RINF TV Show – The Complete First Series on DVD

Your Rights, Privacy & Health Are Being Eroded
Because Of Widespread Corruption, Lies & Disinformation
Residing In The Very Heart Of The Establishment

Originally broadcast on Sky Channels 191 & 192 / Freesat 400 & 401 –  PSTV / Showcase 1 & 2

rinf-dvd-bundleResearched and presented by RINF founder, Mick Meaney, each explosive DVD contains straight to the point fact-filled reports delivering the information you need to know about high level corruption within the establishment; politicians, corporations, financial institutions and the mainstream media itself.

Runtime: Approximately 3 hours. 

 3 Disk Set
Original Price: $35.95
Your Price: $15.95

  • Exclusive whistleblower interviews – You’ll get the truth directly from the horse’s mouth
  • Arm yourself with knowledge – It’s your best defense against establishment lies.
  • Discover real solutions that will protect your health, privacy and civil rights.

 PLUS: Exclusive never seen before reports that could not be broadcast on television


Disk One At A Glance


  • Chemicals in your food
  • Healthcare whistleblower
  • Warmongering Israel
  • Big Brother’s little sister
  • Police misconduct


Disk Two At A Glance

  • Google spying
  • Education whistleblower
  • Criminalizing free speech
  • Selling children’s privacy
  • Border patrol abuses


Disk Three At A Glance

  • Media conglomerates
  • Rise of the alt media
  • Banker influence
  • Journalist censorship
  • Betrayal of democracy



The Disturbing Truth About Our Food

Discover the truth about what you and your family are eating.

What chemicals hidden inside food that’s even being marketed as a “healthy alternative”?

The information contained in this report may shock you.

  • Discover the actual dangers of GMO foods.
  • Learn why ‘organic’ is not always as safe as it claims.
  • See beyond GMO’s to other chemicals in our food chain and how to avoid them.

Death By Proxy – Murdering The Most Vulnerable

A healthcare whistleblower reveals how the government are using unqualified staff to assess whether or not if sick and disabled people are fit for work.

Resulting in the killing of 32 innocent people every week.

  • Whistleblower speaks out.
  • How companies and government directly profiteer from unfair testing.
  • The lengths they go to in order to silence critics.

Israeli’s Secret War Criminals

Alarming figures place Israel at the top of the world’s most militarized nation.

This report also examine’s how Israel attempts to bully and provoke other nations, including Iran and Palestine.

  • See the propaganda they use to divert attention away from the shocking truth.
  • Learn who’s really preparing for war – if you believe the msm then you’re mistaken.
  • Discover how internal law is being violated on a daily basis.

PRISM Is Only Big Brother’s Little Sister

Learn the harsh reality of a global surveillance network that has reached into almost every aspect of our lives.

See how PRISM is just a small part in a decades-long clandestine agenda to monitor citizens.

  • Learn about a surveillance system that’s been in the works since the 1940’s.
  • See the secret deal that allows governments to side-step international law.
  • Understand the full scale of global communications interception.

A Cesspool of Police Misconduct and Corruption

See how the British police protected notorious pedophile Jimmy Savile for decades.

We also examine the increasing levels of misconduct and corruption within British police forces, and what that means for the public.

  • See real life examples of police corruption and brutality.
  • Learn how police buried evidence of sexual child abuse.
  • Discover how lining their pockets motivates some officers in place of justice.

The Google / CIA Connection

Are Google connected to the CIA and how is the company gathering specific data about what you do online?

Why are they doing this and what is the endgame for them and their CIA contacts?

  • Look behind the scenes to see how little regard Google has for your privacy.
  • Discover the companies track record of privacy abuses.
  • How they actively profit from destroying your privacy.

Government Destroying Children’s Education

Mick Meaney speaks to a school teacher about how the British government have taken unprecedented steps that open the floodgates to corporate influence in schools.

  • Who’s really teaching your children? The despicable truth may shock you.
  • How the government have hidden the true state of the education system.
  • Understand how teachers are being stripped of fair pay.

The Destruction Of Freespeech

We examine the arrest and imprisonment of teenagers for posting offensive comments on social media and explores how Section 5 has been misused to censor protest and activism.

  • When does expressing your opinion become a crime?
  • When does telling a joke become a crime?
  • When does political dissent become a crime?

Your Children’s Privacy For Sale!

How a little known corporation has built a super-database containing sensitive information about children’s entire academic lives, without parental consent.

  • Understand the systematic logging and profiling of your children.
  • See what happens when schools begin selling that data to corporations.
  • Discover why ‘parental consent’ isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

Homeland Security’s War on Freedom

Are the Department of Homeland Security operating outside the law by violating the Fourth Amendment with their questionable warrantless stop and search procedures?

  • Video footage of real life attacks on civilians by border agents.
  • See how they search you and your possessions without warrant or reason.
  • Discover how 190 million Americans could be affected.

And much more…