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British Tory MP abuses housekeeper

Houses of Parliament

A British Conservative MP and his wife have abused their lesbian housekeeper to the brink of suicide when they groped her as they proposed a threesome, an employment tribunal has heard.

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School district of Philadelphia passes “doomsday” austerity budget

School and study on a laptop

The School Reform Commission (SRC), the leading oversight body in the Philadelphia school district, voted May 30 to approve its budget for the upcoming year.

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'Only 13% think Harper speaks the truth'


A new Canadian poll shows that only 13 percent of Canadians believe Prime Minister Stephen Harper is honest in saying that he had no knowledge of the recent scandal involving his chief of staff's 90,000-dollar bailout of Senator Mike Duffy.

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Police Impose Security Lock Down For Bilderberg 2013


The site of the 2013 Bilderberg Group conference in Watford, UK will be subject to a substantial security lock down.

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Police ask residents living near The Grove hotel to show photo ID during Bilderberg meeting


Residents living close to the Grove Hotel will have to show their passport to police officers before they can get to their homes during the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting.

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Bilderberg ‘Fringe Festival’ Planned For June 2013


For the first time, a fringe festival has been planned to coincide with the 2013 Bilderberg meeting in Watford, UK. Protests, illuminating talks and comedy are expected to shine some degree of light over the course of a dark weekend.

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10,000 Violent Criminals Escaped Conviction


A Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that over 10,000 people who committed serious violent crimes, including domestic violence, were let off without conviction last year.

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Government Denies Thousands Of Children Go Missing Despite Police Evidence


Figures released today reveal a startling number of children go missing from care each year, more than 75 a day on average. A significant difference from 'official' government figures.

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Margaret Thatcher Was Racist And Homophobic


As the mainstream media produce a barrage of propaganda-laced tributes for the most destructive and hated politician in British history, only a handful in the media have dared print the truth about her decade-long assault on UK society.

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UK Budget Protects Corrupt Energy Corps


Surprise surprise, as the mainstream media subserviently celebrates the announcement that a pint of beer will now be 1p cheaper, what is seemingly an act of misdirection, George Osborne has gotten away with it again.

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