With bananas for oil, UK wouldn’t ‘even trade’ with Saudi

A British program to train police officers from a country “known for torture” could mean the UK is playing the same “dirty role” the United States has been playing in Saudi Arabia, says an Ireland-based political commentator.

Anna O’Leary made the comments to Press TV on Wednesday when asked in a telephone interview about an offer by the College of Policing to teach Saudis how to use high-tech detection skills despite concerns that they have led to suspects being tortured.

“Saudi Arabia is known for torture, known for cutting off heads,” O’Leary said, censuring the Middle Eastern monarchy for “operating courts in total secrecy” and being the “most non-democratic country in the world.”

Bananas for oil

The college has reportedly been teaching Saudi officers finger-printing, forensics and crime scene investigation under a contract signed in 2009.

Saudi police officers (file photo)

It now plans to expand the scheme to include cyber…

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