Your To-Do Guide for Winning the 2018 Midterms

The year is wrapping up, and that means that we are on the brink of ringing in 2018 — and midterm elections. Many have pegged this upcoming run to the polls as a major opportunity for progressives to wrestle government control from Republicans. Sure, we still have months to go before the election, but now is the time to start planning for victory in November.

Here is your step-by-step to-do list to ensure that you’re ready for the next election.

1. Double Check That You Are Registered

Obviously it’s important to ensure your voter registration if you have moved since the last election, gotten married or otherwise changed your name or location since the last time you cast a ballot. But it might not hurt to check regardless, especially if you live in a state that is big on purging voter rolls and marking people inactive if they go even one election without voting.

Here’s a place that will help you double-check your registration, but be sure you do it early. Lots of states close registration a month or earlier before a primary or general election.

2. Find Out Your Primary/Caucus Date

The Senate upset in Alabama was stunning, but lets be honest, it probably wouldn’t have happened if Luther Strange had received the GOP nomination instead of Roy Moore. In many places, voting in a primary or caucus to pick a nominee is as important as voting in the general. We can’t win races without the right candidates on the ballot, so go make your vote count there, too.

3. Learn Which Races Are Happening

Obviously your House member will be up for reelection, but who else is on the ticket? Are you in one of the states with a senator up for reelection? Or is it a governor year? Maybe a special election to finish a term of a politician who resigned mid-year? Get a list together early so you can follow the candidates, and keep updating it — you never know what races may suddenly end up on the 2018 ballot.

Also, don’t forget your local races — state House and Senate, city council…

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