Cameron Accused Of ‘Trojan Horse’ Hysteria

School investigators find no sign of Birmingham extremism but PM promises ‘robust’ response

DAVID CAMERON stood accused of whipping up Islamophobia yesterday after promising a “robust” campaign to monitor Muslim community schools.

The Prime Minister continued to ramp up his rhetoric despite investigators finding no evidence at the 21 under-suspicion Birmingham schools that they had fostered religious hatred.

“Protecting our children is one of the first duties of government and that is why the issue of alleged Islamist extremism in Birmingham schools demands a robust response,” declared Mr Cameron.

Inspectors did criticise the management of some schools. hree academies run by Park View Educational Trust are to be placed in special measures, while educational standards at a sixth were labelled “poor.”

Education Secretary Michael Gove said he would cut funding for several privately managed academies, but said he would be seeking new sponsors to take them over.

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