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Hillary Clinton Looks Like Hell at OzyFest – Wrapped in a Drape

New York – Twice-failed presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton spoke at Ozyfest, a two-day festival in Central Park, on Saturday and she looked terrible.

Hillary donned a mumu-style top that nearly touched the floor and white pants. Her hair was disheveled and she had very prominent bags under her eyes.

To think this woman almost became the 45th president of the US….

Hillary Clinton complained about Russia and Vladimir Putin for almost 45 minutes straight during a Q&A session with Laurene Powell Jobs, founder of Emerson Collection.

Old Crooked claimed the Russians are still trying to hack into our computer systems – she took it so far as to say the Russians may actually hack into the voting machines and servers that count the votes during the 2018 midterm election.

But everyone is talking about Hillary’s appearance – she looked like hell.

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