When Matthew met NASA: Hurricane damages important NASA, SpaceX buildings

Hurricane Matthew may not have wreaked the havoc in the US that some predicted, but it did cause millions of dollars of devastation. Not even NASA and SpaceX weathered the storm unmarked.

NASA is still in the process of evaluating the damage done to its various facilities on the east coast of Florida. However, current surveillance shows that some buildings suffered exterior harm. The Solid Motor Assembly Building, which is being used to prepare for a SpaceX launch, lost about half of its metal sheeting and was left with “holes the size of a school bus,” one unnamed source told Business Insider.

Meanwhile, the Kennedy Space Center was closed on Monday to survey the extent of destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew.


The SpaceX team seems to have prepared for the storm by lining up alternative locations to continue working on its already delayed program.

Hurricane Matthew caused some damage to the exterior of SpaceX’s payload processing facility at Space Launch Complex-40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station,” a SpaceX representative told Business Insider. “The company has a ready and fully capable back-up for processing payloads at its SLC-40 hangar annex building.


The SpaceX Launchpad was unharmed.

The same cannot be said for The Beach House, a famous pre-launch hangout for astronauts that was built in 1962, according to Space.com. The Beach House lost significant amounts of its roof.


Kennedy Space Center officials elaborated on the damage, saying in a statement: “It was determined that the center received some isolated roof damage, damaged support buildings, a few downed power lines and limited water intrusion.”

Teams of inspectors are going from building to building assessing damage,” officials added.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.