Politicians, banksters and warmongers all steal from you and lie to you.
And we expose them.

This is why we need your help…

In 2004 RINF was born out out of the need for justice.
But now in 2016 we are facing closure

Governments, corporations and media have a stranglehold
on what the majority of the population see, believe and do.

…You and I already know this is corrupt, and an abuse of power.

Imagine… every day millions of dollars are spent on deceiving you.

However we survive on a shoestring in order to tell you the facts
because your knowledge, freedom and security matters now more than ever,
and it costs us just over £1000 each month to do that.

…You see, we actively refuse to take government or corporate grants
and despite their best efforts, we will not accept Israeli money.
Things would be a lot easier if we did,
but that would be unethical and would prevent us from telling you the truth.

We would rather face closure than take bribes. 

…So to secure this funding now and for the future we are asking that
you contribute what you can for the operations costs each month, if you can give more please do.

This will allow us to continue publishing investigative stories that the establishment media refuse to.


Your contribution is 100% secure as we do not store any of your financial details
because our merchant account deals directly with your bank.

Thank you for your kind support,

P.S. We have structured this appeal so that, if successful,
we will never have to ask for support again.

P.P.S. When you think about how much money those big corporations
have taken from you in the last month for your TV channels, oil, coffee, GMO laced food etc, etc,
or think about how much of your taxes are spent on continuous war – without your consent,
and then when you compare what you’ve got in return from those evil organisations,
even just a mere £1 for an endless supply of truthful information must provide good value to you?