...

Mosque near Manchester set on fire in ‘possible retaliation’ against concert bombing

The door of an Islamic center in Oldham, outside Manchester, was set alight in an arson attack hours following the suicide bombing at the...

Chicago jail inmates get their own pizzeria and cell delivery service

Published time: 10 May, 2017 21:48 Edited time: 11 May, 2017 11:02 Hundreds of inmates housed...

Refugee killed by electric bolt while attempting to smuggle aboard Eurostar train

A refugee has died after being electrocuted while attempting to climb onto the roof of...

Farmers could turn to robots to make up shortage of human workers after Brexit

A new generation of robots is being readied to fill a labor shortage on Britain’s...

Drunken customer throttles, punches grandmother outside her own pub (VIDEO)

Published time: 19 Apr, 2017 11:32 Shocking CCTV footage shows a drunken thug violently throttling and...

Police hold children at gunpoint in Muslim house raid (VIDEO)

Shocking footage has emerged showing police raiding a house in Birmingham and pointing machine guns...

Man on trial for child rape & triple murder jumps to death from courthouse...

Published time: 11 Apr, 2017 19:34 A man has jumped to his death from an Ohio courthouse...

Man who tried to set himself alight at gas station jailed (VIDEO)

A man caught on CCTV trying to set himself alight at a gas station and just moments away from causing a “catastrophic” fire has...

Domestic abuser ordered to report all new relationships to police

In the first mandate of its kind to be imposed in England or Wales, a man convicted of inflicting bodily harm on his ex-partner...

Mexican attorney general faces drug trafficking charges after San Diego arrest

Published time: 30 Mar, 2017 12:19Edited time: 30 Mar, 2017 12:20 A Mexican state attorney has been...

Man beats fellow train passenger who woke him up for his stop (VIDEO)

A man has been jailed for one year after beating a fellow London Thameslink train passenger who tried to wake him up for his...

One-armed assailant tears off man’s ear in vicious assault (VIDEO)

Published time: 15 Mar, 2017 17:22 CCTV footage shows a one-armed man attacking an innocent bystander...

‘Pickpocket Queen of Birmingham’ who racked up 153 offenses is jailed… again (VIDEO)

A woman dubbed the Pickpocket Queen of Birmingham is being jailed for a third time...

'Hoverboard fire’ leaves 4yo dead and 2 others clinging to life

Published time: 12 Mar, 2017 00:48 A hoverboard is suspected to have caused the devastating Pennsylvania house...

Man who slit his throat in court to avoid prison is sentenced for possessing...

Published time: 6 Mar, 2017 17:13 A man has been sentenced after slashing his throat in...

‘White people shouldn’t breed’: Racist attacker spits in baby’s face

Published time: 21 Feb, 2017 16:47 A racially-motivated attacker spat into the face of a nine-month-old...

Video: Moment of Kim Jong-nam ‘assassination’ captured on security camera

CCTV footage allegedly showing the moment of the deadly attack on the half-brother of North Korea's supreme leader has emerged online as tensions between...

Disabled man lynched & left for dead, killers jailed for life

A disabled man was lynched and beaten by two men in a park in an...

‘I can’t breathe!’ Video shows police pepper-spraying black man in restraining chair

Footage from the Montgomery County Jail in Dayton, Ohio, shows police officers pepper-spraying a black man...

Amputee granddad fined £130 after authorities confuse 8mph mobility scooter for Porsche

A granddad who recently had a leg amputated is fighting a road fine after his...

The Great Book Robbery: £2mn ‘Mission Impossible’-style heist nets some of world’s rarest editions

Three thieves cut a hole in a reinforced roof of a London warehouse, abseiled down...

Gang kidnap man by dragging him out of busy Bristol bar (VIDEO)

CCTV footage showing a man being kidnapped by a gang of thugs from a busy...

ANAL squatters violently evicted from billionaire’s London mansion, already eye new property (VIDEO)

A group of squatters named Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians (ANAL) was violently evicted on...

Nunchuck-wielding motorbike thieves attack owner before fleeing (VIDEO)

CCTV footage has captured the moment a ticked of motorbike owner confronted two thieves armed...

Child sex abuser imprisoned girl in ‘hidey-hole’ behind fridge guarded by Alsatians

A sex offender described as “paranoid and short-tempered,” who used a hidey-hole guarded by dogs...

Policeman filmed in shootout with Turkish mobster awarded medal for bravery (VIDEO)

An off-duty firearms officer who was shot at seven times by a Turkish mobster during...

Tunisia beach massacre: Security forces deliberately stalled response, inquest hears

Tunisian security forces “deliberately and unjustifiably” stalled in responding to a massacre of holidaymakers in which 38 tourists were killed, an inquest heard on...

Mexico arrests US citizen thought to be behind attack on American diplomat

A suspect in the brazen broad light shooting attack on a US consulate official in Mexico has been arrested and it’s emerged he’s a...

Attempted assassination of US consular official in Mexico caught on tape (VIDEOS)

An attack on a US consular official in the western Mexico city of Guadalajara was caught...

Five injured after wild brawl in America’s largest jail (VIDEO)

A brutal brawl captured on security cameras has left five inmates seriously injured at Cook County...

Video: Robbery goes wrong: Teen snatches burglar’s gun instead of handing over money

CCTV footage captures an attempted robbery in Atlantic City, US. The robber threatened a teen with a gun, but the youth managed to snatch...

Teenage shop clerk fearlessly snatches gun from armed robber (VIDEO)

CCTV footage of an attempted robbery shows a teenage shop worker snatching a gun right out...

‘Unpresidented’: Trump corrects Chinese drone seizure Twitter mishap

US President-elect Donald Trump has once again become the butt of numerous jokes on social media...

Spies recruited me then ‘threw me to the wolves’ – terrorism convict

A convicted terrorist suspect who aided the Brussels bombers has claimed that he was recruited and groomed by UK spies before being thrown “to...

Islamic terrorists funded by British benefits cash, says former watchdog

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of British housing and child welfare payments have been used...

Bystanders rifled through homeless man’s pockets as he froze to death (VIDEO)

Disturbing CCTV footage has emerged showing people searching through the pockets of a homeless man...

Jihadists ‘used UK welfare payments to fund Paris & Brussels attacks’

Jihadists accused of carrying out terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels used British welfare payments...

Far-right ‘terrorist’ Thomas Mair jailed for life for murder of Labour MP Jo Cox

Far-right extremist Thomas Mair has been found guilty of the murder of Labour MP Jo...

Jo Cox murder suspect Thomas Mair refuses to give evidence in defense

Thomas Mair, who stands accused of murdering Labour MP Jo Cox in the run up...

$5k reward for arrest of cardboard Donald Trump thief (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Police in Suffolk County, New York, are offering a $5,000 cash reward in return for information...

Video: Inside ISIS underground tunnels and bunkers in Mosul area

Note: Footage features pre-recorded voiceover released by CCTV Footage from underground tunnels and bunkers built by ISIS in Mosul area to survive heavy ... Via...

3 Philadelphia prison guards arrested for alleged assault on handcuffed inmate

Three Philadelphia prison guards are facing charges including aggravated assault after allegedly beating up a handcuffed...

Was missing RAF airman last seen heading back to base the night he disappeared?

Corrie McKeague, an RAF airman who many fear was kidnapped, may have been last seen heading back towards his base at 4:20am the night...

Thug hits Spanish-speaking man in face with wooden plank, demands he ‘speak in English’

A Spanish-speaking man was hit in the face with a plank of wood by a...

Safety and status: Majority of London knife crime no longer linked to gangs

The majority of London knife crime is no longer related to criminal gangs, the head...

Man tries to buy fries with Rizlas, sparks violent brawl (VIDEO)

A man’s trip to a fried chicken shop in the northern town of Middlesbrough descended...

Police Admit: No-Go Zones in France

A massed Molotov cocktail attack by dozens of nonwhite invaders on a police patrol in Viry-Châtillon, south Paris, has forced police in...

Has missing RAF serviceman been abducted?

Police have expanded the search for a missing RAF serviceman who was last seen over...

Drunk man stopped from driving by gang of mums, banned from roads (VIDEO)

A drunk man was stopped from driving by a mob of mums who wrestled the...

4 dead, manhunt for mall shooter underway in Burlington, Washington State

A manhunt is still underway after SWAT teams swept the Cascade Mall and nearby areas in...

#TakeCTLR: US cities, activists rise against police surveillance

Eleven cities across the US have partnered with 13 organizations to push for community control over...

GTA Dagenham? Burglars filmed fleeing crime scene… on a mobility scooter (VIDEO)

Police have released footage of a gang using a mobility scooter as an unlikely getaway...

Kabul River and Standing Rock Sioux

by Dr. Hakim / September 20th, 2016 Government officials and business people today routinely negotiate: “We’d like to extract the oil.” Or gas, or such...

Thugs’ shotgun murder attempt caught on video in south London (VIDEO)

Three hooded thugs were caught on camera firing a shotgun at a young man on...

Problem, Reaction, Solution: How Will MP ‘Death Threats’ Be Used To Manipulate Your Freedom...

At least 25 British MPs have been sent identical messages threatening to kill them and their families, alongside a picture of a severed head. The...

Billionaire Branson survives ‘near death’ high-speed bike crash in Caribbean (BLOODY PHOTOS)

Billionaire British business man Richard Branson said he thought he was about to die as he crashed head-first while cycling in the British Virgin...

George Galloway to RT: Jeremy Corbyn is telling truth about #traingate (VIDEO)

George Galloway has defended Jeremy Corbyn from an “absurd” scandal in which the Labour leader...

Suspect dons ‘old man’ disguise in brazen attempt to fool police (PHOTOS)

A suspected drug dealer who had managed to evade US police for more than five months...

Knife-wielding student tries to break into Buckingham Palace ‘to kill the Queen’

A Chinese student was arrested after trying to break into Buckingham Palace with a knife...

Religiously motivated killer of Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah jailed for life

A taxi driver has been jailed for life after admitting he murdered Glasgow shopkeeper Asad...

130 British MPs demand extra security amid spike in abuse, threats

Almost 130 British lawmakers have requested greater security for their homes and offices in response to a surge of online abuse and threats, it...

Acid attack 'thug' locked up for spraying teens with corrosive drain cleaner (VIDEO)

A British teenager has been jailed after permanently scarring a group of friends in what...

‘Distressing’ footage of hit-and-run attack released by UK police (VIDEO)

Police have released “distressing” CCTV footage of a man being thrown 15ft into the air...

Churches told to bolster security after ISIS murder of Normandy priest

Churches must review their security to deter terrorist attacks, the British Home Office has told...

Ban of Russian Olympic Team: Cold War at its “Best”!

New Cold War is now in full swing and the West is using both old and new tactics, in order to demonize and discredit...

Video: RAW: Chinese navy holds massive combat drills in disputed South China Sea

Warships, supporting vessels and planes from China's Northern, Eastern and Southern Fleet were mobilised for the exercises, according to CCTV. Via Youtube

Why black lives matter: 6 high-profile killings enraging America

The deaths of of two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, at the hands of...

‘We’re with you’: London families show solidarity with Polish Center attacked by racists

On Tuesday, London communities showed solidarity with a Polish Center that had been targeted with...

Reckless driver crashes through shop window, knocks down child (VIDEO)

A shocking CCTV video released by Manchester police shows the terrifying moment a six-year-old boy...

British police ‘teaching Saudi torturers’ – leaked documents

British police are teaching Saudi officers hi-tech crime detection techniques that could lead to the...

Tunisian Waitress in London Assaulted for Serving Alcohol During Ramadan

Editor's Comment: The waitress assaulted is not French as this article states. She is Tunisian, but thanks to mass unwanted immgration into...

Video: Courageous mother saves daughter from shocking kidnap attempt in grocery store

The extraordinary moment a man tried to abduct a teenager from a Florida supermarket has been captured on CCTV, showing the failed kidnapper dragging...

Not the time or the place: Grab-happy visitor wrecks museum’s clock display (VIDEO)

A visitor to America’s National Watch & Clock Museum in Pennsylvania is no doubt wishing he...

Jury sees police taser ‘mentally ill’ Islamic extremist who slashed London commuter’s throat (VIDEO)

Dramatic footage of an Islamic extremist being tasered by police after he slit the throat...

Lawyers & juries could be ‘transported’ to virtual 3D crime scene – study

Researchers from a UK university want to develop ways of how virtual reality technology can...

‘Smile’ sparks wild Mother’s Day restaurant brawl between patrons and staff (VIDEO)

Four people received disorderly conduct citations following a massive Mother’s Day brawl at a Japanese restaurant...

SF cops tackle police brutality protesters as ‘Frisco Five’ continue hunger strike (VIDEOS)

Over a dozen protesters demanding the resignation of San Francisco Police Chief Gregory Suhr over cop...

UK police hack gun smugglers’ encrypted messages, seize arms cache with Paris attack links

Police spied on the encrypted messages of Kent-based gunrunners, who were smuggling 31 rifles and...

Crimea’s Tatars Persecuted by Stalin Then, Putin Now

Even though Tatars fought for Russia in World War II, Stalin deported many of them. (Photo: Turkish Press) Last year, Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine,...

5 arrested as Brussels, Paris terror attack investigation reaches Britain

Five people from Birmingham have been arrested on suspicion of preparing acts of terrorism as...

'Selfie' arsonist gets 20yrs & $60mn fine for starting California wildfire

A man who filmed himself in front of what turned out to be a month-long wildfire...

2 Americans killed in Istanbul blast – White House

Two Americans were killed in the suicide bombing that rocked a tourist shopping street in Istanbul...

Gunman filmed shooting at teens in North London (VIDEO)

A man appears to chase and shoot at a group of fleeing teenagers in a...

G4S child abuse scandal: Wardens dealing with kids ‘must wear body cameras’ — watchdog

A deepening child abuse scandal engulfing G4S has led watchdogs to suggest that its young offenders facility in Kent be scrutinized by an independent...

US media agency BBG chief says more taxpayer money needed ‘to counter RT’

BBG, the US government agency overseeing state-funded media directed at foreign audiences, needs more money to be on a par with countries such as...

Criminal investigation launched into police killing of unarmed man in London

By Robert Stevens  The shooting death by a police firearms officer of father-of-two, Jermaine Baker, on December 11, has provoked an angry response within the north...

Video: Cyclist bumps into moving high-speed train, fined by police

The CCTV footage shows a cyclist trying to pass a lowered barrier at a railway crossing in Opole, Poland. The man was knocked off...

Video: Stealing in style: Man escapes on futuristic device with pack of energy drinks

CCTV footage shows a UK man riding an unusual 'hoverboard scooter' device after stealing a crate of energy drinks as bemused shop staff look...

Video: RAW: Heavy truck in flames dashes out of tunnel in China

CCTV cam recorded a truck in flames dashing out of tunnel in China on Friday. The vehicle went aflame while passing the tunnel and...

Video: Chinese Standoff: Robbers fail in jewelry heist attempt

A CCTV camera recorded a failed robbery in a Chinese gold shop in Yulin, Shanxi Province, northwest China. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! Via...

Police say UK journalist Jacky Sutton’s death in Istanbul airport was suspicious

The unexplained death of British journalist Jacky Sutton in an Istanbul airport is now being treated as suspicious after police discovered thousands of euros...

Video: ‘I wanna get off NOW’: Woman misses stop & jumps out of bus...

CCTV footage from Henan Province in China shows a woman jumping out of the window of a moving bus into a busy road. Somehow,...

U.S. Has Now Retrospectively Joined Fascist Side in WW II

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at strategic-culture.org At a commemorative celebration in Beijing on Thursday September 3rd, marking the 70th Anniversary of China’s freedom from the...

‘UK surveillance worse than Orwell’s 1984’

UN special rapporteur on privacy has slammed Britain’s surveillance situation, saying it is even worse that what author George Orwell imagined in his novel...

Councils misused & lost citizens’ data thousands of times – privacy watchdog

Privacy rights campaigners are demanding that UK council staff face prosecution after an investigation revealed government employees stole, lost or inappropriately accessed citizens’ sensitive...

Video: Crowd Control: Cop peppers sprays protesters and fellow officer

CCTV footage of a police officer in Cleveland using pepper spray to disperse a crowd that gathered after an arrest was made. The police...

7/7 led to wars abroad and loss of freedoms at home… but do we...

For the London media 7/7 is 'done and dusted', but for Tony Gosling, who helped cover the IRA London bombing campaign for the BBC,...

13 holes in government & media account of 2005 London Bombings

Litany of media, police & judicial failures: 10th anniversary of 7/7 London Bombings Lies & betrayal of victims' families: 10th anniversary of 7/7 London...

Threat of ‘Inevitable’ War Looms Between US and China Over Pacific Island Row

(Common Dreams) - Tensions between China and United States continue to rise over the South China Sea as a Chinese government newspaper warns that war...

New torture allegations from Chicago “black site”

By David Brown (WSWS) - New allegations of sexual assault, torture, and the planting of evidence by the Chicago Police Department (CPD) have come to light as...

The Surveillance State Is Coming to a Pub Near You

The CCTV cameras are slowly being switched off in Britain's austerity hit streets and town centres as, one by one, skint local councils and...

Protecting the Public from the Police? Will U.S. Law Enforcement Use Body Cameras to...

Obama Proposes $75 Million to Purchase Body Cameras for U.S. Police Departments Timothy Alexander Guzman Protests in US cities and towns has continued to make headlines...

New trolling laws ‘threaten freedom of speech’

Laws to deal with internet “trolling” already exist in the UK and newly-proposed legislation makes many worried about democracy and freedom of expression Gavin...

Cries for ‘US Troops Out Now’ Follow Soldier’s Alleged Killing of Woman in Philippines

'Surrender the American soldier to Philippine authorities, then allow all U.S. ships and military personnel to leave and never come back,' said critic Andrea Germanos Dozens...

Hillsborough cop says fans ‘weren’t aggressive to me or other people’

Police pushed fans trying to escape a deadly crush at the Hillsborough football stadium in April 1989 back into the pens, an inquest has...

Plebgate shows police dishonesty

A Scotland Yard report on the "plebgate" saga shows "industrial levels of dishonesty by police working in Downing Street", an MP has claimed. The force...

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton – US Losing Information War to Alternative Media

The US is losing the global information war, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared while appearing before a congressional committee to ask for extra...

Water cannons arrive on mainland Britain

Paul Stuart Three water cannons purchased by the London Metropolitan Police Service (the Met) have arrived in the UK. They are now at a secret...

UK Adds Facial Recognition to Surveillance Arsenal

by Nicholas West - The UK is probably the only place that surpasses New York's "Ring of Steel" for bringing a full-spectrum Big Brother...

Privacy concerns? UK police test ‘faster-than-ever’ facial recognition software

Facial recognition surveillance software being tested by British cops that allows “faster than ever” data searching and tracking of subjects is raising concerns among...

Ukraine Bombing Of Residential Building Caught On Tape

CCTV captures a moment when Ukrainian army shelled a residential area in Severodonetsk, Lugansk region. President Poroshenko resumed military operations in E.Ukraine on Monday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThK6zt_GOyM

Jimmy Savile: ‘It couldn’t happen again.’ Yes it could and it’s probably happening right...

Tony Gosling Will the Savile scandal be the last top establishment cover-up to see the light of day? We heard this week yet more horrors about...

You can’t force-feed occupation to those who crave freedom

The National – 23 June 2014

For more than a month Israel sought to wriggle off a hook that should have snared it from the start. Two children, 17 and 16, were shot dead during Nakba Day protests near Ramallah, in which youths threw stones ineffectually at well-protected and distant Israeli military position.

Hundreds of Palestinian children have lost their lives over the years at the end of a sharpshooter’s sights, but the deaths of Nadim Nuwara and Mohammed Abu Al Tahir in Beitunia were not easily forgotten.

Israel’s usual denials – the deaths were faked, video footage was doctored, Israeli soldiers were not responsible, the youths provoked the soldiers, no live ammunition was used – have been discredited one by one. Slowly Israel conceded responsibility, if only by falling into a grudging silence.

A CCTV camera mounted on the outer wall of a carpentry shop provided the most damning evidence: it captured the moments when the two unarmed boys were each hit with a live round, in one case as the youth can be seen walking away from the protest area.

But rather than come to terms with the world as it now is, Israel wants to preserve the way it once was. It believes that through force of will it can keep the tide of accountability at bay in the occupied territories.

There has been no admission of guilt, no search for the guilty soldiers and no reassessment of its policies on crowd control or the use of live fire – let alone on the continuation of the occupation. Instead, 20 soldiers arrived last week at the store in Beitunia, threatened to burn it down, arrested the owner, Fakher Zayed, and ordered he remove the camera that caused so much embarrassment.

According to Israel, the fault lies not with a society where teenage soldiers can choose to swat a Palestinian child as casually as a fly. The problem is with a Palestinian storekeeper, who assumed he could join the modern world.

The nostalgia for a “golden era” of occupation was evident, too, last week in a policy change. Israel has rounded up hundreds of Palestinians in the hunt for three Israeli teenagers missing since June 12. Palestinian cities like Hebron have been under lockdown for days, and several Palestinians youths killed, while soldiers scour the West Bank.

But with the search proving fruitless, Israel’s attorney general approved the reintroduction of the notorious “ticking bomb” procedure.

In doing so, he turned the clock back 15 years to a time when Israel routinely used torture against prisoners. Israel may not have been alone then in using torture, but it was exceptional in flaunting its torture dungeons alongside claims to democratic conduct.

Only in 1999 did the country’s supreme court severely limit the practice, allowing interrogators one exemption – a suspect could be tortured only if he was a ticking bomb, hiding information of an attack whose immediate extraction could save lives.

Now Israel’s law chief has agreed that the Palestinian politicians, journalists and activists swept up in the latest mass arrests will be treated as “ticking bombs”. Israel’s torture cells are back in business.

Israelis have been lulled into a false sense of security by the promise of endless and simple technical solutions to the ever-mounting problems caused by the occupation.

This week, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, hoped to find another “fix” for Palestinians who refuse to remain supine in the face of their oppression.

Mr Netanyahu is racing through a law to force-feed more than 100 Palestinian prisoners who are two months’ into a hunger strike. The inmates demand that Israel end the common practice of holding prisoners for months and sometimes years without charge, in what is blandly termed “administrative detention”.

Such prisoners, ignorant of their offence, are unable to mount a defence. And as it becomes ever clearer to Palestinian society that Israel is never going to concede Palestinian statehood, things that were once barely tolerated are now seen as unendurable.

Last week, the heads of the World Medical Association urged Israel to halt the legislation, which in a double bill of compulsion will require doctors to sedate and force-feed prisoners to break their hunger strike.

The WMA called the practice “tantamount to torture”. The legislation violates not only the autonomy of the prisoners but the oaths taken by the doctors to work for their patients’ benefit.

The liberal Haaretz newspaper warned that Israel was rushing headlong towards “a new abyss in terms of human rights violations”. And all this to prevent reality pricking the Israeli conscience: that Palestinians would rather risk death than endure the constant indignities of a life under belligerent occupation.

Israelis have yet to realise the dam is soon to burst. They still believe a technical fix is the way to solve ethical dilemmas continuously thrown up by the longest occupation in modern times.

Israel’s technical solutions work to an extent. They confine Palestinians to ever smaller spaces: the prison of Gaza, the city under lockdown, the torture cell, or the doctor’s surgery where a feeding tube can be inserted.

But the craving for self-determination and dignity are more than technical problems. You cannot force-feed a people to still their hunger for freedom.

Belligerent occupations – especially ones where no hope or end is in sight – engender evermore creative and costly forms of resistance, as the hunger strike demonstrates. A physical act of resistance can be temporarily foiled. But the spirit behind it cannot be so easily subdued.

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Wolfgang Halbig’s Quest for Truth

Requests for public records under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act can result in threats of arrest under felony harassment charges. This is what former Florida State Trooper and school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig discovered after repeatedly telephoning and sending the series of emails, a portion of which appear below, to Newtown, Connecticut state and U.S. federal officials demanding more information on the Sandy Hook School massacre of December 14, 2012.

All of the requests below, spanning from records on Sandy Hook’s routine asbestos inspections to the key FBI crime report on the incident, have been met with almost complete silence. The non-responses from Connecticut and federal agencies were punctuated by two residential visits from local Lake County Sheriff’s deputies threatening to lock Halbig up if he persists in his pursuit of the truth. The most recent visit from law enforcement took place on Tuesday, February 18, when deputies questioned Halbig on his recent remarks to American Free Press’ David Gahary that he intended to travel to Newtown on a fact-finding mission in March.-JFT

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Fri, 27 Sep 2013 09:00:43 -0500
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: Mike Kehoe your Police Chief should be immediately fired for Negligence

Mrs Llordra:

I find this e-mail very difficult to write but as a Former Florida State Trooper and old now find the actions of your Police Chief very disturbing.

I have dedicated my life in public service and to read about your police chief giving Lt. George Sinko only a letter of reprimand for failing to respond to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting on Dec 14, 2012

You should ask yourself as to how a Lt. working an off-duty detail at a construction site and making overtime money can ignore 911 calls and a Newtown police dispatcher requesting help from police officers for shots fired at The Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I cannot imagine any police officer ignoring emergency help requests when children and school staff lives are being threatened.  To sit in your car and listen to all those emergency calls go over the airwaves and do nothing is negligence.

For over two hours he sits and does absolutely nothing while children and school staff are being shot and killed.

Your Police Chief states in the newspaper that he is not a first responder.  He also states that he was off duty.

I can tell you and so can any other certified law enforcement officer when working an off-duty detail that you are never off-duty especially when lives of children and school staff are at stake.

We in law enforcement are on duty 24/7 always on call.

This Lt is  24 year veteran and if he does not know his responsibilities then he should also be immediately be fired along with the Police Chief.

This is a national embarrassment that clearly demonstrates negligence by both the Police Chief for not calling him to duty that morning and for the Lt not responding to this crisis.

We are all first responders even if you are a Lt.

How embarrassing for the City of Newtown Ct having a Lt. sit for over two hours and not respond and only be given a letter of reprimand.

I know that there is more to the story and I only hope that you use common sense in handling this huge embarrassment for your City.

Wolfgang W Halbig

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 14:11:53 -0500
To: Kathy June <[email protected]>
Cc: “[email protected]”  “[email protected]
Subject: Last try for Freedom of Information Act from your Interim Superintendent


Please tell your Interim School Superintendent that his response is total Horsepoop.

Hiding behind the safety of children and school staff in not releasing my information request is unprofessional if he is an educator.

I am simply asking for the Vendors name who you the school district or school hired to install the security system at Sandy Hook Elementary School with address and contact numbers

Just like Stanley Security Solutions has installed all of the security tools at the Sandy Hook replacement school.

They have donated over $100,000 thousand dollars in front door access control with CCTV CAMERA AND ACCESS BUTTON WITH CMAERA BEING A COLOR CAMERA.



What is wrong with your school district and your superintendents?  What are they afraid off?

I need the total cost of the project.

I need the date of completion.

I need the breakdown of the total cost as to what did the cameras cost? Are they color or just black and white?

I do not want to know the locations as I do know the placement of the cameras at the Sandy Hook replacement school and I promise not to ever hurt any child or staff in your school district.

Please comply with my FOIA as soon a possible since I have been waiting forever.

Wolfgang W Halbig

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 09:12:28 -0500
To: <[email protected]>
Cc: Kathy June <[email protected]>, “Katersky, Aaron” <[email protected]>, “[email protected]”, “[email protected]
Subject: Freedom of Information Act for the State of Ct.

Captain Rios:

Please provide me with copies of the contracts  and costs for the Crime Scene Cleanup in Decontaminating and Sanitizing the Sandy Hook Elementary School after Dec 14, 2012 .

The School Districts was considering allowing children and school staff to return to the school and now they have decided just to tear it down.

Who was the company that you the police allowed in the school providing me with the start date and end date of removing all of the Bio-Hazard materials.

Copy of the licenses that the company provided to you for transporting Medical Waste.

They would have to remove all the blood, bodily fluids, brain matter, skull fragments and around 45-60 gallons of blood based on the number of children and school staff shot and killed that day.

I am the Chief Investigator for the Children’s Safety Institute and a School safety Expert which now requires this information to be made available since it has been 11 month and you have not even provided a simple police or incident report.

If you do not have that information then please direct me to the agency that would have been responsible for decontaminating the crime scene and Sanitizing it since you allowed them into the school to remove furniture.

My address is [address]

Wolfgang W halbig

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 11:00:41 -0500
To: Boston <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Do I need to get arrested to show the FBI’s negligence in Sandy Hook?

Boston FBI Offices;You get things done.Boston Marathon Bombing and spectators killed and seriously  injured and you the Boston FBI in three days solve this heinous crime.Millions of people watching and with a President stating in a National Press Conference that he will use every resource in his office in solving this horrendous crime just as he stated during the Sandy Hook Press Conference.You are good and now I am being told that the FBI has NO jurisdiction in the Sandy Hook Elemenatry School Shooting. That only the CT State Troopers and the Dansbury State Attorney control this event yet I am told that you the FBI in New Haven are being told to retract your official report and that is why it is taking so long.I call this Bullshit.  Sorry for the profanity.I know the FBI since I worked with you guys in Miami, Florida as a Florida State Trooper and will never for get April 11, 1986 when two of your Agents were killed and five others were serioulsy injured.>We are law enforcment partners for life and after having to seen that crime scene my request for information and help should not be that difficult.I understand crime scenes and how we collect evidence but after 11 months and the failure of disclosing the truth has caused National Panic and Fear in all schools across this country and I can take you guys on a field trip and show it.Panic and fear should not drive school safety especially when we have not heard the truth.You act accordingly when knowing all the facts.Please help and I know it is New haven but they refuse to respond.Wolfgang W halbig

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 17:17:45 -0500
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: Do I need to get arrested to make my point?

Newhaven FBI Field Offices:

In major crimes such at Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting multiple agencies work closely together is trying to solve a crime as quickly as possible so rummors don’t fly around and create panic and fear as it now has now at sandy Hook.

You are part of this huge problem because I know that President has the report on the Sandy Hook supposed incident.

I know that the Attorney General Eric Holder has the report of the supposed incident at Sandy Hook.  Why not the National Media and put this ever occurring Sandy Hook terms to bed.

Boston; FBI replied and this was my response back to them.

>You make things happen.

You get things done.

Boston Marathon Bombing in which spectators were killed and seriously  injured and you the Boston FBI in three days solve this heinous crime.

Millions of people watching and with a President stating in a National Press Conference that he will use every resource in his office in solving this horrendous crime just as he stated during the Sandy Hook Press Conference.

You are good and now I am being told that the FBI has NO jurisdiction in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. That only the CT State Troopers and the Dansbury State Attorney control this event yet I am told that you the FBI in New Haven are being told to retract your official report and that is why it is taking so long.

I call this Bullshit.  Sorry for the profanity.

I know the FBI since I worked with you guys in Miami, Florida as a Florida State Trooper and will never for get April 11, 1986 when two of your Agents were killed and five others were serioulsy injured.

We are law enforcment partners for life and after having to seen that crime scene my request for information and help should not be that difficult.

I understand crime scenes and how we collect evidence but after 11 months and the failure of disclosing the truth has caused National Panic and Fear in all schools across this country and I can take you guys on a field trip and show it.

Panic and fear should not drive school safety especially when we have not heard the truth.

You act accordingly when knowing all the facts.

Please help and I know it is New haven but they refuse to respond.

Wolfgang W Halbig

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 08:18:58 -0500
To: Kathy June <[email protected]>
Subject: CT Freedom of Information Request again


You don’t return my phone calls and now I am requesting again the following which has nothing to do with the criminal investigation or places children and school staff at risk.

Please provide quickly.

Please provide me with copies of the contracts  and costs for the Crime Scene Cleanup in Decontaminating and Sanitizing the Sandy Hook Elementary School after Dec 14, 2012 .

The School Districts was considering allowing children and school staff to return to the school and now they have decided just to tear it down.

Who was the company that you the police allowed in the school providing me with the start date and end date of removing all of the Bio-Hazard materials.

Copy of the licenses that the company provided to you for transporting Medical Waste.

They would have to remove all the blood, bodily fluids, brain matter, skull fragments and around 45-60 gallons of blood based on the number of children and school staff shot and killed that day.

I am the Chief Investigator for the Children’s Safety Institute and a School safety Expert which now requires this information to be made available since it has been 11 month and you have not even provided a simple police or incident report.

If you do not have that information then please direct me to the agency that would have been responsible for decontaminating the crime scene and Sanitizing it since you allowed them into the school to remove furniture.

My address is [address]


Wolfgang W halbig

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 08:38:07 -0500
To: “Rubio, Casework (Rubio)” <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Request a investigative copy if the Sandy Hook School shooting from President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder now.

Whoever the case worker is:

You just don;t get it do you?  This is as urgent as it can get.  I am a Florida constituent who needs the Senator to get off his ass and get the report on Sandy Hook from the President or Attorney General Eric Holder.

You have NO clue as to what is happening out here with panic and fear running wild in all of our schools and you just don’t get it.

If you wait until Dec 14, 2012 when it becomes the first year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Shooting we will only escalate this panic and fear.

Do your research you don’t wait 11 month and have no solutions to the shooting especially when the FBI was directed by the President to investigate.

I need to hear from you and that Senator quickly on this issue and don’t tell me that this not an urgent issue pleae.

Wolfgang W halbig

From: “Rubio, Casework (Rubio)” <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 16:08:57 +0000
To: Wolfgang Halbig
Subject: RE: Request a investigative copy if the Sandy Hook School shooting from President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder now.

Dear Mr. Halbig,

Thank you for your comments. I will be sure to share them with the Senator. Please direct any future legislative comments via our website; http://www.rubio.senate.gov to ensure that a member of our legislative staff has an opportunity to respond to your concerns. This email account is reserved for Florida constituents who require immediate and direct assistance with a federal agency. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.



From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 20:22:37 -0500
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Criminal Investigation is now closed so please provide my FOIA request now.

You need to be fired and actually if it turns out to be a conspiracy you need to go to jail and loose your pension like so many others in this heinous crime.

You guys should be ashamed of what you have done.

Your Lt stay on an off-duty construction site detail for over two hours and you justify it by saying he is not a first responder. I hope when you do your speaking engagements you share that will all our other law enforcement police chiefs and officers so they can have a great laugh.

You and vance are at the head of the line and you know it.  The truth will get out sooner or later.

Hope you sleep well you coward.


From: “Kehoe, Michael”
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 12:39:28 -0500
To: Wolfgang Halbig
Subject: Fwd: Criminal Investigation is now closed so please provide my FOIA request now.

The items you seek under FOIA are exempt from disclosure under the same law.

Thank you!!

Chief Michael Kehoe
Newtown Police Department
3 Main Street
Newtown, CT 06470

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 3:28 PM
Subject: Criminal Investigation is now closed so please provide my FOIA request now.

I need you and your school superintendent to honor my CT State FOIA request that have been requested three months ago.

I requesting again under the CT State FOIA request protocols the following;

Contractors name and business address and contact numbers who was hired by the Sandy Hook Elementary School or the Newtown School District in installing the security system at the old Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The cost of the total project
The cost broken down by line item such as door locks at the front door, camera system to monitor people at the door and the recording system costs.

The cost of CCTV cameras for the school and the recording device purchased.

I do not want to know the locations of those cameras for school safety reason,

You were provided a complete and free security system by Stanley Security K-12 which included card readers for school staff, front door access controal with video monitoring and color CCTV cameras throughout the school.

I even know were they are located but I do not care about that just provide the information for the old Sandy Hook School.

Second Request under the Ct State FOIA request procedures;

1.The company that you the Newtown School Board and the Director of Facilities contracted to decontaminate and Santize the Sandy Hook Elementary School of all Bio-Hazards rsulting from the Dec 14, 2012 school killings.

2. The start date of the project in removing all Bio-Hazards such as Blood, Bodily Fluids, brain matter, skull  fragments, blood stained carpets in room 8 and room 10, blood splatter on desks and walls and windows etc.

3. The ending date of the project and total cost for decontaminationg the Sandy Hook Elementary School since you were considering opening the school again.

4. A copy of the contractors certification that he is approved in conducting crime scene decontamination of all Bio-Hazards in the State of Ct.

Your secretary took my other request of the FOIA dealing with the Life Insurance that the school board had to pay to six school satff members beneficiaries when they were killed in the line of duty.

Also the workers Compensation death benefits paid by the school board to the school  staff members beneficiaries who were killed in the line of duty by the school district.

This is my research project for my Doctorate so please provide this information.


Wolfgang W halbig

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2013 09:06:02 -0500
To: Kathy June <[email protected]>
Subject: Ct Freedom of Information Act Request


This FOIA request is for the the name and all contact numbers of the Newtown School Districts licensed School Asbestos Inspector.

This request is also for all copies of all reinspections required every three years starting in 1997 through the demolition of the Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2013.


Please provide copies of written notification for each of the years listed to parents, school staff and employees organizations on an annual basis regarding the availability of the Sandy Hook Asbestos Management Plan.

Please provide training verification for your custodial Staff at Sandy Hook of the 14 hours of training and the two hours of training within the first 60 days of hire.

I hope that is not exempt as you always respond exempt.

Also do not make the Police Chief respond to my Newtown School District FOIA requests it is your responsibility.

I have forwarded my complaints to the Freedom of Information Commission for a response of your stone walling my requests.

Please mail all information requested to [address]

Wolfgang w halbig

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2013 08:43:53 -0500
To: Sally Cox <[email protected]>
Subject: SHS Parent Contact

I am a trainer for the US Justice Department COPS IN SCHOOL PROGRAM.

Are you a registered Nurse?

Why in the closet for four hours?

Why close your eyes when you have seen blood before you are a nurse?

Wolfgang W halbig

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2013 10:51:52 -0500
To: “Vance, Paul” <[email protected]>
Cc: “Kehoe, Michael” <[email protected]>, “Ross, Brian E.” “[email protected]” “Tom Winter (Personal)”
Subject: CT Freedom of Information Act request again

Lt. Vance;

You are great at ignoring CT Freedom of Information requests which being a law enforcement officer makes you intentionally reposnible since you threatened others for posting false information.

You threatened people with arrest and yet you fail to comply with the laws of CT.

I am requesting againg the Flight log of Ct Trooper One Helicopter for Dec 13, 2012 and Dec 14, 2012 starting each day at 6:00 am and ending each of those days at 6:00 pm.

I am requesting the helicopter manifest as to who was on board and all copies of video that was shot and recorded for both days that are dated and time stamped for accuracy.

I am also requesting the company that was contracted to clean up all Bio-Hazards such as all the blood, brain matters, bone fragments, stained carpet with blood.  Bookbags and furniture that was contaminated and had to be sanitized.

These are simple questions that even you should understand and have this request processed urgently

The case is closed and I believe the information is not exempt form public records.

Please act accordingly as someone who is a PIO for the CT State Police.


Wolfgang W halbig

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2014 09:25:05 -0500
To: Kathy June <newtown.k12.ct.us>
Cc: “Ross, Brian E.” <[email protected]>, “[email protected]
Subject: Asbestos in the Sandy Hook School


I am requesting under the CT Freedom of Information Act the Tri-annual Asbestos Inspection reports from a private individual certified in conducting this required inspections.

I want the name of the company ans contact numbers.

I need copies of the reports starting in 2002 through 2011.

I need copies of letetrs sent to parents and teachers informaing them of all of the Asbestos inside the Sandy Hook Elemenatry School.

There is NO doubt that Asbestos was present since I am providing you a picture of a company demolishing the scvhool and not using the proerr Asbestos removal protocol which is a serious federal violation.

Please provide this quickly since I have tried over and over again with NO return phone calls or repsonses to my Ct of Information Act requests.

Thanks again
Wolfgang W Halbig

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British woman Samantha Lewthwaite was not among those involved in a deadly siege on a shopping center in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, Kenya...

NSA’s Attack on Privacy Tools Puts Global Online Security at Risk

According to new reporting by The Guardian, the NSA and the U.K.'s GCHQ have developed complex and "dangerous" programs to infiltrate the encryption and...

Police change defence after allegedly breaking student’s leg over ticket

Rachel Olding SMH.com.au Sept. 24, 2013 A group of police officers who allegedly broke the leg of an arts student and told her ”we...

Syria’s Troubled Waters

Syria's Troubled Waters by Stephen Lendman Conflict continues. It's raged for two and half years. It shows no signs of ending. Washington's peace overtures ring hollow....

Syria’s Troubled Waters

Syria's Troubled Waters by Stephen Lendman Conflict continues. It's raged for two and half years. It shows no signs of ending. Washington's peace overtures ring hollow....

Kenya for the third time becomes the scene of yet another “False Flag.”

Kenya for the third time becomes the scene of yet another “False Flag” The Ghost of the CIA plant -  Bin Laden lives on!!! I really wonder who they took out last year….it certainly was not Bin Laden because he died on the 14th December 2001 at the Rawalpindi Military Hospital of kidney failure.   […]

Assad not concerned about West’s draft

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says he is ˜not concerned™ about a draft resolution submitted by the United States, France and the UK to the...

Britain security suffers vulnerability

The British government™s œweak” security systems have allowed virtually anyone to view footage on the millions of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras around the UK,...

Syria, Prepare Yourself for Rape!

Syria is next! She is already marked, cornered, psychologically ravished, and now petrified. She is tied, exposed, and told to expect the worst. She...

EDL protest to spark clashes in London

The English Defense League (EDL) has raised fears of clashes between supporters of the far-right fascist group and people attending counter-demonstrations in Tower Hamlets,...

The Murder of Dr. David Kelly. “A Symbol of the Blackness of the Tony...

Where has a very small band of doctors and lay persons got to in achieving a searching and lawful inquiry into the death of...

Manchester police ignore 60% of crimes

Only 40 percent of all reported crimes in Greater Manchester are investigated, leaving a large amount of criminal cases filed by the public unsolved,...

‘US spurs Syria militants to use CWs’

This file photo shows foreign-backed militants fighting the government of Bashar al-Assad.An Iranian political analyst says Washington is encouraging foreign-backed militants to use chemical...

China’s Bo Xilai trial enters second day

Former senior Chinese politician Bo Xilai has appeared in a court in the eastern city of Jinan for a second day on charges of...

Iran holds security, safety expert expo

The fifth edition of Expert Exhibition of Security and Safety Systems and Equipment has kicked off in the Iranian capital city of Tehran, Press...

License plate readers used to record attendees at political rallies

Heeding the demands of the Secret Service, state police in Virginia recorded and collected the whereabouts of potentially millions of people in an effort...

New Evidence Princess Diana Was “Killed by a Member of the British Military” Being...

Sky News August 17, 2013 New information that alleges Princess Diana was murdered has been passed to Scotland Yard through military sources, according...

Mayor Bloomberg Loves Cameras Watching Everyone… Except His Cops

One of the directives ordered by Judge Scheindlin in her decision declaring New York City’s stop and frisk program unconstitutional was to equip NYPD officers with body cameras.

American Armies are the Greatest Impediment to Peace in the Korean Peninsula

The Korean war never really ended, of course. It was just put on hold. The war itself lasted three years from 1950 to 1953,...

China search for quake survivors

Chinese rescuers evacuate local villagers after a strong earthquake in Hetuo village, Minxian county, Dingxi city, northwest Chinas Gansu province, 22 July 2013.Rescue workers...

3 arrested over Bahrain mosque blast

A photo of the wreckage of car following a bomb explosion near a mosque in Bahrain's Riffa city on July 17, 2013Bahraini security forces...

Chicago police start using facial-recognition software to arrest suspects

Police officers in Chicago, Illinois can remotely access video shot from any of the city’s 24,000 closed-circuit television cameras, and they are already using...

Isn’t Britain a surveillance society?!

Number of privately-owned CCTVs in Britain is 70 times more than govt.-run cameras A new study has found that the number of privately-owned CCTV...

DC police want real time monitoring for hundreds of surveillance cams

Police in Washington, DC currently have hundreds of surveillance cameras deployed across the nation’s capital, but law enforcement is looking to get real time...

The 7/7 London Bombings and MI5′s “Stepford Four” Operation: How the 2005 London Bombings...

Dedicated to former South Yorkshire terror analyst Tony Farrell who lost his job but kept his integrity, and with thanks to the documentation provided...

UK disabled workers face more job cuts

Remploy workers occupied Remploy head office in August 2012.More than 230 disabled workers are at risk of redundancy as British government announced plans to...

Landslide devastates southwest China

A devastating landslide has rocked Chinaâ„¢s southwestern Sichuan Province, crushing homes and people on its path across the affected region. Local authorities said on...

The Media and Syria

Damascus. Every time I come to Syria I am struck by how different the situation is on the ground from the way it is pictured...

FBI sued over secretive facial recognition program

Soon the FBI will be done building a database containing the photographs, fingerprints and other biometric data for millions of Americans, but the agency...

South Korea president arrives in China

South Koreaâ„¢s President Park Geun-hye has arrived in the Chinese capital for talks with Chinaâ„¢s officials, which will mainly focus on the issue of...

Americans Agree: NSA 'Most Likely' Spied On Judicial and Executive Figures

A new study shows that the majority of American voters believe the NSA may have monitored the private communications of Congress, military leaders, and...

Americans Agree: NSA 'Most Likely' Spied On Judicial and Executive Figures

A new study shows that the majority of American voters believe the NSA may have monitored the private communications of Congress, military leaders, and...

Councils Abusing Snooping Powers

Councils in Scotland have been accused of abusing the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Scotland Act (RIPSA) to secretly monitor and spy on thousands of unsuspecting citizens without court order.

London Metropolitan Police demand water cannons

  By ...

2nd man held on Gloucester mosque fire

A second man is arrested by British detectives investigating a fire attack on a mosque in Gloucester.A second man has been arrested by British...

Police arrest man after UK mosque fire

British police have arrested a man after he tried to set on fire a mosque in Gloucester amid a rise in Islamophobic attacks across...

Why The Surveillance State Must Be Erased

In America today there is a great rushing storm, a swirling hurricane of clashing opinions and ideologies that defy coherent organization and classification. This...

Edward Snowden and China

First, why Hong Kong? My answer: Because he’s a spook. There has been no end of sniggering from the liberal Colonel Blimps that Snowden chose to...

Alex Jones, David Icke and Paul Joseph Watson Speak at Bilderberg Fringe Festival

Infowars.comJune 7, 2013 From the Bilderberg Fringe site: Every year politicians, royalty and CEO’s meet...

Bilderberg Day 1: Rare Photos of VIP’s and Police Surveillance of Demonstrators

While some media personalities are chasing their own digital shadow at this year’s Bilderberg, other more inquisitive journalists haven’t forgotten why they are there...

55 die at poultry plant fire in China

Fire trucks and ambulances are seen at the site of a fire at a poultry factory in Dehui City, Chinaâ„¢s Jilin Province, June 3,...

In Turkey: 'Resisting for Our Future'

(Image via twitpic)Following nearly a week of growing protest and a weekend that saw violent clashes between demonstrators and police, the supporters of the...

In Turkey: 'Resisting for Our Future'

(Image via twitpic)Following nearly a week of growing protest and a weekend that saw violent clashes between demonstrators and police, the supporters of the...

Second strike: Several tornados sweep Oklahoma, 1 repeating fatal EF5 Moore twister route (VIDEO,...

Multiple twisters have ripped through Oklahoma City and metropolitan area during rush hour on Friday evening, killing nine people, including 2 children. One tornado...

Second strike: Several tornados sweep Oklahoma, 1 repeating fatal EF5 Moore twister route (VIDEO,...

Multiple twisters have ripped through Oklahoma City and metropolitan area during rush hour on Friday evening, killing nine people, including 2 children. One tornado...

Second strike: Several tornados sweep Oklahoma, 1 repeating fatal EF5 Moore twister route (VIDEO,...

Multiple twisters have ripped through Oklahoma City and metropolitan area during rush hour on Friday evening, killing five people and wounding dozens more. One...

The Role of Turkey in the US-NATO-Israeli War on Syria

“Syria is worrying that it will be attacked by Turkey from above and by Israel from below. It is worrying that it will...

Syrian TV reporter killed by rebel sniper near Qusair

Yara Abbas, a prominent female Syrian war reporter, was killed in the country’s west, Syrian officials confirmed. The country remains a dangerous place for...

Papers Please: TSA-Style Checkpoints at UK Bus & Train Stations

‘Airport-style’ security checkpoints being rolled out in public Steve JollyInfowars.comMay 22, 2013 Travel by...

Police face scrutiny over custody death

Activists rallying on the fourth anniversary of Sean Riggâ„¢s death on August 21, 2012British Police officers could face misconduct proceedings for the way they...

'Happy April Jones got into vehicle'

7 May 2013 Last updated at 02:18 ET April Jones was playing close to her home in Machynlleth when she disappeared Continue reading the main story Mother's...

Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government?

Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government? 2013 05 06 By Glenn Greenwald | TheGuardian A former FBI counterterrorism agent claims on...

Surveillance Society: Met Police Spying On 57,000 People A Year

Today disturbing new figures have renewed accusations that Britain has turned into a surveillance society, raising more concerns over increasing levels of police surveillance powers.

No Turning Back From Surveillance Drones

The mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, has admitted that there is no turning back from the use of surveillance drones on American citizens, comparing them to CCTV cameras.

Survellience Buses Could Breach Privacy Laws

The use of external CCTV cameras on UK buses could be in breach of privacy laws, according to a Data Protection Supervisor. CCTV cameras have resulted in the illegal recording of people on their own property.

Bin Lorries Become “Mobile Surveillance Vehicles”

Privacy campaign groups have called the introduction of the CCTV cameras on bin lorries as a “needless intrusion” on staff that turn the trucks into “mobile surveillance vehicles”.

Divers find Russian meteorite craters in Chebarkul Lake

Published time: February 27, 2013 17:40

An ice hole in Lake Chabarkul, Chelyabinsk Region, where pieces of a meteorite could allegedly fall December 15. (RIA Novosti)

Divers searching Chebarkul Lake in Russia’s Urals region have found several craters that may be the impact zones of fragments of the now-famous meteorite that exploded over the area on February 15.

The underwater hunt for the rare stones was hampered by cold weather and light-obstructing mud stirred up from the bottom. The divers used powerful lights and probes to uncover several potential sites where meteorite fragments may have landed.

On Thursday, a team from Ekaterinburg will join in the search by conducting a magnetic survey of the prospect locations; the initial results could be ready as early as that evening.

Some fragments of the meteorite were retrieved in the Chelyabinsk region, which endured the bulk of the spectacular cosmic event. The biggest meteorite chunk discovered was about 1 kilogram. It is hoped that the fragments inside the lake could be much bigger, weighing dozens of kilograms.

Grigory Yakovlev, engineer at the Research and Educational Center of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies of Ural Federal University, with fragment of the meteorite found during the expedition in the Chelyabinsk region. (RIA Novosti / Pavel Lysizin)

Videos of the meteorite streaking across Russia’s sky proved to be not only awe-inspiring for YouTube, but also served a scientific purpose: Two groups of researchers used the clips to calculate the meteorite’s trajectory.

Colombian astronomers from the University of Antioquia in Medellin are believed to be the first to report their preliminary results last week at the scientific publishing website arxiv.org. A similar work by researchers at the Astronomical Institute of Czech Academy of Sciences came days later on Monday.

Both teams used the proven method of analyzing video footage of the meteorite’s descent through a little bit of trigonometry. This time, however, the footage was taken by CCTV, car cameras and smartphones, rather than precisely calibrated observatory recorders.

The Russian meteorite was determined to be an Apollo-class asteroid, one of an estimated 5,000 near-Earth bodies orbiting the Sun and occasionally crossing the Earth’s orbit. Most of these objects are spread out between the orbits of Venus and Jupiter.

Russian astronomers will report their findings later in March, but have already confirmed that the results published by the Columbian and Czech researchers correspond with their findings.

The trace of a flying object in the sky over Chelyabinsk. (RIA Novosti / Photo courtesy of Nakanune.RU)

The Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant after the meteorite fall. (RIA Novosti / Photo courtesy of Nakanune.RU)

Russian meteorite crash: LIVE UPDATES

Screenshot from YouTube user kinomanfilms

Screenshot from YouTube user kinomanfilms

The Russian Urals region has been stricken by a sudden cosmic attack. Unidentified flying objects exploded over several major cities, including Chelyabinsk, where the blast waves blew out windows and disrupted mobile connections.

­The Emergency Ministry said the incident was caused by a shower of meteorite debris. Unconfirmed reports suggested that a meteorite was shot down by Russian air defenses. Multiple dashboard videos appeared online, showing huge fireballs flying over buildings and exploding with a strong blast. A local zinc factory was the worst-hit, with some of its walls collapsed.

Photo from znak.com
Photo from znak.com

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CCTV cameras register the moment of explosion

­8:10 GMT: Oleg Malkov, an aerospace scientist at Moscow State University, told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper that the meteorite went undetected by space scanners, likely because it was coming from the direction of the Sun. "We can only register stones coming from the direction of the night sky," he explained. Malkov confirmed that the meteor shower in the Urals was not connected to the 2012DA14 asteroid that will approach Earth in a few hours.

­8:03 GMT:Up to 250 injured, 3 in critical condition after meteorite hits

­7:46 GMT: Ekaterinburg’s observatory has officially deemed the incident a fireball meteor shower. No evacuations were called for, and radiation levels were determined to be normal.

­7:40 GMT: Vice Premier Dmitry Rogozin wrote on Twitter that he will offer suggestions to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on how to prevent or mitigate meteorite damage in future.

­7:30 GMT: ­The number of people seeking medical attention has risen to 150.

Broken windows and debris are seen inside a sports hall following sightings of a falling object in the sky in the Urals city of Chelyabinsk February 15, 2013.(Reuters / OOO Spetszakaz)
Broken windows and debris are seen inside a sports hall following sightings of a falling object in the sky in the Urals city of Chelyabinsk February 15, 2013.(Reuters / OOO Spetszakaz)

Photo from znak.com
Photo from znak.com

Screenshot from YouTube user kinomanfilms
Screenshot from YouTube user kinomanfilms

Dale Cregan pleads guilty to PC murders

The man accused of murdering two police officers in a gun and grenade attack has dramatically changed his plea to guilty.

After initially denying the killings, Dale Cregan unexpectedly admitted the offences after a break in his trial at Preston Crown Court.

The court heard last week how the 29-year-old ambushed PCs Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes after making a 999 call to report a bogus burglary from a house in Hattersley, Greater Manchester, on September 18.

The jury was told that he opened fire on the policewomen as they approached the front door of the house and that as they lay on the floor, he threw a hand grenade at their bodies.

Families of PCs Bone, 32, and Hughes, 23, wept in court as details of the murders were outlined. They heard a recording of the call made by Cregan and watched CCTV footage of the two officers leaving their police station in response.

None of their relatives were in court to hear Cregan admit the murders.

Cregan, of no fixed address, continues to deny murdering a father and son in two separate attacks earlier in the year.

Mark Short, 23, was shot at the Cotton Tree pub in Droylsden, Manchester, on May 25, while his 46-year-old father David was found dead on August 10 following a blast a house in nearby Clayton.

The trial continues tomorrow.

More follows...

Bulger mother: Why killer is still a danger

The mother of murdered toddler James Bulger has told Sky News she believes tougher sentences are needed to stop people who commit serious crimes from "getting away with it". Speaking on the eve of the 20th anniversary of her son's murder, Denise Fergu...

Double trouble: French rape case impeded by twins’ identical DNA

Researcher using a GeneChip of US company Affymetrix which manufacturates DNA microarrays, in a laboratory of French biopharmaceutical company Genfit (AFP Photo / Philippe Huguen)

Researcher using a GeneChip of US company Affymetrix which manufacturates DNA microarrays, in a laboratory of French biopharmaceutical company Genfit (AFP Photo / Philippe Huguen)

Police in Marseille have arrested identical twin brothers for a string of sexual assaults. Officers believe one, if not both men are to blame, but cannot be sure as the pair’s DNA is nearly indistinguishable.

Police have charged both men, identified as 24-year old unemployed delivery drivers Elwin and Yohan, over the rapes. Both are being held with bail.

Standard DNA tests are unable to differentiate between their DNA, only far more difficult and potentially cost prohibitive tests would be necessary to figure out who is the culprit.

The pair deny any involvement in the rapes of six women, aged 22 to 76, between September and January.

Police were able to track down the men after being identified by CCTV footage shot on a bus. A cell phone allegedly stolen from one of the victims was also found in the brothers’ possession. The victims were also able to identify their attacker, but not tell them apart.

"It's a rather rare case for the alleged perpetrators to be identical twins," chief investigator Emmanuel Kiehl told AFP.

Kiehl said DNA evidence was discovered at some of the crime scenes, though the cost of extensive-enough tests would be "onerous."

Due to the highly complicated nature of the tests, it could reportedly cost up to $1.3 million dollars to carry them out.

One DNA expert told the French newspaper La Provence "For a normal analysis we compare 400 base pairs[of nucleotides].” In order to differentiate between the twins, "We would be looking at billions," he added.

New Code Protects Big Brother Britain

A new code of practice will be introduced under the guise of forcing authorities to comply with a set of principles called "surveillance by consent".

Spy Agencies Plan ‘Black Box’ Style Web Surveillance

British intelligence services are planning to significantly increase the level of web surveillance on UK citizens. Agencies would use 'black box' style snooping devices to monitor nearly all web activity including Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

YUM Fried As China Same-Store-Sales Crash; Expects EPS Decline In 2013

While it was relatively well-known (or expected) that YUM's China business was hurting (after its PR snafu), this is considerably worse than expected (hoped for). Revenues and earning met considerably lowered expectations but the outlook is drastically slashed:


which leaves them


But there's always hope...


The stock is down 8% after-hours (for now).

The question is - of course - WWJCD - "I think the bulls are right and the bears are letting a short-term Chinese speed-bump scare them away from a great story" It was $67.52 then...$61.00 now

And from the Press Release:


KFC sales in the last two weeks of the fourth quarter were significantly impacted by the intense media attention surrounding an investigation by the Shanghai FDA (SFDA) into poultry supply management at Yum! China. The investigation was prompted by a report broadcast on China’s national television (CCTV), which aired on December 18, 2012. The report showed that a few poultry farmers were ignoring laws and regulations by using excessive levels of antibiotics in chicken. Regrettably, some of this product was purchased by two poultry suppliers of KFC China. The investigation caused further media attention, including social media commentary, and this negatively affected consumer perceptions of poultry safety, and KFC in particular.

On January 25, 2013, the SFDA concluded its investigation and released its recommendations. We appreciate their thorough and diligent review. The SFDA identified issues and provided “Supervisory Recommendations” to Yum! China to strengthen our poultry supply chain practices including refined voluntary self testing procedures, improved reporting and communications and enhanced supplier management. Our team in China has taken a comprehensive review of our current system and is in the process of incorporating all of the SFDA’s recommendations. We have always recognized the importance of building a world-class supply chain in China, which is why we have implemented a wide range of quality assurance and testing practices over the years above legal and regulatory standards. The SFDA’s recommendations will further strengthen those practices. The SFDA did not bring a case against Yum! China and no fine was assessed.

The past seven weeks of media attention have been intense and negative towards the KFC brand image. Even though this is a very disappointing setback, we are more committed than ever to continue to strengthen our efforts, restore the confidence of our customers and win back their brand loyalty. To that end, the China team will soon be launching a brand reputation quality campaign to re-assure consumers of our high quality food, along with aggressive marketing plans.


We are confident the YRI and U.S. businesses will deliver annual operating profit growth consistent with our ongoing growth model. Given current uncertainties related to KFC sales in China, it is difficult to confidently forecast our overall financial performance. We have made the assumption that KFC China same-store sales will improve as the year progresses and will be positive in the fourth quarter. With these assumptions, we estimate a mid-single digit EPS decline in 2013 versus prior year, excluding Special Items. This includes an expectation for a significant decline in EPS performance in the first half of the year followed by EPS growth in the second half.

The first quarter for our China business includes only the months of January and February and is highly impacted by consumer spending during the Chinese New Year holiday. The timing of this holiday changes each year. This year it is important to note that while the timing impact of Chinese New Year is neutral to our first quarter, there is a significant negative impact to January sales and a corresponding significant benefit to February sales due to the timing of this week-long holiday. We expect that the underlying performance of our China business will remain relatively unchanged for the balance of the first quarter, with a same-store sales decline of approximately 25% for January and February combined (China’s first quarter).

and from the CEO:

Although we cannot predict how long it will take to restore sales, we are steadfast in our belief that the power and popularity of the KFC brand in China will ultimately drive a full sales recovery.

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‘They Really Wanted Me To Lie Low’

Andrew Mitchell has told of his frustration with Downing Street's handling of the plebgate furore claiming it just wanted him to "lie low" rather than clear his name. The Tory MP, who was forced to quit as chief whip after an intense backlash followin...

Aamir Siddiqi: Hitmen Guilty Of Teen’s Murder

Two hitmen who managed to kill the wrong person have been found guilty of murder.

Ben Hope, 39, and Jason Richards, 38, were convicted of the murder of talented student Aamir Siddiqi.

Aamir, 17, was savagely stabbed to death by the pair after opening the door of his family home in Roath, Cardiff.

Prosecutors said drug users Hope and Richards had been paid £1,000 each to kill a local businessman who was involved in a property dispute.

They planned to carry out the "hit" at lunchtime on Sunday, April 11, 2010 and went to the house they believed belonged to the businessman.

Their intended target lived on Shirley Road in an affluent part of the city, instead they went to Ninian Road - the adjacent street. 

As he was expecting his Koran teacher to call Aamir opened the door of his parents' home. Within seconds the masked men started attacking him with a knife.

They said nothing during the attack and the court heard how they made strange "howling noises".

Aamir's parents rushed to the front door and desperately tried to pull the men off their son.

Both parents were injured in the attack but they could not save their son, who had suffered fatal injuries.

Shortly after the killing both defendants went shopping with their blood money.

Richards bought a new pair of trainers and a laptop computer.

Outside the court, Aamir's sister Miriam read a statement from her family.

"We are pleased today that justice has finally been done and we can finally start to deal with the reality of losing Aamir," she said.

South Wales Police scoured an enormous amount of CCTV in their murder investigation.

If officers had viewed every frame they collected it would have taken eight years to watch.

A man who is still wanted in connection with the investigation is still waiting to be extradited from India.

Car Thieves Dump Children By Birmingham Road

Police in Birmingham are searching for two car thieves who drove off with two young children still strapped into the back of the vehicle. The 23-year-old mother of the children was pulled from behind the wheel of her white Vauxhall Astra in Erdington ...

Death penalty for murdering journalists eyed in Russia

Kazbek Gekkiyev (AFP Photo / Vesti KBR)

Kazbek Gekkiyev (AFP Photo / Vesti KBR)

MPs in the South Russian Region of Kabardino-Balkaria have suggested the federal parliament re-introduce the death penalty for those convicted of killing reporters.

Currently the Russian Criminal Code has an article against creating obstacles to journalists’ work – this is punishable with up to six years in prison. Kabardino-Balkaria politicians want to amend the article with a paragraph that describes attempts on a journalist's life aimed which prevents them from carrying out their profession, as well as in revenge for such activities. Legislators consider it fair that such an offence is punishable by 12 to 20 years in prison or life in prison or even capital punishment.

Russia currently has a moratorium on the death penalty introduced in 1996 in order to comply with the regulations of the Council of Europe.

Khamid Bashorov of the Kabardino Balkaria Public Security Committee told the Interfax news agency that the move was prompted by the need to increase the level of protection for Russian journalists, and to secure additional legal guarantees for their work. “Pressuring reporters to the point of attacks on their lives remain the most acute everyday problem in our life,” the official said.

The move comes after the killing of Kazbek Gekkiyev – a correspondent who worked for the state television company Vesti KBR. Gekkiyev was gunned down on December 5, about 6 months after he started anchoring a news program at Vesti KBR. Before that the journalist and his colleagues had repeatedly received threats over their coverage of counter-terrorist operations in the republic.

Police established the identities of Gekkiyev’s two attackers by studying CCTV records and put the men on a wanted list. One of the criminals was killed by police on January 22.

According to the Russian NGO Glasnost Defense Foundation four journalists and media workers were killed throughout Russia in 2012 and over 90 reporters became victims of attacks while at work.

Meet the Contractors Turning America’s Police Into a Paramilitary Force

The national security state has an annual budget of around $1 trillion. Of that huge pile of money, large amounts go to private companies the federal government awards contracts to. Some, like Lockheed Martin or Boeing, are household names, but many of the contractors fly just under the public's radar. What follows are three companies you should know about (because some of them can learn a lot about you with their spy technologies).

L3 Communications

L3 is everywhere. Those night-vision goggles the JSOC team in Zero Dark Thirty uses? That's L3. The new machines that are replacing the naked scanners at the airport? That's L3. Torture at Abu Ghraib? A former subsidiary of L3 was recently ordered to pay $5.28 million to 71 Iraqis who had been held in the awful prison.

Oh, and drones? L3 is on it. Reprieve, a UK-based human rights organization, earlier this month wrote on its Web site:

“L-3 Communications is one of the main subcontractors involved with production of the US’s lethal Predator since the inception of the programme. Predators are used by the CIA to kill ‘suspected militants’ and terrorise entire populations in Pakistan and Yemen. Drone strikes have escalated under the Obama administration and 2013 has already seen six strikes in the two countries.”

Unsurprisingly, L3 Communications is well connected beyond the national security community. Its chief financial officer recently spoke at Goldman Sachs, at what the financial titan hilariously refers to as a “fireside chat.”

L3 also supplies local law enforcement with its night-vision products and makes a license-plate recognition (LPR) device, a machine with disturbing implications. LPR can be mounted on cop cruisers or statically positioned at busy intersections and can run potentially thousands of license plates through law enforcement databases in a matter of hours. In some parts of the country LPR readers can track your location for miles. As the Wall Street Journal noted, surveillance of even “mundane” activities of people not accused of any crime is now “the default rather than the exception.”

L3 Communications embodies the totality of the national security and surveillance state. There is only minimal distinction between its military products and police products. Its night-vision line is sold to both military and law enforcement. Its participation in the drone program is now, as far as we know, limited to countries in the Middle East and North Africa. But in the words of the New York Times editorial board, “[i]t is not a question of whether drones will appear in the skies above the United States but how soon.” The NYT estimates the domestic drone market at $5 billion, likely a conservative estimate, and contractors will vie for that money in the public and private sphere. L3's venture into airports, the border of where domestic policy meets foreign policy in the name of national security, is therefore significant both symbolically and materially.

In many ways, that is the most important story of the post-9/11 United States: the complete evaporation of the separation of foreign and domestic polices. Whether we're talking about paramilitarized police, warrantless wiretapping, inhumane prison conditions, or drone surveillance, there exist few differences between a United States perpetually at war and a United States determined to police and imprison its people in unacceptable ways and at unacceptable rates.

Harris Corporation: Stingray “IMSI catcher”

Harris Corp. is a huge provider of national security and communications technology to federal and local law enforcement agencies. Though many people have never heard of it, Harris is a major player in the beltway National Security community. President and CEO William M. Brown was recently appointed to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, and in 2009 the Secret Service offered Harris a contract to train its agents in the use of Harris' Stingray line. The Secret Service awarded the company additional contracts in 2012.

If you've heard of Harris at all, it's likely been because its controversial Stingray product has been getting attention as an information-gathering tool with major privacy implications. The Stingray allows law enforcement to cast a kilometers' wide digital net over an area to determine the location of a single cell phone signal – and in the process collect cell data on potentially hundreds of people who aren't suspected of any crimes. EFF claims the device is a modern version of British soldiers canvassing the pre-Revolutionary colonies, searching people's homes without probable cause – exactly what the Fourth Amendment was created to prevent. EFF describes the process this way:

“A Stingray works by masquerading as a cell phone tower—to which your mobile phone sends signals to every 7 to 15 seconds whether you are on a call or not— and tricks your phone into connecting to it. As a result, the government can figure out who, when and to where you are calling, the precise location of every device within the range, and with some devices, even capture the content of your conversations.”

According to the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC),the FBI has been using similar technology since 1995. But a recent federal case, United States v. Rigmaiden, has raised Fourth Amendment questions regarding whether law enforcement officials need to obtain a warrant before employing a Stingray. The judge in that case determined that the government hadn't provided enough information about how the devices work, and ordered that the information collected in Rigmaiden couldn't be used in court.

What's especially troubling about Stingrays is that the government either won't say, or doesn't understand, how the technology works. The WSJ reported that the US Attorney making the requests “seemed to have trouble explaining the technology.”

And it's not just the federal government that uses Stingrays. As Slate notes,referencing FOIA documents recently obtained by EPIC, “the feds have procedures in place for loaning electronic surveillance devices (like the Stingray) to state police. This suggests the technology may have been used in cases across the United States, in line with a stellar investigation by LA Weekly last year, which reported that state cops in California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona had obtained Stingrays.”

Harris has been tightlipped about the Rigmaiden case, but expect to be hearing a lot about Stingrays in the future.

BI2 Technologies

BI2 makes a fine pitch. Its iris-scanning technology can be made to sound very appealing. Iris scans are relatively non-invasive, there's no touching involved so the likelihood of spreading disease is reduced, and as B12 states on its Web site, "there are no lasers, strong lights or any kind of harmful beams.” It also claims that iris scanning is "strictly opt-in," and that a “user" (who in most cases would be better described as an “arrestee”) “must consciously elect to participate” in the scanning. (When I was arrested by the NYPD while covering a protest, the scan was voluntary -- though the NYPD didn't tell me that, a protester did. But if I refused to submit to it I could have been punished with an extra night in jail.)

Reuters reported that BI2's iPhone-based iris scanner -- called MORIS -- is capable of taking an accurate scan from four feet away, “potentially without the person being aware of it.” MORIS has drawn harsh condemnation from the ACLU. The primary concern from privacy advocates is that law enforcement will deploy this technology in an overly broad way. ACLU senior policy analyst Jay Stanley told Reuters that he didn't want the police “using them routinely on the general public, collecting biometric information on innocent people.”

MORIS isn't just for irises; it also scans faces. In 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported that the sheriff's office in Pinellas County, Florida, “uses digital cameras to take pictures of people, download the pictures to laptops, then use facial-recognition technologies to search for matching faces.” New database technology like Trapwire, a data mining system that analyzes “suspicious behavior” in purported attempts to predict terrorist behavior, makes face scanning potentially more worrisome. Trapwire uses at least “CCTV, license-plate readers, and open-source databases” as input sources, and although it doesn't employ facial-recognition software, the incentives to combine these types of technology is clear.

Beginning in 2014, BI2 will manage a national iris-scan database for the FBI, called Next-Generation Identification (NGI).Lockheed Martin is also involved in building the database.Much of BI2's iris data comes from inmates in 47 states, and despite BI2's claims that iris scanning can't be gamed, that is not the case. Experts showed last summer that the iris can be “reverse-engineered” to fool the scanners, which are generally thought to be more accurate than fingerprinting.

The usual suspects lamented in 2011 that iris scanning isn't used at airports or borders, but security creep is difficult to combat, especially once “national security” is invoked. Just days ago it was reported that the FBI is teaming with the Department of Homeland Security to ramp up iris scanning at US borders. AlterNet has previously reported that the Department of Defense scans the irises of people arriving at and departing from Afghanistan.

The story of BI2 is important because the initial technology is superficially appealing. The company's first projects were called the Child Project, designed to help locate missing children; and Senior Safety Net, developed to identify missing seniors suffering from Alzheimer's. According to B12's Web site, sheriffs' departments in 47 states use the BI2 iris-scanning device and database, which makes it easy to mobilize support to facilitate the safe return of children and seniors.

While the desire to find missing children and seniors is perfectly legitimate, the collection of biometric data is a pandora's box. Once it's opened, it's proven difficult if not impossible to limit.

Armed Robbery Victim Reduces Suspect To Tears

CCTV shows an armed robber being beaten up and then consoled by his would-be victim as he sobs on the floor.

The footage shows the masked suspect initially threatening the petrol station attendant, Robert B, 20, with a knife, demanding money.

Robert B, who works at the station in Oldenburg in Germany, pushes the alarm button and rushes next door to grab a baseball bat.

He hits the bat over the attacker's head repeatedly until he drops his knife. Then in an unusual twist, the robber is seen hugging and pleading with his victim to stop.

According to Bild.de , he said: "Please let me go. I have a wife and kids."

The bleeding, whimpering robber – who is seen crouched on the floor – is then handed a paper towel by the sympathetic worker.

Bild.de reports Robert B as saying: "Later the police told me that he was lying. He wanted to spend the money for drugs."

According to the report the robber will go to jail for at least five years.

Man jailed for 25 years for toddler’s murder

A man has been ordered to serve at least 25 years for murdering the 15-month-old daughter of his former partner.

Barry McCarney, 33, of County Tyrone, was found guilty last month of Millie Martin's murder in Enniskillen in 2009.

Setting the minimum tariff McCarney must serve before being considered for release, Mr Justice Ben Stephens told the labourer at Belfast Crown Court he was a "deeply manipulative man" who had carried out a "sadistic sexual assault"  on the child.

Millie was 15-months-old when she died in Belfast's Royal Victoria Hospital after being badly beaten at a house in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, the day before.

Her mother Rachel Martin, 25, had gone briefly to a local shop in December 2009, but when she returned home her daughter and partner were not in the house.

She later said: "I was literally minutes away and when I got back ... I got a phone call telling me to get to the Erne hospital quick - Millie wasn't well - I was in hysterics."

McCarney was filmed on hospital CCTV carrying Millie into the emergency ward before she was transferred to the Royal Victoria hospital, where she was put on a life-support machine until members of her family arrived to say goodbye.

At the time, Millie's grandmother Margaret said the child "could never be replaced - it's just a nightmare, a nightmare every day".

During McCarney's trial the jury heard Millie had received a fatal blow to the back of her head as well as a number of other injuries, including serious internal injuries which could also have proved fatal.

It was claimed that Injuries to her abdomen had been caused by regular punching in the weeks before her death.

McCarney had also found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent and sexual assault of Millie. He must serve at least six years and two years for those crimes respectively, and those terms will run concurrently with his murder tariff.

McCarney showed little emotion as he was sentenced.

Ms Martin looked on from the public gallery. She was previously acquitted of charges of allowing her daughter's death and cruelty through wilful neglect.

She criticised the sentence, saying outside the court: "I don't think it was long enough, 25 years isn't long enough."

EastEnders Actress Was ‘Abusive’ To Brother

The brother of former EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie endured months of abuse from her, culminating in her threatening him with a knife, a court has heard. Tony McCluskie, 35, said his sister's behaviour had become volatile and she regularly shoute...

MPs Slam Cameron And Heywood Over ‘Plebgate’

Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood was sharply criticised by MPs on Monday for his botched investigation into former chief whip Andrew Mitchell's "plebgate" row with Downing Street police officers. The Commons Public Administration Committee said Si...

Man Arrested After Rail Acid Alert

A 27-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of endangering railway safety after a bottle containing hydrochloric acid was left on a train, British Transport Police have said. Middlesbrough railway station was cleared and the Northern Rail service...

Downing Street Suspected ‘Gigantic Conspiracy’ Over Plebgate, But Did Not Investigate

Sir Jeremy Heywood, the country's top civil servant, has said he suspected there was a "gigantic conspiracy" behind the row that led to the resignation of Andrew Mitchell, but did not investigate further because it was outside of his remit.

The cabinet secretary told MPs on Thursday that CCTV footage of the incident showed "inaccuracies and inconsistencies" in emails sent by someone who claimed to have seen the September altercation, which meant they should not be relied upon in deciding whether Mitchell should be sacked.

“We accepted that there were unanswered questioned, including the possibility of a gigantic conspiracy or a small conspiracy. There were unanswered questions, but we decided on balance to let matters rest as they were; decided to stick by Andrew Mitchell, keep him in post and move on,” Sir Jeremy said.

Mitchell was forced to quit in October 2012 after he was accused of swearing at police officers at the gates of Downing Street. He was also accused of calling them "plebs", a charge he has repeatedly denied.

The emails that backed up the police account of the disputed incident later turned out to have been sent by a serving police officer rather than an ordinary member of the public.

Asked by incredulous MPs why he did not consult the police log and challenge its version of events before reporting back to David Cameron, Sir Jeremy said: "I can only do what I am asked to do. It's not the role of a civil servant or the cabinet secretary to start investigating the police.

"That's not my job. I don't have the powers, I don't have the expertise, it wouldn't be right for the cabinet secretary to be involved in that sort of thing.

He added: "The investigation into whether these emails were reliable or not was totally within my remit and competence."

Sir Jeremy also revealed he did not investigate whether Mitchell had used the word "pleb", the key toxic phrase Mitchell was accused of hurling at police that led to his resignation.

The cabinet secretary said it was not "appropriate or necessary" for him to look at the police log of the incident, because it was "not material to my conclusion" that the emails were unreliable.

"I did not look into the question of whether the word 'plebs' was used," he said. "There was a genuine difference of opinion on that, and the CCTV footage doesn't bear on that one way or the other."

And he added: "I was very comfortable with the time and resources that I had for my review, and I was very confident with my conclusion."

Cameron insisted that the chief whip should not lose his job over the incident, as he had apologised to police for swearing, Mitchell eventually resigned in October after weeks of controversy.

Sir Jeremy today told the House of Commons Public Administration Committee that the prime minister had only asked him to look into the emails and it was not his role to investigate the police.

He confirmed that he did not meet the sender of the emails, did not ask to see the police log and did not pass on his concerns about the emails to the police. A Metropolitan Police inquiry is currently under way into the emails, following allegations that they were sent by a serving police officer posing as a member of the public.

Sir Jeremy faced challenges from committee members, including chairman Tory MP Bernard Jenkin, over whether someone in his position should even have been asked to carry out an inquiry into the incident.

Jenkin told him: "You are just the wrong figure to conduct such an investigation. Is the cabinet secretary the correct person to conduct such an investigation in the midst of intense media furore, while there are contested accounts on which the career of a senior minister turns? You are not equipped to carry out the right investigation. You didn't get to the truth about that email.

"You lost a minister because of false allegations about him that were not properly investigated."

But Sir Jeremy insisted that Mitchell's departure was not a result of his inquiry, and said it was not for him to suggest to the Prime Minister that his probe should be widened to look into the veracity of the police account.

The cabinet secretary told the committee: "It's a perfectly legitimate part of my role and frankly, I think I did the job competently and came to the right conclusion."

He said that once police investigations are complete, Downing Street would "take stock" of its response to the Mitchell affair.

But he said it was too early to do so now: "Clearly there are a number of very serious unanswered questions here, not least the allegations that there have been about the leaking of Number 10 police logs to the media and continuing allegations that the logs were falsified in some way - absolutely not proven, but allegations.

"These are very serious allegations. It is very, very important that the people guarding 10 Downing Street are people of integrity. If it is proven in a court of law - if it gets to that - that someone has tried to falsify evidence to bring down a Cabinet minister, that is a very fundamental issue, so I think it would be wrong to rush to judgment now."

Organist Murder Inquiry: Fourth Man Arrested

A fourth man has been arrested in connection with the killing of church organist Alan Greaves on Christmas Eve.

The lay preacher was making his way to Midnight Mass at St Saviour's Church, near his home in High Green, Sheffield, when he was attacked.

A 22-year-old man was arrested in Parson Cross, Sheffield, on suspicion of Mr Greaves' murder, South Yorkshire Police said.

It follows the arrest of a 21-year-old man from the High Green area of Sheffield on Tuesday night. He remains in custody.

Two other men, one in his 20s and one in his 40s, were arrested last month and have been bailed pending further inquiries.

Police said the arrest came thanks to the public response to an appeal on Monday, when they released CCTV footage of two men filmed just before Mr Greaves, a 68-year-old grandfather, was attacked as he went to the church a few hundred yards away from his home.

The father-of-four died from severe head injuries three days later.

More than 50 police officers have been working on the case but detectives have been unable to establish a motive for the killing.

Independent charity Crimestoppers has put up a £10,000 reward to help find those responsible for his death.

At a memorial service after her husband's death, Mr Greaves' widow Maureen said she had wept over the "evil that has been done" .

Christmas Eve Murder: Man, 21, Arrested

A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of Alan Greaves, who died after being attacked on his way to midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

The 68-year-old father-of-four suffered serious head injuries during the assault and died three days later in hospital.

South Yorkshire Police said the arrest came after an excellent public response to an appeal made by detectives on Monday.

CCTV footage of two men filmed just before the attack close to Mr Greaves' home was also released.

More than 50 police officers have been working on the case.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said: "Following yesterday's media appeal by senior investigating officer Detective Superintendent Matt Fenwick, and an excellent public response, a 21-year-old man from the High Green area of Sheffield has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of Alan Greaves.

"Inquiries are continuing and the investigation team wish to reiterate their appeal to the community of Sheffield to continue to come forward with information."

Two men were arrested in December in connection with Mr Greaves' murder and bailed pending further inquiries.

Last week, Crimestoppers put up a £10,000 reward to help find those responsible for his death.

At a service after her husband's death, Mr Greaves' widow Maureen said she had wept over the "evil that has been done".

Hogan-Howe: ‘Plebgate’ Charges By End Of Month

Criminal charges linked to the so-called Plebgate affair could be brought by the end of the month, Britain's most senior police officer said on Tuesday. Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said he hoped to hand a file to prosecutor...

Church organist murder: man quizzed

Police investigating the murder of a church organist who died after he was attacked on Christmas Eve have arrested a man.

Lay preacher Alan Greaves was making his way to midnight mass at St Saviour's Church, near his home in High Green, Sheffield, when he was subjected to the attack.

A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of Mr Greaves's murder, said South Yorkshire Police.

Police said the arrest came after an excellent public response to an appeal made by detectives on Monday. At a press conference, Detective Superintendent Matt Fenwick said police had not established a motive for Mr Greaves's murder.

Police also released CCTV footage of two men filmed just before the 68-year-old grandfather was attacked as he went to the church a few hundred yards away from his home on December 24.

Mr Greaves died from severe head injuries three days later. More than 50 police officers have been working on the case.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Following yesterday's media appeal by Senior Investigating Officer Detective Superintendent Matt Fenwick, and an excellent public response, a 21-year-old man from the High Green area of Sheffield has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of Alan Greaves.

"Inquiries are continuing and the investigation team wish to reiterate their appeal to the community of Sheffield to continue to come forward with information. Anyone with information should contact the incident room on 01709 443723."

Two men were arrested last month in connection with Mr Greaves's murder and bailed pending further inquiries. Last week, independent charity Crimestoppers put up a £10,000 reward to help find those responsible for Mr Greaves's death. The reward will be available to anyone providing information to Crimestoppers leading to the arrest and conviction of any person or persons responsible for Mr Greaves's death.

At a service after her husband's death, Mr Greaves's widow Maureen said she had wept over the "evil that has been done". She told the congregation of St Saviour's she had felt their love and support since her husband died.

Prison reform controversy: China may close notorious labor camps

Picture dated 12 June 1986, shows the &quot;Re-education through labor&quot; camp of Tuanhe near Beijing (AFP Photo)

Picture dated 12 June 1986, shows the "Re-education through labor" camp of Tuanhe near Beijing (AFP Photo)

Beijing has announced it will halt China's widely criticized labor camp practices, state media reported, quoting China's chief of security. However, the announcement was removed shortly after it was made and was followed by a report promising reform.

­The ruling Communist Party will "stop the use" of the "reform through labor" system, and will pass new regulations in March, state TV network CCTV quoted Meng Jianzhu, Secretary of Central Politics and Law Commission, as saying.

The announcement was removed shortly after it appeared, and was followed by a contradictory report by official state news agency Xinhua, which said the system will undergo unspecified changes.

China's labor camp system, which began in the 1950s, allows police to imprison petty criminals into labor camps for up to four years without trial. The camps operate outside these Chinese legal system, giving police unchecked power to issue and set sentences.

The four-year prison terms for labor camp prisoners are often longer than many formal criminal sentences, China Daily reported.

For years, China's labor camp system has been the subject of sharp criticism from international human rights activists. Last year saw several attempts to introduce changes to the system, including when four major Chinese cities launched a program for the "education and correction of violations," ordering that no citizen will be imprisoned without the proper court proceedings.

One city set up a committee consisting of officials from the courts, and from the bureaus of justice and civil affairs. This committee was tasked with reviewing the cases of those usually sent to labor camps, in order to decide whether to replace the labor camp terms with education in the community.

Some human rights activists have expressed skepticism about the changes, saying they amount to a chance in name without making any real reforms.

They also criticize the reform for not immediately releasing those currently detained in labor camps, only preventing new prisoners from being sent to camps.

Chinese media has reported that some 300,000 prisoners are held in 320 of the so-called "reeducation centers" throughout the country, in addition to the estimated 1.6 million in prison.

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