Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa


German public sector workers strike

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

13 April 2018


German public sector and telecom workers strike

Around 60,000 German public sector workers began a 48-hour strike Tuesday in support of a 6 percent pay claim involving 2.3 million workers.

The strike by members of the Verdi trade union hit public transport in cities such as Dusseldorf, shutting down tram, bus and underground services. Hospital and child care services were also affected. In Nuremburg, 130 out of 140 kindergarten facilities were closed. Public administration offices were also hit.

Public sector support staff at Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne and Bremen airports also struck Tuesday. It led to Lufthansa cancelling half its flights.

In a separate dispute, around 60,000 Deutsche Telekom staff struck Tuesday. They are seeking a 5.5 percent pay increase. Pay talks with the employer were due Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Further Air France strikes

Thousands of Air France employees, including pilots, cabin crew and ground staff, held a further 48-hour strike beginning Tuesday. The strike cancelled around a third of scheduled flights.

The workers are seeking a 6 percent pay rise, rejecting Air France’s initial offer of a 1 percent rise, revised to 2 percent.

The 10 trade unions representing Air France workers plan further 48-hour strikes beginning April 17 and 23.

Protest by UK oil platform workers

About 30 oil platform workers in the Mariner oilfield, off the Shetland Islands in northern Scotland, are refusing to work overtime.

The field is operated by Norwegian oil exploration company Statoil. The workers involved are employed by Norwegian oil service company Aker Solutions and the Dutch oil service company Stork.

According to energy news web site Energy…

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