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Counter-Intelligence: Beyond the Deep State

Kim Petersen This is the continuation of an interview (see Part 1) with filmmaker Scott Noble based on his documentary series Counter-Intelligence. Noble’s films can be viewed for free online at metanoia-films.org. ***** Kim Petersen: Part III of the series, “Strategy of Tension” ...

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That Lying Obama Again

Eric Zuesse  RINF Alternative News On July 4th, the Washington Post headlined, “With Democrats split on inequality issues, Obama shifts talk away from income gap,” and Zachary Goldfarb summed up by saying that “Obama’s public statements suggest he is skeptical that members of either party ...

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Obama’s Ukrainian “Afghan Trap” Plays Out

Robert Barsocchini  This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.  Just as the USA lied and said it was illegally invading Panama, Grenada, and other tiny, weak countries and barbarically massacring thousands of people to “protect ...

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Counter-Intelligence: Spying Deters Democracy

Kim Petersen Scott Noble is an extraordinarily productive filmmaker who has built up an impressive treasure trove of documentaries at Metanoia Films. The films deal with topics such as the plutocracy’s determination to entrench and maintain its power and wealth through ...

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Most Effective Agents of Oligarchs

James Hoover Given how a new breed of corporate elites are dictating our lives, I think it is appropriate to gauge which forces act as the most effective agents of these overlords, and what relief we might find, and when. ...

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