Poll: Americans losing trust in Bush


A poll conducted by C-SPAN’s Capital News online about the Iraq war shows that most Americans trust Congress far more than US president.

The C-SPAN news network on Monday asked voters the question, “Should the Congress or the President decide when to withdraw US troops from Iraq?”

The results of the voting up to now show that 74 percent of the Americans prefer that the Congress decide on the matter, while only 26 percent believe the US president, as the Commander in Chief, is the right authority who should make the decision.

The poll shows that the majority of Americans have lost their trust in President Bush due to his policies over troops withdrawal from Iraq.

Instead, they rely on the Congress to make a decision.


  • Charlie Castelnau

    Blimey – at last the penny has dropped!

  • The American people should rally behind Dennis Kucinich in support of his 35 articles of Impeachment. No one is even talking about this and his efforts to bring these articles before congress were largely ignored. Wake up America…Wake up Great Britian. We are being lied to. Call you representatives and let them know we want action now.

  • 3 year old kid

    I called my representative, Geraldine Smith.

    The creep who spoke to me basically said, So what, 911 was an inside job.

    What do you want us to do about it? You will have to get in touch with the American Embassy.

    The American Government are international terrorist criminals and no country should give those NAZI slime even the time of day.