Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific


Hyundai auto workers end strike, Sri Lankan bankworkers begin national protests

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

2 December 2017


South Korea: Hyundai auto workers end strike

Hyundai Motor workers at Ulsan, south of Seoul, ended a two-day strike on Tuesday over increased production demands for the Kona model. Workers had chained up the assembly line, fearing that revised production plans would involve more automation, parts outsourcing and fewer assembly line employees.

Hyundai and its union, which is affiliated to the Korean Metal Workers’ Union, have been in talks about the expansion since October but could not agree on the working hours per worker if additional vehicles were made. Management decided on Tuesday to delay the expansion and continue negotiations.

Meanwhile, Hyundai and the union were expected to resume talks on Thursday on a new wage deal after failing to reach an agreement after 32 rounds of talks since April. The union wants the basic monthly wage to be increased by 154,883 won ($US142.50) and a 30 percent bonus of 30 percent. The company’s 2016 full-year net profit for 2016 was 5.72 trillion won.

Workers rejected Hyundai’s offer to raise basic salaries by 42,879 won per month and bonuses worth 200 percent of basic pay plus 1 million won. After workers rejected this offer, the company suggested bonuses of 250 percent of basic pay plus 1.5 million won in a revised offer.

Laid off Bangladeshi garment workers protest

Workers from the shuttered factory of Luxma Sweater are maintaining a daily demonstration outside the Bangladesh Garment Manufacture Employers Association building in Dhaka protesting non-payment of wages since August and severance entitlements. Workers began protesting on Sunday but riot police intervened on…

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