Money expert blasts Bedroom Tax

Money expert Martin Lewis is calling on David Cameron to admit he got it wrong on the hated Bedroom Tax — and finally scrap it.

The cash wizard told the Sunday People our Prime Minister should recognise the Tory policy is brutal because it ­threatens to take away support from 660,000 people, two thirds of them disabled.

Martin, the creator of website, said: “The Government should say, ‘We tried that. It was a good idea but it hasn’t worked. We’ll stop.’

“But they can’t do that because they will be seen as a failure.

“We live in a country where politicians doing a U-turn is seen as a bad thing. We are all worse off for it.”

The Sunday People has been ­campaigning for a fair deal for victims of the Bedroom Tax since it was ­introduced last summer.

The hated charge — officially called the under-occupancy rule — means as many as 660,000 people of a working age in social housing who have a spare bedroom will have their ­housing ­benefit cut by £40 to £80 a month.

Martin, 42, ­believes the ­policy ­unfairly targets the vulnerable.

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