‘You drunk?’ Twitter abuzz after UK MP says World Cup should be ‘relocated’ to punish Russia — RT UK News

Twitter users have wryly suggested that a British MP may have been hacked or fallen ill after she called for the remaining World Cup games to be relocated in order to punish Russia for its alleged nerve agent use.

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Tory MP Sarah Wollaston, who chairs the Health & Social Care Committee, had people worrying about her own health after she tweeted on Sunday: “Time to send a clear message to Putin about chemical weapons. Relocate the remaining games of #WorldCup18 to elsewhere in Europe.”

The tweet appears to have been written in response to the news that a British woman allegedly exposed to the nerve agent Novichok last Sunday in Amesbury had died. In an earlier tweet, Wollaston declared that the chemical weapon “was deliberately deployed here in Britain by the Russian State,” echoing similar unsubstantiated claims made by British media and government officials.

However, her modest proposal to “relocate” the World Cup as a means of retaliation against Moscow was not well received, with many Twitter users responding with snark-filled disbelief.

“If only we could relocate the entire Tory party to elsewhere in the world. Have you been drinking? Bizarre tweets,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Time to send a clear message to Putin about hacking the Twitter accounts of otherwise sensible and level-headed MPs and making it look as though they tweet the sort of rubbish you’d hear from someone like Nadine Dorries,” another user tweeted out.

Others were a bit more direct with their feedback:

Tweets about Wollaston’s blood-alcohol concentration aside, some inconveniently observed that there was still no evidence linking Moscow to any “nerve agent” attacks in the UK.

Some alleged the MP was merely eager to “literally bring it home.”

The UK’s top counter-terrorism officer said on Monday that police are unable to confirm whether the Novichok nerve agent which allegedly poisoned the couple in Amesbury was from the same batch used to poison former double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury last March.

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