Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa


Croatian shipbuilders end strike; Swaziland police fire on women textile workers

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

7 September 2018

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Striking Croatian shipbuilders return to work

The 4,500 striking shipbuilders working for the returned to work Monday. They had been striking for two weeks over non-payment of wages.

The Croatian government, which has a 25 percent share in the company, intervened to cover the wage arrears.

The struggle of the shipbuilders received support from local people who joined marches and protests organised by the strikers.

The workers also demanded the resignation of the president of the management board, who they accused of bringing about the financial crisis. He resigned his position last week. However, the financial crisis remains, and a restructuring plan is awaiting the perusal of the European Commission while a search has begun for a private investor to come in.

French unions propose autumn strike

The General Confederation of Labour together with the Force Ouvrière and student unions have issued a call for a strike on October 9. They issued the call in opposition to French President Macron’s “ideological policies targeting the destruction of our social model, favouring notably the explosion of inequality and the breaking of collective rights.”

The unions view the strike as an exercise in letting off steam with no perspective to oppose Macron’s continuing attacks. Despite the opposition by striking rail workers this year opposing the privatization of the state-owned SNCF Rail Company and destruction of conditions, the unions allowed the French government to push through its plans.

Unions representing Air France employees have…

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