With Assange in Jail, Join Us for the 26th Vigil – Consortiumnews

Can you guys look into this report on RT yesterday:

It states that former foreign minister of Ecuador, Ricardo Patino is on a Europol red
list since wednesdsay for ‘instigation’; clearly he’s wanted for his ‘political’

Mentioned in that story is the arrest on Wednesday, in Sweden(?), of Swedish software
developer Ola Bini, who was arrested last week on suspicions of ‘hacking’ for WikiLeaks.

These two things happening a week after J.A. is arrested to me indicates there is
a crack down goinbg on against WL, which in effect is a highly troublesome crack down
against /a news organazation/!
It would also indicate Sweden is fully committed to, and coopearating with that crack down.

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