William Bennett says Pence Was in Danger From Kim’s Sister at Olympic Reception – Antiwar.com Blog

Former Secretary of Education and current neocon shill William Bennett was bloviating on Fox News Monday about the media “fawning” over the North Koreans at the Olympics. He was upset that Americans were not hating the North Korean attendees.

He appeared on “The Story With Martha MacCallum” on Monday, February 12, 2018. Under their faces appeared the headline: News Outlets Call Kim Jong Un’s Sister “Captivating” While Slamming VP Pence as “Embarrassing”. Bennett expressed concern that the Vice President’s life was in danger, while MacCallum channeled the Secret Service’s concern about the VP being out of town.

Bennett’s appearance begins at 20:10, his fantasy about Pence being stuck with a poison needle starts at 20:40.

Bennett: I don’t know if anyone else had this thought, did you Martha? When you saw that photo of her (Kim Yo Jong) sitting right behind Mrs. Pence, didn’t you get nervous? I mean, I got worried, that she or one of her handlers might lean over and do something to the Vice President or Mrs. Pence. Remember, this is the crowd that killed Kim Jong Un’s half-brother in an airport. I wouldn’t put anything past them. I’m sure the Secret Service had things totally under control.

MacCallum: You’ve got to imagine that for the Secret Service it was not an optimum situation, and something that, no doubt, they were not comfortable with.

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