WikiLeaks disclosures about Clinton ‘shocking’: Analyst

The recent WikiLeaks disclosures about US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reveal the “shocking” calculations of her campaign and have severely hurt her credibility, says an American analyst.

“What WikiLeaks is providing, it’s showing to the entire world the calculations of the Clinton campaign, some of which are shocking,” said James Bovard, a policy adviser to the Future of Freedom Foundation.

“It’s had a huge adverse impact on the credibility of the Clinton campaign with the folks who follow the WikiLeaks fairly closely,” Bovard told Press TV on Tuesday.

WikiLeaks has announced that it will release the 50,000 emails it claims it has, every day between October 8 and the Election Day on November 8.

“Unfortunately, American voters will almost certainly be left in the dark on election day,” Bovard added. “It’s typical that the biggest election frauds occur before the voting booths open and the 2016 presidential…

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