Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa


Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

One-day walkout by Italian doctors

15 December 2017

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One-day walkout by Italian doctors

Doctors and veterinarians walked out in a 24-hour action on Tuesday. It led to the cancellation of around 40,000 planned operations and appointments. Protests took place at over 50 venues across the country.

They took the action to protest lack of funding for health care in the 2018 government budget currently being debated. They are also calling for a renewal of their collective contract, in place for the last eight years. The unions say the current budget does not provide enough to keep the health system operating under conditions where the population is aging.

Another grievance is the use of temporary contracts to fill posts at many hospitals rather than employing permanent staff. There is an ongoing shortage of specialists, such as anesthetists, which the striking medics insist must be addressed.

Strike by Macedonian rail staff

Rail workers employed by state owned Macedonian railways walked out on Tuesday as they are still owed October’s wages. They vowed to remain on strike until the arrears have been paid. They had previously gone on strike in June over the same issue.

UK transport staff strike several private firms

Train managers and senior conductors, working for Arriva Cross Country trains, held a 48-hour strike over the weekend of December 8 and 9. The members of the Rail Maritime and Transport union (RMT) are in dispute over rostering arrangements. Further strikes are planned for December 23 to 24, December 27 and New Year’s Eve.

Cabin crew, members of RMT, working for Virgin West Coast, are set to walk out today….

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