“We’ll let White South African Farmers in as Refugees”

Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has announced that he has ordered his department to start investigating how to bring white South African farmers into Australia on expedited refugee or humanitarian visas following increased anti-white moves by the African state’s government.

Dutton’s bombshell announcement—already rejected by the South African government and bound to have liberals all over the world gnashing their teeth—was made to Australian broadcaster ABC.

He said that white South African farmers are facing “horrific circumstances” of land seizures and violence, and that he had watched television footage and read articles that convinced him the farmers needed help.

He said he had “hope” some of the farmers could be settled in Australia, declaring: “We have the potential to help some of these people that are being persecuted.”

Dutton said he wanted to explore whether the farmers could access visas or humanitarian programs.

“People do need help and they need help from a civilized country like ours,” he added.

“There are existing visa categories where we can accommodate people and we’re just looking at the moment as to what might be feasible. Hopefully we’ll make an announcement in due course.”

Dutton said the farmers could make…

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