World hates America, Obama, says Donald Trump


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said the world hates the United States, citing countries such as the Philippines which are aligning themselves with US adversaries.

“The world hates our president,” Trump told his supporters Friday in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. “The world hates us. You saw what happened with the Philippines after years and years and years; they’re now looking to Russia and China, because they don’t feel good about the weak America.”

During a diplomatic visit to China on Thursday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared “a separation from the United States both in military but economics also.”

“I mean, I realigned myself in your ideological flow and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to [President Vladimir] Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world: China, Philippines and Russia,” Duterte was quoted as saying in a transcript of his speech.

Trump said such foreign policy…

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  • Tim Hadfield

    ” looking to Russia and China, because they don’t feel good about the weak America.”
    I disagree – they leave you now, because they see the writing is on the wall. The USA is destroying itself. The future lies elsewhere.
    They have hated America (but not Americans) for years because of the injustice of American policy, domestic and foreign.

    • JosephConrad

      The U.S. doesn’t make anything anymore except WEAPONS, FRAUD, TERROR & WAR.

  • hvaiallverden

    Nobody hates average Joe, not even I, no more than an average Chines nor Russian.

    Etc. etc.

    I hate corruption and greed, two issues that ruins people and destroys countrys.

    That is the effect of your imperial banana republics actions, if you cant differenciate that You have problem.


    • RenegadeProphet

      The whole world hates stupid brainwashed amerikkans and next October, the world is going to exterminate the evil USA!! It will happen like this: The day of the next false flag using a nuke and blamed on Iran, Russia, China and the SCO are going to annihilate the USA! Planet X will end the war 430 days later but 90% of Americans will be dead already. All this is planned by the evil bastards you call government who are actually evil aliens! Stupid humans are a slave species made to mine gold for the gods.
      And that god dam Pop_Korn is an evil lying piece of government shit!

      • Pop_Korn

        Why do we have to wait until next October in 2017?

        Thanks for the compliment! ……….. coming from a nonsensical shill like you, anything you say negatively must be taken in opposite terms….. as you are never correct…….. your posts are just like a broken record skipping in the scratched groves on the face of cyberspace.

        • FckYouEvilBstrdGovtLiar

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        • FckYouEvilBstrdGovtLiar

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  • RenegadeProphet

    Yes and the day of the next false flag using a nuke and blamed on Iran, America will be annihilated by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the evil toxic chemtrails that hide it every day globally! All planned by your completely evil and treasonous government!

    • Pop_Korn

      Well now it seems that the masked man of the Planet X tall tale (just one….same one over and over) spams again…. and has reared his doomsday chicken little head. Yes Sir-ree……once again we find that the Mr. Magoo of planetary panic has dropped by to paste his same ole’ same ole’ …….. as if we aren’t exposed to more than enough propaganda already. We and most others know that the parasitic zio-warmongering government of lesser israel is the most evil entity on this planet and if left to survive……. the future of mankind will be like a kosher inbred combination of Romulans, Klingons and Ferengi mongels…… not a happy thought indeed.
      To Mr. Renegade Profit, I reply to your rants….. this one and the others………Well time marches on…. or so we are lead to believe by the time keepers of yester-year……yet you remain stuck in the Planet X bread and circus mud oozing in your panic strickened mind. You ( Darth Renegade Profit/ Darth Admonisher) post the same lame pasted post as often as the Scammer with the same photo and different name posts about her roommate Mary/Lori who making a million or so $$$$’s an hour scamming folks across the wide open plains of this here internet. Well Mr. Jeep Profit, once again it’s time I reply using Babylonian language skills similar to your own, so as you will understand…… and yes, I do expect you to hoop and hollar, wail like a banshee with your keyboard about some nonsense accusing me of being a gubbermint agent, a cyber Jimmy Bond, a Maxwell Smartazz, shilling for the Uknighted Snakes of A merry cow……Well…… let the readers decide for themselves. Any wayz,,,,,,, here goes……let’s examine your Planet X sometimes called Nibiru (not to be confused with Subaru which has all wheel drive) in the light of something similar to the insanity you so embrace:

      We have been told through corporate media propaganda and subliminal televised broadcasts that ride on the Planet X band of invisible jelly like waves of X-ray slobber, that South Korea is the good guys and the Russians, X-specially the northern frozen ones are the bad guys, this we know ’cause the buybull told Renegade (estimated) Profit so. “Kenneth, what is the frequency?” so wonders Dan Rather, formerly a spokes person of SEE BS as he hides from the scrutiny of the FCC, and the Secret Santa Society just as Brian Williams is joining the line up as the new host on To Tell the Truth.

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      So in conclusion I must inform you all, that I did manage to find my lost shaker of salt, and got a brand new tattoo…..a Mexican beauty…. a real cutie…… but I am still searching for a new Rubber Sole album or a pair Birkenstock sandals to go with my tie-dyed Grateful Dead shirts. Therefore I say on to you…..”Keep on Truckin’ “……or if you work for the NSA mafia (Cost ya Nose tray), “Keep on Trackin’ ” – with those invisible, un-detectable licorice flavored Planet X eavesdroppin’ planetoid space rays that have altered you so.

      • TheAdmonisher

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        • Pop_Korn

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          • DieYouEvilBstrdGovtLIar

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          • Pop_Korn

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          • FckYouGodDamCriminalBstrdLiar

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  • chris

    of course the world hate the u.s. govt its ful of terrorists piously running amok killing and destroying while solemnly proclaiming they come in peace to bestow freedom on the downtrodden. whats not to hate?

  • Darkwing

    And I hate Tramp, sorry Trump and Clinton. They are ago driven, conceited, self centered and both have really big mouths.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    YEP KEEP telling the TRUTH Mr.TRUMP we need an STRONG and HONEST President for first time in many many YEARS!

    BUILD that wall and BUILD PEACE and PROSPERITY for the CITIZENS of the USA, we CAN be GREAT AGAIN !